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10 worst tv brands list: According to 2022 customer experience

10 Worst TV Brands List in 2023: According to Customer Experience

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The TV enterprise has changed dramatically recently, and many brands are becoming outdated as generation advances.

So, before buying, you should know the list of the worst TV brands to avoid.

Especially be careful of retailers who give you an appealing deal to remove their outdated stock.

This article will list the 10 worst TV brands in 2023 and evaluate each brand’s highlighted features, durability, and customer experience.

How to know which tv brand is the worst?

When you get down to purchasing a television, the first considerable component is cost. Mostly, meager prices are the hallmark of the worst television brands.

Other indicators that let you know the worst tv brands:

  • The lousy customer service.
  • Poor Build Quality
  • No Guarantee.
  • Tiny display size.

And last, the reviews of clients who have used these tv brands and had the worst experience. If there are more negative reviews than positives, that’s a no go brand. 

10 worst TV brands list Based On Various Factors

We have researched and picked the list of the 10 worst TV brands with bad reviews based on their features and consumer evaluations.

Here are the worst tv brands to avoid in 2022.

1. RCA

Score 56%

You might have heard the name RC, especially considering that it makes some of the most inexpensive 4k television on the market. 

They have a vast list of satisfied users, but it comes in the worst list because of a few issues with their TVs.

What I don’t like is that RCA television gives confined HDR help. And also, it has a slender viewing attitude. As a result, the high-quality display is so-so. It’s not ideal, but it’s sufficient for the majority.

RCA TVs have an excellent design, and the build is likewise proper. However, the UI is simple and smooth to apply with a cheap price tag. It also has impressive capabilities and an excellent audio system set.

Whereas, before buying RCA television, ensure you undergo all of their everyday issues and examine the clients’ critiques s it considers amongst the worst tv brand list due to

● Limited HDR support

● So-so picture high-quality

● Slender viewing angles

● Inconvenient port placement

● There may be no nearby dimming.

2. Westinghouse

Score: 57%

Westinghouse is some other less costly 4k tv with a nice layout and a less expensive fee tag.

It’s a bit highly-priced than RCA, but the image fine is a lot better, and it has more outstanding features, such as the ability to perform as an intelligent television.

However, Westinghouse could be better. For example, they don’t have several TVs on their website and only offer a few designated facts about their products.

But what I like most about Westinghouse TVs is that they have a pleasant layout.

In addition, they have an excellent assessment ratio, and a voice far off that works thoroughly with Alexa.

Even though the Westinghouse TVs are charming however lack deep blacks in 4k and different crucial features, just like the Westinghouse Roku-led tv. 

Test out some different drawbacks you should recognize earlier than buying, as the worst tv brands list is available everywhere to examine before making a purchase.

If you want more significance, you could examine our Westinghouse tv review.

● Lacks deep blacks in 4k

● Common viewing angles

● The colors are a touch skewed.

3. Sanyo

Score: 58%

The next is Sanyo in the worst tv brands list. It’s a Japanese brand that has introduced many good quality TVs in the last decade. But, sadly, its picture quality is poor compared to the latest high dynamic range TVs.

It may be a good choice for those with low finances who wish to get a 4k tv.

However, it wasn’t always terrible. Unfortunately, it has given more than one minor flaw, which can irritate TV owners.

The most critical issue is that the product lasts only a year or so. It spoils soon after purchase.

Still, the worst part is Sanyo company does not offer a repair. Having said that, product shelf life and customer service remain the most critical issue.

Also, Sanyo TV has HDMI ports in its 4k resolution. But HADMI 2.0 operates at 60 Hz. which is not a reasonable refresh rate for high-end gaming consoles. 

Notwithstanding being an appealing television, most of its users aren’t satisfied with the first-class of this model.

Right here is our entire Sanyo television evaluation, which could help select the precise match for your residing room.

Check out a few other drawbacks of the Sanyo TV, which its users say.

● Negative black ranges

● Neighborhood dimming is useless.

● Restrained, smart television services


4. Sceptre

Score: 61%

Sceptre television is another Chinese language corporation supplying a genuinely low-priced 4k television with an excellent design and a great evaluation ratio.

It has numerous intelligent features, voice control, google home integration, and smart TV options.

What I don’t like about this tv is that it has a few problems with the photo quality and the innovative features could be more developed. In addition, the sound volume is very low, which is unfortunate.

However, one of the most demanding matters in Sceptre TVs is the fact that they have a bad viewing angle. According to our market research, it comes under the worst tv brand lists provided by the users and market research surveys.

