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11 Best Thin TV Stands To Get In 2023

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Have you just got a brand new TV and are excited to set it up? You’ll need the best TV stand that provides space for TV and goes with the interior of your living room. 

Several types of TV stand out there, providing adequate quality storage space and a classic look to living areas. But if you’ve set your eyes on the best thin TV stands, we got your back. 

We have selected the 11 best thin TV stands to fulfill all your needs. We’ve been doing TV mounting for many years and have firsthand experience dealing with all sorts of TV stands. 

So, you can expect some great recommendations from us!

What’s The Need For The Best Thin TV Stand?

After having a hectic day, you need a relaxing environment. You want to watch some soothing music or movies at a perfect angle. For that, you need the best thin TV stand which fits your TV screen and gives a flawless look to your living room. 

A tall and thin TV stand provides excellent space for your screens and helps you store many TV accessories and cables.

The best thin TV stands have been in great demand for the past few years. People don’t only want a good TV but a stylish stand to hold it up as well. 

They offer many benefits, like storage cabinets or shelves for gadgets, usually in the middle of the stand. The wiring is nicely placed behind the stand. Some of these stands even come with built-in fireplaces or water feature options. Fancy!

They give a decent, pleasant, and decluttered area for you to sit and relax; this is exactly why you need a thin TV stand bedroom.

Our Top 11 Picks For Best Thin TVs Stands To Get Review

Here’s a detailed review of the top 11 products for the best thin TV stands. If you want to know how we picked these products and the key factors. You can go down to

  1. Detailed Buying Guide 

1.Walker Edison Wren Thin Fireplace TV Stand

  • Color: Barnwood
  • Brand: Walker Edison
  • Size: 58 Inch
  • Item Weight: 95 Pounds
  • Style:  58 Inch Fireplace TV Stand

The Walker Edison Wren Classic 4 Cubby thin fireplace TV stand is the best thin TV stand for a 65-inch TV. A light TV stand with a fireplace can immensely add to the aesthetic look of your home. 

It can be the perfect TV stand for your living room as it has an electric fireplace that can heat a 400-square-foot space.

 It comes in a variety of 16 colors with a shiny finish. There are two cubic shelves to the right and left of the fireplace. 

It also includes cord management ports to keep cables neat and uncluttered. You can display your TV over it in style. This thin TV stand for 65-inch TV comes with a fireplace made up of wood with a durable laminate finish for a neat and textured look. 

Its installation is easy and requires no technician. It would be a classic piece with a traditional trending style for your living room.

It got a 4.6 out of 5-star rating from 28,271 people globally and has 3rd rank on the best seller list.

Eagle Verdict!

In my opinion, it is the best choice to add to your living room as it provides space for not only your TV and its accessories. But also a fireplace which can quickly warm a 400 square meter room.

However, if you are looking for a closed storage space, it does not have closed storage space. I recommend it to people who are looking for a variety in color and style because a narrow stand with a fireplace is something that screams style and class.


  • It has a traditional rustic wood design
  • It is number 3 in the best-seller rank
  • Comes with the integrated electrical fireplace
  • Give variety in color with 16 options
  • It can hold TVs up to 65’


  • You’ll not have any hidden storage
  • It has particle board shelves
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2. Yaheetech Slim TV Stand for a 55-Inch TV

  • Brand: Yaheetech
  • Color: Rustic Brown
  • Material: Wood
  • Product Dimensions: 16″D x 24.5″W x 24.5″H
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop

The Yaheetech Industrial TV stand is a low-profile, versatile, and slim TV stand that holds a TV up to 55’. It is one of the best thin TV stands for a 55-inch TV manufactured of metal and wood.

The vintage wood surfaces give the stand a personalized and catchy look. The shelves are open and long enough to fit anything.

The spacious stand top can hold much weight. This stand gives your living room a vintage look, and the X-shaped side designs simply give it a more excellent look. In addition, it has adjustable protective levelers that allow it to stand on uneven floors.

