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how to flush mount a tv

How to Flush Mount a TV – Full Guide to Flush Mounting

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Living rooms are the most used space in a home. You spend the majority of your time there with family and friends socializing or watching TV. That’s why most people invest a lot of their resources in the decor of their living rooms. 

Flushing a TV inside the walls is one of the ways to make your living room aesthetically pleasing. It helps you maintain a minimalist look. 

Flush mounting, however, can be somewhat challenging. To help you, we’ve prepared an easy-to-follow guide.    

Quick Summary

By the end of this guide, we will go through:

  • How can you flush mount a TV?
  • What are the advantages of flush mounting your TV?

Let’s take a look at it.

How can I flush mount my TV?

flush tv wall mount

As discussed earlier, flush mounting of TVs is a simple yet great method of boosting your decor. Flush mounting puts your TV as close to the wall as possible. This helps in hiding the cables and going for a minimalist setting for your room. 

Flush mounting TVs is not too different from wall mounting the TV. You have to be aware of some additional steps in flush mounting. 

There are also some compromises you have to make when you flush your TV inside the wall

Let’s discuss them in detail:

Step # 1 - Acquire a Flat mount

flat tv mount

Source: Reddit

There are several types of mounts that are available in the market. If you want the TV to be very close to the wall, it is best to get a flat mount. We recommend that you get a shallow depth mount. 

These have fixed brackets that sit very close to the wall. On average the distance is between a few millimeters to an inch. 

However, you will be making a compromise on the tilt and swerve. Flat mounts are immovable so you may not get the best experience if you are at a different angle.

Step # 2 - Build a recess for your TV

recess for tv

The second step is to build a recess for your TV. Here, you have to use your carpentering skills. The recess creates the illusion that your TV has been fitted into the wall. Your recess can be vented or a solid build. 

To build a recess, you need to:

  • Choose the part of the wall where you want to make the recess. Cut a test hole to see if the wall is empty or not. This way, you can patch up the wall in case of any obstacles. 
  • Then, cut a ¾ piece of plywood according to the TV size. Join the pieces with nails and glue to make a box. Be sure to drill small holes for the cables. You can also paint the box to match the TV color. 
  • After making the box, cut a hole into the wall. Set the size of the hole according to the box you made. Also, put in some anchors to hold and support the TV’s weight. 
  • Finally, install the box into the hole. Be sure to fix it in place using glue. Then nail the tube in place so that it can handle the weight of the TV. 
  • As an additional step, you can also apply filler so that the recess looks framed. 

We highly advise against putting the recess above a fireplace. The heat generated can easily damage your electronics. 

The recess will also have an added advantage, you can attach cables through it. However, we suggest that you hire a professional for this job. Electrical work is dangerous and you can also damage the A/V cable. 

Step # 3 - Install the wall mount

install wall mount

Source: Reddit

After you have built the recess, it is time to install the wall mount. As discussed earlier, you have to acquire a shallow depth mount. 

To mount your TV, you need to:

  • Drill holes into the wall for your mount. You can strengthen the attachment by inserting anchors into the wall. 
  • Place the mount on the wall and attach the screws to it. Make sure that the screws have been tightly fit in place. 
  • Then, attach the bracket to the back of the TV. There are usually 2 or 4 screws that will attach the bracket to the TV.

Step # 4 - Attach the TV to the mount

attach the tv to wall mount

Source: Reddit

Finally, you can move to attach the TV to the wall mount. Lift the TV by the corners and align the bracket and the wall piece. Attach all the cables of the TV with the source. 

Then attach both the pieces together. You can additionally go for load testing the entire setup. 

Lastly, make sure that the TV does not look out of place or too outside the walls. 

Advantages of Flush Mounting

wall mount flushed

Flush-mounting has plenty of advantages. It provides value, saves space, and also has an additive safety feature. Let’s discuss those in detail:

Value of Flush Mounting 

As TVs get bigger, the more the requirement for viewing comfort increases. The best viewing angle is to put the TV in front of the viewer at eye level.  Thankfully, flush mounting is an easy solution for that.     

A good flush-mounted TV also keeps the cables and wiring out of sight. It also provides you an opportunity to update or adjust the room design accordingly. 


Flush mounts make the TV set up safe. There are no wires or cables hanging freely. The TV is also safely attached to the wall with no part sticking out. Also, the height of the TV also makes sure that nothing will bump or stick to it. 

To summarize, flush mounting places the TV in a secure area. 

Area Management

Area management is also an important factor in interior design. Unlike normal TV stands, flush mounting saves area. Firstly, the mount does not take space around the table. Secondly, mounts also use up a mostly redundant area of the wall. 

Due to these benefits, we can see that flush mounting your TV is a vastly superior option. 

Wrapping things up

Flush mounting is one of the ways to make your living room aesthetically pleasing. It hides the cables and also makes your TV setup generally safer. 

However, flush mounting the TV can be a tough job, especially for beginners. That’s why we have prepared an easy-to-follow guide

You can easily flush mount your TV by going through the guide. 

With this, we reach the end of our article on “How to flush mount a TV?”.

Let us know what you think in the comments. 


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