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Best Pull-Down MantelMount For 2023 – Top 5 Picks, FAQs & More

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Do you have naughty kids that run around all the time? Are you afraid that TV might fall in the middle of chaos?

Everyone loves a nice media wall at their home. But what if I tell you that having the best pull-down mantel mount on the wall is much safer and a space saver option? Would you agree?

Yes! But that’s true. We have spent hours selecting the most durable pull-down Mantelmounts according to the size and weight of the TVs.

But before we go ahead, check out our Top 4 picks from the best pull-down Mantelmounts for 2023.

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Here are our top 5 picks for MantelMount

1-MM340 Pull-Down TV Mantelmount

  • Screen Size: 80 Inches
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Movement Type: Swivel
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: MantelMount
  • Compatible Devices: Televisions
  • Maximum Tilt Angle: 30 Degrees
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 44 Inches

MM340 mantle mount is the most reliable tv mount by Mantelmount. Its solid build and compact heavy shape are very dependable and safety is your first priority.

It sits close to the wall, i.e, only 5.5 inches distance so the whole assembly gives a classy and elegant look.

The swivel angle is 27 degrees so it’s very easy to move around the screen on the left or right side and stop at the position where you want.

320 Mantle mount is an entry-level TV mount that can bear up to 90 pounds of weight. You can easily mount a TV of 44 inches to 80 sizes. Additionally, it is UL approved so you can completely rely on its weight-bearing capacity.

That said, it is relatively heavy to be pulled down by an average size person. But with the help of pull-down handles you can reposition the TV in whichever direction.

The material is heavy-duty steel that is surely going to last a lifetime. It gives peace of mind to know that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

It allows you to reposition its angle if you have to make adjustments after installation. 340MM mantel mount has an integrated cable management system at the back. So you get a tidy and clean look whenever you need to reposition the TV and your wall becomes visible.

340MM is easy to install. You can install it yourself or call help. It comes with all the necessary hardware. With VESA compatibility 600×600, it is compatible with all the major TV brands.

Why did We like It

Mantelmount company won many awards for making mantel mounts that safely pull down the TV. With its strong and heavy material, safety is guaranteed. In the MM340 Mantel mount, you get a full 30-degree swivel angle. 


  • Integrated cable management 
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy to pull down by handles
  • VESA 600X600 compatible
  • It allows post-installation level adjustment


  • Does not have a heat-sensitive handle, so be careful if you plan to fix it above the fireplace.

Our Verdict

MM340 pull-down TV mount is a simple yet robust Mantelmount with UL approval. It is compatible with all the big and mid-size TVs. It provides sufficient motion range from side to side and vertically. It’s a reliable TV mount that is also very easy to install.

2-MM540 Pull-Down Mantelmount

  • Screen Size: 80 Inches
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Movement Type: Swivel
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: MantelMount
  • Compatible Devices: Televisions
  • Maximum Tilt Angle: 9 Degrees
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 44 Inches

MM540 pull-down mantel mount is an upgraded version of MM340. While it is a bit pricier than its counterpart, it also has a few extra features.

With MM540, you get a different range of motion, such as moving your TV in one direction at 60 degrees. 

It also comes with an adjustable tilt option. With its 9-degree adjustable tilt, you can move it according to the level where you get the most comfortable eye level of the TV.

MM540 has 2 gas pistons. So that makes the up or downward movement of your heavy-duty TV a smooth process. It ensures that anyone can easily move it up and down through the handles. It also makes sure that the TV remains stable while you reposition it.

MM540 has a wire management system at the back. Not only that, you get printable wall covers with it. So you can paint the wall cover so that it matches with overall room interiors and conceals the hardware.

Now you get the sound bars handles with MM540. So while you fix the Mantel mount pieces on the back of the TV, adjust the position of the sound bar handle. 

Moreover, fix the handle with appropriate size bolts at a feasible position. So you can pull it easily after installation. 

It’s a heavy-duty steel construction mantel mount. That comes with a lifetime guarantee. So it’s a one-time investment that will eventually make your room spacious. Also, it sits close to the wall, which is in line with the trendy minimal looks. 

Why We Liked It

MM540 has many features like a soundbar handle, heat sensor, printable plate, and greater swivel angle. Which is what makes it better than other pull-down mantle mounts.


  • Easy to reposition
  • Strong material with a lifetime warranty
  • UL approval
  • Incredible motion range
  • Super easy to install and adjust after installation


  • Expensive

Our Verdict

MM540 Mantelmount is a strong steel material TV mount. Position adjustment is a smooth process that anyone can do. Additionally, you can tilt it down if you have a reflective OLED screen to dismiss glare. It’s a bit overpriced, but you surely get what you paid for.

