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how to remove tv from sanus wall mount

How to Remove TV from Sanus Wall Mount – Full Removal Guide with Tips

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Sanus wall mounts have been extremely popular for years thanks to their great durability and ease of use. 

If you have one, you may need to remove your TV from it at some point for one reason or another. 

Maybe you want to have a newer, more advanced mount installed or maybe you just bought a larger television that is too heavy for the Sanus mount. 

Whatever the case may be, if you follow the instructions provided in this post, you’ll have your TV uninstalled from the mount in no time.

Quick summary

In this post, we will discuss how you can easily remove your TV from an installed Sanus wall mount. 

The process is fairly simple as long as you use the right tools and are careful during removal. 

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Tools and Supplies Needed

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Before getting into the actual removal process, we recommend that you get all the needed tools and supplies gathered first. 

This can help you save time as you won’t have to go looking for them in the middle of the removal process.

The tools you will need are: 

  • A spanner or a screwdriver
  • A helper
  • A thick blanket or soft surface to lay your TV down on once it’s removed

Once you have these tools gathered, you can start to remove the TV from the Sanus wall mount. 

Important note: The process we have described below works well with both the Sanus fixed TV wall mount and the Sanus tilt TV wall mount. 

You may have to lift your TV more or less depending on the model but the overall process is largely the same.

How to Remove Your Television from a Sanus TV Wall Mount?

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If you still have the Sanus Wall Mount Manual, you are pretty much golden. You can follow the instructions provided in that manual to easily remove your television from the Sanus TV mount. 

However, if you can’t find it or can’t be bothered to take it out of storage or wherever it may be, you can look at the instructions we have provided below. 

To remove the television from the Sanus mount, follow these steps: 

Step 1: First of all, you must disconnect all the cords that are connected to your TV. 

This includes the power cord as well as any other wire that may be attached to it such as an HDMI cable, A/V cords, etc. 

Your TV should have no wires connected to it when you start to dismount it.

Step 2: The Sanus mounts have two main components: One bracket attaches to the TV while the other bracket attaches to the wall. 

In the end, both the brackets attach to each other to successfully mount your TV to the wall

To get the removal process going, you must first unscrew the bolts that connect the two brackets together.

You will need a spanner or a screwdriver for this. The size of the spanner you need will depend on the size of your bolts but in most cases, spanner sizes from 10 to 14 will do the trick. 

Step 3: Once you unscrew these bolts, the two brackets will come apart and you can lift your TV up and place it down on a flat surface. 

Important note: In most cases, the TV will be too heavy for you to lift by yourself

That’s why, at this point, you should ask for help from a friend or family member. Once you lift the TV up, as long as all the bolts have been unscrewed, the brackets will come apart.

Please note that the surface you place the TV face down on needs to be soft and flat. You don’t want anything to poke and damage the screen. 

Please note that at this point, one component of the Sanus mount is still attached to the back of your TV. 

Step 4: Once the TV has been placed flat with its screen down, you can use your spanner or screwdriver to unscrew the attachment bracket from the TV. 

Again, the size of the spanner or the screwdriver will depend on the size of the bolts. 

The bolt sizes can vary depending on the size of your TV and the size of the Sanus mount that you decided to get for it. 

Step 5: Once all screws have been all-steel you can just pull the attachment bracket back from your TV to take it apart from it. 

Step 6 (Optional): If you would like to have the Sanus mount removed from your wall, you can go ahead and unscrew the second component as well. 

This is the bracket that is attached to your wall. You can use a standard screwdriver to unscrew the anchors and take the wall mount out. 

You can then replace the wall with another wall mount for some other TV you got or you can repair the wall depending on what your needs and goals are. 

Step 7 (Optional): If you are removing your TV and TV mount because you are moving, then it can be a good idea to pack up the accessories properly. 

Again, if you have the manual for the Sanus mount near, it can be a huge help. Refer to it and the TV mount accessories you have to ensure that you have all the components needed. 

Next, you can pack them in a container or any box and label them. That way, you’ll have all the components in one place so you can save time during the next installation.

Wrapping Things Up…

As you may have gathered after reading this post, there’s really nothing to it when it comes to removing a TV from a Sanus mount. 

Sanus have done their best to ensure that their products are both easy to install as well as easy to use. Now, with this test, we have confirmed that their products are also easy to remove. 

If you have any confusion, please reach out to us in the comments section below. 


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