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how to remove vizio tv from wall mount

How to Remove Vizio TV from Wall Mount – Full Removal Guide with FAQs

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Do you want to move out or redecorate your living space? Are you confused about how to remove your Vizio TV from your wall mount?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then this guide can help walk you through the process step-by-step.

Removing a wall-mounted TV can be considered as a reverse process for mounting your TV on the wall. There are some additional steps to take but the process is not difficult.

However, this guide will make the process quick and easy for you. 

Quick summary

Before we dive into details, this is what this post contains:

  • How to Remove Vizio TV from Wall Mount – Step-by-step Guide
  • Types of Safety Mounts
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Final Verdict

Without any further delay, let’s start!

How to Remove Vizio TV from Wall Mount?

unmount tv

You can remove your Vizio TV from a wall mount just like any other TV. You just need to follow some rules and keep a few factors in mind during the process.

Before you start removing your TV from a wall mount, you need to keep the following things ready:

  • TV mount manual
  • Screwdriver
  • A friend for help
  • A blanket or soft surface cleared out for the TV

Step 1

detach plugs

First thing’s first, detach all the plugs and wires of devices from your TV. If your TV is attached to any power cables, then remove them as well. 

The TV should be wire-free before the process begins to avoid any hindrances later on.

Step 2

Your TV mount will not move if you use a mount with any kind of safety lock. Therefore, you need to remove the safety first. 

There are three kinds of safety mounts:

  • Screw Type
  • Pull String Type
  • Horizontal Locking Bar

Screw Type

For a screw-type wall mount, you will need a screwdriver of at least 12 inches and a flashlight. The safety screws will be located on the bottom of the mount. 

Use the flashlight to see the screws and use the screwdriver to unscrew two safety screws until you can pull the bottom part of the TV away from the wall.

Pull String Type

The pull string technology is fairly easier to handle. It does not involve a screwdriver or flashlight. There are two strings attached to a latch. 

Carefully find the string from the bottom of the TV and pull it hard. You will hear a click after which the bottom of the TV will pop out away from the wall.

Horizontal Locking Bar

Instead of vertical safety locks at the bottom of the TV, the horizontal locking bar can be found on the sides of the TV. 

The bar lock runs from left to right and can be pulled from only one side.

Step 3

Tilt the bottom of the TV away from the wall towards you. Make sure that the upper part of the TV remains in contact with the wall. 

Step 4

With the help of a friend, gently lift the TV and unhook it from the wall part of the mounting bracket, and set the TV face down on a soft surface with no debris. 


You can use a clean blanket or set the TV down on a sofa. Ensure that the surface is not uneven or does not have any debris on it for it can ruin the screen.

Step 5

tv mount

No matter the type of mount or type of TV, the mounting plate attached to the back of the TV will be screwed on through four screws

You just need to unscrew them using a screwdriver and the plate will come right off. 

Step 6

The screws that were originally screwed to the back of the TV can be reinserted to close the screwing holes.

Step 7


Use your screwdriver to unscrew the mounting bracket attached to the wall. Carefully remove all the screws, washers, and anchors you inserted to secure the mount to the wall.

Step 8

Make sure that you save all the mounting hardware in case you need to wall mount your TV again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you remove your TV from a wall mount?

You need to follow the following steps to remove a TV from a wall mount:

  • Unplug all the wires
  • Remove safety locks and tilt the bottom of the bracket
  • Lift the TV and unhook it from the mounting bracket 
  • Lay down the TV on its screen and unscrew the mounting plate
  • Unscrew the mounting bracket from the wall

What function do strings have on a wall mount?

The strings are a form of safety lock to keep your TV securely attached to the wall mount. This type of safety lock is called Pull String Type.

How to hide Pull Strings behind the TV?

If you do not want the pull strings to show then you can use adhesive tapes or zip ties to hide the strings behind the TV.

However, make sure that the string can be reached from the bottom of the TV if you ever need to unlock the TV from the mount.

What are the different types of wall mounts?

There are three types of wall mounts:

  • Tilting: These mounts can tilt a few degrees up or down to reduce glare from natural or artificial light in the room. 
  • Fixed: These mounts remain attached to the wall and do not allow any post-level adjustments. 
  • Full Motion: These mounts allow you to fully customize the angle and direction of the TV after installation. They allow you to tilt, swivel, extend, retract, and rotate. 

Can any TV mount fit your TV?

The TV bracket must fit the pattern of holes present at the back of your TV. The distance between each hole will determine the size of the mount suitable for your TV.

This distance is called the VESA pattern.

Final Verdict

This brings us to the end of our post on “How to Remove Vizio TV from Wall Mount”.

The process to remove your TV from a wall mount is no different or no more difficult than the process to mount your TV on the wall. 

You just need to be very careful when handling your TV and follow instructions on the TV mount manual. 

Let us know if we can be of assistance.


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