3-MM700 Pull-Down Mantel mount

  • Screen Size: 100 Inches
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Movement Type: Swivel, Tilt
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: MantelMount
  • Compatible Devices: Televisions
  • Maximum Tilt Angle: 2 Degrees
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 50 Inches

MM700 is excellent construction and build. It is our favorite pick in the elegantly designed mantel mounts. 

What makes it stand out among all other mantel mounts is its adjustable horizontal motion range. It can move horizontally at 30 degrees in the left or right direction and 60 degrees in one direction. It can move at 26 degrees vertically. 

A wide tilt and swivel range are made easier with an easy-to-move gas piston. It is made up of heavy-duty steel.  Buying this mantel mount means you are very concerned about the TV mount’s build quality and can’t make a compromise on safety standards while buying this Mantelmount. It meets all the UL safety standards. 

\With its installation guide, you can install it within an hour. For more instructions and details you can refer to the video about how to install this mantel mount.

Its VESA-compatible build is compatible with all the major TV brands. Not only that, you can tilt it up to 9 degrees after installation if you want to make further level adjustments.

It has an integrated wire management system behind it and it also comes with a paintable wall plate to conceal the hardware you can paint the plate to match it with the room’s interior.

The sound bars can be easily attached to the sound bar handle that you fix in the mantel mount assembly while installing the TV mount.

It is also packed with a handle that is sensitive to heat. Which means it turns red when the heat exceeds 110 degrees. So you can have peace of mind if you want to install it above the fireplace. 

It will keep your expensive OLED and QLED TVs safe in all conditions.

An adjustable tilt angle that is up to 9 degrees allows you to adjust the angle as you prefer. 

Even though it is an expensive TV pull-down mount, it can significantly reduce the neck strains that occur while watching TV from a relatively uncomfortable angle. So it’s worth all your investment.

Lastly, It comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Why We Liked It

We absolutely liked this Mantelmount for its strong and heavy-duty build that comes with a lifetime warranty. This means that you have invested in a good TV mount to get rid of all the glare that you face while watching TV from a certain angle. You will have no neck strain with an adjustable vertical angle and wide swivel range


  • Heavy-duty steel build
  • Lifetime warranty
  • UL approved
  • Greater adjustable tilt and swivel allow you to adjust at the angle where you want
  • Great value for money
  • Has a sound bar handle to fix the soundbar on it
  • Heat-sensitive handles that change color when the temperature exceeds 110 degrees
  • Very easy installation process


  • expensive

Our Verdict

MM700 Mantelmounts are great quality TV mounts that are strong enough to resolve all the concerns about the safety of mounting your expensive TV on a pull-down mount. It’s compatible with all TV brands. We’d recommend this one if you want a classy and durable mantel mount.

4-MM750 Pull-Down MantelMount

  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Movement Type: Swivel,
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: MantelMount
  • Compatible Devices: Televisions
  • Maximum Tilt Angle: 25 Degrees
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 55 Inches

MM750 pull-down mantel mount is another high-quality TV mount. The one is the best Mantelmount here can as it can tilt to a maximum of 30 degrees.

Mount it to meet all the specifications to ensure safety. It is tested to carry four times its weight than its specified weight limit. Which are 125 pounds. Taking into consideration the lightweight flat-screen OLED and QLED TVs, this is a reasonably good limit. 

It is compatible with up to 600×600 VESA bolt-hole dimensions. You can easily mount your 42,47,50,55,58,70,65,75, 80,85,90,100 inches screen size TV. But make sure that the TV has the same bolt pattern. If it is different, then you cannot use this pull-down mount for your TV.

The Swivel and tilt range is 25, and 9 degrees so if you have large seating arrangements, you can easily adjust the screen position according to your seat.

It can rotate to the left and right. So if you are facing glare from bright incoming lights in your room, the flexible handle of the Mount-it pull-down TV mount will allow you to adjust the screen position. So these TV mounts are an efficient solution to eliminating glare without spending excessive money buying a reflective screen.

Like MM700, its sound bar bracket is attached at the bottom of the Mantelmountbb, so it’s easy to connect soundbars right here.

Additionally, the handle that allows you to pull it down and back into place is heat sensitive. So you know when the temperature around the TV is above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is made up of heavy-duty alloy steel. So the construction and build quality are amazing. It passes the UL standards. You can make post-leveling with its adjustable tilt angle.

