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how to mount tv on stone fireplace

How to Mount TV on Stone Fireplace – Installation Guide

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A stone fireplace is the focal point of a house and is very trendy nowadays. This might be the reason you want to mount your TV on it. 

However, such a position might be tricky to mount your TV on your own. This guide will help make the installation process easier for you. 

Read this guide carefully to avoid any damage to your TV and your stone fireplace. We have added all the necessary tips, instructions, and FAQs for your assistance. 

Quick Summary

This guide will help you mount your TV on your stone fireplace and will give you all the tips to avoid any damage. 

How to Successfully Mount Your TV on Stone Fireplace - Complete Installation Guide

Before we start, you should know that mounting your TV on a stone fireplace can be harmful to your TV. To avoid any damage check if you have a plasma TV or not. Plasma TVs have a certain heat capacity that needs to be considered. 

However, you can solve this issue by checking the heat with a thermostat beforehand. 

Things You Will Need to Mount Your TV on Stone Fireplace


These things are necessary to make your installation process go as smoothly as possible. 

  • A good TV mount: This is the main component of your process, choose a compatible TV mount with your wall and TV.
  • Measuring tape: It will help measure the height and dimensions. 
  • Electric drill: It can make the process easier as manual drills can damage your stone fireplace
  • Masonry drill bit: It is compatible with the stone and will help create precise holes.
  • Cement anchor kit: They will provide support to your TV and are used on concrete wall types.
  • Hammer: It will help hammer in all the nuts etc.
  • Screws: They will help attach the wall plate with the wall and the TV. 
  • Screwdriver: It will help tighten all the bolts and screws. 
  • Socket wrench: Adjustable socket wrench is preferred as they are compatible with every hardware. 
  • Masonry epoxy: It is an adhesive paste that will help fill any cracks or replace any concrete bits on the wall

Step-by-step Guide on How to Mount Your TV on Stone Fireplace

Make sure you have all the tools and hardware ready before you start the installation process. Place your TV on a soft surface and start with the following steps:

Step 1: Measure the Dimensions 

As you have already decided on the location, make sure you measure the dimensions correctly. Moreover, mark the center of your fireplace for your TV.

Moreover, you can also use the standardized VESA measurements to make the installation process easier for you. 

Step 2: Mark the Pilot Holes

mark holes

Hold the TV bracket where you have marked the location. Use a pencil to mark the pilot holes for the concrete anchors

Moreover, make sure that you DO NOT use studs as they are for stud walls or drywall. 

Step 3: Drill the Pilot Holes

drill holes

Use a masonry drill bit and start drilling. Make sure the drill bit you are using is compatible with the anchor’s size for secure installation of the TV. 

Moreover, DO NOT use a wooden drill bit as it would not be compatible with concrete walls. 

Tip: Always use eye protection glasses when drilling concrete or brick walls. The concrete debris can splinter or severely damage your eyes. 

Step 4: Insert the Anchors

Use a hammer to insert the anchors in the pilot holes. Secure the vertical studs and anchors with masonry epoxy. You have to be patient with this step, let the epoxy dry fully to create strong support for your TV. 

Moreover, many skip the masonry epoxy but we have tested that it holds the TV weight for a long time effectively. 

Step 5: Install the TV Mount 

The hardware kit includes many variations of screws. Use appropriate screw size for the TV mount. Hang the TV bracket properly by tightening the screws with an adjustable socket wrench. 

Step 6: Ask for Help

Ask a friend or two to lift the TV with you as it can be quite heavy. This is to make sure the TV does not get damaged. 

Step 7: Attach Your TV to the TV Mount

In the final step, attach the TV to the TV mount. Tighten the bolts to secure them with the TV’s metal frame. 

Moreover, adjust the TV angle as you desire and you are done.

11 Things To Consider Before Mounting A TV Above A Fireplace

mounting above fireplace

When it comes to a wall-mounted TV above a fireplace, there are quite a few people that will tell you that it is a bad idea. 

However, if you put in the proper research and consider everything that might affect the installation, a TV above the fireplace mantel might just be what you need to bring the entire aesthetic of your living room together.

To make the process easier for you, we have made a list of all the things that you would need to consider before you start installing wall mounts on top of your fireplaces. So without further ado, let us get right into it.

Understand The Construction

The first thing you need to consider when mounting a TV over a fireplace is the construction of the fireplace. How is the whole thing held together? 

It is highly likely that the designers have used mortar for that purpose.

However, the installation of a fireplace is unique to every individual one and there is no one-trick pony for you to ride and get a TV installed. This is why, the first order of business, when thinking of where to mount a TV, is to consider the construction of your fireplace, and come up with the optimal TV height for you to install it

This height should be high enough to not come in the way of the fireplace components, however, not so high as to cause neck pain.

Use The Right Size Of TV

Another thing that would cause problems if left unchecked is the size of the TV. Especially if your fireplace is held together with the help of mortar, you would need a TV that is just the right size and won’t stress the joints of the fireplace.

No one would want one mounting project to cause damages to an already existing fireplace. 

You would also want to consider a size that is not bigger than the size of the fireplace as it would just stick out like a sour thumb and ruin the visual appeal.

Be Cautious About The Risks Of Drilling

When it comes to a brick structure, the first thought that would pop in your head is to use larger anchors that would hold the weight of your TV. 

However, if you are unaware of the inner structure of the fireplace, we suggest that you do not do that. Because for a larger anchor to be installed, you would need to drill in deeper. 

Without proper information, you could end up with quite severely damage done to the structure or vital components that could lead you to incur much higher costs than just mounting a TV.

One such instance could be when you drill in too deep, you end up damaging the chimneys smoke chamber or ceramic tiles laid inside. This will not only cause you financial damages but could also lead to health hazards.

