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How wide should a TV stand be

How wide should a TV stand be for a 85-inch TV?

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Do you know that the advertised size of the TV screen is not the actual width and height of the TV? Pretty shocking. The size they advertise is the diagonal measurement of the two opposite corners.

On top of this, the size is measured for the screen, which excludes the panel. So, the actual width and height of the 85-inch TV will differ.

If you are trying to figure out the actual size for a TV setting and the correct placement of your TV, then all these things will make the process a little tricky. This guide will help you find the actual size and optimal position for your TV.

So, without any further ado, let us dive into the details.

What Size Of TV Stand Is Appropriate For 85-inch TV?

You need to pick a TV stand that can safely accommodate your 85-inch TV, for which you need the correct dimensions of the TV. The TV box or packaging size is measured diagonally from two opposite corners. Here are the easy steps that will help you find the actual width and height of the TV and the TV stand.

Step 1: Take Measurements Of The TV’s Actual Width, Height & Depth

The first step is to find the TV’s height and width. No, we are not talking about the diagonal measurement of the screen size. Take out your measuring tape and measure the width of your TV screen.

Place one end of the measuring tape in the top left corner of the TV panel. You need to include the panel on the side of the screen to find the true TV size. Now run the tape along the screen to the top right corner. Mark the reading. This is the actual width of your TV.

Now place one end of the tape at the bottom left corner. Run it in the upward direction till you reach the top left corner. Mark the reading. This is your TV’s height.

Also, calculate the depth reading of your TV. Use the tap to measure the thickness of the TV screen and back panel. If there is any base at the bottom, then include it too.

Now you are all set with the true size of your TV, and it is time to find the height, width, and depth of the TV stand.

Step 2: Calculate The Width Of Your TV Stand

To measure the TV stand width, you must run the measuring tape horizontally. Generally, you should pick a TV stand that is at least 3 inches wider than the actual width of your TV screen. You can also go with a TV stand with higher width as they will offer more space to keep the accessories.

However, you should first analyze your room setting and then pin down the best option.

Calculate The Width Of Your TV Stand

Step 3: Calculate The Height Of Your TV Stand

Finding the perfect height for your TV stand can be a little tricky. To find the TV stand height, first, you need the actual TV height. There is a good rule which will help you get an excellent estimate on the height of your TV. The general idea is that the middle of your TV should be in-level or below your eye level.

Here are the easy steps to follow to find the TV stand height.

  1. First, you need to decide on the wall, shelf, or cabinet where you will hang the TV or keep the stand.
  2. Sit in the direction where the wall or the shelf is in front of you.
  3. Now mark the eye level on the front wall using a pencil or painter’s tape. Make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position. You can also mark a point for the average sightline of all the people in your home.
  4. Now measure the height from the bottom of the wall to the point of eye level. Then subtract half the height of the TV from the previous reading.
  5. This is the height of your TV stand. It may vary around one inch higher or lower, but you will get an excellent estimate.

So, with simple math, you can easily find the height of your TV stand, which will help you in picking the right option for your TV screen. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, then click here to calculate the perfect height in a jiffy.

Calculate The Height Of Your TV Stand

Step 4: Calculate the Depth Of Your TV Stand

Depth also plays a crucial role when selecting the TV stand. You may need to place some accessories and organize the cables correctly to give your room a clean and clutter-free look.

Generally, a depth of 13-17 inches will suffice adequately. You will get ample space to mount your TV, add accessories and manage all the cables properly without any unnecessary obstruction.

What Is The Average Size Of An 85-Inch TV?

The approximate width, height, and depth of an 85-inch television screen will be 74 inches, 42 inches, and 2.5 inches, respectively. All the measurements can vary with the model and company of your TV.

However, with these measurements, you will get a general idea about the true size of the 85-inch TV.

Typical TV Stand Size Guide Chart

Besides the size of the TV, there are several factors that you need to analyze before picking a suitable TV stand. Here in this guide, you will find everything.

Viewing Distance

The viewing distance plays a crucial role while positioning the TV stand. According to the source, the commonly used rule of thumb for measuring the safe distance is five times the size of your screen width. For example, with the 85-inch-wide screen, the width will be 74 inches, and the approximate viewing distance will be 370 inches.

Size plays an important role, but there are more factors in play that can change the viewing distance. Let us have a look into them.

