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best screws for tv wall mount

Best Screws for TV Wall Mount – Top 5 Reviews, Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

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Finding the right screws for your TV mount can consume a lot of time. Mainly because you have to factor in a lot of things like durability, build quality, and its effect on your drywall.

This is why in today’s post, we will be reviewing the most viable options currently available in the market. Along with that, we’ll explore their pros and cons as well. 

By end of this article, we’ll go over the following topics as well:

  • Detailed Buyer’s Guide
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s check the details of these screws one by one.

Best Screws for TV Wall Mount - Top 5 Reviews

#1. Best Overall Screws for TV Wall Mount - WALI Universal Screw Kit Review

WALI excels in developing high-quality mounting hardware. The same is the case with their screw kit. Every screw is made from premium Steel-alloy.

You can use these screws to mount small, medium, and large-sized TVs. Furthermore, these screws can be used for curved-screen TVs as well. 

Can I use it on my Samsung Plasma TV?

The universal threaded design of the screws makes them compatible with almost every brand including Samsung. 

You can even use these screws for all VESA-approved TVs. All you need to do is compare the right size and install them.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy WALI Universal Screw Kit



The materials used for developing mounting screws matter a lot. They are the key component that keeps the TV attached to a mount. 

WALI has made their screw kit with high-end industrial-grade steel-alloy. You can use these screws for heavy TVs including curved-screen TVs.

Why is steel-alloy preferred over other materials?

Steel-alloy is highly resistant to wear and tear. Your large TVs exert a lot of pressure on these screws. The steel-alloy structure ensures that it absorbs all of it without breaking.

Moreover, steel-alloy is also known to be completely rust-proof.

Number of Screws

This screw kit includes a total of 88 pieces. Each piece is made from the same material. Other than that, there are 8 pieces of washers, bolts, and spacers. 

You can use the spacers to mount screws that are bigger than the actual screw size of your TV. Each spacer has foam cushions to avoid any damage to the TV plate. 

Why does it have so many screws? 

Being a universal kit, it provides versatility in its usage. In case you lose a couple of screws, you can always use the spare screws to mount your TV.

Screw Types

You can find 4 different screw types in this kit. It includes M4, M5, M6, and M8 screws. All these screws have universal threading for better compatibility. 

Moreover, each screw type has an extra pair in case you want to mount more TV around the house. 

Do I need all these screws?

When it comes to a screw kit, multiple options are a plus. You don’t have to go to a hardware store every time which saves a lot of time.

Eagle Verdict!

The best overall screws for TV wall mount are the WALI Universal Screws. They come in the form of a kit that includes a wide variety. You can use them for all sorts of TVs. Furthermore, you can even use washers and spacers with these screws.


  • Durable screws
  • Steel-alloy material build
  • Universal threading
  • 4 different types of screws
  • Basic Philips-head bolts


  • Spacer foam is made from low-quality material

#2. Best Durable Screws for TV Wall Mount - Mounting Dream Screw Kit Review

Our team picked this set of screws because of its enhanced durability. Mounting Dream has made each screw with sturdy steel. They are quite hard to bend and break.

You can use these screws for all sorts of TVs. They are compatible with small, medium, and large-sized TVs.

What TV brands can I use it with?

The screws in this kit can be used with every major TV brand. You can mount LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic TVs without any compatibility issues. 

Furthermore, every screw comes with a universal threading design. This enables you to easily install and uninstall the screws. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Mounting Dream Screw Kit



As we mentioned earlier, this screw kit is made from high-quality steel. We tested each screw under high pressure and found that they are quite resistant to bends.

Every single screw can hold 5 pounds over the weight limit. You don’t have to worry about them breaking.

Is sturdy steel better or steel-alloy?

Sturdy steel screws are lightweight compared to steel-alloy screws. They barely add any extra weight to your TV plate. 

Number of Screws

This screw kit comes with a total of 36 screws with 28 separate washers/spacers. These 36 screws are of different shapes and sizes. 

You can use these screws according to the size of your TV. Their size range is between ½-inch and 2-inch. 

