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Modern Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Best Modern Electric Fireplace TV Stands

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Integrating electric fireplaces into the TV stand setup is a modern revolution to add aesthetics and elegance to give you a perfect ambiance for entertainment. 

They might be pricey, but the value these electric fireplace TV stands have to offer is worth the investment you make. 

Such TV stands are in demand today, and to cope with it, the manufacturers have flooded their online furniture stores with hundreds and thousands of attractive and stylish options for you to choose from. 

Now, that can put you in a dilemma of what would suit your needs and won’t hamper your budget at the same time.  

To extend a helping resource, we have compared many electric fireplace TV stands and shortlisted the best five among them. We have also listed the factors for your help. 

Follow on till the end, and you might just get the best modern fireplace TV stand before your new television unit gets delivered. 

Best 5 Modern Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best electric fireplace TV stands that can complement your modern-day television units and living room decor. 

  1. Walker Edison Farmhouse Fireplace TV Stand– Best Overall

Walker Edison is a popular furniture manufacturer with a reputation in the market for making quality pieces of furniture. It is the first option in this list and is the best overall electric fireplace TV stand in terms of price, quality, size, and storage. This modern piece of furniture balances all the specifications to ensure that you get aesthetics and functionality. 


  • Suitable for TVs of up to 65 inches
  • Made up of laminated MDF and barn door-inspired cabinets
  • Warms room up to 400 square feet in area
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 150 lbs
  • Number of cabinets- 2
  • Dimensions- 58” W x 15.625” D x 25” H
  • Heating capacity of the fireplace- 4600 BTU


  • Ideal for large televisions of up to 65 inches
  • Available in six different color options
  • Two adjustable shelves available in the cabinets
  • Embedded with cord management ports
  • Barn-style cabinet doors


  • Shelves can withstand a weight of only 30 lbs
  • No remote control for changing fireplace settings
  1. Enstver TV Stand– Best in Terms of Storage Space

If you need a good amount of storage space with your fireplace TV stand that also comes at a nominal price, then this model by Enstver is the right pick for you. You get two closed cabinets with glass doors and adjustable shelves. Following that, you also get two wide-open storage spaces right underneath the flat top. This TV stand has enough space to accommodate your entertainment or television accessories.


  • Suitable for TVs of up to 55 inches
  • Made up of laminated MDF and alloy steel
  • Warms room up to 400 square feet in area
  • Remote control for fireplace is included
  • Number of cabinets- 2
  • Number of open storage spaces- 2
  • Dimensions- 48” W x 29” H x 16” D


  • Ample storage options with the unit
  • Available with five different brightness settings
  • Built-in safety cut-off switch in case of overheating
  • No need to turn on the heat for realistic flame effects
  • Available in five different colors


  • Not suitable for large TVs
  • Time-consuming assembly procedure
  1. Belleze Corin TV Stand– Best Value for Money


Belleze Corin fireplace TV stand is the best value-for-money product because it heats a wider space with more warmth than the other products in this list. The price range is about the same as other options, but the functionality efficiency is high here. Beyond functionality, it adds a rustic charm to your house and goes well with living rooms of all styles.


  • Suitable for TVs of up to 55 inches
  • Made up of solid wood
  • Warms room up to 450 square feet in area
  • Number of cabinets- 2
  • Number of open spaces- 2
  • Dimensions- 47.62” W x 29.56” H x 15.68” D
  • Heating capacity of up to 5100 BTU


  • Rustic and barn-style finish
  • Available with cable management ports
  • Available with three brightness settings
  • Available in seven different color options
  • Adjustable shelves available in each cabinet


  • Fireplace cannot be controlled remotely
  • Not suitable for large TVs
  1. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console– Best for Small TVs

Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console is ideal for small television units up to 50 inches. The overall size of the furniture is also nearly as much as that of a 50-inch TV. It can accommodate the TV and leave a little space on either side after the setup. It is perfect for small living rooms or bedrooms


  • Suitable for TVs of up to 50 inches
  • Made up of particleboard and laminated MDF
  • Warms rooms up to 400 square feet in area
  • Number of cabinets- 2
  • Number of open storage spaces- 2
  • Dimensions- 47.24” W x 31.77” H x 15.87” D
  • Heating capacity of up to 4600 BTU


  • Sufficient storage space for all entertainment accessories
  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Suitable for small rooms and TVs
  • Available in five different color options
  • Light in weight and easy to move around


  • Not ideal for big rooms or big televisions
  • No settings for adjusting heat temperature or brightness
  1. Northwest Electric Fireplace TV Stand– Best Space Saver

Just because you opt for a modern electric fireplace TV stand doesn’t mean it has to be big and bulky. If you have a small TV room and are low on budget, this option by Northwest is perfectly compact, with minimal storage space and a nice appeal to set an attractive ambience to your small room. 


