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where to mount tv in living room

Where to Mount TV in Living Room – In-Depth Guide, FAQs, and More

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There is no doubt that a TV is the focal point of any living room. However, it needs to blend in with the rest of the furniture so that it looks aesthetic. 

For this, you need to consider certain factors such as a fireplace or a wall of windows. 

So how do you decide where your TV should be installed in a living room? Well, you need to keep two main points in mind: 

  1. A functional place for the TV
  2. The furniture arrangement around it.

In this post, we will walk you through all the important information you need to know when deciding where to mount a TV in the living room. 

Why is the Placement of TV Important?

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If the TV is not placed at the proper height or distance, you run the risk of headaches and eye or neck strain. 

For example, if the TV is too high, you can strain your neck. If the TV is too close, you can strain your eyes or get a really bad headache

Therefore, it is important to ensure the correct TV placement.

Important Things You Should Know…

style television

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The general rule of thumb is to determine the height of the TV by the TV size. Usually, the center of the TV is placed 42 inches above the floor.

If you need to determine where the top of the TV will lie, then simply divide the height of the TV in half and add 42 inches. 

Moreover, if you want to watch TV from bar height stools then the center of the TV should be 53 inches above the floor. Similarly, if you will be watching TV while standing most of the time, then install it 60 inches from the floor

You should never mount a TV too high on the wall. If there is a wall obstruction present such as a fireplace, then try to keep the TV as close to eye level as possible. 

Try to keep the TV height around eye level, if this is not possible then use tilting mounts to tilt the TV downward which will help avoid neck strain.

Make Watching TV Comfortable at Higher Angle

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There may be instances where you are forced to mount your TV higher on the TV wall. A TV mount such as a full-motion mount will allow you to set the TV at your required level.

A full-motion TV wall mount allows you to swivel the TV from side to side, tilt it a few degrees up or down to reduce glare, and extend away from the wall to reduce the viewing distance.


A swivel TV mount will have the requirement to install directly into wall studs. It is generally a good idea to install your TV on wooden studs if you have drywall.

Should the TV be the Focal Point of the Room?

focal point

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While most people make the TV the main focus of their living room in an attempt to make the TV more centered, we advise against it. 

Living rooms should depict the style of the owner, therefore, the main focus should be something more decorative than a TV. 

We advise you to avoid making your art and your TV become competing focal points to each other. 

TV Placement

tv placement

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It is not important that the TV be placed in the center of your living space. 

You just need to ensure that the mounting height and viewing angle allows the TV screen to be seen from all corners of the room. 

Moreover, avoid placing it above a fireplace because that can steal the focus from it. It will also be placed too high on the wall. Put your TV away from the fireplace if possible. 

Factors to Consider

TV Wall

tv wall

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Identify the number of walls that have windows and doors and the number of free walls. You would generally want to avoid walls that are already occupied by windows.

Moreover, you would also want to avoid walls where artificial or natural light would create glare on the TV screen. 



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There are two ways you can arrange the TV and the furniture together. The first one is to place the furniture and install the TV in a catty-corner to encourage more conversations. 

The second option is to install the TV and arrange the furniture so that it points towards the TV to allow direct TV watching. In this case, the main sofa would sit directly opposite the TV wall.

TV Size

tv size

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Your TV’s sweet spot can be determined by its size. If you have a large TV then you need to find a wall with more space such as an entertainment center or on top of a burning fireplace. 

Some LCD TVs appear to be blurry unless you view them at a straight angle. So wherever you mount your television, make sure that the viewing angle is considered. 

Viewing Distance

Viewing angle

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These days, the trend of a larger TV is popular. Hence, the question of “how far should you place the TV from the sofa?” arises.  

As a general rule of thumb, remember that the viewing distance for a TV is 2.5 times its diagonal length. For a high-definition television, 1.5 times its diagonal length. 

Some examples include

  • 52″ screen: 6.5 to 11 feet
  • 58″ screen: 7 to 12 feet
  • 65″ screen: 8 to 13.5 feet
  • 70″ screen: 9 to 15 feet
tv stand

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The great thing about a flat-screen TV is wall mounting. You can save a ton of space and still have a big TV.

Credenzas or consoles are also great options. They provide storage space as well as flexibility and hide cords to give a cleaner look. 

Many credenzas have drawers or baskets to camouflage components such as your Blu Ray players or your Firestick. 

Other common types of TV stands that can be used include

  • Wall unit entertainment center
  • Media chests
  • Armoire

Other TV Hanging Tips

TV Gallery Wall

tv gallery wall

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A gallery wall is a low-cost option to minimize the impact of your TV by adding artwork all around the TV to create a unique aesthetic in the family room.

Floating Entertainment Center with Mounted TV

entertainment centre

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Floating TV stands have the unique ability to have a smaller footprint as compared to traditional entertainment centers whilst hiding media components simultaneously. 

Farmhouse Living Room


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Farmhouse rooms are known to be bright and light. When you add a black TV screen, it can create an imbalance in the home decor. Therefore, using black frames or dark finishings around the TV can help restore balance to the color wheel. 

Traditional Small Room

small room

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If you have a small living room then you should consider a wall-mounted TV in the corner of the room. This can save space for furniture or windows.

How to Wall Mount a TV?

wall mount a tv

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If you have your heart set on a wall-mounted TV, then this instruction guide will walk you through the process of wall mounting a TV step-by-step.


You will find all the necessary mounting hardware in the mounting kit.

Step 1

Locate studs from a stud finder and create guide holes with pencil markings by holding the mounting bracket up against the wall at an appropriate height. 

Step 2

Drill holes where you made markings into the wooden studs. Then lift the bracket against the wall and insert screws. 


Use a level to ensure that the markings are not tilted and the bracket is installed at an equal level at all points.

Step 3

Insert mounting screws at the back of the TV and attach them to the mounting plate. Then carefully lift the TV and attach the plate to the bracket. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What TV placement is appropriate for a living room?

The room layout and space from the television should be considered. Moreover, remember that if the TV is not at eye level, you could be straining your neck and your eyes.

How high should you mount your TV?

It is a good rule of thumb to keep the center of the TV 42 inches above the floor. If the TV size is larger, then the height can be increased. 

A wall-mounted TV above a fireplace should be avoided because it can damage the TV with heat and can be too high on the wall. 

Should you put your TV in front of a window?

If your TV is mounted on the wall opposite the window, then you will face a lot of glare from natural light. Therefore, do not put your TVs in front of the window in any room. 

How should you arrange furniture in the living room if the TV is mounted in the corner?

If your TV is mounted in the corner, then you will need to arrange your furniture according to the TV placement. The main sofa should sit directly opposite the screen which means the TV will automatically become the focal point of the room. 

Moreover, you need to consider any source of lighting to be placed away from the screen to avoid glare. 


This concludes our post on “Where to Mount a TV in the Living Room”. 

Your living room is the heart of your home. Therefore, it should be decorated nicely and should give a homely feeling. You can decorate it in several ways to bring out its best image. 

Today, all houses are built with extra space in the living room to allow the easy set up of your television. If you follow this guide, you will be able to style your living room perfectly. 

Let us know if you need any more assistance from our team. 


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