Why do I need the spacers?

The spacers enable you to provide a soft cushion between the TV and the mounting plate. This way your TV is safe from any cracks due to the pressure. 

Screw Types

We noticed that this kit comes with 4 different types of screws. You get 4 basic M4, M5, M6, and M8 sized screws. 

Moreover, each set comes with 4 spare screws. In case you lose a screw or two, you’ll always have an extra in the kit. 

Are the spares made from the same material?

One big advantage of this kit is that the spares are made from the same sturdy steel. You don’t have to worry about performance if you decide to use the spares.

Eagle Verdict!

The best durable screws for TV wall mount are the Mounting Dream Screws. They are made from high-tensile strength material. You can use this kit for heavy Plasma TVs. Furthermore, this kit has spacers of all kinds.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Resistant to bends 
  • Labelled packaging
  • Identical bolt heads
  • Foam spacers


  • Bolt heads are susceptible to damage

#3. Best VESA-Compatible Screws for TV Wall Mount - VIVO Screw Kit Review

We selected this screw kit because of its universal compatibility. Unlike other screw kits, this VIVO kit is made according to the VESA dimensions.

You can use this kit for every VESA-approved TV brand. This removes the worry of not having the right screws for your TV. As long your TV is VESA-approved, you are good to go.

What is the maximum size these screws can hold?

Since they are VESA-compatible, size does not matter. You can use it for the 19-inch TVs all the way up to 80-inch TVs. This includes LCD, LED, OLED, and Plasma TVs. 

Furthermore, the VESA measurements for these screws range from 100x100mm to 400x400mm. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy VIVO Screw Kit



We noticed that this screw kit is made from premium-grade steel. Every screw has an identical build. Hence the durability factor of this kit is identical.

You can use every screw without worrying about it breaking due to the weight or pressure. Sometimes, large screws of the same material can break but not for this kit. 

Isn’t steel susceptible to bends?

We tested every screw with its appropriate TV size and found that it can hold 10 extra pounds over the weight limit. 

Number of Screws

This kit comes with a total of 44 screws. Along with that, you get 16 spacers and washers. The kit includes extra sets for M6 and M8 screws. 

Why is there an extra pair of M6 and M8 screws?

M6 and M8 screws are the most commonly used screws when it comes to large-scale TVs. VIVO has included an extra pair of each size so you can always spare screws in your kit. 

Moreover, this removes the need of buying extra screws in case you want to mount a second TV in your house.

Screw Types

VIVO’s screw kit includes the 4 main screw types. It comes with M4, M5, M6, and M8 screws. This contributes to the overall utility and versatility of the kit.

As we mentioned earlier, you get an extra set of M6 and M8 screws as well. Besides that, the kit has two different types of spacers and washers. 

Why do I need different types of spacers and washers?

You can use these spacers and washers depending on the size of your TV. Large TVs require cushioned spacers to reduce the chances of cracks.

Eagle Verdict!

The best VESA-compatible screws for TV wall mount are the VIVO Screws. This is because you can use these screws for every VESA-approved TV brand. Moreover, this kit comes with 4 main screw sizes for better compatibility.


  • Universal threading
  • Easy to install
  • Identical material build
  • Spares included
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only one set of washers

#4. Best Versatile Screws for TV Wall Mount - ECHOGEAR Screw Kit Review

Versatility goes a long way when it comes to screwing kits. This is why we hand-picked this screw kit from ECHOGEAR

ECHOGEAR’s screw kit includes a wide variety of screws along with multiple spacers and washers. You can use this kit for almost every TV brand.

Can I use it with different mounts as well?

Apart from being compatible with the majority of the TVs, you can use it with every TV mount as well. The threading is universal and can be installed with every TV mount.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy ECHOGEAR Screw Kit


ECHOGEAR is known for its high-quality products, their screw kit is nothing short of that. Every screw is made from a Titanium-alloy for enhanced durability. 

The titanium build of these screws keeps them from wear and tear. You can use it for large and heavy TVs without any worry. 

How durable is Titanium-alloy?

