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Kanto vs Sanus TV Mounts

Kanto vs Sanus TV Mounts – Side-by-Side Comparison, Buyers’ Guide, Tips & More

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Kanto and Sanus are both great mount manufacturers which is why it’s understandable to be confused between their options. 

In this post, we will compare both of their flagship tilting mounts to judge which one performs better. 

Tilting mounts are one of the most popular types of mounts which is why we decided to center our post around them for this comparison between Kanto and Sanus mounts.



TV size and weight


Build Quality

PERLESMITH Universal Swivel TV Stand


USX Mount Full-Motion TV Wall Mount


Now that you have some idea of what each product has to offer, let’s take a closer look to determine which one would be best for your needs. 

Kanto PT400 Tilting TV Mount Review - best Overall, Great Construction and Easy Use

Kanto vs Sanus TV Mounts – Side-by-Side Comparison, Buyers’ Guide, Tips & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Wall Mount | Movement Type: Tilt TV size range: 40 to 90 inches VESA patterns: 100×100 to 800 x 400 Maximum weight limit: 150 lb Wall Type: Concrete Cable Management: Yes

4.7/5 Overall

The Build Quality 5
Compatibility 5
Easy Installing 5
Motion Range 4
Value for Price 5
User Reviews 5
Expert Reviews 4.5

Tilting mounts work great for most homes since they don’t take up a lot of space and offer just enough flexibility to be extremely useful.

Based on our first hand experience, we can clearly say that this tilting Kanto Full-Motion TV Wall Mount is extremely easy to install and comes with a wide wall plate. This makes it suitable for many different walls with different stud spacings.

The tilt angle is also super easy to adjust and can be adjusted without the use of any external tool.

Eagle Verdict!

The best Kanto mount you can get is the Kanto PT400 Tilting TV Mount since it fits a wide range of TVs and it’s extremely easy to install. You can adjust its leveling after installation.


  • Supports a wide range of TV sizes
  • Can fit with multiple different stud spacings
  • Leveling screws allow leveling after installation
  • Locking feature present
  • Easy installation


  • No backward tilt

Benefits of Kanto PT400 Tilting TV Mount

This tilting mount from Kanto has really impressed us on many different levels. 

Firstly, let’s talk about installation. The box comes with every possible screw size you may need to correctly attach it to your wall. All you have to do is pick the right size for your wooden studs. 

Secondly, it fits a wide range of TVs. It supports TVs that range from 40 inches to 90 inches and has a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds. 

That’s more than enough for most newer televisions as well as many older ones. If you have a bigger TV that’s slightly older, it may not fit onto most modern-day mounts as many of them have a maximum weight capacity of around 120 – 130 pounds. 

However, this mount can definitely secure them easily. 

It has a low-profile design and is only 1.4 inches away from your wall when properly mounted. This allows you to save a ton of space and have much more room for other activities. 

The extra-wide wall plate allows you to fit the mount onto different types of stud spacings. It can fit across three studs if you have 16-inch spacing or across two studs if you have 24-inch spacing. 

The Kanto PT400 even has a post-leveling feature. This means you can easily adjust the level of the mount even after you have installed it on your wall. 

We found this feature to be extremely handy. It will ensure that your TV is never crooked. 

Lastly, of course, we haven’t even mentioned the tilt itself. You can tilt your TV with this mount up to 12 degrees forwards. This can help in a number of ways. 

For example, it can reduce glare that may occur due to an external light source. It can also prevent you from straining your neck since you can adjust it to be at a more comfortable viewing angle. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Kanto PT400 Tilting TV Mount


When it comes to the price of TV mounts, you have to walk a fine line. You must not spend too much but at the same time, you must spend enough to ensure you’re buying a high-quality product. 

We feel that the Kanto PT400 definitely falls into that sweet spot. 

It’s priced slightly higher than most tilting TV mounts we have reviewed in the past. However, we feel that the slightly higher price is definitely warranted. 

This is because it is immaculately built with high-quality materials. Not only that but it also has a ton more features than most of its competitor tilting mounts offer. 

TV Size and Weight

When it comes to TV size and weight, the Kanto PT400 hardly has any competitor that matches its range. 

You can attach televisions ranging from 40 inches all the way up to 90 inches on the Kanto PT400. 

Not only that but it supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 150 pounds. 

Even the most heavy-duty mounts we have reviewed in the past tend to max out at around 130 pounds. 


The Kanto PT400 is fully VESA compatible. 

This means it can fit onto all televisions that are also VESA compatible as well as onto VESA adapters. 

It supports VESA patterns up to 800 x 400 mm. 

Wall Type

The wall mount is designed to fit onto Drywall that has wooden studs or onto concrete walls.

If you have either of these two types of walls, you can buy the Kanto PT400 for yourself and be at ease. 

What Do the Customers Think?

We had a great time testing the Kanto PT400 but we also wanted to confirm if that was the overall experience most people had with this product. 

Hence, we took to Amazon to look up some recent customer reviews. 

We were pleased to see that most others were also satisfied with the product and loved its polished design and impeccable construction. Many customers seemed to love how easy to install it is. 

