How Long Do Insignia TVs Last?

How Long Do Insignia TVs Last? An Expert Answer

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When a brand offers high-end specs at low price, the question about the reliability of the brand is natural to arise. If you have the same question and want to know how long do Insignia TVs last? We have got you covered.  

Insignia is owned by a reputable retailer Best Buy and manufactured in China. Insignia brand sells TVs, tablet, laptop, and refrigerator etc. They are marketed to be as good as expensive brands at a much lower price. 

Brief Answer to How Long Do Insignia TVs Last

Being a budget TV brand doesn’t mean that Insignia TV wouldn’t have a long life span or good quality. Insignia TV can last up to seven years, with significant heavy usage. If the TV is used with proper maintenance and care. And the TV is allowed to cool down at least twice a day. Insignia TV like other brands will then last up to ten years.  

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Do other Smart TVs last longer?

Other televisions of the same price as Insignia TV, have the same lifespan too. if you use any TV 24/7 with full brightness and high quality settings. It will reduce the lifespan of the TV.

All televisions have a limited span life, it’s not only Insignia. Yes, the TVs can last longer with moderate settings and usage.

Burnout of Backlights

The component in the TV that is the most vulnerable one is, Backlight. The Backlight burn out is dependent on how long the TV has been active. They burn out because of high usage. Blacklight has limited hours and provides lots of light with a low power. Once the backlight burns, the picture becomes dark. Yes, You can replace the backlight. But backlight replacement is more expensive than buying a new television.

How Can I Extend My TV Life?

How Long Do Insignia TVs Last

Several factors can help increase the lifespan of the TV regardless of the brand. Read ahead and find out how you can extend a television’s life.

Switch Off Your TV - If Not In Use

The best thing you can do to increase the lifespan is to turn off your TV completely if no one is watching it. 

Every electronic appliance depreciates with usage. The more we use, their life decreases. Therefore, turn on your smart TV, only when you want to watch it. A television is still on, even if it is not being watched. The backlight is still active lighting up the black screen. Leaving a TV or any electronics on for longer periods of time degrades the components inside. Since the backlights have the highest failure rate. Turning the TV off will not only increase the television life but also reduce power bills.

Adequate Ventilation Around The TV

Ensure that the space between the TV and wall /cabinet consoles is adequate enough for your TV to cool down. Like other electronics, a smart TV has a motherboard which has many components. These parts heat up when the TV is on and the ventilation systems send the heat out. However there should be adequate breathing space and airflow in the room.

Ideally there should be a two inch space behind and four inch space on the sides of the TV. If there is a cabinet around the TV, there should be enough space for air circulation. A wall mount is helpful in keeping your TV safe and well ventilated. Also, keep your TV away from heat appliances like heaters.

Don't Let Dust Settle on TV

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your TV to fend off dust accumulation periodically. The dust can clog the ventilation hole of the TV and harm the inside components. If the dust settles on the TV screen for long, it will leave marks on the screen. So wipe off your TV gently.

Use Automatic Voltage Regulator

Power surges might happen and voltage will fluctuate. A high jolt of voltage is enough to disrupt the processes and damage your television. This damage repair will cost a lot too. It’s better to attach an automatic voltage regulator to your electric appliances.

Optimize the Brightness Settings

A TV brightness plays an important role in a Smart TV lifespan. The brightness of the TV should not be kept very high. The higher the brightness, the higher the energy is being used. To increase the longevity, you should keep the brightness of the TV optimum. If your TV has a brightness preset, take advantage of its optimized settings

Increase the brightness only, when there is good lighting in your room. It would be beneficial for both your eyes and TV.

Adjust the Contrast Levels

Contrast levels distinguish the bright and dark colors of the TV. Just like brightness, when contrast levels will be high, the TV will consume more power. Also high contrast ratios will ruin the TV display quality and longevity.

The deal is to set the contrast level at a standard. It will be good for both energy consumption and visual experience.

Firmware Updates

Do make sure to update your TV firmware. These updates are introduced to resolve bugs and make sure that TV remains compatible with the apps. 

Handle with Care

The TV and the backlight might get damaged if you shake/move the TV frequently and harshly. So, keep it safe from physical damage

Warranty of Insignia TV?

How Long Do Insignia TVs Last

Insignia TVs have a warranty of 12 months i.e. 365 days starting from the date of purchase. You can get it repaired or replaced during these 12 months at no cost. Insignia TV also offers good customer service. Their team is always available since the Insignia brand is backed up by the reputable company, Best Buy. 

Famous Insignia TV Model - Fire Edition

Insignia TVs price ranges from $120 to $530. The most popular model among all Insignia TVs is the 55-inch Insignia F30 due to Fire TV and higher specs. 

This Tv has a decent picture quality with 4K resolution. It supports HDR content. It has a good contrast ratio and deep blacks but it’s not very uniform. It has a narrow viewing angle i.e. its not a good choice for big rooms with large gathering. F30 55-inch is based on Amazon’s Fire TV operating system. With Fire TV, you can access hundreds of apps like Disney and Amazon Prime. The remote also has hot keys for these apps and is integrated with Alexa for voice commands.  

However Insignia TV’s including this model are not good for hardcore gaming. Even the game mode isn’t any great. It has a 60Hz refresh rate and the input lag is very high. 

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Why are Insignia TV so cheap?

Insignia TVs are cheap because they are made of leftover parts of big brands TVs. Hisense uses left off components from Samsung or LG TVs to make an Insignia TV. However, Insignia TV is not bad. It’s just like waiting for a few months to make a new product since the company doesn’t spend on procuring parts. 


Get the best value of your money from your LED TV by following the above mentioned tips. 

The screen contrast ratios, black levels and gaming speed of Insignia TV, might not be as great as premium brands. Yet Insignia TV is a solid product, in a limited budget. You can make your TV last long if you take care of it externally and keep the internal settings moderate.

Insignia TV might not be at the top in the race but is a very affordable and reliable option.

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