We tested the screws in this kit and found that even the threading is strip resistant. You can install and uninstall the screws without damaging the threading.

Number of Screws

ECHOGEAR has included a total of 52 screws in their kit. Besides that, you can also find 16 different sized washers and spacers in this kit. 

You can use these spacers and washers to remove the need for using different screws. Moreover, each spacer/washer has foam cushions in it. 

Do foam cushions matter?

The foam cushion will keep your TV’s backside safe from minor cracks. This can happen due to the weight of your TV.

Screw Types

ECHOGEAR’s screw kit comes with 4 main types of screws. You can use M4, M5, M6, and M8 screws for mounting your TV. 

Are there spares in this kit?

This kit also includes 2 spare sets for each screw type. Essentially, you can use this kit for multiple TVs. 

Moreover, these screws are compatible with major TV brands and VESA-approved TVs.

Eagle Verdict!

The best versatile screws for TV wall mount are the ECHOGEAR Screws. You can use them for flat-screen and curved-screen TVs alike. Furthermore, the bolt heads are flat to reduce the risk of damaging your TV.


  • High-quality build
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Color-coded for TV mounts
  • Pre-divided packaging
  • Suitable for curved-screen TVs


  • Quite expensive

#5. Best Budget-Friendly Screws for TV Wall Mount - HanTof Screw Kit Review

We picked this screw kit due to its budget-friendly nature. It provides high-quality screws at an affordable price. 

You can use this screw kit for all VESA-approved TVs. Moreover, they are compatible with OLED and Plasma TVs as well. 

What material are they made from?

HanTof has selected stainless steel for their screws. It’ll keep your TV in one place without bending or breaking under the weight.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy HanTof


Stainless steel is known to be highly durable. We tested each and every screw in this kit under high pressure. 

We found that these screws do not bend or break even if extra weight is applied. You can go 10 pounds above the recommended weight limit without any worries. 

Are they resistant to external factors?

Besides being resistant to bends, these screws are also rust-proof. Every screw is coated with a hydrophobic material for maximum protection against moisture. 

Number of Screws

HanTof’s screw kit includes 24 pieces. These 24 pieces have 12 screws and 12 washers. The washers are made from the same stainless steel material as well. 

Even though there are no foam cushions, you don’t have to worry about these screws damaging your TV. 

Does this kit come with spares? 

Since there are only 12 total screws, you don’t get any spares in this kit. Each screw size has exactly 4 screws for your TV.

Screw Types

This kit includes M4, M6, and M8 sized screws. It also includes washers for each screw size. You can use these screws for small to large-sized TVs.

Furthermore, these screws can also fit VESA dimensions ranging from 200x200mm all the way up to 400x400mm.

Eagle Verdict!

The best budget-friendly screws for TV wall mount are the HanTof Screws. This kit provides high-quality screws at an affordable price. You can use it for all VESA-approved TV brands. Moreover, they are quite easy to install.


  • Stainless steel build
  • Convenient installation
  • Heat-resistant
  • Rust-proof
  • Basic Philips bolt head


  • Does not have M5 screws

Buyer’s Guide


Following is a list of important factors you need to keep in mind before buying screws for your TV wall mount. Let’s take a look.


When it comes to durability, you should never compromise on it. If the screws can’t handle pressure and extra weight, they are not good. 

We suggest buying a screw kit that is made from a metal alloy. It will keep the screws from bending or breaking under the pressure. 

Types of Screws

A screw kit is meant to be versatile. It should contain multiple screw sizes of different types. Mainly, M4, M5, M6, and M8 screws. 

We recommend buying a kit that has at least three of these screw types. M4 and M5 are optional screws but M6 and M8 screws are essential for every kit. 

Washers and Spacers

People often overlook the importance of washers and spacers. Washers are designed to reduce direct contact between the mount and your TV. 

This reduces the chance of damage from overheating. We recommend buying a kit that has an equal number of washers/spacers as the screws. 

Number of Screws

This factor is often undermined in its importance. Why is that so? Because a screw kit doesn’t serve any purpose beyond the screws of their need.

