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how to mount sony bravia tv on wall bracket

How to Mount Sony Bravia TV on Wall Bracket – Easy Guide

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If you are here then you already know that Sony is one of the leading electronic devices brands with top-notch quality.

However, if you have chosen a Sony Bravia TV and are now confused about the installation process, this guide will help you with easy-to-follow steps that will help you mount it yourself. 

Read this guide thoroughly to avoid any mistakes. We have added all the tips, instructions, and FAQs to make it easy for you. 

Quick summary

This guide will provide you with detailed information about Sony Bravia TV.

  • How you can easily mount your Sony Bravia TV on a wall bracket. 
  • Step-by-step process.
  • A detailed FAQ section

How to Successfully Mount Your Sony Bravia TV to a Wall Bracket - Step-by-step Installation Guide

Sony Bravia TVs come with a detailed instruction manual on how to use and mount them. They recommend that you mount your Sony Bravia TV with professional help. 

However, we understand that it is not always possible due to multiple reasons, so we have compiled this easy step-by-step guide for your convenience. 

Things You Need to Know Before You Mount Your Sony Bravia TV to a Wall Bracket

sony bravia

These are some basic and important things that need to consider before you install your Sony Bravia TV to the wall mount of your choice. 

These include:

  • Choose the wall bracket according to the size and dimensions of your Sony Bravia TV.
  • Do not exceed the weight limit mentioned on the weight capacity of the TV mount. 
  • Keep in mind that the Sony Bravia TV comes with Table-Top Stand built in that is used as a part of the wall bracket.

Tools You Need Before You Mount Your Sony Bravia TV to a Wall Bracket


These are some tools that are required to mount your Sony Bravia TV, you can refer to this list to make sure you have everything you need. 

  • Tape measure: It is necessary to have a measuring tape for accuracy. 
  • Hammer: For some walls, anchors are used, so a hammer might help you.
  • Wooden Drill Bits: They are needed to drive the mounting screws into them later in the installation process
  • Pencil: It helps you mark the places for the installation of wall studs.
  • Screws: They help tighten and secure all the parts together. 
  • Drill: A drill is handier than any other tool for making perfect pilot holes.

Supplied Tools:

  • Paper Template: It helps to have accurate measurements and installation of the TV.
  • TV Stand: Comes with the TV and is used as a part of the TV wall bracket.  
  • Stand Protector: As the name suggests, it is a cover for the stand.
  • Spacers: Helps in secure drill bit holes for installation.
  • Wall Mount Base: The remaining part fits in the compatible TV mount.
  • Bracket Cap Plate: Protects from fallen dust and debris. 
  • Some Screws: Compatible screws for the Sony Bravia TV of your choice. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Mount Your Sony Bravia TV to a Wall Bracket

This section is where the actual and important process of the installation starts

After you make sure you have everything you need, start with step 1.

Step 1: Use the Paper Template 

Every Sony Bravia TV comes with a paper template that makes it easy for you to measure and drill holes for installation. 

You are saved from checking the VESA measurements. Put the paper template on where you want the TV to be mounted. 

Tip: Make sure the paper template is leveled by using the measuring tape. 

Step 2: Drill the Holes 


Make sure you use the paper template of the same model. Drill 8 holes in the wall according to your Sony Bravia TV’s paper template. 

Step 3: Attach the Wall Mount Base 

wall mount base

These paper templates vary for different TV models. 

Use screws to attach the wall mount base to the wall, make sure you use the compatible screws. It is very essential to have the right size screws

Tip: Choose compatible screws for your Sony Bravia TV model from your local retailer for safe and secure installation. Some screws are supplied but you need to purchase additional screws. 

Step 4: Attach the TV Stand

Attach the TV stand to the rear of your TV using all the supplied parts. Make sure it is properly tightened and secure to the wall. 

Step 5: Secure Your Sony Bravia TV 

After installation of your TV and TV mount. Secure your TV with the bracket cap plates. 

Step 6: Make the Final Adjustments 


Make the final tilt and angle adjustments for comfortable viewing, this is the final step of this guide. 

After you have completed all the steps mentioned below then you are done. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have also added this detailed FAQs section to clarify any further confusion you might have. 

Can my Sony TV be wall mounted?

Yes, you can mount your Sony TV on the wall. You can use the provided TV stand as a part of the wall bracket that can be mounted very easily if you follow the instructions carefully. 

Do Sony Bravia TVs have VESA mounting holes?

Yes, all the Sony Bravia TVs are fully VESA compatible. They provide paper templates that are made according to the VESA measurements that ease the installation process if you are doing it on your own. 

What are the compatible screws for my Sony Bravia TV?

Usually, Sony provides its customers with a set of 4 screws that have M5 x 16mm base stand screws. 

However, you do require additional screws for the installation of your TV to a wall bracket. For this, you might want to visit a hardware store as they have the right sizes for your TV model. 

To Conclude…

We understand that the installation process of your Sony Bravia TV might intimidate you. 

However, it is not as difficult as you think if you follow the instructions provided in this guide.

Use this guide to successfully mount your Sony Bravia TV to a wall bracket as we added all the necessary steps and instructions. 

We hope this article helped you. For further queries, feel free to contact us. 


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