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Best Ceiling TV Mount

Best Ceiling TV Mount – Top 5 Reviews, In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

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Table could not be displayed. You might have noticed that people think a lot before getting a TV for their home or office spaces. A decade or so earlier, big-screen TVs were expensive, and not many people could afford them. Today, however, TVs have become smaller, but space has become expensive. So, keeping a fully-fledged TV on a table or attaching it to a corner is a space-consuming affair. Even if you manage to set up your TV on a table, you might have difficulty managing its viewing angles and cables. It is why many people turn their focus to ceiling TV mounts, which allow you to hang the TV from the ceiling surface. Compared to traditional TV stands and even corner TV mounts, ceiling TV mounts offer many advantages. Depending on what you are getting the mount for, you can choose between multiple options. For instance, you can select a motorized or manual TV mount. The expansion mechanism also varies and includes options like flip-down and drop-down. At the same time, you should pay attention to other factors like the maximum TV size, ease of installation, overall compatibility, and specific wall placement options. In short, the best TV ceiling mount will bring together the best of all these aspects, thereby providing an easy way to set up a TV in a space-efficient manner. But, as you can see, choosing the best ceiling TV mount for you can be a daunting task for many. You do not have to worry, though; we are here to help. Over the past decade, we have used many ceiling TV mounts for our homes and office spaces. Since we are so committed to space efficiency, we had to come up with strict selection criteria. We have turned all these insights into a comprehensive buying guide in this article. First, we shall explore some of the best ceiling TV mounts you can get from the market. After that, we shall answer some of the common doubts you may have about these devices. We have carefully picked five ceiling TV mounts, including two winner picks and three alternatives. We believe it must give you enough options for different spaces like houses, airports, hotels, restaurants, and outdoor spaces. Of course, we will mention what each TV mount is the best for. So, now that you know about choosing a suitable ceiling TV mount for your needs, shall we explore what the best ceiling TV mounts from the market today have to offer?

Best Ceiling TV Mount

Best Overall: WALI TV Ceiling Mount

WALI TV Ceiling Mount Specs:
  • TV Size: 26 to 65 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 26 inches
  • Tilt Angle: +25 and -25 degrees
We recommend choosing the WALI TV Ceiling Mount if you need a heavy-duty ceiling TV mount for various spaces. It is a pretty powerful ceiling mount in that it can support TV models from different categories, both flat and curved ones. The adjustment options are also on par with our expectations in terms of range as well as reliability. Regardless of where you would like to put the TV mount, it comes with suitable parts for a quick installation procedure. It is also significant that you do not have to spend too much money on the product. First, we have to consider the compatibility of the ceiling mount to understand if it works with your TV model. Likely, you will not have any problem. The mount can support display units that have a size of 26 to 65 inches. The maximum size of 65 inches means that you can use the ceiling mount for information display units and immersive TV experiences in commercial spaces. Installing the WALI TV Ceiling Mount requires a VESA mounting hole pattern of 400x400mm to 100x100mm. You may have problems if you have a TV with an extraordinarily larger or small VESA mount pattern. As far as the extendable design is concerned, the TV mount is suitable for an incredible variety of purposes, including airports, dental clinics, restaurants, etc. Thanks to its solid steel construction, you do not have to worry about the product’s build quality. The well-built mount can hold your TV securely for the years to come. It can handle up to 110lbs of weight, which is a practical limit as far as TV models are concerned. It is also worth noting that you can install the WALI TV Ceiling Mount on flat and sloped ceilings. If you have a tiny home where you would like to keep the TV as compact as possible, this feature will come in handy. Last but not least, the construction quality leaves space for cable management so that the installation looks more organized and neater. But the product package does not offer any cable management-focused tools. As you can guess, customization is the biggest reason to have a product like the WALI TV Ceiling Mount. Even though it may seem simple, it allows room for a 360-degrees swivel, 25 degrees of tilt down, and minor level adjustments. You can also rotate the screen to both ways, 3 degrees each. More importantly, you can adjust the length of the connection pole from 19.4 inches to 34.7 inches using 2-inch intervals. Once you have fixed the optimal height for your TV setup, tilting or adjusting the display according to your ongoing needs will be effortless. In short, setting up the WALI TV Ceiling Mount is the first step of exploring an infinite set of custom angles and viewing positions. Last but not least, the installation process for the WALI TV Ceiling Mount does not take more than a minute. The package contains everything you need to secure your TV on the mount. It also includes a User Manual, which comes in handy more frequently than you think. Last but not least, WALI also offers a 10-year warranty with the product. We like to see this protection offering as a symbol of how confident the makers are when it comes to the product’s durability. In short, this super-ergonomic ceiling TV mount checks all the boxes for a reliable ceiling TV mount.


