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best fixed tv wall mount

Best Fixed TV Wall Mount – Top 5 Reviews, In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

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A fixed TV wall mount is one of the easiest ways to install a TV on the wall in a safe and secure manner.

However, with different TV sizes, features, and weights, finding the right fixed TV wall mount can be difficult.

With our top 5 best TV wall mounts, you’re sure to find the best one for you!

Although we have our top three picked out, we now move to the detailed reviews for the best-fixed TV wall mounts.

Best Fixed TV Wall Mount - Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount - Mounting Dream TV Mount Review

Best Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full motion wall mount | Movement Type: Fixed | VESA patterns: 75*75mm to 400*400mm | Maximum weight limit: 100 lbs | TV size range: 26 to 55 inches | Wall Type: wood studs spacing | Cable Management: yes

3.9/5 Overall

Build Quality 4.5
Compatibility 3.2
Easy Installing 4.5
Motion Range 2
Value for Price 4
User Reviews 4.7
Expert Reviews 4.5

The Mounting Dream TV Mount is one of the best TV mounts available in the market. It is designed for most TVs ranging 26-55inches in size. 

You can easily mount flat-screen TVs as well as curved ones. It’s different from most TV wall mounts as it has a string mechanism for locking and releasing TVs. 

With this mount, you can put your TV up on any wall you want.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Mounting Dream TV Mount


As compared to most TV mounts on the market, the price is very reasonable. You can hang a variety of sizes on the mount hence the price remains the same. 


In my personal experience, The mount is made of good quality allow steel built by robots that ensure no room for human error.


It is compatible with many popular TV brands and you can easily compare VESA patterns.


The mount is typically made for TVs ranging from 26-55inches.


The TV mount comes with prelabeled hardware and detailed instructions.

Eagle Verdict!

The best-low profile fixed wall mount is the Mounting Dream TV Mount because of its low profile and ease of installation.

Other Experts Say!

The Mounting Dream boasts an impressive 100 lbs loading capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of TV models. Whether you have a smaller 26-inch TV or a larger 55-inch one, this mount can handle the weight with ease. It also supports VESA patterns up to 400x400mm, ensuring compatibility with most TV brands.”


  • Works for flatscreen and curved TVs
  • Low profile installation
  • Can hold up to 100lbs
  • Pre-labeled hardware kit included
  • Easy to install in 30 minutes
  • Single piece mounting plate


#2: Best Pull String Fixed TV Wall Mount - EchoGear Low Profile Fixed TV Mount Review

Untitled design(155)

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full motion wall mount | Movement Type: Swivel, Tilt, Fixed | VESA patterns: Almost any vesa pattern | Maximum weight limit: 99 lbs | TV size range: Upto 80 inches | Wall Type: wood studs spacing “16, 24” | Cable Management: yes

4.3/5 Overall

Build Quality 4
Compatibility 4.5
Easy Installing 4.6
Motion Range 4
Value for Price 4
User Reviews 4.6
Expert Reviews 4.5

The EchoGear Low Profile Fixed TV Mount is one of the easiest to install TV mounts in the market. The pull-string mechanism makes it easy to lock the mount in place whilst installing the TV. 

Since the mount holds the TV a mere 1.25” from the wall, it’s virtually invisible. This will help your TV blend into the wall and the rest of the room. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy EchoGear Low Profile Fixed TV Mount


Since the TV is suitable for many sizes, it’s a one mount fits all situation with an affordable price.


In my opinion, The TV mount is made of high-grade alloy steel, suitable for different types of walls.


This TV mount is compatible with most TV brands and multiple VESA patterns. 


In my experience, You can easily install this mount for TVs 32-85” in size and for 16” and 24” wall studs.


It can be installed with simple hardware that has to be bought separately. 

Eagle Verdict!

The best-pull string fixed tv wall mount is the EchoGear Low Profile Fixed TV Mount because of its low profile and pull string locks.


