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how do tv wall mounts work

How do TV Wall Mounts Work? Everything You Need To Know

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TV wall mounts help hold your TV with proper support. They are not visible from behind the TV and do not damage your wall if you install them properly. 

You can install your own TV mounts in your home with a few simple steps. While professionals can also help mount your TV, it will only add to the cost.

Therefore, in this post, we will discuss how TV wall mounts work and how to install them.

wall mounts work

Types of Wall Mounts

Generally, there are three types of wall mounts:

  • Fixed Mounts: Basic mounts that are fixed to the wall and cannot be repositioned.
  • Tilt Mounts: These mounts can be tilted a few degrees up or down.
  • Full Motion Mounts: These mounts come with a moveable arm that can be easily positioned.

What is VESA?

vesa holes

VESA stands for video electronics standard association that was established as a standard interface to help you decide the size of mount for your TV.

VEST patterns help you choose the best wall mount that matches the specifications of your TV in terms of:

  • Weight
  • Size 
  • Distance between mounting points

Mounts adjusted to the VESA standard have measurements in millimeters. This will determine whether the holes on the bracket are compatible with the holes on the back of your TV.

Weight of the TV

Remember that even if VESA ensures the bracket holes are compatible with your TV, it does not necessarily mean the mount can support the weight of your TV

You need to find a sturdy mount that will support the size and weight of your TV. 

It is important to research and go through your TV’s manual thoroughly before you buy a TV Mount. 

tv mount

Step-by-Step Guide On How to Install Your Wall Mount

Step 1

Determine the weight of your TV. 

While flat screens are getting thinner by the day, they are not lightweight because they are available in much larger sizes as compared to before. 

For drywall to support the weight of your TV, you need to find the studs.

Use a stud finder to locate the wooden support beams so that your wall is not damaged from the weight of the TV.

Step 2

You need to position your TV perfectly before you fix it on the wall. Hold the TV up against the wall and mark the corners to determine the exact place where it will be mounted.

Step 3

Now you have to fix the bracket. 

Hold the mount bracket against the wall and mark the points where you have to drill. Then you should drill in point holes first and use drill bits later on. 

These drill bits should be the size of the bracket’s bolt holes. 

Step 4

The mount comes in two parts:

  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Plate

So once you have installed the bracket on the wall, you need to attach your TV to the mounting plate. You will find attachment holes on the back of your TV where you will attach the plate.

Step 5

Before you attach the plate to the hooks of the bracket on the wall, you should plug all the cables with your TV. 

After you attach the TV, there will be little space behind it for you to plug cables.

Tools Needed for Installment

To install the mount into the wall properly, you will need the following equipment:

Stud Finder


Source: Reddit

Mount bolts go deep inside the wall to ensure support for your TV. If these bolts are drilled into hollow spaces of the wall and the TV is mounted on them then the entire wall can fall apart.

Therefore, use a stud finder to find studs in the wall where the bolts will be drilled into.



You will need the right drill bits to drill the wall. There are two options you can choose from:

  • Masonry bits
  • Twist bits


screw driver

A screwdriver will help you fix your TV to the bracket.

Tape Measure

tape measure

A measuring tape will help you determine if the markings are equal and the height of the TV is accurate.

Additional Tools

These tools are optional and can be used if required:

  • Level
  • Spanner
  • Spirit Level
  • Paper Template

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of wall mount do you need?

The type of wall mount you need will depend on your requirements and your TV. 

Three types of wall mounts can be used:

  • Fixed: Basic mounts that cannot move.
  • Tilt: Mounts that can move a few degrees up or down.
  • Full Motion: Mounts have arms that allow the TV to be repositioned.

How do you hide cables without making holes in your wall?

You can use the following methods to hide cables:

  • Fabric Cord Concealer
  • Zip Ties to prevent cables from touching the floor
  • Baseboard Raceway 
  • Cord Clips to hide cables behind the TV stand
  • Cable Management Box
  • Wall Cord Raceway Kit

How can I know if my wall will support my TV?

You can use stud finders to determine where the wall studs are located and mount your TV on them. Do not attempt to mount the TV with anchors because they will eventually give away and your wall and TV will be damaged.

Is it better to use a wall mount or a TV stand?

TV mounts are huge space savers. It is perfect for people who do not have space for large entertainment centers. TV mounts are extremely helpful and they are the modern household design.

At the End of the Day

We have reached the end of our post on “How Do TV Wall Mounts Work”. 

TV mounts help save space and installing them yourself saves up additional costs. 

When you want to mount your TV, make sure you read the instruction manual of the TV to find its measurements. 

Moreover, research the right type of mount for your TV before purchasing one. A VESA-compliant mount that supports the size and weight of your TV is perfect for you. 

Remember to follow the guide to ensure that your wall holds the weight of the TV properly. 

If you have any questions, let us know!


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