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reduce tv glare

How to reduce TV glare? 10 Methods That Really Work

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In this article, we are going to discuss 10 methods to reduce TV glare. This is something many people faced due to light reflection from the TV screens. You want to get the best view from your TV, but reflections on the TV from lights and windows won’t let it happen. Thus, the glare will cause distortion to your viewing.

So, the glare is contributing to viewing discomfort? read this article to know “How to reduce TV glare?”

So, in this article we would talk about:

  • What are the causes of Tv glare? 
  • What methods are used to reduce glare?
  • Which Samsung Tv have Anti-Glare?
  • Best Anti-Glare Tv screen protectors

What are the causes of TV glare?

Flat-panel televisions are often powered by liquid crystals or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Modern televisions come in glossy finishes, as opposed to matte ones.  This was most probably done to reduce the cost.

As a result, lights from rooms or windows reflect frequently from the glossy screen. This results in an unwanted glare on the TV.

How to reduce TV glare

10 Methods to Reduce TV Glare?

Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to improve the display quality of the TV. Here are some actions you may take to reduce TV glare. While we will discuss 10 powerful methods, but if you get the best Anti Glare TVs in the first place, you may not face the glare altogether.  

1-Anti-Glare Tv films:

reduce tv glare with anti glare films

Anti-glare films, anti-reflective filters, and protective coatings are available for different TV displays. These anti-glare films are simple to apply.

So, a non-reflective screen will reduce 90% of reflections while maintaining HD quality. When applied on any glass surface, the film eliminates undesirable reflections and glare.

To use this anti-glare TV film, the wet method is the most suggested one. It is also known as anti-glare TV screen spray. for which you will need a one-liter spray bottle set to extremely tiny water droplets to apply to the TV. Do not use tap water; instead, use mineral water because the calcium in hard tap water will leave marks.

Under the film, you’ll also need Johnson’s baby shampoo or squeegee to remove air bubbles or excess water. a microfiber cloth to mop up excess water once released, and alcohol-based sprays or wipes.

It will be handier if you carry a torch with you. Apply water to the screen with a spray bottle and clean it with wipes. After cleaning it, remove the anti-glare film and discard the backing layer.

Lightly spray the shampoo and water solution on the screen. line up the edge of your film to the surface you want to cover and place it on the surface. It is also known as a DIY anti-glare TV screen. Anti-glare films help to diminish glare by up to 95%

2-Find the best spot for TV

reduce tv glare by placing it at the right spot

To avoid the glare, you need to find a spot for your Tv in your home. Depending on the direction of the house or windows, you should set your TV. Also, there may be a sweet spot in your house where light won’t disturb the TV.

Analyze the light flow in the TV room to check if such a place exists. afterwards, pinpoint the location where the light reaches the fewest people. Corners are generally wonderful places to put the TV because the light cannot reach them. remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, before positioning the TV.

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3-Reduce glare from the window

reduce tv glare from the window by installing blinds

Window blinds are advantageous to remove glare. Installing blinds is a simple solution to eliminate window glare on the television. Natural light entering through a window is the most common source of glare on a TV screen.

Using blinds will eliminate this. Curtains can also do the work. but because they are usually loose panels of fabric that aren’t flat against the window. And natural light may still be able to peek through at certain times of day and from certain angles. These are the techniques to reduce glare from windows.

It is preferable to use shades instead of curtains. to avoid using innovative curtain-holding techniques, this is a good idea. If you enjoy the look of curtains, you can install both. It helps to reduce up to 83% glare.

4-Screen settings to reduce glare

For reducing glare on outdoor TVs, adjust brightness, contrast and color intensity. Many televisions are set up by default for indoor viewing. It can reduce 60-70 % glare.

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5-Move the lighting:

The issue with viewing TV in complete darkness is that it can cause eye strain. Everything around you is dark, and the only thing your eyes are picking up is a bright moving screen.

Instead of shutting off all lights, relocate the light source behind the television. In this manner, it won’t interfere with the screen. But it will reduce 50-60% of glare and eye strain, plus allow you to have some light in the room.

