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what size screws for tcl tv wall mount

What Size Screws for TCL TV Wall Mount – In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

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TCL is the producer of low-cost, good-quality flat-screen TVs. Their TVs have plenty of features and the build quality is on par with more expensive brands. They are a great addition to your living room.

You can choose to wall mount them. However, you need to be aware of the correct size of screws so you can safely mount the TV. 

To help, we have prepared this simple guide.

Quick summary

By the end of this article, we would have gone through:

  • What screw sizes do you need to choose when you wall mount your TCL TV?
  • How can you find wall studs to mount your TV?

Let’s take a look at it. 

What Screw Sizes Should I Use to Wall Mount My Tcl TV?


As discussed above, TCL manufactures good quality TVs that have quality. The build is on par with other, more expensive brands. The company is also a new entrant into the TV market. 

You can use the TCL TV around your home in different ways. You can choose to either place the flat screen on a stand or wall-mount it. There are also other appliances you can install with your TV

These give your TV an elegant and lively aesthetic as well as help you have the optimum viewing experience. However, before you install the wall mount, you need to be aware of the correct screw sizes. 

These will help you tightly secure the wall mount to the TV. You also don’t want to damage the TV as it can fall off and the electronics can be damaged. You also run the risk of tightening the screws being fixed too in the TV. 

To determine the correct size of screws required for your TCL TV, you need to know about the:

VESA Specifications

The Video Electronics Standards Association has put specifications in place. The purpose of these is to standardize the TV market. The VESA specifications also help the customer determine if the TV is compatible with their wall mount.

Your TV’s VESA specifications will depend on the model of your flat screen. TCL’s website mentions the screws needed for different models. You might notice that VESA standards depend on the size and weight of your TV.

This is due to the different strengths of each screw size. Generally, for small TCL TVs, M4 screws are sufficient. If your TV is bigger than 40 inches, then the manufacturer recommends M8 screws.

However, for most models, the recommended screw sizes are M6 screws.  

Methods to Find Wall Studs to Mount TV

the right tools. There are plenty of surfaces on which you can mount your TV. Newer homes come with drywalls

It is important to locate the studs of the drywall. Studs are frames of wood that form the structure of your drywall. If you drill into the wall, it can crumble. Also, drywall doesn’t have the strength to hold the wall mount. 

That’s why it is important to drill your wall mount into the wall studs. They provide strength to the mount. You can also use wall anchors for added insurance. 

There are different methods you can use to locate the wall studs. Let’s take a look at them:

House plan

house plan

The simplest method is to use the house plan. You don’t need any tools for this method and it is also easy to follow. You only need to be familiar with technical drawings. It summarizes all the data related to the construction of the house.

You need to take the drawing and then measure the wall according to the charts. Then, mark the location of the studs with a pencil.

Stud finder

It is a useful tool you can use to locate the studs. There are two types of studs that are available in the market. These are: 

Magnetic stud finder

It works on the principle of magnetism. The tool basically finds the nails that attach the wooden studs together. It operates on the assumption that studs are fixed with metal nails. 

Magnetic stud finders are less costly but are also less reliable. They can also not be used when the studs are fixed with other materials such as an adhesive. There is also a chance that the stud finder may locate pipes hidden behind walls. 

Electronic stud finder

An electronic stud finder is more reliable than a magnetic stud finder. It locates the studs based on the distance between them. You have to calibrate it first and then place it on the wall. 

They are easier to use, however, they also have a limitation. You cannot use them reliably if the studs have a width of more than 1.5 inches. 

Using Sound

This is an unconventional method. You have to use a rubber mallet or your hands to knock at the wall. You want to search for a distinct thud made by studs. The piece of wall which has the stud has a solid sound.

To make this method more reliable, we recommend that you start from the corner of the wall. The average distance between the studs is 16 inches. 

Other methods

power socket

There are also other ways you can locate the wall studs. These combine the above-mentioned methods. 

Power Socket

The plug is usually located on the wall studs. You need to open up the socket. Then, you can use the sound method. 

Remember, the average distance between wall studs is 16 inches. However, be sure that you follow all safety precautions. Electricity is dangerous to handle and can lead to injury.


Here, you look for any fasteners which attach the studs to the drywall. Start from the top or bottom of the wall. Then, search for any screws or fasteners. These are usually coated over with paint or filler. Hence, you need sharp eyesight for this method. 

Wrapping things up

TCL produces good quality TVs which have superior quality and are affordable. You can place them on the stand or on walls. 

However, you need to be aware of the size of screws needed to mount them.

You can find the perfect screws for your TV if you go through our complete guide. With this, we reach the end of our article on “What size screws for TCL wall mount?”.

Comment below and let us know what you think.


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