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How to Decorate TV Stand

How to Decorate TV Stand- 13 Creative Ideas to Redesign Your Living Room

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Decorating entertainment spaces is a fun activity and a chance to let your imagination go wild. Identifying the exact place to install the TV stand is just one part of the process. You want to make the entertainment space inviting and appealing. Furthermore, cluttered TV space is distracting. It sure wouldn’t look good when guests arrive. 

Given the importance of the TV stand in a room, it’s necessary to spend some time cleaning and decorating it. We understand that redesigning around a television stand can be hard at times. There’s so much to try. That’s why we compiled a list of creative and stunning ideas to decorate the TV stand. 

Continue reading to find the ideas and tips.

Things to Consider When Decorating Around a TV Stand? 

The decor in the entertainment space depends on important factors like TV dimensions and others we listed below. 

For example, some decorations like marble busts and wooden carvings are suitable for large TV stands, while some suit smaller ones. But if you prefer a minimalistic style at home, then, an antique decoration theme will be the wrong choice. 

Measure TV Height and Size  

Measure your TV’s dimensions, its position in the room, and the distance from the seating arrangement. Note the measurements on paper (or mobile). Also, consider the distance between the top of the TV and your ceiling

A smaller TV can be placed on a large/ elaborate TV stand so that you have enough space for decorations. If you have a larger TV, a shorter stand will work well. The last thing you want is to look up to watch the screen. Ugh, the neck pain! If the ceiling is low, place the TV closer to the floor. 

Choose Your Style

Your style and personal preference are just as important as TV height and size. If the rest of the house is already furnished, the living room and TV stand decorations have to sync with the theme. 

While the pictures in housekeeping and home decor magazines look fabulous, they may not always be practical or suit your home. 

Determine if you want something simple or grandiose. Do you want the entertainment space to look picture-perfect, or should it be cozy and welcoming? Also, pay attention to your budget when finalizing the theme/ style. 

13 Ideas for TV Stand Décor

Check out the below TV stand decorating ideas to get inspired. Give them your creative spin, and don’t be afraid to try something new. 

Pro Tip: Take a picture of the living room before you start decorating and also at every stage. That way, you can easily compare and make adjustments to get the desired look. 

Keep it Clutter-Free

There isn’t much it takes for a room to feel cluttered. Relaxing in a stuffed room isn’t possible, right? Get rid of the excess stuff in the room and clear the space around the TV stand. Any item you don’t need to see should go into the drawers. Use storage space wisely by arranging the items in neat batches. 


If the TV stand has an open space with no doors, place woven baskets to collect the items in a single place. This is a great solution to organize clutter artistically. Space out vases and other decorations and spread them around the rest of the room/ house. 

Use Sentimental Pieces

Family photos, picture frames, items passed down through the family, gifts from loved ones, etc., have sentimental value. Select a precious few and display them around the TV stand. 

However, you should choose the items carefully. Let’s say, your child may not like their embarrassing pictures displayed on the TV stand in all their glory. Anything terribly expensive may also be a bad choice for the living room. Remember that your sentimental pieces will be visible to guests and strangers. 

Incorporate Different Textures

A combination of textures adds to the depth of the room and makes it come alive. Contrast the TV stand’s smooth design by placing a small carved stool on the side.

If you choose the rustic theme, a blend of wood and metal will bring different textures to the room. Place a sleek metallic vase or candelabra on a wooden TV stand. Use ceramic pots to add texture to the metal TV stand. 

Use Fresh Greens Plants

There’s nothing like a little green plant to freshen up a room, right? There are a lot of indoor plants you can choose from and decorate around the TV stand. 

For instance, Succulents would be a good choice if you don’t have a green thumb. Since they don’t need much water, you don’t have to worry about the electrical system either.

little green plant to freshen up a room

The most appealing aspect of potted plants is that they can blend into almost any décor. A tiny metal pot with a green plant looks charming beside a black TV. 

You can even create an exclusive shelf near the TV to display your little plants. What if you can’t keep a plant alive? Faux plants it is, then! 

Hide Storage Space Underneath

TV stands with cabinets can be a good choice if you need extra storage space. Wooden stands are sturdy and can hold a whole lot of small pieces inside. Closing the cabinet doors would be all that is needed, and no one would know what’s inside.  