Why We Liked It

We liked the MM750 mantel mount for its enhanced stabilization features. Its 4 automatic gas pistons give the TV better stability and torsional rigidity. It is packed with a recess box so it can store all the extra hardware in it. 

The MM740 has a greater weight than the previous models. Its weight bearing capacity is exceptionally well. So it is compatible with all TV sizes. Now that many TVs have a very lightweight build, this one can bear up to 125 pounds. It’s safe to say that it is compatible with all the modern heavy TVs too.

Finally, the most lovable feature is it has a recess bracket, so you can fix the mantel mount into the wall and it recesses fully into the wall when it is pulled back into its place.


  • 4 gas pistons make pull-down and up smooth and effortless
  • Recess box store hardware into the wall
  • Sturdy
  • Auto stabilization function
  • Support TV sizes up to 100 inches


  • Heavy duty
  • Difficult to install without the help

Our Verdict

MM750 Mantelmount is a study and very stable mantel mount which is very easy to operate with its 4 gas pistons. The design and build quality are phenomenal. It has all the upgraded features of MM700. Its enhanced stabilization makes it better than other mantel mounts.

5-Mantelmount MM860

  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Movement Type: Swivel,
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: MantelMount
  • Compatible Devices: Televisions
  • Maximum Tilt Angle: 25 Degrees
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 55 Inches

MM860 Mantelmount is the biggest innovation in the mantel mount series. The manufacturer has made serious improvements in design and builds to add a touch of luxury and ease of operation.

The most wanted feature that no other mantel mount contains is the automated lowering system and the option to operate the Mount with a remote. Additionally, the third luxury feature is a heat sensor handle attached to the mantle mount.

The automated lowering power sensor (ALPS) is the most wanted feature for those who do not want to adjust their TV position every time they sit in front of the TV. The intelligent Automated lowering sensor adjusts the TV position automatically at the previously settled vertical angle.

Additionally, if you walk away or sleep while watching the show, this automated sensor will retreat the mount to its previous position.

The remote allows you to operate the TV with extra ease. With all the mantle mentioned above mounts, it’s a hassle to adjust the swivel angle at the right angle where glare on the TV screen does not annoy you. You can grab the remote and fix the swivel angle at the best viewing angle. 

With all these features, the neck crane issue is a story of the past. The motorized function of this innovative MM860 Mantelmount allows you to operate at the most convenient eye level.

An extra plastic plate is coupled with the mantle mount, which has a built-in magnet. So you can fix it on the wall and attach the remote to it. So it is easy to find the remote when you want to adjust the TV level.

Although all other mantel mounts are well designed, they need a real muscular body to pull down a TV that sits on a heavy-duty mount. But with MM860 remote and ALPS function, anyone can adjust the TV position.

It has 4 gas pistons that allow the smooth and noiseless movements of the Mantelmount. The heat-sensitive handles change color when there is a high temperature above 110 Fahrenheit. 

With MM860, you can easily adjust the vertical and horizontal angles. It allows you to vertically drop the TV at 30 degrees while swiveling it to the left and right sides at 24 degrees. 

MM860 adds a dash of luxury to your room with its premium features. It can bear up to 125 pounds, which is sufficient for lightweight modern-day TVs. 

Why We Liked It

MM860 is a premium pull-down mantel mount with all the luxury features. The design is well thought out and engineered. 

The top-tier motorized automated lowering power sensor and the option to operate the level and angle with a remote are our favorite functions. It serves the purpose of a proper machine, giving the user peace of mind. 

If you are an average size person and don’t want to use a lot of muscle power to pull down the TV from above the fireplace. Then we highly suggest you invest in this fantastic MM860 mantel mount. It comes with a lifetime warranty. That means with a one-time investment, you can operate a TV for your whole life.


  • Automated lowering power sensor (ALPS)
  • Can operate with remote
  • Heat sensitive handles
  • Soundbar handle
  • Can bear weight up to 125 pounds
  • Retreats back into the wall give a minimal look to the TV wall


  • Expensive

Our Verdict

MM860 is a well-engineered Motorised pull-down mantel mount. That is best for the people who sit in front of the TV and dont want to adjust levels using a lot of physical energy. Overall it is the best Mantelmount with luxury features.

What to look for In a Pull-Down MantelMount For TV In 2022 (Buyers Guide)

Let’s face it; selecting the best pull-down mantel mount in many brands takes work. At the same time, the material and quality of every mantel mount are different. 

Additionally, some Mantelmounts have ETL certification, which ensures that mantel mount is in line with the set standards of functionality. 

So, to make things easier, we have listed a few features you look for in a mantel mount.