Despite that, professionals recommend buying screw kits that come with a wide variety of screws and their spares. 

Why do I need extra screws?

High-quality screw kits are costly and paying that sort of amount just for 4 screws isn’t viable. The extra screws can be used on objects other than TV mounts. 

Moreover, the spares are absolutely necessary. We highly recommend purchasing a kit that has at least 1 set of spares for each screw size.

What purpose do spares serve?

There are two reasons why you need spares. The first is having extra screws on your hand. In case you lose a screw-in mounting or unmounting, you don’t have to go to a hardware shop for a new set.

The second reason is that you can use the same kit to mount another TV in your house. This will reduce the cost and save you a lot of time.

Threading Pattern

This factor indirectly contributes to the overall compatibility of a screw kit. Threading patterns on the majority of the screw kits available in the market are universal. 

However, we recommend checking the user manual of your TV to be sure. It’ll give you a better idea about what sort of threading pattern your TV supports.

What is the universal threading pattern? 

For TV screw kits, the universal pattern is the standard threading. It has little to no space between each thread and has sufficient grip for a TV mount.

However, some screw kits come with Buttress Threading patter. It has a fewer number of threads but they are quite prominent compared to standard threading,

Which one is better?

It depends on the design of your TV. Experts prefer a higher number of threads because of the extra grip. Moreover, screws with a high thread count are easier to install and uninstall. 

We must also mention that a higher thread count ensures an even distribution of weight. You won’t have to worry about it breaking under heavy pressure.


When it comes to installation, there are two things you should look out for. Bolt head and threading pattern. We have already mentioned why threading patterns are important.

Whereas bolt heads directly contribute to the convenience in installation. There are two types of bolt heads you can choose from, conventional Philips bolt or 4-headed bolts.

Which one should I choose?

We recommend buying a kit that has conventional Philips bolt head screws. This is because you can use the most common screwdriver to install or uninstall them. 

On the other hand, you’ll need a specialized screwdriver for 4-headed bolt screws. 


There are two types of screws you can choose from, flat-head and pointed-head. Flat-head screws are generally longer and have a higher number of threads on them.

While on the other side, pointed screws have a lower thread count and are smaller in size. We highly recommend buying a screw kit that comes with flat-headed screws. 

Why should I choose flat-headed screws?

Flat-headed screws eliminate the risk of your TV being damaged by the edge of a screw. It is quite is to damage your TV screen with a pointed-head screw.

Final Verdict

After reviewing multiple screw kits, we have concluded that the WALI Universal Screw Kit is the most viable option for you. 

You can use this kit to mount different TVs on your wall. They are compatible with flat-screen TVs and curved-screen TVs as well. Moreover, the entire kit is made from industrial-grade steel for enhanced durability and resistance to bends. 

With this, we come to the finish line of your post on the best screws for a TV wall mount. 

Do let us know which screws do you use for your TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which type of screws are the most important in a kit?

    Every screw is important as the next one. This is because you never know which size you’ll need for your next TV. It is good to have an extra size on your hand.

  • Can I use M4 screws for M6 compatible TVs?

    It is always preferred to use the recommended screw size for mounting your TV. However, you can use spacers to fit large screws like M6 and M8.

  • Should I always use washers?

    Washers are highly recommended by experts. You should use them to reduce the direct contact between your TV’s backside and the TV plate.

  • How tight should the screws be?

    A rule of thumb is to turn the screws until you feel minor resistance. This is your signal to stop turning the screws. Applying further force will result in minor damages to your TV.

  • How do I check for wear and tear on my screws?

    An easy way to do so is by checking the threading pattern under a light. If it has some sort of minor dents then it is time to change your screws. Otherwise, their grip will be questionable.

  • Should I get color-coded screws?

    Color-coded screws are a personal preference. However, experts prefer using color-coded screws for full-motion and articulating mounts.

  • Are foam cushions necessary for spacers?

    Foam cushions keep the screws from direct contact with the mount/TV. This reduces the risk of cracks on the backplate due to heavy pressure.


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