  • Suitable for TVs of up to 32 inches
  • Made up of tempered glass doors, alloy steel, and MDF with veneer
  • Warms room up to 400 square feet in area
  • Number of open storage spaces- 1
  • Dimensions- 27” W x 29” H x 12.4” D
  • Heating capacity of up to 4777 BTU


  • Heat function and fireplace display work separately
  • Compact in size and takes up a very little space
  • Automatic thermal cutoff feature to prevent overheating
  • Easy fireplace controls
  • Available in three color options


  • No settings for adjusting heat or brightness
  • Not ideal for big and heavy television units

Things to Consider Before Buying a Modern Electric Fireplace TV Stand

After comparing and reviewing hundreds of options from various manufacturers, we filtered out the 5 best TV stands for you. But, we will still recommend you not to rush your decision on them. You still need to choose one from the above five options. 

So, here are a few things that will help you narrow down your search and find the one that suits your needs:

  1. Size

The first and most important aspect of choosing a modern electric fireplace TV stand is size. You must determine if the overall size of the unit can fit into your living space without making the space cluttered. 

If you have sufficient space, you can go for the large electric fireplace TV stands, suitable for your preferable TV size. But, if space is your restriction, pick an option that will allow easy seating without cluttering the room. 

After assessing the size of your room and the fireplace TV stand, it is time to check if the stand can accommodate the size of the television you are about to buy. Size is a three-way consideration that will help you pick the right stand with respect to aesthetics and functionality.

  1. Heat Output

Most people buy a fireplace not only for heating their living space but also to get that digital imagery of realistic flames creating an ambiance. So, a moderately functional heating unit wouldn’t hurt. 

It warms up a small space around the TV area to ensure that your family enjoys a warm entertainment experience. If the functionality of the fireplace matters to you, then check its specifications for determining the heating capacity of your preferred TV stand. 

The heating capacity is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units), and it should be a minimum of 4600 BTU for optimal heating effect. Some options go beyond the minimum rating. Make your choice as per your preferences. 

  1. Storage Spaces

Setting up a television on a dedicated stand always comes with several entertainment accessories. And all of them must be stored in the nearby units for easy access. So, your TV stand must be available with ample storage spaces and cabinets for the same. 

If you are buying a sound system or DVD player or want to stack your CD collection on the TV stand, look for the relevant options. Pick the one that has cabinets, shelves, and open storage spaces, all together. 

Following that, there should be dedicated cord outlets to hide the messy cables after you connect and set the TV on it. If storage is your preference, count it as your deciding specification in a modern electric fireplace TV stand. 

  1. Style & Material

By now, you have already filtered a few options for yourself. But, consider the style and build quality as one of the choosing factors. The style you pick should go well with the theme of your living room. 

All the designs we have listed above are the best in quality and go well with all types of living room themes. You can pick any of them, and you will find it easily blends with the theme of your room. But you always have the liberty to filter out the ones that you think will be the best in terms of style and build quality. 


  1. Are all electric fireplace TV stands expensive?

No, all realistic electric fireplace TV stands are not expensive by nature. The price depends on their size, functionality, added features, material, storage spaces, and other features. 

  1. Can you detach fireplaces from a TV stand?

The manufacturers often keep an option of detaching the fireplaces from the TV stands without the need for disassembling the entire furniture. It is essential when there is a need for repairing or servicing the fireplace. You don’t have to go through the hassle of removing the entire setup just to fix the electric fireplace. 

So, even though the fireplace is removable, you should not to try removing it all by yourself. In case of any damage or defect, contact the manufacturer for a solution. 


Put an end to your search for the best modern electric fireplace TV stands, as we have done the work for you. We have brought to you the top options out there. Now all you have to do is consider your deciding factors and narrow down your choice to find the best among these five. 

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