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pipishell tv mount reviews

Pipishell TV Mount Reviews – Full Overview, Tips, FAQs & More

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There are plenty of options when it comes to TV placement. You can mount your TV on an entertainment center or a TV stand. 

However, it can be dangerous for children and prone to accidents. That’s why you need a sturdy wall mount to hang your flatscreen TV. Pipishell is a good option for TV mounts.

Here, we will thoroughly discuss the benefits, pros, and cons, and the factors you need to consider. We will also discuss some alternatives you can get other than Pipishell.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

This is a wall mount we have tested quite a bit. We know its ins and outs and are fully aware of the features. 

We chose this to be the best product because of its universal design. The Pipishell wall mount is designed to work with different VESA patterns and can hold TVs from multiple brands. 

The mount can work on TVs of the following brands:

  • Samsung 
  • Vizio Sony
  • LG
  • Panasonic 
  • Toshiba 
  • Phillips 

The mount also has tilt functionality as well as a low profile. These work as excellent space-saving features and help reduce light glare on the screen. These features make it an excellent choice as a low-profile wall mount. 

The Pipishell wall mounts also have a sturdy build as safety is the number one priority. The mount has an open design to support electrical sockets. You can mount it with normal m4 screws used to mount heavy frames. 

Pipishell also includes an instruction manual with the wall mount as well as the associated mounting hardware.  

The mount can be used on multiple surfaces and also has a wider frame to work on wall studs.

Features and Benefits


When it comes to the design of Pipishell wall mounts, they have been made with compatibility in mind. That’s why Pipishell wall mounts can hold many TVs of different sizes as well as weights. 

Does the mount work with different VESA patterns? 

Pipishell wall mount has multiple VESA patterns on it. The wall mount fits a maximum VESA size of 400 x 400 and a minimum of 100 x 100. You can comfortably mount TVs between the sizes of 26 inches and 55 inches. 

This allows you to mount flat-screen TVs of the following brands:    

  • Samsung 
  • Vizio
  • Phillip’s 
  • LG
  • Sony 
  • Toshiba 

The Pipishell wall mount also has a high-quality, alloy steel design. This gives your wall mount a solid hold on the wall. We also noted the open rectangular design of the mount. You can install your mount overpower sockets. 

The open design works in your favor as you can easily save space without the worry of clutter. You can basically wall mount your TV directly over the power socket without the need for long wires. This saves money and also gives you space to work around the wall mount. 

What are the security features of this mount?

Pipishell has also installed pull straps on the mount. You can use these straps to lock the mount in place. Furthermore, the panel edges don’t allow your TV to fall off the edge. These enhance the security factor.

If you want to lock the angle of your TV or secure your TV on the wall mount, you only need to use these straps. They optimize your experience and also make the handling of TV a lot easier. 

Wall mount setup

The mount can be set up easily and quickly. It includes an easy-to-follow manual as well as the required mounting hardware. This makes the installation hassle-free. 

You might experience some cable blockage with some TV designs, so be sure that your TV is compatible with the mount.

The mount comes with a bubble level and its open design is perfect for easy adjustments. The mount works with concrete and drywall. You can also install the mount on 8 inches to 16-inch wall studs. 

The open design also aids you in installation. It makes the wall mount easier to lift and gives you flexibility. You don’t have to worry about power sockets being blocked or the need for cable management. 

You can also use different types of screws according to need. However, make sure that you don’t bolt the screws in your TV too tightly. It can seriously damage your TV’s electronics. 

Usually, m4 or m6 bolts are used to wall mount your TV. If you have a bigger TV, you can use m8 screws. These are recommended according to different VESA specifications. M4 screws work for smaller sized TVs, m6 for medium sized, and m8 for larger sized TVs.


This mount is a tilt mount. This means that you can adjust the vertical tilt of the mount. The main advantage of this tilt is that you can adjust the center of the mount according to your preference. 

What can I do with the tilt?

The mount lets you tilt your mount by 8 degrees. You can use this to reduce or eliminate the glare on the TV screen. Viewing angles are also improved with this function. You can use this feature to your full advantage and optimize your viewing experience

Cable management options are also present. The open design of the mount gives you plenty of room for internal wiring. The inherent design allows you to place your wall mount overpower sockets.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Mounting Dream UL Listed TV Mount

Vesa Patterns 

This Pipishell mount can hold all VESA patterns from 100 x 100 to 400 x 400 mm. This allows the wall mount to hold all TVs between the size range of 23 inches to 55 inches.


