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How Long Do TCL TVs Last?

How Long Do TCL TVs Last? Expert Answer

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With a smart TV ,It is always a good idea to look for longevity and affordability.

As for TCL, it does not offer lasting access to its consumers, despite budget-friendly prices. The main concern is: How long do TCL smart TVs last?

Throughout this article, we’ll dive deeper into the lifespan of TCL TVs to shed light on why they last so long.

What is the Lifespan of TCL TVs?

Unlike other Tvs, TCL smart TVs have a variable lifespan. For that, you have to consider how you watch television. Therefore, rarely used TCL TVs last longer than those that are used often.

If you are an avid viewer of TCL TV, it will last almost seven years virtually trouble-free.

Further, TCL TVs tend to show hardware issues in seven years or longer. Would you like to know how long do TCL Roku TVs last?

The answer remains the same. On average they last for five to seven years.

Do TCL TVs Last Longer than Other TV Brands?

How Long Do TCL TVs Last?

Yes, the longevity of a TCL Tv is similar to other brands. But only when both belong to the same category and cost the same.

Therefore, when comparing the best TVs, it is visible that TCL Roku TV’s lifespan is not comparable to that of other smart TVs.

  • Some TCL models work longer when compared to other TVs from the same brand.
  • Most often, TCL TVs do not work as long as expected. Users mishandling the new tv is what accounts for this.
  • Your TCL Tv might face damage during the home delivery. So, if you’re buying a TCL Tv through shipping services, try a reputable courier. The lifespan of mishandled TVs is generally shorter because of technical issues.

How Long is the Warranty on TCL TVs?

A TCL TV purchased from an offline retailer, offers you a warranty of 24 months.

Purchasing a TCL TV online through Amazon or eBay will give you a 12-month warranty. The latter will cover TV parts that are opted for non-commercial uses.

The product comes with a 90-day guarrantee for commercial use.

Why Do Your TCL TV Last Longer?

To ensure the longevity of its televisions, TCL employs different settings. It helps the viewer decide whether to purchase this electronic device.

Following are some of the reasons why your TCL Tv lasts longer:

1. TCL TV Offers Brightness Optimization

Often, TVs are displayed with heavy brightness in showrooms. But they are often too high for your regular use.

Further, TVs with highly bright screen are more likely to wear out earlier.

TCL thus offers its TVs with brightness optimization control. It allows the viewer to reduce the brightness level on the TV.

To have a consistent resolution at all times, this is a helpful feature. Besides preventing eye strain, brightness optimization controls extend the life of your TV.

2. TCL TV Provides Contrast Control

If you use your TV with a high contrast, it will affect picture quality.

High contrast not only shortens the lifespan of your TCL TV, but consumes more power. It will require more voltage, which can increase your electricity bill.

Therefore, TCL offers manual contrast control. Adjusting the contrast level helps your TV last longer as well providing A1 picture quality.

3. TCL TV Has an Automatic Timer

The longer you keep your TV on, the shorter its lifespan will be. These are the one of the best Tvs that run all day consume a lot of power from your electrical supply.

Additionally, prolonged use of the TV can cause wear and tear on its hardware.

For example, certain models of TCL Roku and Smart TV come with a timer. This works to turn off your appliance after prolonged inactivity.

4. TCL TV Opted With Voltage Regulators

In no time, power fluctuation will wreak havoc on electrical appliances.

Aside from that, they damage the hardware of your device. And it leads to a blinkering screen or a malfunctioning TV. The latter might cause a permanent fault in your TV. 

So, TCL TV brand allows users to connect voltage regulators to the appliances. By doing so, the durability of TV will increase.

5. TCL TV Offers Temperature Management

Temperature variations impact the overall performance of your TV.

Additionally, TVs are not designed to withstand high temperatures. Whereas cold weather harms the internal components of your television by causing condensation.

Unless you’re using a warmer, you should be cautious while watching TV in colder areas.

Despite the weather, TCL TVs function nonstop thanks to a temperature regulator. Moreover, it also prolongs the life of your TV.

What’s the First Thing that Breaks on TCL TVs?

TCL offers some extraordinary smart features to its users at a very affordable price. But when it comes to errors, backlights are more problematic than any other brand.

Lighting is created by backlights, which are LEDs. TCL backlights have issues related to failing LEDs and dark lines.

Therefore, they are usually the first component to break down.

Will Video Gaming Reduce TCL TVs Lifespan?

How Long Do TCL TVs Last?

You can play video games on your TCL TVs at any time. 

In the past, video games tended to destroy non-flat screen TVs. Newer TV models are quite suitable for professional or competitive gaming.

However, the impact of video games on your TCL TV varies with the model. Some of the panels offer input lag since they come with variable refresh rate.

