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how to mount a floating tv stand

How to Mount a Floating TV Stand? – Complete Overview, Tips, FAQs & More

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We all know that wall mounting TVs became a trend soon after flat-screen TVs entered the entertainment market.

Now if you’re confused about what a floating TV stand is and how to mount it, we can help you out. 

Basically, when you mount your entertainment center on the wall with the help of a floating stand, you can keep all of your devices such as gaming consoles and DVDs on these stands.

In this post, we will give you all the important information that you need to know to mount a floating TV stand to your wall without the help of a professional.

How to Mount Floating Stand?

floating tv stand

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It is extremely important to make sure that the floating stand is mounted on the wooden studs, otherwise, it will NOT hold.

Step 1

When you have assembled the floating stand, you will find hooks in the package. You need to attach these hooks to the back of the stand.

Step 2


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The package will contain a manual that instructs you on how to assemble the floating stand and how to mount it on a wall. You can find the length and width of the stand in this manual.

Create a clearing on the wall of the mentioned dimensions. 

When you have determined the location and height of the stand on the wall, subtract three inches from the height and draw a horizontal line. 

This line should equal the length of the mounting plate that will be drilled and attached to the wall.


Use a level throughout the process to ensure the floating stand is mounted equally on the wall.

Step 3


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Mark three vertical lines on the wall over the horizontal line to indicate where the studs lie inside the wall.

Studs are usually 16 inches apart. Therefore, make sure that you have marked three vertical lines at equal distances to show three studs. 

You will find holes on the mounting plate. Ensure that the studs are marked according to these holes. 

So, you will start from the first hole to the middle one that is 16 inches apart and then the last one which is also 16 inches apart.

Step 4


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When you place the mounting plate on the wall against the markings, the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines should be visible underneath the holes.

Take three Philip head screws that will be available in the package and drill them into the holes while holding the plate against the wall.


Use a level before you tighten each screw to ensure that the plate is parallel to the floor.

Step 5

Half of the mounting plate will be flat and will touch the wall. While the other half will be protruding out slightly. This part is supposed to be placed on the upper side for the hooks to attach.

Lift the floating stand and attach the hooks on the back of the stand to the mounting plate. 

Step 6


Image Courtesy: Reddit

Use a level to check all parts of the floating stand to ensure that it is in place properly.


If one part of the stand is not leveled, then it may be due to the hooks not being lodged into place. So tap the stand to allow the hook to get a good grip on the mounting plate.

Step 7


Image Courtesy: Reddit

There will be several lines cut out at the back of the stand. The vertical marking that you made earlier on the wall to indicate studs will be visible through these lines.

To secure the stand into place, you need to place washers on top of these vertical lines and drill them down using Philip screws

Step 8

The floating stand will have a small hole inside the unit which opens like a cap to allow wires to enter the stand through the wall. 

You can cut a hole in the wall to bring out the wires that will enter the stand and attach them to your devices through this hole.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How high should you mount a floating TV stand?

The height of the floating TV stand will depend on the TV. Ideally, you need to keep the center of the TV screen at eye level for the optimal viewing point. 

Therefore, the TV will be installed at the center of the wall while the floating stand will be installed just below it. 

Is it possible for a floating TV stand to hold a TV?

Most floating TV stands cannot support the weight of the TV. If the size of your TV is bigger than the heavier the TV will be. In such cases, you will need to mount the TV on the wall to provide your TV with the proper support.

What should you put under a floating TV unit?

For a larger room, you should use media furniture to fill up the space under a floating TV unit. It will help your TV look less isolated and can brighten the room up.

On the other hand, for a smaller room, you should not put any furniture under a floating TV unit. This will help save up space and make the room look less cluttered.

Should the TV be wider than the stand?

It is a rule of thumb, to keep the sides of the stand a few inches, if not more, wider than the TV. This helps your entertainment center look more aesthetically and visually pleasing. Moreover, it brings out the overall look of the room as well.


This concludes our post on “How to Mount a Floating TV Stand” with a complete instruction guide and FAQs.

When you purchase a floating TV stand, you will find all the needed hardware and an instruction manual in the package. The manual will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to assemble the stand.

Each screw and anchor will have a purpose to serve. After you have mounted the floating stand on the wall, there should be no piece of hardware left behind. 

Let us know if you have any questions.


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