Here is a short list of the common scepter tv problems that make it count in the worst smart tv brands.

● Smart capabilities are chunks best underdeveloped

● Several troubles with photographing nice

● Susceptible quantity

Also, check our blog post on 7 Common Sceptre TV Problems

5. Hitachi

score: 51%

Hitachi television is a Japanese television brand with long records. So, it could be a surprise for you to see this name on our worst tv brands list.

It isn’t always the worst tv brand, but it doesn’t stay as much as its recognition.

I like its low cost; however, the sound quality is terrible, and the image is nice & mediocre.

The display is likewise vulnerable to blinking. I additionally assume the after-sale carrier is mediocre at first-class.

All in all, it isn’t bad. However, it is not incredible both. Take a look at some maximum commonplace troubles and what users have to say approximately Hitachi TVs.

● The sound quality is terrible.

● Display blinking problem

● Limited smart functions

● Mediocre photograph 

● Poor after-sale offerings

6. FFalcon

score: 49%

FFalcon is another Chinese tv brand in the worst tv brands list that sells 4k TVs at the cheapest price. However, it has a pleasing layout, and its 4k television has quite appealing functions.

However, some of FFalcon tvs’ most essential drawbacks are a low contrast ratio, wrong viewing perspective, bad color accuracy, and unimpressive smart features.

The sound quality is also quite disappointing. It doesn’t have a perfect sound device with numerous bass audio systems, which could be very annoying.

Right here are the commonplace falcon tv issues pronounced by the customers.

● Bad coloration accuracy

● Low comparison ratio

● Smart features aren’t very comprehensive.

● Awful viewing angles

7. Insignia:

Rating: 65%

Another on the list of Worst TV Brands to Avoid is Insignia. There is no doubt that this one is among the highest television sellers. However, their 4k TVs need to be better.

There are some appropriate capabilities of insignia’s smart television. But there are also a few things that I don’t like in this TV.

First, it is very tough to navigate the settings. I don’t even recognize wherein to begin.

2nd, the smart features are not very advanced. For example, enabling subtitles on a video or movie is complicated and sometimes impossible. Finally, the TV offers limited HDR support.

Here is a list of some of the issues which are associated with insignia TVs.

● Picture quality does not get any higher

● Mediocre sound quality

● The settings are tough to navigate.

Read More: Is Insignia a Good Brand of Smart TV?

8. Onida

Onida is an Indian TV brand. The company was founded in 1981 in Mumbai, where they started the business with great enthusiasm and ambition to grow as a leading TV brand.

In the beginning, they named it MIRC electronics which later changed to Onida.

In the beginning, television manufacturers got a good market reputation. So, they sold great quality TVs in the 80s and 90s. 

But as each brand changed their ways to adopt innovative and latest TV technologies in the modern day. But, unfortunately, Onida refused to do so. 

As a result, this TV brand did not meet customers’ expectations of a modern TV. Because they did not serve what people wanted in the latest TVs, they failed to get customers subsequently. 

As a result, we now count this TV in the Worst TV brands List.


9. Videocon

The Videocon is an Indian Brand that was founded in 1985. It was loved and trusted by the local buyers. 

Gradually, Videocon TVs got global recognition and were trusted by buyers across the globe.

The brand failed to meet the latest TV standards for poor marketing strategy and failure to meet customers’ expectations. 

Videocon tried to run their business on the same traditional lines in the fastest era of developing TV technologies daily. As a result, they did not adopt the best technologies to deliver cutting-edge TV technology features. 

Picture quality and sound are not up to the mark. Therefore, it is ranked as the Worst TV brands List. 

Time is changing, so is the era, and so is the need. We all want precise great pics, technologies, and capabilities for our tv.

At the same time, a brand, like Videocon, is left in the back. It turned into the worst-rated tv brand; however, people now think about other brands in their homes rather than keeping an old-tech videocon television. The quality function is the component that the brand fails to achieve

10. Intex

Intex TV brand was introduced in 1996. Although it is a 24-year-old name in the enterprise of television, nonetheless, it has been a little gradual in adopting new modifications in its models and technologies.

The identity began with the aid of introducing their mobiles in the united states of America and came on to manufacturing televisions; however, it couldn’t get that well-known in contrast to other names in the market.

