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Best IKEA TV Stands

Best IKEA TV Stands

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Ikea is a paradise for home furnishing fanatics. And among all the best furniture and home decor goods, Ikea deals with some of the best TV stands to complement houses of all types.

You need one piece of furniture to change the appeal of your house. And an IKEA TV stand can be that one for you.

If your new TV unit is about to get delivered in the next few days, and you don’t want to get lost in the cosmos of options at IKEA, we have narrowed it down to the five best options for you.

How We Picked the Best TV Stands

We want to let you know that our comparison among the hundreds of options is based on user reviews, budget, aesthetic appeal, and usability.

All of the five listed below are the best IKEA TV stands that have been bought by many homeowners so far. We have also been to several IKEA stores to find any display stock of these options to get the touch and feel of them as well.

Review of 5 Best IKEA TV Stands

Let’s begin with an honest and brief review of the five best IKEA TV stands:

  1. Best Overall TV Stand- BESTA

Best Overall TV Stand- BESTA

Whether your living room replicates a modern, coastal or traditional design, this black-stained TV stand by IKEA will blend well with it. It sits flat on the ground and has TV outlets to keep the set-up clean.



  • Numerous cord outlets at the back of the stand
  • Adjustable shelves for self customization
  • Choose between push-open or soft-closing options
  • Available in various color options


  • Complex assembly procedure
  1. Best Budget TV Stand- Brimnes

Best Budget TV Stand- Brimnes

It is a cost-friendly and aesthetic IKEA furniture with an open compartment for storing your gaming consoles, media equipment, and others. You get adjustable shelves to use the storage space as desired.


  • Dimensions- 63 x 16 1/2 x 17 3/4 inches
  • Made up of particleboard, fiberboard, and honeycomb paper filing
  • A wall anchoring device is included with the set
  • Suitable for a TV unit of up to 63 inches


  • Adjustable shelves for customizing the storage space
  • Open compartment for DVD players and game consoles
  • High-gloss white color makes it aesthetically appealing
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild cleaner


  • Paint chips off easily when rubbed against any hard object
  1. Best Oversized TV Stand- BESTA

Best Oversized TV Stand- BESTA

BESTA rules over IKEA in terms of oversized TV stands. If you have an urge to buy a big theatre-like television unit for your living room, then this is the furniture that can accommodate a TV unit of size up to 99 inches.


  • Dimensions- 94 1/2 x 16 1/2 x 29 1/8 inches
  • Made up of particleboard, fiberboard, and honeycomb paper filling
  • Comes with cable outlets at the top and the back
  • Wall anchors included with the set
  • Two drawers for storing game consoles or TV accessories
  • Suitable for TV of up to 99 inches


  • Shelves are adjustable for you to customize the space
  • Legs are made up of solid wood (oak)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Drawers come with integrated push openers


  • Assembly or installation is very complex
  • The price is on the higher side for this oversized stand
  1. Best Storage TV Stand- LOMMARP

Best Storage TV Stand- LOMMARP

The best thing about this TV stand by LOMMARP is its ample storage space. You can use the given spaces for storing media equipment, game consoles, store books, entertainment DVDs, speakers, and much more.


  • Dimensions- 62 5/8 x 17 3/4 x 31 7/8 inches
  • Made with fiberboard, particle board, and polyester paint
  • Sufficient cord outlets at the back panel
  • Wall anchoring device provided with the set
  • Suitable for TV of up to 63 inches


  • Combination of open and hidden storage shelves
  • Silent and soft closing drawers
  • Durable surface and easy to clean
  • Available in three different colors


  • Installing it is a two-person job
  1. Best Small Space TV Stand- BRUSALI

Best Small Space TV Stand- BRUSALI

If you are looking for a tiny and minimalistic TV stand by IKEA, this ought to be your best and most affordable pick. There might not be any aesthetic features in it like the others, but it still adds a rugged look to the entire TV setup.


  • Dimensions- 47 1/4 x 14 1/8 x 24 3/8 inches
  • Made up of particleboard, paper foil, and printed acrylic paint
  • All open compartments
  • Hidden cable outlets
  • Wall fasteners included in the set
  • Suitable for a TV unit of up to 45 inches


  • A lot of open compartments
  • Embedded with customizable shelves
  • The price is lower than other options
  • Available in two colors
  • Comes with a rugged and robust look


  • Not ideal for larger TV units above 45 inches

Things to Consider Before Buying a TV Stand

Now that you have got a glimpse at the best quality TV stands by IKEA, it is time for you to get in the mindset of choosing the best among these shortlisted options.

Here are a few of the things that you must consider before picking the best TV console or stand for yourself:

  1. Materials

The IKEA TV stands discussed in this article are made of particleboard and fiberboard. The side panel, base panel, and legs are often made of different materials. Following that, the paint quality also varies, depending on the cost and overall build.

Some of these stands also have steel, solid wood, and other materials in various parts, which add variation to the quality and durability of the entire product. So, make sure you choose the right bundle of materials that you expect with your new TV stand.

  1. Dimension

Dimension is one of the primary considerations for picking the suitable right stand for your television unit. It is because a stand with inappropriate dimensions won’t be sufficient to accommodate your TV.

So, it is better that you measure the dimension of your TV first and then check the measurements of IKEA’s TV console. The base of the stand should be wider than that of the TV’s screen size.

Make your measurements and find the suitable stand accordingly!

  1. Storage types

Now you are already aware of the storage spaces you are about to get with the IKEA stands. You can either go for all open compartments, all hidden compartments with doors, or a mix of both.

Depending on how you want to use the available space on your TV stands, you can decide on what storage type and how many shelves you need with your television stand.

Almost all of the TV stands at IKEA have customizable shelves to help you maximize the use of the given space.

  1. Style

Depending on your budget, you can pick the appropriate style that you think will go well with the living room and the television. Some of the IKEA television consoles even have multiple color options for you to choose from.

  1. Pricing

If you are looking for a TV stand with a great price that fits your budget and offers excellent value, then these five options can be on your shortlisted names.

The quality and look vary with the difference in pricing. All of the products listed above are reasonably priced as per the features and usability aspects they offer.

You need to assess your budget and place your order for the one that seems fit to you!


  1. How much weight can the IKEA BESTA TV stand hold?

Not just BESTA, but most of the moderate TV stands by IKEA can hold a maximum of 110 lbs. Some models are designed with robust materials to enhance their weight-bearing capacity, which adds to the total cost.

  1. Is it fine to have a TV bigger than the stand?

If you consider the aesthetics of a house, then a TV bigger than the size of a stand will add a worse appeal to your living room. It is neither suggested by the designers and experts at IKEA nor by us!

  1. Can we get a TV stand with adjustable feet?

Yes, if you are fond of TV stands supported by legs, then you can pick flexible options from IKEA’s stock. It will help you increase or decrease the height of the stand.


You must have made up your mind by now! So, go ahead and visit the product pages of each TV stand to cross-verify your specifications and place the order while stocks last.

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