Here are some reviews we read on Amazon: 

kanto social proof 1
kanto social proof 2

Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount Review - Highly Durable with Slim Design

Untitled design - 2023-05-14T212526.413

Key Specs

Type of mount: Wall Mount | Movement Type: Tilt | TV size range:  46” to 90”  inches | VESA patterns: 100×100 to 800 x 400 | Maximum weight limit: 150 lbs | Wall Type: Wood Stud, Concrete | Cable Management:  Yes

4.6/5 Overall

The Build Quality 4.7
Compatibility 5
Easy Installing 4.5
Motion Range 4
Value for Price 5
User Reviews 5
Expert Reviews 4

This immaculate wall mount from Sanus comes with all the features you would expect from a tilt mount and more. 

As per our experience, The tilt angle of this mount is super easy to adjust and the mount comes with tons of other movement features you would not expect from a tilting mount. 

For example, you can extend it from the wall up to 5.7 inches. This allows you to mount it directly over wall sockets and makes for easier cable management.

Eagle Verdict!

The best Sanus mount is the Sanus VLT6-B1 Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount thanks to its high-quality design and immense set of features. The level of flexibility it provides as a tilting mount is unparalleled and it’ll last you for many years. 

Other Experts Say!

“The SANUS Model VLT6-B1 is a high-quality TV wall mount that features a sleek design and is easy to install. It tilts up toand 12 degrees backward and extends up to 5.7 inches from the wall for added flexi 7 degrees forward bility. It is compatible with most TVs up to 70 inches and 150 pounds and has a locking mechanism for added security. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for upgrading your viewing experience.”

“The SANUS Model VLT6-B1 is a premium wall mount for flat-screen TVs with a tilting mechanism to reduce glare and improve viewing comfort. It has a low profile design, supports TVs up to 150 pounds, and is easy to install.”


  • Comes with cable ties for convenient cable management 
  • Great for small to medium televisions
  • Quite budget-friendly
  • Super easy to install
  • Highly sturdy


  • Cannot hold larger televisions

Benefits of Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount

Firstly, let’s talk about the build of the Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount. It’s made from high-quality alloy steel which ensures that it will last you for years to come. 

There’s a high chance you may buy a newer television before this mount starts to break down. 

The range of motion you get from this mount is much higher than what you’d expect from a tilting mount. 

Not only can you tilt it forwards up to 7 degrees and backward up to 12 degrees but you can also move it side-to-side and also, level it. 

The side-to-side movement comes in super handy if you have off-center studs. Then, you won’t have to worry about your TV being off-center even if the mount itself is off-center. 

The leveling adjustment feature just ensures that your TV is always properly mounted after installation. You can adjust it any time you want without the use of any external tool. 

It’s VESA compatible and supports VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 mm. 

Since it has a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds, that means it can support both newer as well as older, heavier TVs. 

It’s also compatible with curved TVs.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount


The Sanus mount is slightly more expensive than the Kanto mount. While its price is fairly higher than most tilting mounts we have reviewed in the past, it’s not outrageously high or anything.

You can easily get it for your TV and be more than happy with the benefits you get with this mount. 

After all, its construction is great which will ensure it’ll last you for years. Furthermore, the movement features also somewhat make up for the price. 

TV Size and Weight

When it comes to TV size, the Sanus mount is almost on par with the Kanto mount. 

It supports TVs ranging from 46 inches to 90 inches. This is a slightly smaller range than the Kanto mount but we still feel it’s fairly versatile. 

It has a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds just like the Kanto mount. 


As mentioned earlier, the Sanus mount is VESA compatible. 

Its compatible VESA patterns are: 

  • 200 x 100 mm
  • 200 x 200 mm
  • 300 x 200 mm 
  • 300 x 300 mm
  • 400 x 200 mm
  • 400 x 300 mm
  • 400 x 400 mm
  • 500 x 400 mm
  • 600 x 400 mm

Wall Type

The mount is designed to fit onto Drywall with wooden studs. 

The stud spacing needs to be between 16 inches and 24 inches. 

If this doesn’t match the type of wall you have, then you may want to think twice before buying this tilting mount from Sanus.

What Do the Customers Think?

We absolutely loved this Sanus tilting mount but we wanted to check out if other consumers felt the same way. 

On Amazon, we found that people loved their strength and security. The installation instructions that come with it are very clear and the customers on Amazon seemed to really appreciate that. 

Here are some reviews we came across: 

sanus social proof 1
sanus social proof 2

Best Sanus Mount

The best Sanus mount is the Sanus VLT6-B1 Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount thanks to its high-quality design and immense set of features. The level of flexibility it provides as a tilting mount is unparalleled and it’ll last you for many years. 

Kanto vs Sanus TV Mounts - Buyers’ Guide

tv mounts

TV mounts can be a difficult product to buy since they are available in many different varieties with numerous brands manufacturing them. 

In this section, we will list the factors you must think about in order to identify the appropriate one for your needs. 

These factors are: 


Of course, you need to consider the price of the TV mount you intend to buy

You naturally don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket by spending too much on a TV mount that has excessive features which you may never use. 