1.       Angular Resolution

Angular resolution is a point where a human eye can differentiate between all the details. A human eye with 20/20 vision can differentiate between the details at 1/60 degree apart. This ability depends on your visual acuity and the distance of the TV stand from your eye.

Depending on your eyesight, your eye cannot distinguish between the details at a particular distance. So, if you sit too far, you will not be able to see the perfect picture quality, and if you sit too close, the picture quality will pixelate.

As eyesight differs from person to person, visual acuity tells the closest limit of the distance where you can sit to watch TV without hitting the limits of the resolution of your TV.

2.       Field Of View

The field of view is another essential factor in determining the viewing distance. Generally, the recommended distance for any TV screen is where it fills your field of view by at least 30 degrees. You can sit a bit closer to get a theater-like experience, which will take the angle to 40 degrees.

However, the angle will differ with every person as all have different heights. So, rather than following it blindly, use it as a guideline and analyze all the other factors too. However, if you are curious, click here to calculate the viewing distance for different field-of-view angles.

With all these factors, the approximate distance for an 85-inch TV screen will be 10-14 feet, depending on the resolution of your TV. So, place your TV where your eyes feel comfortable, and enjoy your experience.

TV Stand Type

TV stand type is an essential factor when looking for a suitable option. There are different TV stands available in the market. Let us have a look at the popular TV stands.

1.       Traditional Stands

As the name suggests, these basic TV stands offer ample space to hold your television screen with other accessories. You can adjust these TV stands in any room. They are suitable for all screen sizes, from smaller TV to large screens.

2.       Corner TV Stands

Corner TV stands are a popular choice for rooms with low space. You can easily accommodate your TV screen in the corner of your room and even enjoy the little space on the stand for ornaments and other accessories.

3.       Media Chests

Media chests are an ideal choice for dorm rooms and bedrooms. These TV stands come with open and closed shelves that you can use to keep your media consoles, sound system, and other accessories. You can also conceal all the wires to give a neat look to the whole unit.

4.       Entertainment Centers

An entertainment center holds and surrounds your whole television screen. You can adjust everything from small ornaments to bulky sound systems in these types of TV stands. You can even add picture frames to the entertainment unit.

Taking a lot of room space, they are ideal for living and dining rooms. There are different entertainment centers, for example, hutch entertainment centers, TV armories, fireplace entertainment centers, etc.

5.       Floating TV Stands

Floating TV stands will cater to your needs adequately when you want to give a minimalistic and clean look to your room. The whole unit floats in the air and provides ample storage to conceal wires, mount your new TV, and hold your media consoles, ornaments, and other accessories.


There are several materials available in the market that can be used to build beautiful TV stands. You can get glass, metal, stone, or wooden TV stands according to your preferred choice. Every material has its perks, so analyze all your factors and look for the one that holds your TV properly and complements your room’s aesthetics.

What Size TV Stand Do You Need for an 85-Inch TV?

After analyzing all the above factors, the approximate dimensions for the 85-inch TV will be close to 74” X 41” X 2.5”. These dimensions will vary among the TV models of different companies.

So, taking a rough idea, you should opt for a TV stand with a width of 80 inches. This will give you 3-inch space on both sides to hold your TV console properly and add some accessories. As the general viewing height is 42 inches, a 20-22 inch high stand will suffice with the 85-inch TV consoles.

The depth of the stand can vary with the TV stand type and your personal preference.

Final Verdict

Now that you know the actual size of your 85-inch TV, you can quickly look for a suitable stand for your new television. Since it is a large TV, you need to look for a stand that can accommodate it safely and give you enough space to hold other accessories.

In this guide, you will get all the details on different types of stands, materials, and the correct viewing distance for the TV screen to make a wise decision.


Do TV Stands Have the Same Weight?

No, TV stands come with different weights. The weight also depends on the type of Tv stand and its material. For example, a whole entertainment unit will be heavy from a corner TV stand. Moreover, a glass TV stand will be lighter than a wooden or metal TV stand of the same type.

Is an 85 Inch TV 85 Inches Wide?

No, an 85-inch TV is not 85-inch wide. The 85-inch size refers to the diagonal measurement, and the actual width of the TV is close to 73 to 75 inches.

Where Should You Sit When Watching An 85-Inch TV?

After incorporating all the factors, the recommended viewing distance for an 85-inch TV screen is close to 11-12 feet.

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