For instance, the top-notch TVs from TCL function decently for gaming. But the affordable TV is below average for online video gaming.

What Can I Do to Improve the Lifespan of TCL TVs?

The fact is, your TV won’t last forever. Although, there are tips that might increase the lifespan of your TCL TV, including:

  • Turn off your TV when it is not in use. Your TCL TV is prone to having a faulty backlight which is due to leaving it on for too long.
  • Optimize the automatic timer on your TCL TV. Open the smart home system settings to turn off your TV when not in use.
  • Fix your TV to the wall. Your TCL TV has several sensors that respond to sunlight or rain. Place your TV away from the windows. Since it will prevent sunlight from reaching its sensitive parts. 

Keep a two- to four-inch distance between your TCL TV and the wall for ventilation. Using TV continuously can increase its temperature. The latter will reduce its lifespan. Thereby, 

  • The distance between the TV and wall mount allows cooling fans to work better. And extend the life of your TCL TV.
  • Keep your TCL TV dust-free by regularly cleaning it. Dust accumulation can fill up ventilation spots, resulting in excessive heating. Wipe your TV with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust.
  • Set the TCL TV brightness low. Many viewers think that keeping the brightness improves your picture quality. But in reality, high brightness destroys your TV backlights and reduces its longevity. Therefore, you should set your brightness level as per your room lightning.
  • Attach an Automatic Voltage Regulator to your TV to save it from damage. A single power surge can destroy your TV permanently. The most effective way to prevent power fluctuations on TV is to connect a voltage regulator.

When To Replace Your TCL TV?

Electrical devices do not have expiration dates like household products. As well, TCL smart TVs aren’t replaced until they stop working.

Within your first year of purchase, if your TCL TV develops a malfunction, it is repairable. Because the manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty.

Although, minor technical issues in the TCL TVs may be resolved by troubleshooting. A few of the main issues include the inability to connect to the Wi-Fi or change channels.

However, when your TV is not functioning or you’re getting a blank screen, it’s time to replace your TCL TV.

The most effective way to determine whether the TV can be repaired is to visit your local customer service.

What are the best-selling TCL TV models?

TCL has established itself as an essential participant in the dynamic television industry by regularly releasing groundbreaking TV sets. TCL has a strong following among people who want high-quality entertainment that won’t break the bank. 

Their products are known for having advanced features, a sleek design, and a low price. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular TCL TV models that people all over the world value.

1. TCL 6-Series

Many people think the TCL 6-Series is the best of what TCL offers. The 6-Series has Quantum Dot technology and Dolby Vision HDR, which make the colors bright, the contrasts strong, and the brightness levels very good. 

Its Roku TV technology improves the user experience even more by making it easy to use a wide range of streaming apps and services.

2. TCL 4-Series

The TCL 4-Series is a good choice for those who want a cheaper option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Even though it doesn’t have as many features as some of its higher-end competitors, the 4-Series still has good 4K picture quality, HDR support, and the easy-to-use Roku app. 

This type is especially popular with casual viewers and people who want a cheap second TV for different rooms.

3. TCL 8-Series

The 8-Series, at the top of TCL’s line-up, shows that the company is committed to pushing the limits. The 8-Series uses Mini-LED technology and has great contrast control and brightness levels, creating a very immersive watching experience. 

This TV model is great for movie fans and gamers who want the best performance. It supports Dolby Atmos music and has strong gaming features.

4. TCL Roku TVs

One of the reasons why TCL is so famous is that it works with the Roku TV platform. The Roku design makes it easy to navigate and access a large library of streaming services for some shows, including the ones above. 

This easy-to-use method has helped bring in a wide range of people who want to enjoy their favorite content without much trouble.


The QLED TVs were made possible by TCL’s work with Quantum Dot technology. With these models, color accuracy, brightness, and general picture quality are the most important things. 

With QLED screens, the colors will be more vibrant and use less energy. The QLED line from TCL gives people who care a lot about how their entertainment looks another choice.

In a market filled with options, TCL’s TV models stand out for their blend of performance, features, and affordability. The brand’s dedication to innovation and design with the customer in mind has made it popular with regular consumers and tech fans. 

As TCL continues improving its products and adopting new technologies, customers can expect even more exciting TV models that change how people watch TV at home. 

TCL has shown that it can meet the needs of a wide range of people and budgets, whether through the 6-Series bright images, the 4-Series easy-to-use quality, or the 8-Series’s cutting-edge performance.


In conclusion, the TCL TVs can become your first choice if you’re looking for a reasonable TV with an average lifetime.

However, if you want to buy something fancy, look for other TV brands. Taking care of the TCL TV and adjusting smart apps, will increase its lifespan.

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