They have failed to supply the best level of consumer remarks and a fantastic variety of assurance. It also lacks the modern-day type of applied sciences; it is ranked the worst tv brand in 2022

Mistakes to avoid when buying a TV

Everyone can make mistakes when buying a TV. Any uninformed person can buy the worst TV brand and regret it in the coming years. Because TV is quite expensive, the average American buys a TV after ten years.

Hence, we don’t know which tv brand is the worst. So here are the errors to avoid when shopping for a TV to provide a bit of a heads-up specifically for neophyte TV consumers.

1. Opting for smaller TVs

As mentioned, the recreation that TV manufacturers play now is going massive. Large screens embody the factor of innovating closer to LED, OLED, and hybrid image and sound technologies.
Giving you an incredible enjoyment journey should be a goal of a good TV.

It is an excellent decision to buy a bigger screen size. That would be convenient for the whole family to enjoy a show or movie. Additionally, it will give you a robust viewing experience.

2. Pay attention to the sound

The sound quality of a TV is an important factor to keep in mind while buying a TV for your home or office.

It would help if you had a TV with excellent sound quality and bass for a bigger room or an office setup.

Some TVs have an ARC port-supported system that enables you to connect the sound bars to the TV through an HDMI port.

Please check the sound quality simultaneously when buying a TV by playing some good music on the TV.

3. HDMI Ports

Many connectivity options enable you to connect all your gaming consoles and sound bars to the TV.

More than one USB port will also increase the connectivity options.
The latest TV brands have included two or more HDMI 2.1 ports.

Choosing a TV with HDMI 2.1 port will allow you to connect your latest gaming consoles. And you will enjoy a stutter-free video with the lowest input lag.

So buy a TV with at least 2 HDMI 2.0 ports to have an excellent gaming experience.

4. Voice Assisstant and Smart Features

It is essential to buy a TV with a voice assistant feature. That makes the search for your favorite TV show on the smart TV a lot easier.

Many TVs with advanced TV features have Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, etc., to make the search process hassle-free.

Additionally, look out for a TV with smart TV options like Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, etc., to stream your favorite TV show on demand. It also allows you to live-stream Youtube content.

Buying such a TV will enable you to watch your favorite show on TV whenever you want.

5. Resolution

TVs with 4k refresh rate and UHD screen resolution are the best screen resolution you might want.

4k resolution gives four times more pixels than the conventional ones.
UHD TV gives you a screen resolution of 3840x 2160, which means you will view a finer quality image without pixels, no matter how fast the video speed is. You will view it in the same cinematic settings.


  • What is the cheapest TV brand?

    TCL 4K 6-Series Google TV is the cheapest tv brand. It has good contrast and coloring, as well as a huge number of features thanks to its Smart Tv interface.
    Its far-field headset endorses hands-free Alexa, and you could even use Google Lineup to reflect your Smartphone or Chrome tab. Most relevantly, it is less than $1,000 for 65 inches.

  • 2- What are OLED TVs, and why are they popular in the TV industry?

    OLED TVs, short for Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs, are known for their excellent image quality and contrast. Each pixel emits its light, allowing for deeper blacks and vibrant colors. They are popular because of their ability to deliver stunning picture quality.

  • 3- Which TV brands are considered reliable in the market?

    Reliable TV brands typically include well-established names like Samsung, Sony, and LG. These brands are known for their quality and durability.

  • 4- What should I consider when looking to buy a new TV with the best image quality?

    When buying a TV for excellent image quality, focus on factors like OLED technology, Dolby Vision support, and 4K UHD resolution. Brands like Sony and LG often excel in this regard.

  • 5- Are there budget-friendly TVs with limited smart features available?

    Yes, there are budget TVs with limited smart features. Brands like Hisense and Vizio offer affordable options without compromising on image quality.

  • 6- What are the two main TV resolutions commonly found in the market?

    The two main TV resolutions are 1080p (Full HD) and 4K (Ultra HD). Full HD provides good quality, while 4K offers higher resolution for sharper and more detailed images.


We aim to give you the most comprehensive grasp of the worst TV brands list to avoid on the market today. So, we covered the most complicated models in this information to assist you in making the proper choice.

Buying a tv is a long-term investment, so preferring a lower-priced deal over the best one is not a great pick. However, cheap deals are always appealing. It’s true that we frequently make terrible decisions when enticed at a low price.

Before making a purchase, check the TV’s specs to ensure you are not getting an old-fashioned model.

Never trust a TV company with nameless names because most of them cheaply build TVs. These low-profile manufacturers are no longer worth buying and will waste your time and money.

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