  • Minimum assembly requirements
  • Low profile TV mount
  • Security lock feature
  • Wide wall plate for 16” and 24” studs
  • Can be installed on concrete
  • Compatible with most TV brands


  • Not for very small TVS
  • Does not come with hardware

#3: Best Slim Fixed TV Wall Mount - QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK Review

Untitled design(156)

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full motion wall mount | Movement Type: Fixed | VESA patterns: 200*200mm to 800*400mm | Maximum weight limit: 88 lbs | TV size range: upto 70 inches | Wall Type: wood studs | Cable Management: yes

3.6/5 Overall

Build Quality 3.7
Compatibility 3.7
Easy Installing 4.2
Motion Range 2
Value for Price 3.5
User Reviews 4.8
Expert Reviews 3.7

The QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK Wall Mount redefines low profile by hanging the TV just under half an inch from the wall. This means your TV will easily blend into your wall and decor. 

Since accessing wires on such a low-profile TV is hard, the pull string mechanism helps your shift the TV forward when changing wires. It can take up to 88lbs of weight, meaning you can hang a variety of TVs from this mount.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK


The TV mount is decently priced for the range of sizes of TV you can hang from it.


The mount is made of good quality materials and comes with pre-assembled parts.


In my testing, You can easily mount a variety of TV brands on this mount with various VESA patterns. 


The recommended size for TVs to be mounted on this wall mount is between 37”-70”.


Although the TV mount comes with recommended hardware, you may have to use your own depending on the type of wall. 

Eagle Verdict!

The best-slim fixed TV wall mount is theQuadGear QG-TM-002-BLK TV Mount because of its sleek profile and weight capacity.

Other Experts Say!

“The QualGear is designed with user convenience in mind. It allows for easy access to the back of the TV for cable management or adjustments. While it is a fixed wall mount, it does offer a slight tilting feature that enables you to adjust the viewing angle vertically to minimize glare. However, remember that it doesn’t support swivel or full-motion functionality.”

“The QualGear wall mount impresses right from the start with its sleek and minimalist design. The black finish adds a touch of elegance to any room, blending seamlessly with modern decor. Its ultra-slim profile ensures that your TV sits close to the wall, creating a clean and clutter-free look. “


  • Sleek low profile mount
  • Can mount different size TVs
  • Can handle up to 88lbs weight
  • For 16” and 24” wall studs
  • Accommodates many VESA patterns


#4: Best Adjustable Height Fixed TV Wall Mount - Mounting Dream Full-Motion TV Wall Mount Review

Best Adjustable Height Fixed TV Wall Mount

Key Specs

Type of mount: Fixed Tv wall mount | Movement Type: Fixed  | VESA patterns: 200x100mm to 600×400 mm | Maximum weight limit: 132 lbs | TV size range: 42 to 70 inches | Wall Type: wood studs spacing “16, 18, 24” | Cable Management: yes

4.6/5 Overall

Build Quality 4.5
Compatibility 4.5
Easy Installing 4.7
Motion Range 5
Value for Price 4.7
User Reviews 4.7
Expert Reviews 4.5

Full-motion mounts have been increasingly popular in recent years, but many individuals do not want their TV mount to be able to move in so many directions.

People who live in small places don’t need full-motion mounts. People like them will love this fixed mount from Mounting Dream.

In my experience, it is made of high-quality steel, which means that it will last you a very long time.

Concrete anchors don’t come packaged with the mount. However, they will be sent to you, free of cost, upon request. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Mounting Dream UL-Listed Fixed TV Mount


Price: Since it’s a fixed mount, it’s much cheaper than the USX Mount full-motion mount we described above. It’s a great option if you want to save money on your TV mount while also getting a great deal of value out of it. 

TV size and weight: In my experience, The mount is able to support televisions that range from 42 inches to 70 inches. 

In our testing,  It has a maximum weight capacity of 132 pounds. This means it will be able to support most televisions that are popular today. 

Mount type: It’s a fixed mount, which means that it won’t move at all. It’s designed for smaller rooms with only one main viewing point. If you want your mount to move more, this might not be the right one for you.

Eagle Verdict!

The Best Adjustable Fixed TV Wall Mount for concrete walls is the Mounting Dream UL-Listed Fixed TV Mount thanks to its highly durable design and intuitive installation process. Concrete anchors for the mount have to be ordered separately but they will be sent to you free of cost upon request.

Other Experts Say!

