How Long Do TCL TVs Last?

How Long Do TCL TVs Last? Expert Answer

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When buying a smart TV, you always look for longevity and affordability. Although TCL offers you cost-effective televisions that don’t mean it offers durability to its consumers. So, the main concern remains the same how long do TCL smart TVs last?

In this article, we’ll dig deeper to reveal the lifespan of TCL TVs and explain the factors why they last longer than others.

What is the Lifespan of TCL TVs?

The lifespan of a TCL smart Tv is not constant like any other Tv. It depends on the way you spend time watching your Tv. That’s why TCL TVs that are used rarely work longer than the ones that are frequently used.

However, if you’re an avid viewer of TCL Tv, you can expect it to work for almost seven years without any technical issues.

Moreover, TCL TVs show signs of hardware problems after they’re consumed for seven years or more.

If you’re searching for how long do TCL Roku TVs last?

The answer remains the same, they also last for about five to seven years on average.

Do TCL TVs Last Longer than other TV Brands?

How Long Do TCL TVs Last?

The longevity of a TCL Tv is similar to other Tv Brands until and unless both TVs belong to the same category and have a similar price tag.

For instance, you can’t compare the lifespan of the TCL Roku Tv with the smart Tv of other brands.

  • Some TCL models work longer when compared to other TVs from the same manufacturer.
  • In many cases, TCL TVs work below their expected lifespan. The reason behind this lies in the mistreatment of the Tv by the users.
  • Your TCL Tv might face damage during the home delivery. So, if you’re buying a TCL Tv through shipping services, try to receive it through a reputable courier. TVs that are mishandled tend to have technical issues and have a lesser shelf life.

How Long is the Warranty on TCL TVs?

If you buy a TCL Tv from an offline retailer, TCL will offer you a 24-month salary.

However, if you purchase your TCL TV through an online medium, such as Amazon or eBay, you will get a 12-month warranty. The latter will cover TV parts that are opted for non-commercial uses.

Additionally, a 90-day warranty will be given to you for commercial usage.

Why Do Your TCL TV Last Longer?

TCL opts for different settings to improve the longevity of its TV. The latter aids the viewer to purchase this electronic device.

Following are some of the reasons why your TCL Tv lasts longer:

1. TCL TV Offers Brightness Optimization

You may have noticed that the TVs are displayed with high brightness in showrooms that are often too high for your regular use. Moreover, TVs with high brightness are more likely to worn out early than it’s intended.

Thereby, TCL offers its TVs with brightness optimization control. The latter allows the viewer to reduce the brightness level on its TV to have a better picture quality with respect to its surrounding light. In addition, brightness optimization control improves the longevity of your TV besides preventing eye strain. 

2. TCL TV Provides Contrast Control

Likewise, brightness, if you’re using your TV with high contrast it will affect its picture quality. High contrast not only hinders the lifespan of your TCL TV but also uses more power. The latter will require more voltage which can cause an increase in your electricity bills.

Thereby, TCL Tv offers you to control your contrast settings manually. Adjusting the contrast level as per your needs boosts the durability of your TV.

3. TCL TV Has an Automatic Timer

Keeping your TV on for longer hours without any reason harms its lifespan. Running the Tv for a whole day also takes extra power from your electrical supply. Furthermore, using a TV for a longer period can cause wear and tear on its hardware.

Thereby, certain models of TCL Roku and Smart Tv come with a timer that switches off your appliance automatically when it is not in use for a lengthier duration.

4. TCL TV Opted With Voltage Regulators

Power fluctuations work like uninvited guests and ruin your electrical appliance in no time. They also damage the hardware of your device which results in a blinkering screen or a malfunctioning TV. The latter might cause a permanent fault in your TV.

Therefore, TCL tv allows the users to connect voltage regulators within your appliance for enhanced longevity.

5. TCL TV Offers Temperature Management

Temperature ups and downs impact the overall performance of your TV.

Additionally, TVs are not manufactured to bear high temperatures whereas cold weather harms the internal components of your television by causing condensation.

Therefore, you’ve to be cautious while watching Tv in colder areas until and unless you’re using a warmer.

Although, TCL TVs have opted for a temperature regulator that allows non-stop working regardless of the weather. Moreover, it also boosts your TV longevity.

What’s the First Thing that Breaks on TCL TVs?

TCL offers some extraordinary features to its consumer at a very affordable price tag. But when it comes to errors, backlights disappoint the most in TCL TVs like any other TV brand.

Backlights are LEDs that are at the back of your light to create light. TCL backlights have issues related to failing LEDs and dark lines. Therefore, they are usually the first component to disrepair as they wear out with time.

Will Video Gaming Reduce TCL TVs Lifespan?

How Long Do TCL TVs Last?

You can play video games on your TCL TVs without any danger.

Although, video games tend to destroy non-flat screen TVs in the past. Even though, newer models of TVs are good at dealing with video games with no harm involved.

However, the impact of video games on your TCL TV varies with the model.

For instance, the top-notch TVs from TCL function decently for gaming but their affordable models work below average with online video gaming.

What Can I Do to Improve the Lifespan of TCL TVs?

The fact is, your TV won’t last forever. Although, there are tips that might increase the overall lifespan of your TCL TVs that including:

  • Turn off your Tv when it is not in use. Your TCL Tv is prone to having a faulty backlight which often results from leaving your TV on for long hours.
  • Optimize the automatic timer on your TCL Tv. By opening the setting on the smart home system turn off your TV when not in usage.
  • Fix your TV on the wall mount. Your TCL TV has many sensors at the back of your screen which are sensitive to sunlight or rain. Placing your TV away from the windows also helps in preventing sunlight to reach its sensitive parts.

Keep a two to the four-inch distance between your TCL Tv and wall to assist air ventilation. Using TV continuously can increase its temperature. The latter will reduce its lifespan. Thereby,

  • the distance between the TV and wall mount allows cooling fans to work better and improve your TCL television longevity.
  • Clean your TCL Tv regularly to limit dust accumulation. Dust can fill up your Tv ventilation spots which can put your TCL at the stake of high temperature. Wipe your TV with a dry fabric cloth to remove dust.
  • Set the TCL TV brightness low. Many viewers think that keeping the brightness high improves your picture quality but in reality, high brightness destroys your TV backlights and reduces its longevity. Therefore, you should set your brightness level as per your room lightning.
  • Attach an Automatic Voltage Regulator to your TV to save it from damage. A single power surge can destroy your TV permanently. Thus, connecting a voltage regulator with your TV is the best way to protect it from power fluctuations.

When To Replace Your TCL TV?

In contrast to household products that have an expiry date on them, electronics like TCL smart TVs aren’t replaced until they stop functioning or break down. If within your first year of purchase, your TCL TV has to bear a malfunction, it can be repaired under a limited one-year guarantee if registered by the manufacturers.

Although, minor technical issues in your TCL TVs such as the inability to connect to the Wi-Fi or switching the channels can be fixed by running troubleshooting guides that come along with your TV manual.

However, when you’re TV is not functioning with power on or you’re getting a blank screen upon switching on your TV, it’s time to replace your TCL TV. Even though, getting your damaged TV checked by a customer service center is the ideal way to confirm whether it can be repaired or not.


TCL TVs can become your first choice of television if you’re looking for a reasonable electronic device that has an average lifetime. However, if you want to buy something fancy, look for other TV brands.

However, taking good care of your TCL television or using it by making certain smart adjustments might add a boost to its overall lifespan.


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