Additionally, make sure to use eye protection when drilling in a brick or stone wall space as all the concrete dust can cause large damages to your eyes.

Use A Tilting TV Wall Mount

Another important aspect of mounting a TV on top of your fireplace is to choose the right type of mount. 

There are quite a few wall mounts available on the market and you have the luxury to pick from static wall bracket mount, tilting tv wall mount, or even a full-motion mount.

However, the mount you opt for should depend upon the construction of the fireplace along with the size of your TV. you cannot put on too much stress upon the bricks of the fireplace if the anchors used aren’t too deep. 

This would lead you to use a standard static mount that has the weight of the TV equally distributed, whereas, using a full-motion mount will put all the weight in a single concentrated point.

Be Familiar With the Fireplace

The next thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the exterior of your fireplace, and what kind of fireplace it is, for example, is it a wood-burning fireplace? 

This will allow you to get the power source for your flat-screen TV in a much more manageable fashion.

One of the biggest concerns when fireplace mounting a flat-screen television is the heat. Using an electric and wire chase to get the power from an existing wall socket can be a huge fire hazard if you are unaware of how hot the exterior of your fireplace can get.

After carefully assessing the exterior, you will be able to make the decision of using, either a wall power kit, an extension wire, or would you need to install electric wall plates.

Use Appropriate Height

As we have said earlier, one of the biggest concerns for mounting a TV on top of a fireplace is the heat. Especially when you have drilled into it.

The heat will escape from the bolt holes and can cause damages to your TV and TV screen. This is why a properly mounted TV takes into consideration the height of the TV and how high the heat intensity gets at the place where you are trying to mount your TV. 

You can use an infrared thermometer for this purpose.

You would also need to consider the uneven stone that might cause difficulties in mounting the TV and would have to find the optimal height that would protect your TV and provide you with a comfortable viewing experience.

Find Out If The Fireplace Can Have A Flat Screen TV Mounted

One thing that you need to consider when mounting a TV above a fireplace is that the chimney of your fireplace can even hold a TV.

For this purpose, you would first need to understand what mortar is. 

A lot of people consider mortar to be construction adhesive, however, it is a bonding space filler that keeps things together and gets stronger with heat.

This is why it is used in constructing fireplaces. However, there are quite a few construction jobs, that do not make use of excessive mortar, and are much more fragile as compared to other ones.

This is why it is important to find out with the help of a professional assessment if your fireplace is even able to have a TV mounted.

Viewing Distance And Angle

When you attach a TV mount to a brick fireplace, your main purpose would be watching TV while you relax. 

This is why it is important to give enough attention to the viewing distance and angle so that you do not suffer from any neck strain or eye strain while trying to enjoy your shows.

For this purpose, if the structure of your fireplace allows it, you can use a mounting product with mounting arms that would allow you to adjust the angle to your personal preferences. 

However, make sure to pick out the appropriate mounting arm that is able to take on the TV’s weight.

How Are You Going To Power Your TV?

The next order of business is to power your TV mounting project. If you have an electric fireplace, this would be easy as the power plug can go to the same outlet as your fireplace.

However, if not, you would need to figure out where the power cord of your TV is going to go. Are you going to be using an extension cord, or will you be making use of extension wiring? 

These are the questions that are necessary for you to answer because cable management is an important part of mounting a TV over a fireplace.

Especially when the cable in question can quite easily get damaged from the heat of the fireplace, such as the HDMI cables, power cables, and more.

The Risk With Motion Mounts

Full motion mounts are a joy to have in your room. However, when it comes to a fireplace with stone veneers, they pose an exponential threat.

In the case of a stone fireplace, the veneer is kept in place by making use of a thin layer of mortar. Now, this layer is strong enough to hold onto the veneer and fills in any hollow space that may be present. 

However, putting on a device that is heavy and have a thin layer of mortar holding it up is a tall order. Especially in the case of full-motion mounts because the weight is concentrated at a single point. 

You can make use of a vertical stud, trim rings, and lag bolts to have the mount in place but the problem lies with the veneer itself coming off.

The Technicalities

Finally, make sure that you have taken care of all the technicalities involved in the procedure. From checking upon the mortar and wire mesh to making sure the wood header isn’t affected, from the TV mounts arms to the TV mount box and cable management, all of these things need to be properly accounted for.

Installing an electronic device near a heat source is a tall order. But if you have taken up the challenge, make sure to consider all these factors and you should be able to have the perfectly mounted TV above the fireplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled this in-depth FAQs section to further help you out with any confusion you might have. 

Is it necessary to check the temperature limit before mounting the TV to your fireplace?

Yes, we recommend checking the temperature as the plasma TVs can be damaged. Their heat resistance capacity is 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, this is not necessary for other TVs, you can skip this step if you do not have a plasma TV. 

Will mounting my TV damage my stone fireplace?

It is necessary to drill the pilot holes for the anchors as they provide support to your TV. If done properly there is minimum damage that can be avoided by following this guide. 

However, if you are still unsure then you can hire an expert to mount your TV on your stone fireplace. 

Can I install my TV on my stone fireplace?

Yes, you can do it on your own. However, this can be a little difficult. We suggest that you take help from a proper guide or ask your friend to help. 

Is there any weight limit on the TV mount? 

Yes, every TV mount has a specific weight and size capacity. You have to make sure that your TV is compatible with your TV mount for perfect installation.

How to Mount TV on Stone Fireplace - Conclusion

We understand that mounting your TV on your stone fireplace might sound very tricky. 

However, with the help of this guide we have compiled for you, you can do it on your own very easily. We have attached all the tips and instructions that are necessary to know. 

We hope this article helped you. If there is any confusion left, feel free to contact us.  


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