“The Mounting Dream TV Mount is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, space-saving, and easy-to-install solution for their 42-70 inch flat screen TV. With its sleek design, sturdy construction, and versatility, it offers a great viewing experience while keeping your room clutter-free.”

“The wall mount comes with a detailed instruction manual and all the necessary hardware, including bolts, washers, and spacers. It’s worth mentioning that this TV mount is compatible with 16″/18″/24″ wooden studs, offering versatility in installation options. The included bubble level ensures a perfectly level installation, making it even easier for beginners.”


  • Can fit both Drywall as well as concrete walls
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably price
  • Fits a wide array of TV sizes
  • Highly durable


  • Concrete anchors have to be requested from the manufacturer separately

#5: Best Easy Install Fixed TV Wall Mount - SANUS TV Wall Mount Review

Untitled design(158)

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full motion wall mount | Movement Type: Fixed | VESA patterns: 100*100mm to 600*400mm | Maximum weight limit: 130 lbs | TV size range: 40 to 80 inches | Wall Type: Wood Stud & Concrete “16 24” | Cable Management: yes

3.8/5 Overall

Build Quality 4.2
Compatibility 4.5
Easy Installing 4.8
Motion Range 1.5
Value for Price 3.7
User Reviews 4.7
Expert Reviews 4.5

The SANUS TV Wall Mount is built to be compatible with TVs from multiple brands. You can easily access the cables behind the product with its quick-release mechanism. 

It has a 3-step easy installation method that can have your TV secured on the wall in under 30 minutes. The open wall plate lets you pass cables through it for better wire management.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy SANUS TV Wall Mount


This product falls in a reasonable price range as it is a simply fixed TV mount.


In my experience, It is made from high-quality material that lasts long and can withstand the weight of your TV.


The TV mount is compatible with TVs from brands like Insignia, Samsung, Sony, and more.


In our experience, The minimum size for a TV is 40 inches, and the maximum is 80 inches for a secure installation.


You will need to use your own hardware to secure the mount to the wall.

Eagle Verdict!

The easy install best-fixed TV wall mount is the SANUS TV Wall Mount because of its quick-release feature and open wall plate.


  • Quick release feature
  • Ultra-low profile setting
  • Easy to level and adjust
  • Open wall plate for cables
  • Good for 16” and 24” wall studs


  • Needs separate hardware
  • Needs to be leveled and centered

How To Install A Fixed TV Mount - In-Depth Guide

fixed tv mount

When it comes to TV wall mounts, the most common ones are fixed mounts. Although they are relatively easy to mount, you might find some obstacles when doing it yourself at home.

However, with the help of our detailed guide on how to install a fixed TV mount, you will have your mount installed in no time.

With this easy step-by-guide, all you would need to do is follow the instructions, prepare the equipment required, and ensure that you have time and good quality products on your hand.

Installing A Fixed TV Mount On A Wall

Fixed TV mounts allow you to install your TV on a wall without any sway or movement. These mounts are a lot sturdier than their counterparts. For homes with many people, these mounts are your safest bet as they are the least hazardous to be installed with kids around.

But before you begin with the installation, you need to figure out the VESA pattern at the place of installation. 

The VESA pattern is the holes present on the back of your TV that helps it be attached to the mount. To identify the pattern of your TV, you can consult the user manual, as it contains all the particulars relating to the pattern. 

However, if you do not have access to the manual, a measuring tape will get the job done as well. 

Make sure that you get a wall mount with a maximum VESA pattern compatible with your TV.

Tools Required To Install A Fixed TV Mount

Now that you know the VESA patterns, it is time to get all the tools you will need. Have them prepared close by as running around to grab screws with the TV loosely hanging from the wall can be a major hazard.

Some of the tools required are:

  • Drill
  • Anchor screws
  • Stud finder
  • Screw Anchor
  • Marking tool
  • TV mounting kit
  • Level

Mounting A Fixed TV Mount: Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Deciding on the mounting location

The first thing you need to do when installing a fixed TV mount is decided on the location you want to mount it in. This may sound trivial, but there are a lot of thoughts that are needed to be put in this step. You need to consider the viewing height and angle from the viewing position.

You also need to consider the people who would be viewing this TV. If there are people of different heights, the TV mount’s distance and height need to be adjusted accordingly. 