6-Place TV in darker surroundings:

reduce tv glare by placing it in darker surrounding

You could also consider purchasing a TV cabinet to decrease the 60-70% window glare. If you move the TV back on the shelf,  Sunlight will cover the screen from every angle. It may, however, reduce visibility if your seating does not face the TV directly.

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7-Block the light 

To remove glare, you must prevent light from reaching the screen.  It is possible to achieve this in various ways. most of which depend on the location of your windows, their angles and the resources available to you.

An aesthetic way to hide the light is to use a privacy screen or a positioned tree or hanging plant. There are decorations and pieces of furniture that will shield your TV screen from light. The best part is that you will be constructing a one-of-a-kind living environment at the same time.

8-Modify the lighting

Why do movie theaters dim the lights when you go to see a film? Easy. Because it allows viewers to see the screen more clearly. It’s the same in your own house. Turning off the lights will allow you to view the screen more clearly. You understandably do not want to live in complete darkness all the time. It also reduces 50-60% of glare.

9-Wear polarized lenses 

reduce tv glare by wearing polarized sun glasses

Polarized glasses lessen glare by 100% when strong light bounces off a glossy surface.

10- Use filtered or diffused lights 

Instead of direct light, which generates the most glare, utilize filtered light. Use lamp shades or globes to diffuse light and use movable curtains or blinds on windows.

As an alternative, use the large ceiling lights. And consider installing light dimmers or adding a couple of lamps to the space.  A white gloss TV stand with LED lights will provide you with a stylish lighting source and reduce glare up to 60%.

Ways to Minimize TV Glare

Minimizing TV glare is essential for enhancing your viewing experience and reducing eye strain. Here are several ways to achieve this:

Proper TV Placement: Position your TV so that it’s perpendicular to windows and light sources. If possible, place the TV on a wall that receives minimal direct sunlight or artificial light.

Window Treatments: Use curtains, blinds, or shades to control the amount of natural light entering the room. Opt for blackout curtains or shades to completely block out light when necessary.

Anti-Glare Screen Protectors: Consider using anti-glare screen protectors designed specifically for TVs. These can help reduce reflections and minimize glare.

Adjust TV Settings: Most modern TVs have settings that allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, and other display parameters. Experiment with these settings to find the optimal balance between picture quality and glare reduction.

Ambient Lighting: Use ambient lighting in the room to create a balanced lighting environment. Soft, indirect lighting can help reduce the contrast between the TV screen and the surrounding area, minimizing glare.

Polarizing Filters: Attach a polarizing filter to your TV screen or windows. These filters help reduce glare by blocking light waves that come from specific angles.

TV Screen Positioning: Tilt the TV slightly downward if it’s wall-mounted to reduce the chances of direct light reflections.

Wall Color: Consider painting the walls around the TV a darker color. Darker colors absorb light, reducing the amount of glare that bounces off the walls and onto the screen.

Anti-Glare Coatings: Some TVs come with built-in anti-glare coatings. When purchasing a new TV, look for models with this feature.

Glare-Reducing Films: Apply glare-reducing films or coatings to the TV screen itself. These films can help disperse light more evenly, reducing glare.

Adjust Room Lighting: If you’re unable to control external light sources, ensure that any overhead lights or lamps in the room are positioned so that they don’t cast reflections on the TV screen.

Use Adjustable Mounts: If your TV is mounted on a swivel or adjustable mount, take advantage of this feature to find the best angle that minimizes glare.

Best Anti-Glare TV Screen Protectors

Here, we are informing you about the best Anti-Glare TV Screen Protectors if your TV is anti-glare. These Anti-glare screen protectors are thin, transparent coatings, adheres to the surface duly.

1- TV Screen Protector Anti-Glare/Anti Scratch Film (50-75")

2-Anti Glare TV Screen Protector for 32-75 Inch

3-Vizomax TV Screen Protector (24, 43,55,65,75 inch)


Hence, from this blog, you get to know that there are so many options available to reduce glare from your TV screen. Now you can enjoy your favorite film, drama or whatever without any headache.   you should follow the tips or buy an anti-glare tv from any well-known company like Samsung. In this way, you will get a clear, immersive picture with minimal irritation.

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