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#1 TV Mounting Service

Serving Residential & Commercial Clients In The Greater Atlanta Area Since 2008

We have TV mounting techs near you. Eagle TV Mounting experts are available 7 days a week to hang your TV perfectly and hide those ugly wires. Don’t have a mounting bracket? We can bring one for you!


Our Services Include:

  • Install a bracket and mount one TV
  • TV mount and installation above or over a fireplace
  • Connect all necessary video and basic audio components
  • Neatly dress wires
  • Configure any necessary peripheral devices
  • Conceal in-wall rated wires or mask wires externally if selected (for an additional cost). Fees cover labor only. Customer must supply cord concealment and masking materials. Please note television power cables are not rated for in-wall wire concealment.

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100% Lifetime "No Fall" Warranty

Are You Mounting A TV On Your Own?

TV Mounting Services

We understand. Installing a Flatscreen TV mount is the kind of project that looks like a piece of cake, at first. But once you start putting holes in your wall and wondering what to do with all the wires, it quickly becomes apparent that you’re in way over your head.

Is the mount installed securely to the wall studs? Is it leveled? Is it even the right mount for your TV?

Not to mention, the tools and hardware cost you will spend on just a basic Flatscreen TV installation. What’s more, a poorly installed TV mount can be a danger to your children and pets.

Our professional techs inspect installation area and explain installation to customer before we begin.

Comprehensive Buyer's Guides For All Types Of TV Mounts

Not all mounts are built the same. Depending on your needs, the type of surface it’s being mounted on, and a ton of other factors – your perfect mount shouldn’t be a guessing game. We’ve compiled a list of potential mounts that work best in any situation. On a normal wall? Check. Fireplace? Check. Stone, tile, and/or brick? Check. Your number one goal should be to make an informed decision when deciding on a mount. Take out the guessing game and check out one of these articles! Read through as we choose the best of the best and provide reasons why. Feel free to reach out afterwards if you have any questions or are ready to book your installation!

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