The mount has an open, rectangular design. This will let you install your mount overpower sockets. The design also allows you to place your mount over 8-inch and 16-inch studs. 


In my experience, Pipishell wall mount has an 8-degree tilt functionality. You can adjust the center of the screen with this as well as reduce any screen glare.


The installation process isn’t too long. The mount ships a bubble level and a manual. This makes the installation a fairly short and hassle-free job. 


The mount is made of alloy steel. The pull straps lock your TV and release it conveniently. It also has edges that don’t let your TV fall off the mount.


  • Is a tilt mount 
  • Universal mount 
  • Saves space
  • Anti-glare functionality 
  • Open rectangular design
  • Easy to install


  • Provided hardware can be insufficient

Social Proof

To verify the capabilities of the mount, we dived deep into the customer reviews. The customers considered it to be the best wall mount because of its easy-to-mount capability, its affordable price, and its tilt functionality.

The customers applauded the easy-to-mount function of the mount. They were impressed with how easy it was and how the TV had a firm grip on the mount. 

Here are some of the reviews we found:

social proof pipishell

Pipishell Wall Mounts Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: Best Tilt Wall Mount - Perlesmith Review

Pipishell TV Mount Reviews – Full Overview, Tips, FAQs & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Tilting TV wall mount | Movement Type: Tilt | VESA patterns: 75x75mm to 400*400mm | Maximum weight limit: 115 lbs | TV size range: 23 to 60 inches | Wall Type: wood studs spacing “16” | Cable Management: yes

4.1/5 Overall

The Build Quality 4.5
Compatibility 4.2
Easy Installing 4.5
Motion Range 3
Value for Price 4.5
User Reviews 4.2
Expert Reviews 4

Perlesmith wall mount can hold up any TV of size as well as specifications. The wall mount has VESA compatibility with different brands of TVs.

In our testing, the wall mount is also has a tilt function which adds to its features. The mount has an extremely low profile which saves space. It also has an easy installation process which saves time. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Perlesmith Psmtk1 


In our personal experience, The mount has a slim design which gives it a low profile. You can also tilt your TV with the mount. The mount can tilt up to 7 degrees. 


The mount can hold up to 115 pounds of weight and has a VESA compatibility from 75 x 75 to 400 x 400 mm

Other Features 

We found that this product has no compromise on safety. It also can be quickly installed on the wall. You can also mount it on drywalls and concrete with the provided mounting hardware.

Eagle Verdict!

“The Perlesmith wall mount is the best tilt wall mount because of its sturdy build, comprehensive mounting kit, and slim design.


  • Tilt functionality 
  • Comprehensive mounting kit 
  • Slim design
  • Saves space
  • Sturdy build 
  • Universal mount


  • Rails don’t align in case of smaller TVs

#2: Best Low Profile TV Wall Mount - Mountup Review

Untitled design - 2023-06-26T002729.092

Key Specs

Type of mount: Tilting Tv wall mount | Movement Type: Tilt | VESA patterns: 75*75mm400*400mm | Maximum weight limit: 99 lbs | TV size range: 26 to 60 inches | Wall Type: wood studs spacing “12, 16” | Cable Management: yes

3.7/5 Overall

The Build Quality 4
Compatibility 3.7
Easy Installing 4
Motion Range 3
Value for Price 4.2
User Reviews 3.5
Expert Reviews 4

The Mountup wall mount has been making rounds on Amazon because of its many features. The Mountup wall mount is compatible with multiple brands of TVs. 

It has a low profile as well as tilt functionality. You can tilt your TV both up and down by 10 degrees. In my experience, the low profile means the mount sits about 2 inches from the wall. 

The mount also has a solid build quality and is made of alloy steel. Its design also allows you to set TVs of different sizes on the mount. This also increases the security aspect of the mount.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Mountup Wall Mount 


The mount has a flexible design. You can mount TVs of different sizes on them. This is due to the different VESA patterns. 

The Mountup wall mount also has anti-slip edges and pull straps. These lock your TV in place and don’t let it fall out of the wall mount.  

The mount also sits very near the wall. This makes it perfect for flush mounting your TV. In our testing, the clearance distance of the mount from the wall is just 1.85 inches.


The mount can hold TVs of different brands. We found that you can mount TVs ranging from 26 inches to 55 inches in size. 

In my opinion, It can hold up to 99 pounds of weight and has VESA specs from 75 x 75 mm to 400 x 400 mm. 