It has a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating by 871 people on amazon. Also, Yaheetech has a #21 best-seller rank.

Eagle Verdict!

I think it would be a great option as it has a metal frame and wooden shelves that can hold a good amount of weight and are also not easy to break.

It also provides a lot of space for your accessories and décor stuff. However, I do not suggest it for people with an ick for dust as it collects dust and grime very fast.


  • The minimalistic design can easily fit small areas
  • It has a metal frame with rustic wood shelves
  • Each shelf can hold weights up to 55 pounds
  • Shelves are 8’-9’ high and allow placement of larger items in it
  • It is water-resistant & Scratch-resistant
  • It is cost-effective


  • More likely to collect dust and dirt
  • It has no covered or hidden storage space

3. Bestier TV Stand for a 70-inch TV, Gaming Entertainment Center for PS5

  • Brand:  Bestier
  • Color: White Wash
  • Material: Wood
  • Product Dimensions: 63”L x 13.7”W x 20.5”H
  • Assembly Required: Yes

The Bestier TV Stand is a modern and stylish entertainment center designed to accommodate a 70-inch TV, with dimensions of 63” L x 13.7” W x 20.5” H. It is a versatile piece suitable for the living room, bedroom, or playroom. 

The TV stand is designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, providing spacious open storage with 5 compartments for organizing various items like the PS5, DVDs, gaming devices, electronics, books, magazines, and more.

One of the standout features of this gaming entertainment center is the attached LED lights. These lights come in 7 different colors and 22 dynamic settings, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere for your living space. The LED lights can enhance the visual appeal of the TV stand and also highlight the items displayed on the tempered glass middle shelves, making your TV console the focal point of the room.

Bestier takes pride in its friendly customer service and assures that it will take full responsibility for any quality issues. They are committed to providing satisfying services and standing by to assist with any concerns.

Eagle Verdict!

the Bestier TV Stand with LED lights offers a modern design, ample storage space, and an interactive lighting feature that can elevate the ambiance of your living room while complementing your gaming setup and PS5 console.


  • Modern design
  • Spacious storage
  • LED lights enhance the ambiance
  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • Fits up to 70″ TV
  • Versatile for different rooms


  • Limited color options (only White Wash)

4. Walker Edison Classic Glass Door Universal TV Stand

  • Brand: Walker Edison
  • Material: Wood
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Shelf Type: Adjustable shelves
  • Dimension: 33″ H x 58″ L x 16″
  • Room Type: Living Room

The Walker Edison Classic Glass Door Universal TV Stand is designed to accommodate TVs up to 64 inches in size. It is made from Dark Walnut-colored wood and measures approximately 33 inches in height, 58 inches in length, and 16 inches in depth. The stand comes with cable management features that allow you to organize and conceal cords at the back of the TV stand, keeping your setup neat and tidy.

This TV stand provides ample storage space with adjustable shelves, giving you the flexibility to customize the arrangement according to your needs. Additionally, the soft close door hinges offer a smooth and quiet closing of the cabinet doors.

The stand is suitable for use in various rooms, including the living room and kitchen, providing a versatile and practical entertainment center. It is also capable of supporting a weight of up to 250 pounds, ensuring stability and durability for your TV and other media equipment.

Eagle Verdict!

The Walker Edison Classic Glass Door Universal TV Stand offers a combination of style, functionality, and practicality. Whether you are looking for a TV stand for your living room or kitchen, this 58-inch Dark wood stand is a commendable choice, and its ability to accommodate large flat-screen TVs adds to its appeal.

With its excellent cable management and adjustable features, it promises a clutter-free and organized entertainment center. Overall, this TV stand is a perfect solution and provides a worthwhile investment for those seeking a reliable and elegant storage solution for their entertainment setup.


