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what to do with cable box when tv wall mount

What to do with Cable Box when TV Wall Mount- Full Guide, Tips & More

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Cable boxes have become a must-have in the modern TV experience. With many streaming channels such as Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more, these boxes are the go-to entertainment sources for most people. 

However, installing a cable box on a wall-mounted TV can be difficult without giving up on the appeal of your TV setup.

With our easy guide, you’ll have ideas for the perfect ways to fit your cable box with the rest of your TV system.

Quick summary

In this article we will learn the following things:

  •     What to do with cable box when TV wall mount?
  •     Tips for installing a cable box in the most optimum area

The Benefits of Wall Mounting a TV

wall mount tv

There are many benefits to having a wall-mounted TV. Some of these benefits are:

  • A wall-mounted TV creates more space in the room for other furniture.
  • In households with children and active pets, a wall-mounted TV is safer than a standing one.
  • Wall-mounted TVs offer better viewing angles for the person watching TV.
  • You do not have to worry about TV furniture when you have a wall-mounted TV.

Different Ways to Incorporate a Cable Box

Some of the most original ways to incorporate a cable box in your TV system are as follows:

Mount it Behind the TV

Smaller cable boxes can easily be mounted behind the TV. You can mount the cable box using adhesive tape or cable ties. 

This can easily be done with cable boxes such as Apple TVs. 

If you are mounting a cable box behind your TV, make sure its remote can access it through the TV or if it is a wireless device. 

Mount it on the Wall

Mounting the cable TV on the wall behind the TV is another option available for people with a wall-mounted TV. This is traditionally for cable boxes that are smaller and more advanced. 

If your table box connects to the wifi and has a remote that can access it in such a location, you should definitely opt for this. It also reduces the need for a separate power source. 

Cable boxes mounted behind the TV offer good wire management potential with the use of cable ties. Mount your cable box using a mounting bracket for that particular model.

Install it in a Wall Groove

A wall groove is another option for installing a cable box for a wall-mounted TV. This is usually done with the help of professionals. 

They make a groove into the wall for the cable box to be installed and run the wires through the wall as well. 

This is common for wall-mounted TVs whose cables run through the wall and have been installed by professionals for an aesthetic look. 

Use TV Furniture

tv furniture

The last option available to people with a wall-mounted TV is to use TV furniture for the cable box and other accessories. TV furniture can be quite appealing and add to the aesthetic of any room. 

Some of the best items to use are TV cupboards or bookshelves built around the wall-mounted TV. These often have compartments where the cable box can be placed.

You must remember to keep the box in an area where it can be accessed by the remote and where it isn’t too heavy for the shelf. 

Things to Take into Consideration

When thinking of having the cable TV box installed with a wall-mounted TV, there are certain things you have to take into consideration. Some of these things are as follows:

Size of the Cable Box

The size of the cable box determines where it can easily be mounted. If your cable box is small like that on an Apple TV, you can mount it on the wall behind the TV or on the TV itself. 

Larger boxes such as digital converter boxes and others need a platform to be placed on.

Therefore, your selected method of installation should regard the size of the box and where its ports for different wires are.

Weight of the Cable Box

The weight of the cable box also determines its location. Heavier boxes should not be mounted to the TV even if they are small in size.

These boxes can easily be installed onto the wall where their weight would be better supported.

In case the box is being placed on TV furniture, it should be on a shelf that is not overcrowded and can bear it’s weight.

Type of Wall

The type of wall also determines how a cable box would be mounted with a wall-mount TV. In the case of hard walls such as concrete or brick, the cable box usually is not mounted onto the wall. 

If the wall is well made, certain installation companies will make grooves in the drywall and place any additional accessories in there.

Tips to Install a Cable Box

install tv cable box

When installing a cable box near a wall-mounted TV, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always test the remote of your cable box to see whether it needs direct access to the box or not.
  • Choose a cable box that is most compatible with the type of TV setup you are looking to achieve. 
  • Use strong adhesive tape when mounting the cable box behind your TV or on the wall.
  • If your cable box needs a power input, make sure there is an outlet nearby so that you don’t need an extension.
  • Always opt for wire management before mounting the cable box so it is easier to see which wire needs to go where. 

The Main Takeaway

This concludes our article for ‘what to do with cable box when TV wall mount’. Now you can install your cable box without having to give up on your wall-mounted TV aesthetic. 

Make sure to follow the tips provided in the article so that you do not face any issues with the cable box and its positioning in the long run. 

Feel free to contact us for any advice or issues as we are always here to help.


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