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how do you remove a tv from a wall mount

How do You Remove a TV From a Wall Mount – In-Depth Overview

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There can be several reasons why you want to remove a television from its wall mount. 

You might have purchased a bigger television or you simply want to change the location of your current television. 

We understand that removing your TV yourself may sound complicated. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Stick around and learn the simplest way of how to remove a television from its wall mount while no damages are done to it.  

Quick Summary

The following information will be discussed in the article: 

  • How to remove your TV from a wall mount?
  • Types of TV Mounts 
  • How to decide on a TV wall mount for a flat-screen TV? 

How Do I Remove My TV from the Wall Mount?

Make sure to have the following ready before you dismount your television: 

  • The manual of your television mount wall 
  • A friend or partner to help you 
  • Screwdriver 
  • A soft surface such as a towel or blanket to place the television once it is removed 

The following are the steps required to remove a television from a wall mount: 

Unplug the Cables

unplug cables

The first step when you remove the television from its wall mount is to unplug and unscrew everything connected to the television. 

If you have any video players or gaming consoles attached to the television, make sure to disconnect their cables too. 

In addition to this, unplug all the power cables carefully as well. 

Tilt the Wall Mount and Lift

Wall Mount

Image Credit: Reddit

Depending on the weight of the television it is preferred to have a friend or partner with you before you do this step. 

Gently hold to the bottom part of the television and tilt it towards yourself while the top part of the television is against the wall. 

If you are unable to lift the television then do not force it as the wall mount might have safety locks. Before you dismount the television, unlock the TV safety mechanism that comes with it. 

How to unlock the safety lock? 

Almost every wall-mounted television usually has a bar, screw, or pull-string lock. The wall mount manual comes in handy here as it tells you about the lock your wall mount has. 

A screw lock is mostly present at the bottom and is easily unlocked by a screwdriver. A bar lock is unlocked by sliding the bar horizontally along the back of the television. 

Lastly, a pull-string mechanism has strings on either side of the television and can be unlocked by pulling these strings. 

Remove the TV Safely from the Wall Mount

Once you have taken care of the safety mechanism, you can slowly lift the television from the wall mount. The best way to do this is to hold the television from one end while your friend holds it from the other end as it’s a two-person job. 

Gently lift the TV upwards until it completely comes off of the wall mount. This works with almost every wall mount. Lastly, place the television on a soft cloth or towel to avoid any damage. 

Remove the Mount Bracket from the Back of Your Television

brackets from tv

Image Credit: Reddit

For the last step, unscrew the mount bracket from the back of your television with the help of a proper screwdriver. 

This will ensure that the back of your television will not scuff against a surface. 

Types of Wall Mount

types of mount

There are different types of wall mounts available in the market. The following is the list: 

Fixed Wall Mount 

This is the cheapest type of wall mount bracket compared to the others. It is also known as a low-profile mount

Remember that once you have installed a television on a fixed wall mount, you will not be able to make any adjustments to it. You must remove it fully to change its position. 

Tilting TV Mounts

The tilting wall mount is a little expensive compared to the fixed wall mount. This type of mount is also very simple to install. 

The difference with a tilting mount is that it is not fixed on the wall and you can make minor adjustments such as moving your television up or down. 

The tilting nature of this wall mount is present due to a pivot in the middle of the bracket. This ensures that you get a good viewing angle for your TV set. 

Full Motion Wall Mounts

The full motion wall mount is the most expensive type of wall mount. The mount requires extra effort to install. You might even require professional help to install it. Furthermore, you can move it in any direction or angle. 

The moving nature of this wall mount is due to a moving arm that is attached to the wall. This type of wall mount is preferred if your room has multiple viewing spots. 

How to Decide a TV Wall Mount?

buy wall mount

Image Credit: Reddit

There are multiple wall mount options in the market for a wall-mounted TV. So it is often difficult to decide the right one for your television. The following should be considered: 

Consider the Specifications of Your TV

The specifications of your wall-mounted television screen are very important when you choose the right type of new wall mount. It is important to consider the wall’s weight capacity as the type of wall makes a difference as well.

Size and Weight

size and weight

The size of your television will help you determine the right wall mount. You should properly check the weight and size of the wall mount and your TV face. 

A lightweight wall mount for a bigger television might have a risk of the television falling and getting damaged. 

The Amount of Motion You Need

We have already discussed how each type of wall mount has a different movement. You must decide first if you want your television to be flat on a wall or you want it to be moveable. 

If you want it to be moveable due to multiple viewing spots then choose a moveable mount. On the other hand, if you want a flat-screen TV mounted then choose a fixed wall mount. 

How Do You Remove A TV From A Wall Mount - Conclusion

We hope that you have learned how to remove a television from a wall mount.

Be sure to follow the instructions provided carefully so that you do inadvertently damage your TV or your mount

For any further information, feel free to reach out to us.


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