  • It is suitable for a variety of residential/commercial spaces
  • You can enjoy a super-smooth installation and setup process
  • Heavy-duty construction can handle up to 110lbs of weight
  • Best-in-class tilt, swivel, and level adjustment options
  • Works great with flat, sloped, and vaulted ceiling designs


  • It is not suitable for smaller-sized TVs for homes
  • Limited support for some VESA mount patterns

Runner-up: Mount-It! TV Ceiling Mount Bracket

Mount-It! TV Ceiling Mount Bracket Specs:
  • TV Size: 22 to 75 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 22 inches
  • Tilt Angle: +25 degrees
If you think your current TV model does not work with our first pick, you should check out the Mount-It! TV Ceiling Mount Bracket. It is a cost-effective TV ceiling mount that can accommodate large TV models without a hassle. In the end, you do not have to worry about the build quality, either. As you can guess from the price tag, the product is a manual TV mount; you do not get a remote control. On the bright side, you can use it in various circumstances, including residential and commercial spaces. Compared to our first pick, the Mount-It! TV Ceiling Mount Bracket is more compatible with a wide variety of TV models across the market. This mount can accommodate any TV with a display size of between 22 and 75 inches. The maximum compatibility size of 75 inches means that you can use the product in places where you need an extra-large display unit. When it comes to the VESA mount patterns, the product offers support for 200×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300, 400×400, 600×200, 600×300, and 600x400mm. As you can see, in spite of its support for 22-inch models, lower VESA mount patterns like 100×100 or 75x75mm are not on the compatibility list. You may have concerns over build quality while choosing a ceiling TV mount with a full-motion design. But it is an irrational fear when talking about this model. The product can handle up to 110lbs of weight, which is excellent for most uses. The manufacturer has used alloy steel for the entire construction, thus offering peace of mind for most people. Whether or not you have a flat ceiling, you can set up this product on the wall. For instance, if you happen to have an angled/sloped ceiling, adjusting the mount will not be a tricky task. It has been designed for maximum customizability on the other end. In particular, the ceiling TV mount has been made for flat-screen LED and OLED TVs. Like our first pick, the Mount-It! TV Ceiling Mount Bracket also offers ultimate control when it comes to angle and level adjustment. You can get started with a tilt-down option up to 25 degrees, combined with 360 degrees of full swivel. It means you can set up your TV to face any side you want. In addition, you can count on the bottom-part swivel of up to 60 degrees, which is more useful when you install the mount to a sloped ceiling. We must also add that the manufacturer has tested the product for 3x the capacity of 110lbs. Last but not least, you can adjust the height between 22 inches and 35.8 inches. Even though the minimum figure is low, we believe the range is incredible for what you pay. Of course, there are a couple of features that make the Mount-It! TV Ceiling Mount Bracket is an incredible TV mount package. For instance, you can adjust the height in 2-inch intervals. Similarly, the mount comes with specific routes that you can use for cable management. More importantly, the adjustable ceiling plate can make the product suitable for different circumstances. Finally, of course, it goes in sync with the product’s support for TVs with screens as large as 75 inches. In this department alone, our runner-up pick is better than our winner pick.


  • You can extend the TV ceiling mount to up to 35.8 inches
  • The full-motion design allows -25 degrees tilt and 360-degrees swivel
  • Built-in cable management and routing options
  • Can handle up to 75-inch TV models and up to 110lbs weight
  • Premium-quality construction using alloy steel


  • Limited support for VESA mount patterns
  • It does not offer two-way tilt options

