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how far below tv to mount soundbar

How Far Below TV to Mount Soundbar – In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

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The soundbar is a great accessory that boosts the audio output of your TV. You can either set it on a table below your TV or mount it. 

Mounting your soundbar below the TV is aesthetically pleasing and saves space. The placement of the soundbar below the TV also affects which soundbar you buy. 

However, judging the distance at which you should place your soundbar is tough to figure out. Let us tell you an easy way that you can use it.  

Quick Summary

By the end of this guide, we will go through:

  • How far below the TV should you mount your soundbar?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of mounting your soundbar

Let’s take a look at it.

How Far Below TV to Mount Soundbar?

proper TV and soundbar installation for home theater behind the TV

As discussed above, soundbars are a good investment and addition to your overall setup. Modern LED TVs don’t have the necessary space to place good quality speakers in them.

Why Put A Soundbar Below The TV?

subwoofer mounted advertising soundbars find in the room mounted home threater

Many people go for mounting their soundbars below their TVs. It provides optimum sound quality as well as better connectivity between the devices. The sound is also not scattered sideways and directly reaches the listener. 

However, they are not aware of the distance between the speaker and the TV. 

Here is a guide that will tell you how far below a TV you should mount your soundbar.

Types Of Soundbar Speakers For Surround Sound

few things to enhance viewing experience and subwoofer. How soundbars work behind the TV

When it comes to speakers, there are quite a few different options available and the option you should choose depends upon the best position you would be sitting at, and the ear level you would have with the system.

However, some of the speakers that you find in a bar are directional speakers such as the upward-firing speakers, which direct the sound in a certain direction to create a more immersive experience.

Similarly, another type of speaker that is found in many soundbars is the subwoofer, which amplifies the quality of the sound produced. 

However, all of these addons depend upon the product size, and the money you’re willing to put into it.

Positioning your TV For Better Audio Quality

TV and soundbar, home theater, soundbars mounted, advertising for referring traffic, soundbar size, other soundbars for advertising

Before mounting your soundbar, you have to correctly mount your television. A poorly placed television looks out of place and also disturbs the room’s aesthetics

You might also face issues with the audio quality as the sound bounces off the walls. 

Therefore, it is necessary that you choose the correct position for your television. Some ideas are

Mounting your TV above a fireplace

You will need to mount it about 6 to 12 inches above the mantle depending on the screen size and the height of the fireplace. 

But, it goes well with overall room design and gives you plenty of room to experiment with interior design.

This includes:

Using a TV stand

Using a television stand is generally a lot easier than mounting your television. It also places the TV at eye level and ear level when you sit, which provides optimal viewing comfort. 

Here, you can choose to place your TV on a cabinet or a shelf. 

Both positions of your television will have an effect on how you should place your soundbar.

Why is Positioning Important For Sound Quality?

The position of your sound systems below your television affects the overall quality and is what turns your television and sound system into a complete entertainment system. 

The best sound waves reach you when it is at ear level.

A wall-mounted TV gives you all the freedom to work with your sound system and provides the clearest path for the sound waves to travel from the soundbar’s speakers to your ears. 

The perfect alignment of the TV and soundbar will provide you with the most optimal sound experience and turn your little setup into a proper home theater.

Mounting the Soundbar For Optimum Sound Waves

subwoofer in the room

Source: Reddit

The placement of your soundbar is dependent on how your TV screen is placed. One important thing you should keep in mind is the connectivity factor.

If you mount your soundbar more than 3 feet away from the TV and not at ear level, there will be a significant lag between the audio and video.

Mounted TV 

The default position to mount your soundbar is below the TV. The sound produced by the soundbar will directly reach the listener

The sound will also not scatter sideways. It does not make for a good sound experience.

For the best connectivity, you should place the soundbar as close to the TV as possible. Mounting the soundbar under the TV minimizes the chances of audio lag.

This will allow you to keep the soundbar at the correct height as most soundbars tend to produce the best sound when placed at the ideal place below the TV. 

There are quite a few soundbar placement options you are presented with. However, the optimal distance between both devices is thus about 4 to 6 inches. This is an ideal distance as it provides easy access to the soundbar. 

The distance between your soundbar and the nearest wall is also important. To avoid echo, place your soundbar 3 to 7 feet away from the nearest wall. Furniture and carpets can also further help you reduce echoing.  

Pros and Cons of Mounting the Soundbar


Source: Reddit

As discussed earlier, you can mount your sidebar either above the TV or under the TV. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages with respect to the listening experience. 

Let us discuss both these methods in-depth so that you can easily make a decision.

Mounting soundbar above the TV 

Mounting the soundbar depends on the height of the TV. If your TV is at a lower height, then this soundbar placement is best suited to you. 


With this setting, you can modify your listening experience. By tilting your soundbar, you can create a surround sound effect. This placement is also suited for you if the seating arrangement is on the floor. 

You can also avoid clutter as the space above TVs is usually unused. 

Additionally, with a wall mounting soundbar, you will be able to manage the connecting cables a lot more easily such as the HDMI cables and will have an easier time setting up additional AV equipment.

Another advantage worth mentioning is that the high frequencies your soundbar is able to generate will be delivered in more detail with the insulation provided to it through the wall.

Also, with the soundbar close to your TV speakers, you will be able to create a more immersive surround sound system and will have a simple solution to overlapping audio.


There are however some serious disadvantages to this setting. Firstly, if the TV height is mid to high, then installing the soundbar is not an easy task

You will also be limiting the accessibility of your soundbar. This is because the sensor will be out of reach. The angle of the sound is also awkward. 

The sound quality they produce will get muffled if the obstacles are in their way and the listener is solid.

Mounting soundbar under the TV 

This is a common position most people use when mounting their soundbars. 


Installing the soundbar is generally easier. Many TV mounts in the market come with arms to also mount your soundbar. The accessibility of soundbars is also easier. 

By placing your soundbar below the TV, you are also not compromising the audio quality. The sound directly reaches the listener rather than bouncing off the walls. 

Lastly, you can easily reach the sensor of the soundbar. This is an issue if you place the bar above your TV.


The biggest issue of placing your soundbar below the TV is cluttering. If there are any objects, such as decorations, in front of the TV, then the output of the soundbars is heavily affected. 

The sound quality they produce will get muffled if the obstacles are in their way and the listener is solid.

You can solve this issue by clearing the path of the soundbar. 

Wrapping Things Up…

As TVs get thinner, the quality of their audio decreases as they have no place for better speakers. Soundbars are a good and inexpensive solution to this issue. You can easily mount them below your TV.  

By going through this guide, you can easily determine the best distance between your TV and the soundbar.

With this, we reach the end of our article on “How far below the TV to mount your soundbar”.

Please contact us if you have any queries and leave a comment below. 


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