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how high to mount floating tv stand

How High to Mount Floating TV Stand – All You Need to Know

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Styling a home is not only limited to picking out the best furniture and artwork. There are some practical decisions that too need to be taken into consideration as well. 

One of these decisions is to find the ideal height to mount a floating TV stand. 

Stay with us as we dive into how high a floating TV stand can be mounted.

Quick Summary

The following information will be discussed in the article: 

  • How high to mount a floating TV stand?
  • What to keep in mind before you mount a TV stand?
  • FAQs

How High to Mount Floating TV Stand?

A mounted TV stand would always make your home look more refined and aesthetically pleasing. 

The ideal height to mount a floating TV stand depends on three factors: 

Height of the Floating TV Stand

height of stand

There is a good design rule that people abide by to position their TV.

The center of the TV screen should be at the eye level of the viewer. 

Although this might sound very simple, you also need to take into consideration the height of sitting furniture, the size of the TV, and the average height of people in your home that will watch this TV. 

Assuming that your seat height is average and your TV is not oversized or undersized, the ideal height to mount your floating TV is achieved when the center of the TV screen is about 36-42 inches above the ground. 

How Far Away You Sit from the TV?

spaace from tv

As much as the height to mount a floating TV stand depends on the size of the TV, the dimensions of your room and furniture too must be kept in mind. 

There are many different types of interior design rules to solve this problem. One of the most famous ones advises that the sofa must be two and a half times the diagonal length of the TV away from the TV screen. 

For example, for a 60-inch TV, the sofa should be placed almost 12 feet away from the TV screen. 

Personal Preference

personal preferences of tv stands

The last and the most important factor to decide the ideal height to mount a floating TV stand depends on one’s personal preference. No design rule should overrule this. 

It is preferred that you try different layouts to decide the final position that works out the best for you. 

What to Keep in Mind Before You Mount a Floating TV Stand?

floating tv stand

It is always better to plan for the future to avoid problems later on. 

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind before you mount your floating TV stand: 

  • Do not go for a cheaper TV mount. A cheaper mount might not be able to hold your TV for longer and there is a chance that it might fall and damage your thousand-dollar TV. 
  • Try and find the biggest mount available in the market. This will ensure that if you upgrade the size of your TV, it will still fit in the existing mount
  • When you are cabling the wires in the wall, it is preferred to have at least 4 HDMI cables. The latest in the market have standard four. You might not use this many today but in the future, you will need these. 
  • In case you run out of HDMI cables, buy an HDMI switch. This will ensure that one cable can be connected to multiple devices. 
  • Do not go for the absolute largest TV that fits rather go for one that works best in the space. A TV that dominates all the space would never look pleasing. 

If you want to build a floating entertainment center, here is a great video

Wrapping Things Up

tv stand

You now have learned how high you should mount your floating TV stand. In addition to this, you have also learned additional factors that contribute to this. 

We advise you to read this article carefully so that you do not make any mistakes when it comes to adjusting the height of your mount. 

We hope this information will be useful for you. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How High Should a TV Stand be for a 55-Inch TV?

    A 55-inch TV is almost 27 inches tall. To find the height for the TV stand divide the 27 by 2 which is 13.5 inches. Then subtract this 13.5 from 42 which is 28.5 inches. So the 55-inch TV should be mounted at 28.5 inches from the floor to the bottom of the TV.

  • Is it Okay if the TV is Bigger Than the Stand?

    There is one basic rule when you choose the right stand for your TV. The stand should be a few inches if not feed wider than the base of your TV. This would ensure that the TV comfortably sits on top of the stand and the setup would look more visually balanced.

  • Is it Better to Wall Mount a TV or Put it on a Stand?

    It is preferable to wall mount a TV as it saves you a lot of space. A mounted TV would require no stand or table which takes up a lot of space. It is also easy to hide wires with a wall-mounted TV.

  • How High Should a TV be Mounted Above a Console?

    Whether you set a TV above a console or mount it on a wall, the best height is still considered to be that the center of the TV is at the eye level of the viewer. It is almost 42 inches above the floor.

  • How Do You Adjust The Height of a TV Stand?

    The TV must stand out from the wall so you can look behind the unit. Behind you will find adjustment brackets that would help you raise the height. If the stand is adjustable, lift the base to the desired height and then use the fasteners to secure it.

  • How Do You Hide The Wires Behind The TV Stand?

    You can use cord clips to hide the wires behind the TV stand. In addition to this, use zip ties to keep your wires from touching the ground. Furthermore, you can use additional materials such as a cable management box

    You can also use a Baseboard raceway and a fabric cord concealer to hide your wires inside it.


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