Additionally, a fixed mount cannot be installed at an angle, so ensure that you keep that in mind when finalizing the location.

Step 2: Locating the studs

Once the location is decided, get your hands on your stud finder and locate the studs in the wall. This step is the most important one, as these studs are what carry the whole weight of your mount and TV. 

Double-check everything before placing your final markers for the wall studs.

Step 3: Drilling in the holes

After you have marked the studs, put the wall plate for your mount against the wall and start marking down the holes to be drilled. Once you have placed the wall plate on the wall, make the first pilot mark on one of the studs previously located in the last step. 

This will center all the weight of your mount and TV on that stud, protecting your walls from any damage and reducing the chance of an accident.

Step 4: Installing the mounting arm

Before you move on to installing the wall plate, attach the mounting arm to the back of your TV. This will allow you to put it against the wall plate and ensure that the TV can easily be installed on the mount once the plate has been fixed on the wall. 

To do this, find the holes of the VESA pattern on the back of your TV and line them with the holes on the mounting arm

The arm needs to be installed vertically so that you will be using 2 to 4 VESA holes. Place the washers on top of the lined-up holes, and screw them securely in place with a drill or a screwdriver. Make sure to use the screws included with the TV to avoid damages.

Step 5: Attaching the wall plate

Now that you have everything ready, time to install the wall plate. Take your power drill and the drill bits to go along with the type of wall you are mounting upon. 

Line up the drill bit with the markings on the wall for the holes, and start drilling.

Keep the drill steady, and the holes go straight through. Once the holes are drilled, line up the wall plate against them and start screwing it in. Before you screw it securely, take the level and ensure that the plate is perfectly level. Go ahead and secure it in place.

Step 6: Mounting the TV

Now all that is left is to put the TV with the mounting arm attached to the wall plate. Ensure that everything sits perfectly in place and that your TV is secure.

Afterward, screw in the safety screws, and you’re good to go.

Best Fixed TV Wall Mounts - Buyer’s Guide

Types of Mounts 

There are mainly three different types of mounts. All have specific functions and are used for different scenarios. These are:

Fixed Mount 

Fixed mounts attach your TV to a single location. They don’t allow you to adjust your TV in any manner. We recommend that you get a fixed wall mount if you have control over factors such as lighting and a permanent seating plan. 

Swivel Mounts

Swivel mounts are a bit better than tilt mounts. They have a lot more movement than tilt wall mounts. Swivel mounts mainly allow you to swivel a TV sideways. 

They also have an extendable arm. This arm allows you to bring the TV closer to yourself and also allows you to swivel larger TVs. 

Ceiling mounts

These mounts hang your TV from the ceiling. You don’t have to attach it to a wall, so your TV will be mid-air. Generally, these mounts are more appealing. 

There is another feature that you don’t generally find in wall mounts. You can rotate your TV by 360 degrees.

Tilt Mount 

These mounts offer you some amount of control over angles. Tilt mounts allow you to slightly tilt your flat-screen TV. You can adjust your TV to reduce the glare of the sun or other lighting. You can also tilt your TV to better face the viewer. 

Full-motion Mounts 

These kinds of mounts help you adjust all the angles of your TV. They let you rotate, swivel, and tilt your flat screen. If you want a dynamic and flexible experience when you watch the TV, we recommend this wall mount.

The dimensions of the TV

The size and weight of your TV will also affect what kind of wall mount you will get. It will also affect the installation. 

This is an important part as it affects the security of your wall mount setup.

Hence, you must find out the exact size and weight of your TV. You can look at online sources for this such as the company website or forums. You can also check out the manual which comes with the wall mount. 

Once, you have found this information, you can look for a suitable wall mount. Be sure that you carefully consider the choice of your TV mount.

TV mounts usually have both size capacity and weight capacity. The weight capacity matters more as your mount and TV can dislodge easily if you exceed these limits.

Therefore, ensure that the TV’s weight does not exceed the maximum weight capacity of your mount. 

You can also refer to the VESA specifications of your TV in this case. 

What is a VESA pattern?

TVs come with four holes at their backs. These holes are for the screws that will attach the bracket to the back of the TV when you wall mount it. 

