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how to mount tv on stone wall

How to Mount TV on Stone Wall – In-Depth Installation Guide with FAQs

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Stone walls are made up of adhesive stones held together, which makes the whole structure very strong. 

This is why they can support most of the LED TVs.  If you want to mount your TV on a stone wall, you should know that the process is very similar to mounting your TV to a brick wall. 

The following is an in-depth guide on how to mount a TV on a stone wall.

Quick summary

The following information will be discussed in the article: 

  • How to mount a TV on a stone wall? 
  • Things to keep in mind before you mount your TV
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How to Mount TV on a Stone Wall?

Mounting a TV on a stone wall is something that you can do by yourself. You just need a set of tools and equipment to easily mount your flat-screen TVs on the stone wall. 


The following is the list of tools required: 

  • 1×4 inch screws
  • Wall power kit for TV
  • Polymer modified thin-set
  • A TV mount with good clearance
  • Zip ties

Step by Step Guide on How to Mount a TV on a Stone Wall


Step 1

Before you start mounting your TV on the wall, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. This includes the location of the cable and electrical outlets. You need to see if these things need to be installed or moved from the location of your TV mount box. 

Step 2

Usually when you start the process, you have to cover the existing drywall with a cement board. In case you are already at the open wall studs, you can directly attach the cement board to the studs.

Step 3

Then select an ideal wall mount for your TV. You can find them online or in mortar electronic stores. Make sure that the wall bracket you choose perfectly fits your TV. 

In addition to this, you must also check the clearance on your mount against the wall that will have stone onto it very soon. Ideally, you should leave at least 2 inches of stone clearance. After this, you should still have clearance to mount the TV without any problems. 

Step 4

It is advisable to read the instructions manual very carefully and then install the wall mount directly into the cement board. Make sure that the screws you are using are of sufficient length to reach the studs. 

It is preferred to attach TV mount screws that are 1×4 into the wall, ensuring they are stably anchored into the studs. This will give you more flexibility to work with and exactly place your mount where you want it to be. 

Step 5

Protect the wall mount by covering it with a plastic sheet and some tape. Then install the sacked stone using polymer modified thin-set. Carefully make the required cuts around the TV wall bracket. 

It is recommended to keep some extra stones with you in your closet. This will help you when you decide to remove your TV mount. You can remove the mount and fill the gap using this extra stone. 

Step 6 

Once you have completely installed the sacked stone, you can install the TV side of the mount bracket on the TV. It is recommended that you take the help of extra hands to hang the TV on the wall and manage the cords. 

Then secure the TV by tightening all the screws properly. Most of the modern TV units make a distinctive click sound once the TV is secured. 

Step 7

Lastly, you just have to clean up and manage the excess wires. Zip ties are considered to be a great way of managing the excess length of TV cords and wires. Make sure that you properly tuck these wires neatly behind the TV. 

Congratulations, your flat-screen TV is successfully mounted on the stone wall. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before you Mount your TV

stone wall

The process of mounting a TV will be much easier and smoother once you understand these factors.

Is there a Spot for the Components?

Most people have many devices hooked up to their television sets. This includes gaming consoles, DVD players, speakers, etc. They need to be near the TV so their cords can easily reach the TV output ports. 

To solve this problem you can install either a floating shelf or put a simple bookshelf under the TV. For the wires to go through, simply drill a hole at the back of these shelves. 

Cord Concealing Plan

hide cords

The aesthetic look of a TV can be easily ruined by the mess of cables and wires stretching down. Even if there is a single device, you still have to find a solution to the one ugly wire trailing down to the existing wall socket. 

What are the possible solutions to this problem?

There are multiple solutions that you can do to solve this problem. You can call a professional to hide the wires inside the wall. You can get the electric and wire chase installed right behind the TV to remove any cables from the sight. 

You can also purchase a cord-hider or a cord cover to camouflage the cables. Lastly, you can also use zip ties for neatness around your flat-screen TV. 

Can the wall handle the weight of the TV?

This is the most important factor to consider when planning to mount your flat-screen TV. Even the smallest modern TVs are quite heavy and the wall might not handle their weight. The location you decide must have a wall stud to anchor the screws. 

You can use a stud finder to detect the studs in the wall. You should never use drywall anchors to hang the TV. If you do, the anchors will get pulled through the drywall and the TV would fall on the floor.

Have All the Tools Ready Before You Get Started

You need to ensure that you have all the required tools ready when you start the process. This includes a stud finder, drill, a drill bit that is of the same size as the screws, and a screwdriver. 

If you do have these tools or you do not want to invest in them, you can rent them from a home improvement store. 

Are the Ports Accessible?

You need to check the ports on your television to see if they are easily accessible. If these ports are on the back of the television then you have to purchase a TV mount that can extend outwards, giving you more access to the back of it. 

This is also very important if you often add new devices to your television

The Angle of the TV

The angle of your flat-screen TV is something that you must consider too when mounting. If you prefer angling your TV according to different sitting positions, then it is recommended that you buy full-motion wall mounts. 

This will also be useful if during the daytime the sunlight comes into the room. You can angle your TV to a different position to reduce the glare on the screen. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you Wall Mount a TV on a Stone Wall?

Yes, it is indeed possible to TV wall mount over a stone wall or stone fireplace. You just need to ensure that the TV is placed and secured properly. You should use a stud finder to detect the studs in the wall so they can handle the weight of the flat-screen TV.

How do you Anchor into Stone?

You can use a hammer drill to drill the pilot hole in the stone. You should make sure that the pilot hole or the screw is not on the edge of the stone as it can damage it. The depth of the pilot hole should be around 0.25 inches more than the length of the masonry screw. 

There should be one pilot hole per one masonry screw. 

Do you Drill into Stones or Mortar? 

If the stone shows signs of old age through flaws, then it is advisable to drill into the mortar. It is also often difficult to match the color of the stone when filling holes. Mortar and wire mesh is more preferred as it is soft and easier to drill, plus it can also be repaired easily. 

Can you Drill Holes into Stone? 

It is difficult to drill holes into stone, but it is still doable. Hammer drills are the best way to do this. A hammer drill is well suited and designed to drill holes into masonry and stone as it can withstand high temperatures. 

What are Masonry Anchors? 

Masonry anchors are anchors that are used to attach an item to the masonry. These anchors are used in all kinds of masonry including concrete and brick. Expansion anchors such as the wedge anchor and sleeve anchor are also included. 

Wrapping Things Up

You have now learned the most trouble-free way of how to mount a TV on a stone wall. 

In addition to this, we have also explained the factors to consider during TV mounting and a FAQ section. This will further help you in your installation process and prepare you for the challenges that you might encounter. 

We hope the information we provided was useful. 

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 


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