Alternative: Everstone Full motion TV Ceiling Mount

Everstone Full Motion TV Ceiling Mount Specs:
  • TV Size: 28 to 55 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 28 inches
  • Tilt: +3 and -15 degrees
You should consider getting the Everstone Full motion TV Ceiling Mount if you need a cheaper alternative to the products we have picked for the winner/runner-up position. Despite being more affordable, this product offers the same level of protection as the other ones for your TV. In addition, thanks to the level adjustment and height optimization options, you can enjoy a superior TV viewing experience all day. However, you might have to deal with some compromises. Compatibility is indeed a strong point of the Everstone Full motion TV Ceiling Mount. You can use the mount to accommodate TV models with a size between 28 inches and 55 inches. On the other hand, the device has limited support for VESA mount patterns. The maximum limit is 400x400mm. However, like the other picks on the list, this product is also suitable for flat and vaulted ceiling designs. Last but not least, it can hold up to 66lbs of weight. You should have fewer expectations when it comes to customizability, though. For instance, you can adjust the height between 19.3 inches and 29.17 inches. Similarly, when it comes to tilting, you have support for up to 15 degrees backward. Like the other products, you can enjoy up to 360 degrees of the swivel as well. It does not have an option for level adjustment at the mount level, though. Fortunately, the package comes with almost everything you need for a customized installation process. Overall, if you are ready to make a few compromises, you can count on the Everstone Full motion TV Ceiling Mount.


  • It comes with affordable pricing
  • Suitable for small and large TV models
  • Support for 100x100mm VESA mount pattern
  • Efficient tilt and swivel options
  • Suitable for different types of ceiling designs


  • It lacks level adjustment options
  • It supports only limited height adjustment

Alternative: MVPmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount

Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount Bracket Specs:
  • TV Size: 14 to 42 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 14 inches
  • Tilt: +5 and -20 degrees
We think you should go for the MVPmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount if you have a smaller TV that you want to mount to the ceiling. Unlike the previous picks, this model does not have many fancy features. It is also a reason why you have to pay very little. After going through the specifications, we believe the product is suitable for tiny homes and office spaces. On a similar note, we cannot recommend it for larger-sized TVs in the market. Compared to other products on the list, the MVPmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount has limited size and model compatibility. Your TV needs to have a screen size of 14 inches to 42 inches to accommodate the mount. The device can handle up to 66lbs of weight, which covers standard TV models. When we take the case of VESA mount design, though, you have support for up to 200x200mm only. So, if you have a model with a different pattern, you need to look further. There is ample room for customization, though. You can enjoy a 360-degree swivel, which is a must-have for most ceiling TV mounts. However, you get a tilt range of 5 to 20 degrees, which is a problem. As far as height adjustment is concerned, you can choose between 21 inches and 35 inches. However, the spacing is limited to only 4.5 inches, which may not be convenient for everyone. On the bright side, the mount comes with a lot of cable management options. In short, the MVPmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount is great for those who have a small-sized TV at their home or office.


  • The product comes with affordable pricing
  • Included cable management options
  • Suitable for TVs as small as 14 inches
  • Standard height adjustment options
  • Simplified Installation process


  • Minimal level adjustment options
  • Only a 4.5-inch height adjustment interval

Alternative: Suptek Ceiling TV Mount

Suptek Ceiling TV Mount Specs:
  • TV Size: 26 to 55 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 26 inches
  • Tilt: -15 degrees
Here is our third alternative for those who need a reliable ceiling TV mount for their various needs. The Suptek Ceiling TV Mount does not compromise a bit when it comes to features and build quality. Instead, you can find a stable way to keep your TVs secure while spending a relatively less amount. Furthermore, unlike the other two alternatives, this product does not want you to settle for lower limits, either. In short, we believe it is a pick worth checking out. There are a few things that the Suptek Ceiling TV Mount gets right from the basics. For instance, you can set up almost any device with 26 inches and 55 inches screens using the mount. It can also handle up to 100lbs of weight, which is relatively higher for the price you pay. In addition, because the device is supposed to fit large TVs, you have VESA pattern support for up to 400x400mm. Last but not least, all parts of the mount are designed with proper care. You can also enjoy standard options for customization. For instance, you can tilt up to 15 degrees, which is impressive. On the other side, the mount supports 180 degrees of swivel: 90 degrees to both sides. You can use these features combined to ensure the best viewing angles. Height adjustability is a little limited, as you have to choose between 23.6 inches and 39.4 inches. The mount comes with options for cable management as well. In short, the Suptek Ceiling TV Mount is a comprehensive package that you can count on for keeping a TV safe.