Other features

The mount is made from alloy steel and has a durable construction. It is UL certified and has been strength tested. 

The Mountup wall mount also comes with a 3-year warranty. You can also install it with the added mounting kit and the guide.

Eagle Verdict!

“The Mountup wall mount is the best low profile wall mount because of its safety features, its durable construction and its compatibility with TVs of different brands.”


  • Compatible with different TVs
  • Tilt function 
  • Durable construction 
  • Anti-glare tilt function 
  • Low profile of 1.85”
  • Locking mechanism with pull cables


  • Handles protrude from the bottom

Buyer’s Guide

pipishell tv mounts

There are multiple factors that you will keep in mind when you will purchase your mount. To help you, we have prepared this guide. Let’s take a look at the different factors:

Types of Mounts 

First, we have different types of TV mounts. There are mainly three kinds of mounts. All have specific functions and are perfect for different settings:

Fixed Mount 

Fixed mounts, as the name suggests, fix your TV to the wall. They don’t allow you to move or adjust your TV.

We recommend that you get a fixed wall mount if you have control over factors such as lighting and a permanent seating plan. They are also perfect if you want to blend your TV into the wall. 

Fixed wall mounts are also cheaper and easier to mount than other kinds of wall mounts. 

When should I get this wall mount?

We highly suggest that you purchase fixed wall mounts if you want to flush mount your TV. Fixed wall mounts have a low profile and sit close to the wall. Wire management may be an issue, but you can fix it with internal wiring.

Tilt Mount 

Unlike fixed wall mounts, these mounts offer you some amount of control over angles. You can control the tilt of your TV. This helps the viewer to reduce the amount of glare on their flat-screen TV. 

You can also use the tilt to adjust the center of the screen. This will give you the optimum viewing pleasure. Some tilt mounts also have sideways sliding brackets. These help the viewer adjust the TV and also adjust the wall mount after installment.

Swivel Mounts

Swivel mounts are a step above tilt mounts. They offer a lot more movement than tilt wall mounts. Swivel mounts allow you to swivel a TV sideways. 

They also sometimes have an extendable arm. This arm allows you to bring the TV closer to yourself and also allows you to swivel larger TVs. 

Ceiling mounts

Ceiling mounts, as the name suggests, hang your TV from the ceiling. They hang your TV mid-air, so you don’t necessarily need to attach it to a wall. These mounts look cool and also are more appealing. 

These mounts also have another feature that you don’t generally find in wall mounts. You can rotate your TV by 360 degrees.  

Full-motion Mounts 

Full-motion mounts are on the more expensive side but they have a plethora of qualities. You can adjust the different angles on the TV and have an overall dynamic experience. 

They let you rotate, swivel, and tilt your flat screen. We recommend that you invest in a full-motion mount if you want full control over the TV. 

These types of mounts also have an extendable arm. You can use this arm to bring your TV closer to you. You can also use this arm to push the TV a bit towards the wall. It will help you save space, which works in your favor and keeps the clutter to a minimum.  

Based on your preferences, you can purchase from the above types of wall mounts.


Price is a good factor when you want to buy a particular TV mount. It’s understandable that you don’t want a wall mount that’s too heavy on your pocket, but you also don’t want to buy a mount that’s too cheap. 

Wall mounts are expensive and oftentimes, the customer expects to get full value from their purchase. Generally, the better the specifications are, the more it will cost.

Also, the more functional a mount is, the more it will cost. Usually, fixed mounts are the cheapest option. These don’t offer any kind of additional functions and are the most basic types of mounts. Mounts for smaller TVs are also cheaper. 

Mounts for heavier TVs are usually more expensive. So are full-motion wall mounts? 

If you want a sturdy mount that supports your heavy television, then it is good to invest in a more expensive model. However, you need to be sure whether or not the mount provides value or not.

How do I know if a mount is too cheap?

If you want to be absolutely safe, we recommend that you remember this good old saying: “If it seems too go to be true, it probably is.”

Cheaper wall mounts seem like a good deal. However, they don’t have good quality and become useless after a few weeks of use. This is because they use low-quality material in their construction which decreases the price. 

So, you will have to look for a newer mount to replace your older one. 

In the long run, this will end up costing you more than if you get a moderate priced wall mount. 

To be sure that you don’t end up with a low-quality wall mount, you can:

  • Make sure that you purchase a wall mount that belongs to a reputable brand and seller
  • Find the point where you don’t want to pay too less but also won’t be willing to pay too much for a product


Here, we mean the flexibility or the amount of control you want over your wall mount and the TV. For example, if you want to keep your TV in a fixed position or change its angles.

