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how to mount a tv outside on vinyl siding

How to Mount a TV Outside on Vinyl Siding – Easy Guide, FAQs, Tips & More

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You just built a new patio with a vinyl siding of the house but you do not know how to mount a TV without crushing the vinyl underneath?

There is no need to worry because you can find the complete guide on how to accomplish this task in this post. 

We will walk you through the different ways in which you can mount your outdoor TV on the vinyl siding. Moreover, we will also discuss alternative solutions for this task as well. 

Mounting on Vinyl

There are two ways through which you can mount on the vinyl sidings. The first one is your standard mounting technique while the second one requires you to cut a hole through the vinyl.

Standard Mounting

vinyl mount

Depending on the type of mount your choose to place outside, you can bolt it down to wooden studs. You can also use a large mount master box with a wooden inside.

You should use lag bolts of 2×4 bolted horizontally to the studs in the wall. Add some spacers to the mounting holes to provide a solid support for the TV. Then bolt the TV to the 2×4. 

Make sure that you bolt the TV to the wood, not the vinyl.


Add washers to the lag bolts under the 2×4 to avoid spacers from crushing the vinyl.

How to find studs underneath vinyl sidings?


Image Courtesy: Reddit

There is a joist connecting the first and the second floor. You can measure the distance between the top of a window up to the ceiling. 

Then go outside and take the same measure on the vinyl siding from the top of the window and add 6 inches

Cutting the Vinyl

cutting vinyl

Image Courtesy: Reddit

Another method to install an outdoor mount on a vinyl siding is to cut through the vinyl. Since there is always a chance the vinyl could get crushed under the weight of the mount. 

You can add a trim coil to the part of the vinyl that is cut out and then use J-channel to trim around the open mounting areas. 


J-channels are quite practical. They help to channel and keep water out of the mounting area.


As mentioned earlier in the post, there is always a risk that the drilling or the weight of the mount could crush the vinyl. Moreover, cutting through the vinyl siding to mount a TV is not very practical either. 

Therefore, you could install a TV outside through the following alternatives. 

Ceiling Mounts

ceiling mount

Image Courtesy: Reddit

You can hang your TV from the ceiling of the patio as well. You can use a sturdy 2 or 3-foot pole attached to the ceiling of the patio that will carry your TV. 

This method is the most convenient one because it allows you to install a TV on the patio without ruining the vinyl siding. 



Image Courtesy: Reddit

Some people use standoffs to mount their TVs outside on the vinyl siding of the house. It secures the TV into place whilst simultaneously protecting the vinyl.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you mount your TV outside?

The good news is, yes you can mount your TV outside. However, it will take a lot of research to find the appropriate, sturdy mount for the job. It is extremely important to use mount that is weatherproof for outdoor mounting. 

Moreover, you need to install the mount very carefully because vinyl is a sensitive material. Unlike drywall or brick walls, it could easily crush or break from drills. 

Can you install a regular TV outside on the patio?

It is ideal to install your TV outside under a shaded area. Under the patio roof is a good place to mount it because it can be shielded from rain or snow. 

If you still want to provide extra protection then you can install an enclosure around the TV for it to avoid contact with any frost or water. 

Do you need a special kind of mount for outside?

Yes, just like your outside TV, the material of the mount needs to be resilient for the outside weather as well. 

If an indoor TV is installed outside, the warm or cold weather can affect and ruin the material of the mount quickly.

How long does a regular TV last outside?

The maximum life of a regular TV installed outside will range from 6 to 12 months. This is due to the constant changes in temperature from hot to cold resulting in condensation.

Condensation erodes the internal components of the TV over time due to which the TV stops working eventually.

How can you prevent your outdoor TV from being stolen?

You can use a heavy-duty cable, such as the ones used to protect bicycles from theft, to securely lock your TV. 

Make sure to add access caps over the screws to prevent the thief from unscrewing the cable. Moreover, use a padlock to lock the ends of the cable together to secure the TV to the mount.

How high should you mount the TV outside?

The height of the TV, whether you install it indoors or outdoors, depends on the size of the TV itself. The larger the TV, the higher you should install it on the wall. 

The ideal height is usually at the center of the wall to allow a direct line of sight. However, it is better to determine the optimal height according to the size of the TV. 

Final Verdict

This concludes our post on “How to Mount a TV Outside on Vinyl Siding” with tips and FAQs to help you gather all the information you need regarding the task.

Using lag bolts, spacers, and washers can help you mount the TV securely into place on vinyl. However, you take the risk of crushing the vinyl under the pressure of the mount and the TV. 

Moreover, cutting through the vinyl to install the TV is also not the best option because it ruins the siding completely.

Therefore, we highly recommend alternatives such as hanging the TV from the ceiling of the patio with a pole. It protects the TV as well as the vinyl siding. 

Let us know if you have any more questions. 


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