  • Stylish design
  • Cable management system
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Soft close door hinges
  • Supports large TVs
  • Suitable for multiple rooms
  • Durable and stable


  • Dark Walnut color may not match all decor
  • Assembly required
  • Limited weight capacity (250 lbs)
  • Not suitable for TVs larger than 64″

5. Devaise Flat Screen TV Stand

  • Brand: DEVAISE
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Black
  • Mounting Type: Floor Standing
  • Compatible Sizes: 43 Inches
  • TV Size: 75 Inches

If you are looking for a modular kind of TV stand, then the Devise TV stand is a good option. It holds up to a 75’ TV. It has two L-shaped pieces, which are all open shelves.

You can use them to store gadgets, books, gaming equipment, and routers. The best thing about it is that it comes in an affordable range. You can also customize it by adding another set of l-shaped pieces.

This 0.7’ thick stand is made of wood board, making it quite durable and eco-friendly. You can rotate and expand it according to your space. It can hold weight up to 110lbs.
It has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating from 1,477 people and is at #58 in the best seller rank.

Eagle Verdict!

It is a modular-style TV stand that can hold many things. You can use this stand for multiple purposes, such as storing gadgets, books, gaming equipment, and routers.

There’s plenty of storage space that you can utilize to keep stuff. However, I do not suggest people who cannot afford any labor or help buy it as it requires help to be assembled.


  • It is affordable
  • Comes with two modular pieces
  • Plenty of storage space for any kind of stuff
  • It holds TVs up to 75’
  • You can add more than two pieces


  • It is not provided with hidden storage space
  • It may not be easy for you to assemble on your own

6. Henn&Hart- Thin TV Stand for a 65-inch TV

  • Brand: Henn&Hart
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Glass
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount

The Henn&Hart TV stand is a glass and steel thin TV stand for 65 inch TV, which can take your living room to the next level. It goes with every TV and home interior.

This stand offers plenty of space for the TV and its accessories. With that said, it has a handcrafted blackened bronze finish and an aesthetic gold finish, enhancing its look.

This stand is an industrial-style piece that is trending nowadays. It has a weighing capacity of 75lbs. it is pretty easy to put together. It is relatively cheaper.
They have a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on amazon by 82 people.

Eagle Verdict!

Its trending industrial look makes it a statement and a perfect match for your interior. It is also a budget-friendly
product, which can be easy to buy.

However, we think it is unsafe for a house with kids as it has glass shelves that can be broken if any heavy stuff is placed on them.


  • It has a classic, modern look that goes with every interior
  • Glass shelves help to keep dark and smaller spaces open
  • Give the luxurious look
  • Take less space
  • Comes in a cheaper price list


  • Limited weight capacity due to glass shelves
  • Assembly instructions can be confusing for you

7. Sampat Norway Mid Century-Thin TV Stand for 50-Inch TV

  • Color: Black & Brown
  • Brand: WAMPAT
  • Brand: Henn&Hrt
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Glass
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount
  • Size: For 32-55″ TVs
  • Style: Mid-Century Modern

The Sampat Norway stand has a sleek door with a pop-up feature and adjustable shelves.

It has a two-tone design with a vintage walnut finish, a matte black door, and legs. It is good to fit in small space rooms. The legs raise the cabinet from the floor and allow for easy cleaning underneath it.

It holds TVs up to 50’ and has cord management ports to hide the wires. The company provides the stand with easy follow manual and videos as well. It is a waterproof furniture piece and easy to clean. It is also lightweight, and you can quickly move it all alone without any help whenever you want.

They got a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from 1,212 people on amazon.

Eagle Verdict!

If you live in a small space, it is a great idea to buy this thin, tall TV stand as it is lifted off the ground to give an open look to the area.

Its trending vintage walnut finish enhances any look room. However, if your TV is larger than 50’, this isn’t the right product for you.


  • It has a chic and sleek modern style
  • Good for small rooms
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Lightweight product


  • Only smaller TVs can fit on it
  • Pop-up door feature takes more space

8. OKD Farmhouse TV Stand for 75 Inch TV, Rustic Entertainment Center

  • Brand:  OKD
  • Color:  Reclaimed Barnwood Color
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 66″ W x 16″D x 25″ H
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount

The OKD Farmhouse TV Stand is a rustic entertainment center designed to accommodate TVs up to 75 inches, with compatibility for various TV sizes ranging from 70 to 55 inches. The tv stand features sliding barn doors on the front and two sides, allowing easy access to the cabinets and shelves via a metal track. 