1-Compatibility with Design and Size of TV

TV Mantel mounts have recently changed to accommodate thin, sleek OLED and QLED TVs. In the past years, TV mounts were manufactured to hold way heavier TVs.

Choosing the right Mantelmount that is compatible with the design specification of the TV is compulsory, especially if you have a curved TV. 

The guide with the Mantel mount mentioned what TV size it could support. Several TV Mantel mounts can keep a 90 inches TV size.

While others support a 70-inch size, we mentioned the size range in the review to save time.

2-Weight Carrying Capacity

Pull-down Mantel mounts e are made from tough Aluminium or heavy-duty steel construction to hold sturdy and sleek TVs. 

Every mount has a different maximum weight carrying capacity. That is mentioned in the product specification. 

A simple way to choose is to go for a mount that supports the maximum weight. In that way, it can save you money if you replace your smaller TV with a bigger one.

3-Range of Motion

Mantelmounts have varying ranges of swivel degrees. For example, some mantel mounts can rotate to only 10 degrees. In contrast, others allow you to rotate your TV set on a 60 or 90-degree.

It’s the most important point to consider before buying the mount. Because if you choose to sit in the far right or far left corner of the room, you can tilt the screen wherever you want.

It is also effective in eliminating glare in a bright room. Because by only changing the direction of a TV, you can watch the TV in a very bright room without annoying glare on the TV screen.

4-Wire Management Panel

When we mount a TV on the wall, it generally conceals all the messy-looking wires behind. But installing a mantel mount means all those wires will be visible. While buying a TV mount, just remember to buy one that has a wire management system behind the TV.

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It’s hard to pick the best Mantelmount for your expensive TV when they are available at a wide range of prices. 

It is really confusing because pull-down mounts are sold for 25$ to 500. So what exactly is the better option? Is it the cheaper one or the expensive one?

The answer is that cheaper ones are not so flexible to move up and down easily. Even if they claim to do so, they are made up of inferior quality material. 

You must have peace of mind by installing your expensive TV over a low-quality mantel mount. So buy the one that has solid construction. Also, it should be packed with all the necessary hardware to install a mantel mount.

6-Heat Sensitivity

Many pull-down TV mantel mounts are fixed above the fireplace. The fact is often ignored is that Tv’s internal wires can damage by the incoming heat from the fireplace.

That said, the latest mantel mounts have a heat-sensitive handle that turns red when the temperature of the metal on the TV exceeds 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, It’s fine to buy a non-heat-sensitive Pulldown mount if you are not going to set your tv above the fireplace. 


Many TV mounts are made up of single-piece matel. Such materials are far better than the mounts that are composed of tiny matel parts. One or two big pieces give it sturdiness. Additionally, if you have a fixed TV mount on the wall and it is not well aligned. 

Then it can be a big problem. That said, Certain mental mounts allow adjustments in level after installation. Those are better mounts. So when you are buying a mantel mount, pick the ones that are strong and allow you post-installation adjustments in the level. matel

8-Safety Features

It is mainly taken into account that the pull-down mount is UL-approved. It means the mount meets all the sustainability and safety standards. This certification grants the manufacturer to place the mark on the product. 

So if you have kids and pets at home, they must consider buying a product with UL certification. Usually, they approve a product that can hold 5 times more weight than specified by the manufacturer.

Still Doubtful About Buying a Mantel mount? Check the Benefits!

It can save you a lot of hassle. Let me elaborate on a few plus points of having a pull-down mental mount for your TV right away.

  • It saves a lot of space, thus giving your living room the classy and roomier look you would like.
  • Many brands are manufacturing the best anti-glare TV. But it can be a real pain if you don’t have one. Relax! A pull-down mantel mount will allow you to adjust the TV screen angle according to the specific angle where glare would not be an issue.
  • It’s a common accident in a home with small kids that a TV falls over and causes serious injuries. So if you have kids at home, trust me, a Pull-down mantel mount can be a real savior.


  • Do all the Mantelmounts come with the necessary Hardware to Install them?11

    Yes, all the Pulldown Tb mounts from mantel Mounts come with the necessary hardware that you need at the time of installation on your wall.

    All the bolts are nicely packed. Additionally, there is various size of bolts that allow you to select according to your requirement.

  • Can you fix Mantelmounts on the wall yourself (DIY)?

    MM340, MM540, and MM700 are easy to install. By reading easy to follow manual and watching the video, you can do it with little time and effort.

    While fixing MM740 and MM860 on the wall is a little piece of work. You need to make a hole in the wall and fix the recess box. So it would be better to have help while fixing them on the wall.

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