The holes have a specific distance from each other and this depends on the size and weight of the TV. These holes have been specified by VESA in order to standardize the TV industry. 

Wall mount manufacturers are required to follow these patterns. Usually, a single wall mount can support multiple VESA patterns. This increases their compatibility and also makes the installation easier for you. 


Price is another good factor when you want to buy a particular TV mount. You don’t want a wall mount that’s too heavy on your pocket, but you also don’t want to buy a mount that’s too cheap. 

Wall mounts are expensive and oftentimes, you would expect to get full value from their purchase. Generally, the better the specifications are, the more it will cost.

Also, the more functional a mount is, the more it will cost. 

Fixed mounts are the cheapest options. These don’t have any kind of additional functions, such as movement, and are the most basic types of mounts. Mounts for smaller TVs are also cheaper. 

Mounts for heavier TVs are usually more expensive. So are full-motion wall mounts. 

If you want a sturdy mount that supports your heavy television, then it is good to invest in a more expensive model. However, you need to be sure whether or not the mount provides value or not.

Should I buy a cheap mount?

No, cheaper wall mounts always seem like a good deal. However, they are not good quality and become useless after a few weeks of use. This is because they use low-quality material in their construction which decreases the price. 

So, you will have to look for a newer mount to replace your older one. In the long run, this will end up costing you more than if you get a moderate priced wall mount. 

To be sure that you don’t end up with a low-quality wall mount, you can:

  • Make sure that you get a wall mount that belongs to a reputable brand and seller
  • Find that spot  where you don’t want to pay too less but also won’t be willing to pay too much on a product

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I install my TV mount on a drywall-only wall?

    This depends on whether the TV mount is suitable for that type of wall. Ideally, your wall should have studs so that the mount has something secure to hold onto. 

    Check your wall for studs using a stud finder and measure the distance between them.

  • How do I make sure my TV is centered and perfect for viewing?

    You can use a level to determine if your TV is centered and adjust it for viewing by measuring the viewing angle and distance. 

    Some TV mounts have a built-in level for convenience. 

  • Are VESA patterns measurable?

    Yes, these patterns are completely measurable. Simply measure the distance between the top and bottom holes and right and left holes. 

    Measure in millimeters and put them next to each other in that specific order. That is your respective number or pattern.

  • What height do I put my TV mount at?

    The best height to put a TV mount at is just at eye level when the person is sitting down in the preferred sitting position. 

    Your TV can be slightly higher if there are multiple viewing angles in the room such as a sofa and a bed. 

  • How do I add new wiring connections to a low-profile TV?

    If you’re someone who frequently changes the wiring and connections of their TV, you should opt for a TV mount with a quick-release option. 

    This will allow you to add new wiring connections without having to uninstall the whole TV system first. 

  • What do I do if my mount does not fit the stud distances in the wall?

    If your mount does not fit the stud distances in the wall, you can opt for mounting it between studs. 

    However, to do this, you may have to use fortified hardware such as wall anchors and toggles.

  • Should I use my own hardware?

    This depends on the type of wall you have and the weight of your TV. If you have good quality hardware that is made for TV mounts then you can easily use it. 

    In some cases, the TV mount comes with its own hardware as well. 

  • How do I know that my TV is compatible with the wall mount?

    You need to check the weight and size of your TV. You can also check the VESA specifications of your TV. There is a range of VESA patterns that can fit a wall mount. As long as the television is within the range of specifications, your wall mount can easily handle it. 

  • Is my TV too heavy to wall mount?

    No, your TV is never too heavy to wall mount. However, you need to be aware of the strength of the wall. Your setup can fall down if you mount the TV improperly. You can use wall anchors to increase the strength of the hold.

  • What is the proper height to mount your TV?

    You need to use calculations for this. To figure out the height, you need to measure the distance of your TV from the floor. Then, you need to divide the number by 2 and subtract the result by 42. The answer is how much height the TV should have. 

Final Verdict

Now that you have the best-fixed TV wall mounts, you can easily pick one to have the perfect low-profile TV set up in your room.

Make sure to check the TV mount for compatibility with the type of TV you have and use the right hardware for installation.


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