We have often seen and heard of consumers that opt for highly expensive full-motion mounts only to realize that their room does not allow them to use it properly. 

Hence, don’t spend too much money on a mount that has features that you won’t use often or at all. 

Secondly, you should not go too cheap either. 

TV mounts are one of those products that can be cheaply made and sold for low prices. The downside of such mounts is that they are made from subpar materials. 

This makes them very difficult to use and most of them break down within months. 

You must avoid mounts like these at all costs. 

Hence, you need to find that sweet spot for a mount where it’s expensive enough to ensure it’s made from high-quality materials but also not too expensive; Only pay for the features you need in a mount. 

Mount Type

Second, you need to think about the type of mount you need. 

Mounts are differentiated through the level of movement they provide. Obviously, mounts that provide a higher range of motion are more highly-priced than ones that provide a limited level of movement. 

As mentioned in the Price section above, you don’t need to go for the mount with the highest level of motion right off the bat. 

This is because there’s a high chance you may not need it or may not even have the space to fully utilize such a mount. 

Full-motion mounts are mounts that provide the highest range of motion and thus, are the most expensive. You should only go for these types of mounts if you have the need and space for them. Full-motion mounts work great in large spaces which have many different viewing angles. 

Similar mounts that provide a wide range of motion but not as much as full-motion mounts are swivel and articulating mounts. 

Ceiling mounts are another type of mount that suspends your TV in the air by attaching it to the ceiling. They can offer a unique look and they can allow you to rotate your TV a full 360 degrees. 

Most people, however, go for mounts that offer a limited range of motion that is meant for just one, primary viewing angle. These are either fixed mounts or tilting mounts. 

Fixed mounts offer no motion at all and tilting mounts allow you to adjust only the tilt angle.  

TV Size and Weight

Of course, you need to take your TV’s size and weight into account when you buy a mount for it. 

For most mounts, it will be clearly stated the sizes of TVs they support and what their maximum weight capacity is. 

First, you must identify your TV’s weight and size. 

The “size” of a TV refers to the diagonal viewing angle of its screen. You can find its weight by looking at its specifications online or on the box it came in. 

Once you have identified both, you can ensure the mount you get can support that specific size and weight by looking at the mount’s specifications. 


Next up comes compatibility. 

When we discuss compatibility, we mean VESA compatibility. 

VESA standards were developed to ensure that consumers have an easier time finding the right mounts for their televisions. 

To determine your TV’s VESA measurement, you can turn it over and measure the distance between the mounting holes with a measuring tape. 

VESA measurements are typically described in millimeters (mm). 

Once you know the VESA measurement, you can now look for a mount that supports that specific measurement. 

Wall Type and Stud Spacing 

The type of wall you intend to attach your mount to is very important. 

Most mounts sold in the market are designed to be mounted onto Drywall with wooden studs as that is the most common. 

However, if you have a concrete wall or a brick wall, you can find mounts that are meant for them as well. 

Once you have identified the wall type, you must also identify the distance of the studs in them. 

The most common stud spacing is 16 inches. 

However, they can be 8 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, or 24 inches apart. 

Make sure that you get a mount that accommodates the correct stud spacing in your wall

Build Quality  

This should be a no-brainer but of course, you need to ensure that your mount is immaculately built. 

The construction and materials used to build the mount need to be top-notch. 

After all, it’s a product that is being used to hold up your expensive television. 

You don’t want a subpar product for that job. You want the very best. 

Hence, ensure that the mount you intend to get has high-quality construction by looking up reviews of it online. 

If you intend to buy it in person, then be sure to inspect it thoroughly before making the purchase. 

Final Verdict

This brings us to the end of our post of Kanto vs Sanus TV mounts. 

In the end, we have to crown the Kanto PT400 as the winner. 

This is because it supports a wider range of TV sizes, a wider range of VESA measurements and it’s also relatively cheaper. 

Which mount do you think is better? Which one do you use? Let us know in the comments below. 


  • 1- What Are The Key Differences Between Kanto And Sanus Tv Mounts?

    The key differences between Kanto and Sanus TV mounts include design, features, and price. Kanto tends to offer more modern, sleek designs with unique features like adjustable arms, while Sanus focuses on more traditional designs with tilting and swiveling options. In terms of price, Kanto mounts are generally more affordable, while Sanus offers more premium, high-end options.

  • 2- Which Brand Offers The Best Value For Money In Tv Mounts, Kanto Or Sanus?

    Determining the best value for money between Kanto and Sanus TV mounts will depend on individual needs and budget. Kanto offers more budget-friendly options with modern designs and unique features, while Sanus offers more premium, high-end options with traditional designs and advanced features like motorization. Ultimately, the best value for money will depend on what features are most important to the buyer and how much they are willing to spend.

  • 3- How Do I Choose The Right Tv Mount For My Needs, And What Factors Should I Consider When Comparing Kanto And Sanus Products?

    When choosing a TV mount, consider factors such as TV size, weight, wall space, viewing angle, and budget. When comparing Kanto and Sanus products, consider design, features, and price to determine which brand best meets your needs.


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