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TV size for bedroom dimensions

TV Size for Bedroom Guide [Dimensions & Viewing Angle]

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Buying a new Tv must be an exciting moment for you. But when you go to the market you just keep thinking about the right tv size for the bedroom.

A wrong TV size selection can break your watching experience and sometimes you might feel irritated with the small or too big size.

Here a question arises, what is the right bedroom TV size?

In short, It depends on two main factors: The place where you’ll place your TV and the budget. If you are in the market with a good budget you can buy a big screen TV but that is only possible if you have sufficient space in your TV room. However, a 43-55 inches TV size is recommended for bedroom TV size. 

Let’s dive deep into a very scientific process that is developed by the experts to choose a suitable TV size for your bedroom.

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How to Choose TV Size for Bedroom?

Selecting a tv size for the bedroom can be hectic for you but it’s simple. You just need to know the accurate size of your room, the size of your tv screen as well as the distance of your couch from the screen. Following are the things you should know before buying a tv:

TV Sizes & Dimensions

tv size for bedroom: common tv size and dimensions

Usually, tv screens are measured from corner to corner, a 65 inches screen can be 55 inches wide. Many people say a big is better because it’s easier to see.No doubt a bigger screen can give a good view even if you are sitting too far from the screen.

But a bigger screen can affect your eyes when you sit close to it and it is suitable if you have a large field of view. So, never choose a big tv size for the bedroom if you don’t have a spacious room or launch to keep a big screen.

Understand the Resolution of the Screen

Three different resolutions are available in the market. From these three resolutions (1080, 4k, and 8k) 4k is suitable for everyone. 4k tv’s come with a 3840× 2160 resolution. You can sit close to 4k television without getting any harm to your eyes.

Room Size and TV Position

Considering room size before buying a tv is important. A small screen can’t be suitable for a larger room. If you buy a small screen for your spacious room the distance between the screen and your sitting place will increase and you can enjoy nothing. But, if you buy a large screen for a small room, the screen can’t be adjusted there. Similarly, a large screen in a small room can affect your eyes badly.

After considering the room size and deciding on the room for the tv you have to be sure about the tv position. Whether you are thinking of placing your tv on the ground with a stand or hanging it on the wall. If you are placing the screen on a stand it’s important to know where your stand should be placed. Or, if you are thinking to hang the screen on the wall, decide which wall will be a good choice.

Viewing Distance and Viewing Angle

TV viewing distance for each tv size for bedroom and best size for gaming tv

Calculation of viewing distance helps you effectively to determine the exact size of the Tv screen you need to choose. Here is an amazing formula to calculate the viewing distance instead of using high calculations online.

Measure viewing distance (distance between the screen and your couch) in inches and divide it by 2. You will get the Tv size you need for your room.

Viewing distance/2 = screen size 

For example, Your sitting plan is 20 feet from the screen (that is 240 inches).

240/2 =120

The best screen size for you is 120 inches according to 240 inches viewing distance (measure the screen size diagonally).

Viewing angle is also a factor to consider before buying a Tv. It should be settled parallel to the eye and 15 degrees up or down. From left or right keep the angle equal to or less than 40 degrees.

At a sharp angle, your picture will be distorted. 

Here is another helpful table showing the ideal viewing distance in meters for every TV size, resolution, and angle.  You will notice for the same TV size ideal viewing distance changes with resolution and viewing angle. The viewing distance column shows a rough range for viewing distance. While other columns show exact distances for each resolution and viewing angle.

tv size for bedroom

Room Lighting

Room lighting can also ruin your entertainment while watching tv. Most TV screens come with high reflections that can make your picture look dim. A room with high lighting is not suitable for placing your Tv. High lighting will make your picture look faded. 

A faded and dim picture will affect your eyes and disturb your eye site. If you want to place the Tv in such a place ( with high brightness) reduce the brightness by using some curtains or dimming the lights. Then you can place your TV in such a room.

Optimal TV Sizes for Bedroom

The following is a list of television sizes that are recommended for various bedroom measurements, based on the variables indicated above:

Small bedrooms (12×12 feet or less): 

For small rooms, a 32- to 43-inch TV is a good choice. This site strikes a nice mix between the amount of screen real estate available and the minimum distance required for comfortable viewing.

Medium Bedrooms (12×12 – 15×15 feet): 

Bedrooms of medium size can accommodate televisions ranging in size from 43 to 55 inches. It provides a larger screen without taking up an excessive amount of room.

Large bedrooms (15×15 feet and larger): 

Consider purchasing a television with a screen size of at least 55 inches if your bedroom is particularly large. This ensures that the screen is the right size for the room.

What’s The Best Size TV For You?

The best size for your room depends on the place you need to keep the TV. Let’s discuss which size is suitable for which type of place. After reading this you will find your answer.

Small TVs

Small TVs ranging from 25” to  39” are designed for small bedrooms, home offices, and kitchens.

Medium-sized TVs

These range from 40”-50” TVs and are best for rooms where you seat close. TV.55” is the most popular one among medium-size TVs.

Large TVs

TVs ranging from 60” to -79” are amazing if you like watching movies and sports. For large TV’s surely a large room is suitable.

Extra Large TVs

TVs ranging from 80”+ can give you a stunning experience of enjoying the TV. These large TVs should be kept in very large rooms. You can get a theatre-like set-up at home by using these Extra large TVs.

What Size is Considered a Big Size For Your Bedroom?

If you want to get a cinema experience in your bedroom you will be looking for a big Tv for your room. You are wondering about the best big size for your bedroom. For this purpose, you can buy any 55”,66” or 75” inches television. The most suitable size for your room is 55” inches or 75” inches. These two sizes can fit your room and budget as well.

Best Size TV For Gaming?

If you are a game lover you must be in search of a TV size that suits you best. Playing games is completely different from watching movies or something else. To play a game, the player needs to sit close to the screen. So, a 43”-55” inch TV will work well for you. The most commonly used monitor screens are ranging from 24”- to 27” inches because players sit too close to the screen.

Size vs Quality

If you have a small budget you must be trying to get a large screen within a low budget. In this way, you may fail to get a quality picture with a big size screen on a small budget. Keeping this in mind, don’t go for a big 4k TV like 65” inches. Instead of selecting a 65” inches low-quality TV screen buy a 55” inches TV. This can fit you both as budget-friendly and the size you want. Because a 55” inches screen is not considered a small TV.

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