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how to mount cable box behind tv

How to Mount Cable Box Behind TV – Full Guide, Tips & More

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We realize that you want a wire-free zone when you wall mount your TV, therefore, you purchase a cable box.

However, you must consider that the cable box still needs to be connected to the TV. Moreover, stands have easy set up places for a cable box, but wall-mounted TVs do not.

Do not worry because, in this post, we will talk about all the things you need to know before you find a place for your cable box.

Quick Summary


We recommend a full articulating wall-mount because it will give you more space to hide electrical components behind the TV.

How to Mount Cable Box Behind TV?

cable box

There are two ways to install the cable box behind your TV:

  • Mount it on the backside of your TV
  • Mount it on the wall behind the TV

If you choose to mount the TV on the backside of the TV then you should use cable ties. This will work best if there are spaces on the back of the TV to run the ties through for support. 

Another way to attach the cable box to the backside of your TV is through adhesive hanging strips which will stick the box to the TV. This works well with most cable boxes that have wireless technology for an entertainment center. 

Mount the Cable Box on the Wall

If you want to mount the cable box on the wall, then you can use adhesive strips. However, if you want a more permanent solution, then we recommend installing the box on the wall. This ensures that there is enough room for the cable wires and the TV wires to reach a power outlet.


Tools Required

You will need the following tools to mount the cable box on the wall:

Step 1

mark holes

Use a level to mark holes for the mount using a pencil. Make sure that you leave enough space behind the TV for all the cords and remove discs from all devices. 

Check whether the remote works with the cable finder when the TV covers it. You can do this by placing the cable box behind the TV to check which angle suits best and then installing it there.


Remove the TV before you start mounting the cable box for convenience.

Step 2

Try to mount one side of the cable box on a stud. Use a stud finder to locate it inside the wall. We recommend that you should not drill a pilot hole for this.

HIDEit hardware comes with anchors that can hold up to 25 pounds.  


Use a mounting screw to create holes in a stud and use a 3/16” drill bit to drill into drywall. You can use a damp paper towel to catch the debris that falls out.

Step 3:

drill holes

Drill the holes into the stud through the mounting bracket to make sure they are just the right size.

Step 4

Insert screws into the holes to secure the mount and slide in the component.

Step 5

Add all your devices and wires neatly to the mount.

Types of Remotes For Wall Mounted TV


In case you mount the cable box behind your wall mount TV and it does not catch signals to change channels, then you can use other types of remotes to solve this problem.

Infrared Receiver

The infrared receiver kit comes with an IR receiver that you can place on the top of your TV. This receiver picks up signals from the IR remote. 

The receiver is connected by wires to an IR repeater which is further connected to an emitter that is placed on the device that you want to control.

You can hide these wires in a cord cover and place them behind the TV as well. Cord covers can be found at your local hardware store. 

Infrared Receiver kits are available at

  • Sewell
  • Smarthome
  • Xantech

Universal Remotes

A universal remote can help any device pick up signals even if they are not in the line of sight. These controllers communicate with hubs that connect themselves wirelessly to your devices including your cable box.

Just place the controlling hub near your TV in the open where it can receive signals from the controller. You can hide it among decorations.


Logitech makes a range of universal remotes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

cable box

Where should you put your cable box when wall mounting a TV?

The best place to set up your cable box is on shelves that are installed near the TV. Usually stands with shelves are placed under the TVs to place multiple devices on them. 

Can you hide the cable box and operate it from a remote?

Unfortunately, many of the cable boxes today use infrared remotes which require them to be in the line of sight for the boxes to work. 

How do you hide the cable box and still use the remote?

If you want to be able to change channels and have the cable box hidden simultaneously, then you need to get an IR Receiver or IR Extender. These tools are usually available in your TV Adapter Equipment.

Do cable boxes need to be in the line of sight?

Most remotes use infrared rays which bounce off reflective surfaces. Therefore, line of sight is not required as long as some semi-reflective surfaces are present near the box.

How can you hide a cable box inside a cabinet?

If you do not want to install your cable box behind the TV, then you can hide it inside a nearby cabinet. Make sure there is a hole in the cabinet for a cable wire.

You can use a simple HDMI kit such as the IOGEAR Wireless 4K @ 30Hz Video Extender that has a Local Pass-through, to send IR signals. 

How to Mount a Cable Box Behind a TV - Final Verdict


This concludes our post on “How to Mount Cable Box Behind a TV” with a full guide and helpful tips.

There are several ways to hide your cable box in cabinets or simply place them on stands under the TV. However, we highly recommend mounting the cable box behind your TV.

The process to mount a cable box behind your wall-mounted TV is very easy. You can easily operate the cable box to change channels while it is hidden, so no worries there.

Moreover, it gives you a clean and organized look where all the devices are hidden out of sight.

Let us know if you have any more questions regarding how you can hide a cable box. 


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