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where to put dvd player with wall mount tv over fireplace

Where to Put DVD Player with Wall Mount TV Over Fireplace – Easy Guide, FAQs & More

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Your fireplaces is a great place to wall mount your TV. This is because a wall-mounted TV offers good visibility and saves space at the same time. 

Moreover, it also creates a static look for your TV. 

However, there are some problems associated with a wall-mounted television. 

You have to be careful where you put your DVD player and other hardware so that they don’t get damaged by the heat.  

If you have similar concerns, we have prepared this guide to helo you out.

Quick summary

By the end of this guide, we will go through

  • Where to put DVD player with wall mount TV over the fireplace?
  • FAQs

Let’s take a look at it.

Where to place a DVD player with wall-mounted TV over the fireplace?

dvd player

As discussed above, fireplaces are a popular space for many people to mount their TVs. They save space and are also aesthetically pleasing to look at. Fireplaces are also a central place for many living rooms and hence are perfect for your flat-screen TV. 

However, you can run into some trouble when installing your DVD or blu ray player. You need an optimal position for your hardware and also need to hide the cables. 

There are some solutions to this problem. Let’s take a look at them:

On a shelf or other furniture


This is the simplest solution. You can build a shelf or a cabinet for your DVD player and then mount it on the wall. You can also place your DVD player on other furniture such as a stand or shelf. 

The advantage of this setup is that you have your DVD players and other components in plain sight. This allows direct communication with the remote controllers. Wire management, however, can be an issue. 

The cables will be jumbled up. You can hire professional help to opt for in-wall cable management. 

On the Mantle

You can utilize the space on the mantle for placing your DVD player as well. This depends on the wide of the mantle. The mantle can also support other things such as a cable box for your flat-screen TV.  

To hide the cables, you can use wire raceways. However, if your mantle isn’t big enough, you need to consider other options discussed here.

Hiding the DVD and Blu Ray player


There is an option of hiding your DVD player and blu ray player inside a closet or in another room. You have to consider some factors before doing this.

These include: 

  • You can hide the cables by drilling holes in the wall or the furniture. Be sure that you use the correct equipment so you don’t damage your furniture.
  • We also recommend that you invest in a universal controller if you are opting for this approach. You can get one by using a wireless HDMI receiver. 
  • You also have to keep the area well ventilated. All your components can get heavily damaged if the area becomes too stuffy. The heat is also a safety hazard for you. 

You also have to keep the distance in consideration. You still have to walk to where you have placed the boxes

Hiding the DVD player behind the TV

You can easily hide your DVD player if you have a swivel wall mount. Your TV sticks out from the wall by a few inches if you use this mount so, you can easily place your DVD player here. 

To hide the wires behind the TV, you need to use adhesive hanging strips and cable clips. You can also use velcro straps to conceal the cables of your electronic devices. You can apply these strips to the back of your TV. 

Cut it in squares and apply the strips on all 4 sides of the TV. Then attach your wires to the loop and these will stick to the hooks, keeping the wires out of sight. 

To hide the wiring and cords leading to the TV, you need to use cable clips. These attach to the back of your TV and hold larger cables. 

You can also use velcro for your entertainment center. Install it on the shelves and place all your cords in it. You can hide them when not using them in this way. 

Using Decorations

Another great idea is to hide your DVD player behind the decorations. You only need to make sure that you have sufficient space. You can keep your box behind a picture frame. One way to do it is by using the corner of your room. 

It is a simple setup and gives you a flexible approach to the issue at hand. 

Investing in streaming services and streaming devices

streaming service

Investing services such as Netflix are on the rise. You only need to make an account and you can view your favorite shows without using other devices. 

They are very easy to set up and are also affordable. If you have a smart TV, you can install the streaming service app on your TV. 

You can also purchase streaming devices. They are considerably smaller than a DVD player. You can also purchase mounts that fit perfectly for these devices. You can use adhesive for mounting the box on the back of your flat-screen TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you want to hide your DVD player, there are some customers who have some questions. Your DVD may need some more space or there may be an issue with the disc. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Can the fireplace damage my DVD player?


Yes, the heat from the fireplace can heavily damage your DVD player and its electrical components. You need to reroute the heat from your fireplace before placing your DVD player. 

How do I connect a DVD player to a TV?

To connect your DVD player, you need to plug in all the related wires. These include the HDMI cable and other cords that are plugged into your smart TV. Then insert the power cable into the electrical outlet. Then, insert a DVD to test it out. 

How can I hide the wires behind my TV?

There are multiple ways to conceal your wires. These include: 

  • Cable clips to hide wires behind TV
  • Zip ties to bundle the wires 
  • Wire raceways to keep the cables on the walls

Can my TV be wider than the fireplace? 

Yes, you can have a TV that is larger or smaller than your fireplace. The general rule of thumb is to not have a TV that is much bigger than your fireplace. 

Why isn’t my DVD player working with the TV?

dvd player not working

First, you need to make sure that your DVD player is plugged into your wall-mounted TV. Also, make sure that the TV wires are safely mounted. In case of defective output, we recommend that you change the wiring. 

Wrapping things Up

DVD players are a popular accessory that goes with a wall-mount TV. You can put them with cable boxes and other components in the house to plug into the flat-panel TV. 

However, you can run into some problems if you want to conceal the DVD player. We hope that this guide will help you solve those issues and give you a better experience when you watch TV. 

With this, we reach the end of our article on “Where to Put DVD Player with Wall Mount TV Over Fireplace?

Let us know what you think in the comments below. 


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