  • It comes with an affordable pricing
  • The product supports up to -15 degrees tilt
  • Offers a comprehensive setup package
  • Wider height adjustment options
  • Extensive support for VESA mounts


  • Only four levels of height adjustment points
  • It supports only a 180-degrees swivel

Ceiling TV Mount FAQ

Can you use a TV wall mount on a ceiling?

Can you use a TV wall mount on a ceiling?

Yes, you can use a TV wall mount on a ceiling if you have access to a specialized TV mount. However, you cannot use a traditional TV mount to attach it to a ceiling if you are wondering. Instead, you need a device that can offer the right amount of support for your TV or display unit. More importantly, you may have different needs, like the ability to change angles. For instance, you may have to swivel and tilt the screen in order to ensure the best viewing angles and reduce glare. In the same way, you may have to extend and retract the TV screen if you want to save more space. As a result, there is no single TV ceiling mount that works for everyone. Instead, you have an option to choose a good TV ceiling mount based on the specific requirements. For example, one TV wall mount for ceilings may work for most homes but fail to be a good option for restaurants, airports, or hospitals. On the other hand, there are some instances where folded-down storage is necessary. It could be the sole reason why people have opted for a ceiling TV wall mount instead of a TV stand in the first place. Therefore, while you can choose a variety of TV wall mounts on a ceiling, you should select only the further optimized pick. Otherwise, you cannot avail of the many advantages that made you choose a ceiling mount for your TV in the first place. An important thing to notice is the weight. That is, the mount must be able to handle the maximum weight of your TV setup.

How far from the ceiling should you mount the TV?

How far from the ceiling should you mount the TV Unfortunately, there is no works-for-everyone answer to this question. The distance you have to maintain between the ceiling and the TV depends on many things, especially the purpose. For instance, suppose you are setting up the television for your studio bedroom. In that case, even if you keep the display a little closer to the ceiling, you can adjust the furniture for a better viewing experience. On the other hand, if you want to keep the TV as an information panel, it should not be placed that high. If you do that, you might end up ruining the viewing experience for the people around you. Considering these aspects, you should have a TV mount wall bracket that supports the ideal height. Fortunately, most ceiling TV mounts come with adjustable height options. Thus, you can choose the right size within a range. For instance, you may be able to maintain a range between 20 inches and 50 inches. Thanks to better design languages, a ceiling TV mount will have selectable intervals as well. For instance, you can adjust the height at 2-inch intervals, which is excellent. As you can guess, it is also possible to avail adjustment options like fully-fledged rotation and tilting.

Do TV mounts fall?

Do TV mounts fall? Under normal circumstances, TV mounts do not fall. However, if you make the following mistakes, there is a higher chance that the TV mount will compromise its reliability amidst the working period. If any of these happens, your TV mount might fall, thus damaging the giant TV that you have attached using the device:
  • You have not tightened the screws properly
  • You are using a TV with a weight beyond the recommended limit
  • You have not attached the VESA mount design to the backplate properly
  • You have not set up the backplate correctly against the ceiling
  • You forgot to tighten the screws for areas that control swivel and rotate
It is one of the reasons why you have to ensure maximum device compatibility before choosing a ceiling TV mount for your device. Otherwise, you may end up with a broken TV that does not do anything. On the bright side, if you follow the installation instructions from the maker, you can avoid these situations.

Can a TV be too heavy to mount?

Can a TV be too heavy to mount In most cases, TVs are not too heavy to mount. However, there are exceptions in every case. As we said in the introduction, TVs have become slim and lightweight over time. Therefore, a ceiling wall mount with top capacities of 100lbs of 110lbs is enough to mount almost every TV model out there. These TV mounts are tested and rated for 2x, or 3x the maximum supported weight in most cases. For instance, even when a mount says it can house up to 100lbs, it would be designed to support a maximum weight of 150lbs or 200lbs. But, of course, you have to stick to the recommended limits if you want the product to live long. Keeping this in mind, we can assume that a TV will not be too heavy to mount. But there could be cases of exception, especially while talking about old-generation TVs.


What do you think about the ceiling TV mounts we have covered above? We have tried to pick some of the best options in the market, offering at least one option for every need. In addition, most of the products support a maximum weight of 100lbs, which gives us peace of mind on most days. It means you do not have to worry about the TV falling or being too heavy for the mount. Install your tv’s today using our #1 rated service!


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