Built with a sturdy 3-1/3″ high wooden support base and a 1″ thick tabletop covered in high-level 3D woodgrain paper, it exudes the appearance of oak wood. The Contemporary design seamlessly blends modern and rustic farmhouse styles, adding charm and personality to any living room or bedroom. Inside, there are adjustable shelves for organization, and two cable management holes behind the doors help keep wires hidden. 

Assembling the TV stand is made simple with all parts, hardware kits, and clear instructions provided in one package, enabling 1-2 people to complete the assembly within 1.5-2 hours. The secure packaging ensures safe delivery, protecting the TV stand from any damage during shipping. It has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on amazon from 575 people.

Eagle Verdict!

In my opinion, the OKD Farmhouse TV Stand is an excellent addition to my living room. Its rustic charm and modern farmhouse style perfectly complement my décor. The sliding barn doors provide easy access to storage, and the sturdy construction ensures stability for my 75-inch TV. I appreciate the thoughtful cable management system to keep wires untangled and the straightforward assembly process. Overall, it’s a fantastic choice that combines aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.


  • Rustic charm, modern farmhouse style
  • Sliding barn doors for easy access
  • Sturdy construction holds 75-inch TV
  • Thoughtful cable management design
  • Straightforward assembly process


  • Limited color options
  • May be too large for some spaces

9. Kayla Wood Adjustable TV Stand

  • Brand: Tangkula
  • Color: Natural
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Product Dimensions: 2.5″D x 59″W x 2.5″H
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount

The Kayla Wood Adjustable TV stand is a modern-style one with a modern look. It takes up less space in the room as it is mounted on the wall and comes with three drawers and open space. You can use the drawers and shelf for storing a lot of stuff. It is perfect for extra wide TV screens.

It has an adjustable length system, and assembly is required for this product. It is made of manufactured wood with veneer and is durable, water and dust-proof. You can clean it with a damp cloth and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

It holds a 75’ to 118’ TV screen. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on

Eagle Verdict!

This stand is made up of manufactured wood which ensures durability and quality. If you have a space-saving problem, this product is an excellent choice as it is mounted on the wall and provides a large storage capacity.

However, it is at a bit higher price range, so I suggest people not buy it unless they are entirely in love with the design.


  • It is durable
  • It can hold larger TV screen sizes up to 118’
  • It is dust and waterproof
  • Has a good storage capacity
  • A mounted stand gives a wide look to the
  • room and takes less space


  • It comes in the high price range
  • It may not be easy to assemble

10. OKD Modern TV Stand for 75 Inch TV with LED Lights, Gaming Entertainment Center Media Console Television Stands

  • Brand: OKD
  • Material: Wood
  • Color:  Black
  • TV Size: 75 Inches
  • Dimensions: 66” W x 16” D x 25” H

The OKD Modern TV Stand is a sleek and versatile entertainment center designed for 75-inch TVs. Measuring 66 inches in width, 16 inches in depth, and 25 inches in height, it accommodates various TV sizes. The stand boasts RGB LED lights with 12 colors and 4 modes, controllable via a remote, adding a modern vibe to the living room. Its mirror texture enhances its appeal further. 

The TV cabinet features magnetic glass doors for easy access and is made of safety-tempered glass. Two enclosed cabinets and two open shelves provide ample storage for gaming collectibles and other items. With 5 metal legs and a middle metal leg to prevent sagging, it ensures sturdy construction. Cable management holes at the back panel aid easy wire organization. Simple assembly instructions make it easy to set up, and it arrives securely packaged to prevent damage.

It accommodates TVs up to 75’ and holds weight up to 81lbs. It has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from 703  people on Amazon.

Eagle Verdict!