Your preferences will influence the wall mount you want to purchase. For maximum viewing pleasure, the level of control is an important factor.

If you want to go for a minimalist approach and keep your TV in a fixed position, you can get a fixed wall mount. These have a low profile and are perfect to flush mount your TV. 

When you want to control the centering of your TV, Tilt mounts are the best. These allow you to adjust your TV by 10 degrees. You can use this feature to reduce the sun’s glare or reflections as well. 

Lastly, if you want to frequently change the angles of your TV, you can opt for a full-motion mount. It has tilt and rotation functionality. Some models also have an extendable arm. Overall, full-motion mounts offer the viewer a lot of flexibility.  

You can use these features to control your TV to a great extent. You can also use these to make minor adjustments without the need to re-install the entire setup.

Ideal Location 

An ideal location affects which kind of wall mount you purchase. Different wall mounts have different features such as which kind of surface will they work with. 

Generally, most wall mounts have hardware that works with wooden studs and concrete. However, you can also purchase screws and wall anchors that are designed for steel studs. 

When you choose where you want to mount your TV, you have to keep the lighting in mind. The sun’s glare can disturb your view. It is also annoying and frustrating to repeatedly change your TV’s tilt. We recommend that you keep your TV away from windows to avoid this. 

You also need to save space when you wall mount your TV. For this, be sure that the power sockets are not too far away from your TV. The wires hanging from the flat screen are unpleasing to look at. 

Many mounts come with rectangular spaces to accommodate the power socket. You can also use wire raceways and cable clips to hide and manage your chords. 

Size and Weight of your TV

The size and weight of your TV will also affect what type of wall mount do you want to get. It will also affect the installation process. It is a crucial part as it affects the security of your wall mount setup.

For this, you must find out the exact size and weight of your TV. You can look at online sources for this such as the company website or forums. You can also check out the instruction manual which comes with the wall mount. 

Once, you have found out these factors, you can look for a suitable wall mount. Be sure that you carefully consider the choice of your TV mount.

TV mounts usually have both size capacity and weight capacity. The weight capacity matters more as your mount and TV can dislodge easily if you exceed these limits. Therefore, ensure that the TV’s weight does not exceed the maximum weight capacity of your mount. 

You can also refer to the VESA specifications of your TV in this case. 

What are VESA patterns?

TVs come with four holes at their backs. These holes are for the screws that will attach the bracket to the back of the TV when you wall mount it. 

The holes have a specific distance from each other and this depends on the size and weight of the TV. These holes have been specified by VESA in order to standardize the TV industry. 

Wall mount manufacturers are required to follow these patterns. Usually, a single wall mount can support multiple VESA patterns. This increases their compatibility and also makes the installation easier for you. 

Other features 

Some other things you need to consider include the capacity and the inclusion of some necessary hardware. 

By capacity, we mean the size and weight of the TV the wall mount can handle. It has been discussed in detail. Usually, wall mounts are designed to handle more weight than TVs that mount on them. 

Some wall mounts also have additional arms at the bottom. These extend so you can place your soundbars on the mount. This also saves space for you and is a huge plus as you won’t have to deal with the mess of wires later on. 

Do I need to change my wall mount every time take it off?

You don’t need to change your wall mount every time you change your TV. That’s why it is recommended that you invest in a wall mount that can handle different sizes and weights of TVs. 

You also need to look into the fact that you get the full benefits with your wall mount. Your packaging should include the following:

  • A warranty of a long amount of time 
  • Screws of different sizes
  • A long HDMI cable 
  • Cable management aids
  • Complete mounting kit with hardware

All these are included in the mounting kit that comes with the wall mount. A comprehensive mounting kit often includes m4, m6, or m8 screws, and their washers. Some mounting kits also come with drill bits. 

A wall mount that works on different surfaces also has other pieces of hardware. These include wall anchors. Wall anchors increase the strength of the hold between the wall mount and the wall.

Wall studs usually go on the wall studs of drywalls.  

Wrapping Things Up…

With this, we reach the end of our article about Pipishell wall mount along with its features and benefits.

Pipishells wall mounts have plenty of features that let you tilt your TV as well as provide a firm grip on the TV.

We highly recommend Pipishell wall mounts. However, if you want an alternative, you can choose from Mountup or Perlesmith. 

Comment below and let us know what you think.


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