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home theater installation atlanta georgia

Have you always dreamed of having a dedicated home theater in your house? For those who love to relax with family and friends while watching TV shows, movies, or sporting events, a home theater system is well worth the investment.

Speaking of investment, thanks to recent developments in technology, purchasing your own home theater equipment is now more affordable than ever before. So, you can create an amazing home theater space without breaking the bank. And, when you work with a trusted home theater installation company like Eagle TV Mounting, you can transform a room in your home into a beautiful theater quickly and easily.

So, what are you waiting for? With affordable equipment available and a talented team of installers just a phone call away, there has never been a better time to enter the world of home theaters. Get in touch today and let’s get this project started!

Planning Your Home Theater Installation Atlanta GA

The first step in any home theater systems installation is the planning of the project. It’s important not to rush through this step in your excitement to have the job completed as quickly as possible. At Eagle TV Mounting, we will be happy to work together with you in the planning phase to offer our input and help you create a vision that can guide the project.

There are a few key points that we suggest giving specific attention to while in the planning phase –

  • Assess the space. We can work with you to analyze how much space is available for your home theater and how that space should be used. Among the elements that need to be included in the design are your screen, related equipment like cable boxes and stereo gear, and your chosen pieces of furniture.
  • Selecting the right equipment. Many homeowners who hope to complete a home theater installation get stuck trying to determine which pieces of equipment to purchase. If you don’t have much experience shopping for audio-video gear, turn to our team for help with this important task.
  • Solving problem. No two Atlanta home theater installation projects are exactly alike, and as a result, some problems are bound to come up in the planning phase. These issues are usually minor, and our team will help you work around them to come up with a solution that meets your needs.
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Planning out your home theater should be something that you look forward to doing, rather than a task that just needs to be checked off your list. Take your time on this step now so you can be happy with the end result for years to come.

The Screen is the Focal Point of Your Home Theater

While there are a variety of pieces of equipment that need to come together for a home theater systems installation project, it is the screen you choose that will be the center of attention. After all, what is a theater without a screen to watch? Whether you choose a large flatscreen LCD TV, or a projection setup, you’ll want to get this just right so that everything else can fall into place around it.

Of course, by working with Eagle TV Mounting, you will have no worries on this part of the job. Screens are what we do best, so you can trust that yours will be installed properly, and it will even be backed by our “No Fall” lifetime warranty. Our team will properly level the screen and make sure it is positioned correctly to be seen with ease throughout the room. Also, screens come with wiring, and we will take care of hiding or tucking away those wires appropriately, so the finished product is clean and tidy.

What About Home Theater Sound? The previous section highlighted the importance of the screen in your home theater installation Atlanta GA. While we do believe that the screen is at the heart of every theater setup, this job will not be complete without quality sound. Everything from watching an action movie to cheering on your favorite teams like the Falcons or Braves is made much better with high-quality surround sound. Installing a home theater sound system is a matter of positioning the gear properly to allow it to do its job without getting in the way of the rest of the experience. In other words, you want to hear the sound clearly while seeing the equipment that provides that sound as little as possible. If you aren’t sure what kind of sound system is right for your application, or where to find that equipment, contact Eagle TV Mounting today for help. We can point you toward the right gear and help you understand how different types of equipment will impact the performance of your theater as a whol
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Bringing All Your Home Theater Connections Together
Perhaps the most intimidating part of an Atlanta home theater installation is getting everything connected properly so that all of the various devices and components work seamlessly with one another. This is where many DIY efforts go wrong, so you will see the benefit of working with a team like that at Eagle TV Mounting.

Since many of the wires for this project may be tucked away behind walls or in the ceiling – depending on the project – you want to get everything right the first time. Fixing a connection may not be as simple as just unplugging a cord and plugging it in somewhere else. To avoid the hassle that comes with correcting connections, use a professional team to tackle this challenge. That way, you’ll know everything is hooked up right and you can look forward to relaxing with family and friends while enjoying your favorite forms of entertainment.

Considering Possible Future Upgrades

For now, the goal will be to create the best possible home theater system given the budget you have available and the technology on the market today. With that in mind, technology only moves in one direction, and better gear is sure to arrive on the market in the years to come. While we can’t know exactly what technology will be available and what it will provide, we can think about the future when designing the first version of your Atlanta home theater.

For example, is there a chance that you will want a larger screen in the future, when they are easier to acquire, and the price has come down? If that is a possibility, think about your design in a way that will allow for a bigger screen to be installed at a future date without needing to renovate the entire space. You will still be able to enjoy everything about your theater now, while knowing that it is ready for some exciting possibilities down the line.

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A Video Game Experience?
There is no rule that says home theater systems installation projects have to be limited to entertainment forms like watching TV or movies. Video games today are more popular than ever before, and you might want to create a theater space that can also double as a video game setup. Fortunately, it’s easy to create a space that will work nicely for both purposes, as long as you think clearly about your goals from the start.

If you are going to play video games in this new theater room, be sure to include seating that will give you the right perspective on the screen and will keep you in a comfortable but active position. Many gamers don’t like sitting back too far – as would be the case in a recliner – as it’s harder to react quickly to the game. Think about how you like to play and establish at least one seat that will be perfect for your gaming requirements.

The equipment you need for gaming should also be considered here. Whatever console or PC you use will need to be hooked up and it will need a place to live. Also, you want your sound system to interface cleanly with your video game system so there are no issues when you switch over from one component to the next. If any of these points give you trouble, just turn to Eagle TV Mounting right away to get help. We can work with you to make sure your new Atlanta home theater installation project is as good for video games as it is for everything else.

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