The top of the stand can be used to arrange a couple of accent pieces and make the TV stand the focal point in the room

Make it Seasonal

Well, if you are into experimentation or get bored with the same décor throughout the year, here’s an idea for you. Choose seasonal themes to decorate the TV stand. 

Fresh flowers in spring, , pumpkins for Halloween, dried leaves for fall, wreaths, airy and open rooms in summer (with lace curtains) and fairy lights for winter, etc., are some things to try. 

Don’t forget to change the cushion covers, curtains, and other decorations in the room to match the seasonal theme. 

Use the Space Around the TV Stand

How much space do you have around the TV stand? For small spaces, use wall art for decorating it. Picture frames, abstract art, 3D wallpaper, etc., will highlight the TV stand.

use wall art for decorating it

The type of wall art and its arrangement are the keys to creating the right impact. You also need to ensure that the pieces on the wall don’t distract your vision when watching the television. Keep it subtle but effective. Pieces in white and neutral colors work well. 

Play With Shapes

The shape of the TV stand and its decorative items can change how the room feels. Rounded or curvy shapes make the room softer and give friendly vibes. Sharp edges, angles, and straight lines bring out the severity of the room. 

While sharp lines are suitable for the industrial and modern minimal themes, softer curves blend into the country style and have a rustic vibe. A blend of both works best if you want an informal room. 

Make It Mid-Century Modern

Practical, durable, and structural are the primary themes for mid-century modern themes. Get rid of anything elaborate or ornate. Stick to simple lines and designs to enhance the original beauty of the TV console. 

Brick walls, exposed beams, sanded wooden shelves, etc., are some elements of this style. Neutral colors go well with this décor and can create an elegant yet cozy look. 

Choose Three to Four Decorative Objects

Yep, stick to a fixed number and keep it clean. You can arrange a couple on one side and two more on the other side. This creates symmetry and makes the TV stand appear even.

Choose Three to Four Decorative Objects

Use the small space between the wall-mount TV and the stand’s top to place little mementos (not more than four). Make sure that the items don’t reflect light or shine brightly as this will cause distraction. 

Sleek Clean Contemporary

Contemporary style is all about keeping it simple and involves usage of colors like white, gray, cream and beige. . When it comes to natural materials then use stone, wood (dark and light), bamboo, etc., for decoration. Sustainability is another key factor in contemporary style. 

The TV stands are slimmer and sleek rather than bulky and heavy. Place a mirror below or above the TV to enhance the look. However, the mirror is not directly angled with the lights as it can cause unwanted reflection. 

Sculptures & Collectibles

Wood and stone are a great combo. Choose a stone sculpture if you have a wooden TV stand and a wood sculpture if you have a stone-top telly stand. 

The sculpture’s size should sync with the size of the room and the TV. A large sculpture beside a small TV can take the focus away from the screen. 

Add Side Bookcases

You can’t go wrong with books. First editions, hardcovers, or simple paperbacks- anything will work as long as you arrange them according to their cover type. 

Do you have a favorite book series? Arrange the books on the sides of the TV stand. It would be great if the shelves have a glass door to protect the books from dust and dampness.

Add Side Bookcases

Open shelves are good too. Just make sure to dust the books often. It won’t look good if a guest grabs a book from the shelf and ends up with dust on the hands. 


There are countless creative ideas for decorating the TV stand. Give wings to your imagination, and don’t hesitate to mix and match a few things.

Patterns, textures, light and dark combinations, plants, showpieces, books, etc., can bring life to a dull space and enhance the look of the entertainment space.  

Let the TV stand and decorations reflect your style and taste. Don’t forget to have fun when redecorating the room! 


1.How can I make my TV stand look good?

Make the TV stand look good by randomly removing the scattered items. Clear the space to decorate with items such as:

  • Vases
  • Books
  • Family pictures
  • Plants (real and fake)
  • Fairy lights
  • Antique showpieces 
  • Glassware
  • Sculptures, etc. 

2. How do you decorate an empty TV stand?

Start by determining the type of decorations you want on the TV console. The color scheme should make the living space friendly and relaxing to enjoy the shows on the television. Use gallery wall art decoration, decorative tray, collectibles, etc., and decorate around the TV stand. 

3. How can I decorate my entertainment center?

The TV stand should be the focus of the entertainment area to create the best impact. An easy way is to use items at home and rearrange them. Search for TV stand decor ideas online for more inspiration. A perfect solution does not exist for every house. Go with what you like the best for your home.

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