In my opinion, the OKD Modern TV Stand is a fantastic addition to any living room. Its sleek design, LED lights with customizable options, and ample storage space make it perfect for accommodating my 75-inch TV and gaming collectibles. The sturdy construction and easy wire organization were also major selling points. Overall, I am highly satisfied with this entertainment center, and it has truly elevated my living room’s ambiance and functionality.


  • Sleek design
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Ample storage space


  • None

11. VASAGLE TV Stand, TV Console for TVs Up to 70 Inches

  • Brand:  VASAGLE
  • Material:  Steel
  • TV Size: 70 Inches
  • Color: Rustic Brown + Black
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 32 Inc
  • Dimension: 63”L x 15.4”W x 20.5”H

The VASAGLE TV Stand is a versatile and stylish furniture piece designed for TVs up to 70 inches. Its dimensions of 63 inches in length, and 15.4 inches in width, and the tv stand height is 20.5 inches which makes it perfect for hosting movie nights. The TV console features three shelves, offering ample space to display photo frames, trinkets, or store DVDs, game consoles, and books. 

Crafted with six sturdy steel legs, high-quality particleboard, and reinforced with X-shaped bars, the stand provides reliable support and stability. Its rustic brown boards and black steel frame create a charming ambiance for entertainment moments. Additionally, adjustable feet ensure stability on uneven surfaces. 

The easy assembly process, thanks to the simple structure and clear instructions, makes setting up the TV stand a breeze. Overall, the VASAGLE TV Stand is an ideal choice to elevate your entertainment experience in the living room, bedroom, home office, or dining room.

It has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating by 4367 people on Amazon and has 45 number on the best seller rank.

Eagle Verdict!

 I am highly satisfied with the VASAGLE TV Stand. Its spacious design easily accommodated my 70-inch TV, and the additional shelves provided ample storage for my entertainment accessories. Moreover, the straightforward assembly process was a pleasant surprise. Overall, this TV stand offers excellent value, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a stylish and functional tv stand in addition to their entertainment area.


  • Spacious top for up to 70-inch TV
  • Ample storage with three shelves
  • Sturdy steel legs and particleboard
  • Charming rustic brown and black design
  • The easy and straightforward assembly process


  • No storage capacity

Buying Guide To Get The Best Thin TV Stands

Choosing the best thin TV stands that fit in with your TV screens and go with your room’s interior designs is not tough but a bit confusing.

Knowing all the features and factors, you can easily find a perfect match for your living room. Let’s look at some key factors before purchasing a TV stand.

Design and Size

There are a lot of designs and sizes of TV stands out there. Some are with open shelves, consoles, hutch, cabinets, floating stands, and much more.

The choice of a stand depends on your need and the room’s space. For example, if you are looking for the best storage space and a TV stand, then cabinets and a console would be best for you, and if you are short on space, then floating stands and industrial-style stands are the best fit for your room.


You can have either metal or wood stands. Metal stands are slim and chic, giving a more excellent industrial look and fitting even in smaller rooms.

Whereas with the wood stands, there are many more options, such as plywood, cardboard, etc., and they give a vintage look to the space along with more storage and load capacity. The material of your tall and thin TV stand determines its durability and life.

Assembly Proficiency

Some TV stands require much strength and hard work to assemble and need professionals to put them together. Before buying any TV stand, easy-to-assemble stands must be considered. It would help if you bought a stand that is easy to assemble.

Also, check our article on how to mount a floating tv stand.


It would help if you compared the latest prices of the TV stands in the market and whether they are worth the cost you are paying. The TV stand that offers quality features in an affordable range must be considered rather than waste money on looks.

Ratings and Reviews

Customer ratings and reviews help pretty well in choosing the overall best product. On websites, you can easily find the rating and reviews of people about their experience with the brand, whether the product is worth buying or worthless. Also, the photos and videos posted by customers are helpful.


  • Can a thin TV stand support a heavy TV?

    While many thin TV stands are designed to be lightweight, they can still support heavy TVs as long as you choose a stand with a weight limit that exceeds the weight of your TV.

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