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How to Make an Indoor TV an Outdoor TV

How to Make an Indoor TV an Outdoor TV? [3 Practical Methods]

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It’s fun to decorate the Veranda or Patio and make it a comfortable space for memorable evenings. The setup would only be complete with a TV. 

With that said, a smart TV can add a dash of luxury to the outdoor area. Not only that, you can invite your friends over for a movie night.

You do not want to invest a lot in buying a dedicated outdoor TV and wondering How to make an indoor TV an outdoor Tv?

Can Indoor TV be used Outdoor?

A number of people use regular TVs for a covered or shaded outdoor space. However, It is best to use a dedicated outdoor TV for your outdoor area. 

But If you have to use the Indoor TV for outdoors then you must keep it under the shade where it is protected from direct sunlight and incoming dust.

The area you have selected to mount your TV must be sheltered to protect it from direct sunlight and water splashes.

Before you buy an indoor TV for outdoor use, do some research about its peak brightness level. The first thing you will face with an indoor TV’s outdoor use is its less brightness. 

Normally indoor TVs are sufficiently bright to work best in a closed living room. Some great quality Samsung TVs such as QN95a have a high peak brightness of up to 3000nits.

Using such TVs would adjust their brightness according to the surroundings.

The second great way to convert an Indoor Tv to outdoor TV is to use protective covers or enclosures. This will protect the TV from certain outdoor elements. Additionally, worms won’t enter the TV components and fry.

Can You Make an Indoor TV and Outdoor TV?

We have sorted out a few ways to help you convert your TV to outdoor TV. However, you need to know that an indoor TV warranty would not cover the damage that was caused by the outdoor environment. 

Generally, warranty cards generated by TV manufacturers clearly mention the suitable set of conditions for a TV. 

They mention the temperature ranges, protective measurements, and suitable areas where the TV will work best with its features. Such as few TVs show significant bright pictures in a well-lit room. 

Here are some features to look for in an Indoor TV that will give you the best picture quality as an outdoor TV.


Before you buy an indoor TV for outdoor use, do some research about its peak brightness level. The first thing you will face with an indoor TV’s outdoor use is its less brightness. 

Typically indoor TVs are sufficiently bright to work best in a closed living room. Some great quality Samsung TVs such as QN95a have a high peak brightness of up to 3000nits.

Q80b QLED TV is also a great mid-range Samsung TV that gives an excellent, bright image with a 1000nits peak brightness level. 

So buying such TVs for outdoors will give accurate and bright pictures outdoors.

Anti Glare Screen

That’s the most important thing to look for in an indoor TV for outdoor use. Reflections from the adjacent trees or plants can hinder the best view. 

Watch out for a TV that has an anti-glare coating on the screen. So if you use the TV outdoors, there won’t be any noticeable reflection to disturb the TV picture quality.

Wide Viewing Angle

TVs mounted in an outdoor space are expected to show an accurate image from any angle. Indoor TVs that sit on a fireplace, and you watch it usually from a straight angle do not need a wide viewing angle.

But outdoor TV must have a wide viewing angle to enjoy the video beyond your sightline.

Tips on How to Make an Indoor TV an Outdoor TV


Waterproof covers are an essential accessory for an indoor TV outdoors. Provided that it is not self-capable of protecting itself from dust, snow, water, etc. The TV covers will give you peace of mind if you leave the TV outdoors. 

These covers are cheap and very effective in preventing the TV screen from scratches caused by dust particles and penetration into the TV assembly, and highly effective in protecting from lower temperatures. Being waterproof, these can easily guard the TV and its ports on the back from water splashes.


If you want a better covering that effectively stores your TV safely inside, then there is no better option than a TV enclosure.

For example, Storm Shell Outdoor Cover has excellent quality and design. These covers consisting of two pieces cage your Tv entirely inside its closure. 

If you are not much concerned about price and are more invested in the safety and long-term usage of TV. then trust me, These enclosures are your best bet.

Any above-mentioned outdoor elements such as temperature, humidity, dust, and snow won’t reach inside the box closure. Hence you can successfully convert the indoor TV to outdoor TV this way with much less risk and maximum protection.


One big hurdle in the way of making an indoor TV an outdoor TV is direct sunlight that falls on the naked indoor TV screen. Which results in glare while watching the TV.

So you can choose to buy a TV which has the anti-glare feature. Additionally, fix the TV at a location where it does not face direct sunlight.

Under a shade, you would see less glare and the TV will not face the higher temperatures from direct sunlight. Which is deadly for the TV’s internal components.

| Pro Tip |

If you fix the TV outdoors, make sure your warranty card covers the damage.

What is the Best Indoor TV to use Outdoor?

How to Make an Indoor TV an Outdoor TV

We have spent several hours researching and found that the Samsung Q80b QLED TV will give the best results if mounted in an outdoor space.

The TV has a wide viewing angle, an anti-glare feature, and high HDR and SDR peak brightness. So you will get better results with this TV than its more expensive counterparts.

However, it does not have an IP55 rating, so use it coupled with an enclosure or a cover to shield it from bugs, dust, and the sun.

Hazards of Using an Indoor TV Outdoor

we have found a very budget-friendly way to replace outdoor TV with regular TVs. it is essential to keep in mind the possible hazards coupled with it.

  • The inside components of the TV are damaged by the humidity in the outside area.
  • Cold temperature can increase the risk of crystal formation on the screen, which leads to irreversible damage
  • Extreme heat is equally dangerous
  • It can considerably reduce the life of TV


There is no single trick that will tell you how to make an outdoor TV or an indoor TV. But by following all the steps we mentioned in the guide above, you decorate your patio with a beautiful indoor TV outdoors. That will cater to the need and obviously fall in the budget range. Because why buy an outdoor TV when you can get 3 indoor TVs at the same price?


  • Can You Leave the indoor TV outside in winter?

    If you are using an enclosure or waterproof case then you can leave the TV outside in winter.

  • 2- Can I use a regular indoor TV outside?

    While it's possible, it's not recommended as indoor TVs aren't built to withstand outdoor conditions. Consider weatherproofing options.

  • 3- What's the best way to protect my indoor TV when used outdoors?

    You can use an outdoor TV enclosure or cabinet designed for outdoor use to shield your TV from the elements.

  • 4- Are there any specific outdoor TV brands or models to consider?

    Yes, many TV manufacturers offer outdoor TVs designed for durability and optimal outdoor viewing. Research various options to find the best fit for your needs.

  • 5- Can my indoor TV screen handle direct sunlight when used outside?

    Most indoor TV screens aren't designed for full sun exposure. Consider shaded outdoor locations or invest in a high-brightness outdoor TV for better visibility.

  • 6- Will extreme temperatures affect my indoor TV when used outdoors?

    Yes, extreme heat or cold can harm your indoor TV. Look for outdoor TVs that can withstand a wide range of temperatures for long-lasting use.

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