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how to lock tv to wall mount

How to Lock TV to Wall Mount – Easy Installation Guide

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A TV locked to the wall mount is mostly preferred in public areas such as hotels, hospitals, colleges, train stations, airports, and motels. 

According to the FBI, a TV is one of the top 10 items that is stolen from public places. 

To keep your TV secure and to prevent it from getting stolen, many companies have manufactured locking systems for TV mounts. 

If you’re interested in locking your TV as well, this guide is just the thing you need. We have compiled this guide with all the necessary information, tips, and FAQs to do it yourself. 

Quick summary

This guide includes all the necessary tips, instructions, and FAQs that will help you lock your TV to your TV mount effortlessly. 

How to Successfully Lock TV to Your Wall Mount? - Step-by-step Instructions Guide

lock tv

First, it is necessary to understand that a complete security plan for your place can be the ultimate solution. However, you can also opt for other options that we have tested. 

We recommend these 2 options for your TV safety, such:

  • Lock up your TV
  • Use a locking TV mount 
  • Place or attach an asset protection device on your TV

Materials You Need Before You Lock Your TV to Your Wall Mount

tools needed

These materials can cost a little extra but they will help you secure your TV.

You might need the following materials: 

  • Asset protection device
  • Padlock 
  • Caps for your TV screws
  • Heavy-duty cable just like bike locks normally available. 

Tip: You can choose what works best for you, we have suggested all the materials for all the options.

Step-by-Step Easy Installation Guide on How to Lock Your TV to Your Wall Mount

This section is essential so we would recommend that your read it thoroughly to avoid any mishap.

After thorough research, we have compiled this guide to assist you throughout the whole process. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Step 1: TV Anti-theft Security Kit  

There is also a cheap option to secure your TV to your wall mount with a bike lock but we recommend you invest in a TV anti-theft security kit. 

This kit is rather affordable in comparison to other options we have discussed in this guide. 

Step 2: Use Heavy Duty Cable


Heavy-duty cables are sturdy and are similar to the bike locks normally used. Screw a good-quality heavy-duty cable into the back of your TV. 

Step 3: Attach The Caps on Your TV Screws

screw caps

You can find caps for your TV screws from any hardware store. Attach the caps on the TV screws to further secure them.

This step prevents any theft attempt and prevents the cable of the TVs to be easily unscrewed from their original position. 

Tip: Using multiple heavy-duty cables with multiple screws is preferred for double protection of your TV.

Step 4: Use the Padlock 

Tighten the cable loops and lock all the ends of the cable loops together with the help of a padlock. Then, secure the TV to the wall mount fully. 

Step 5A (Alternative Option 1): Use a locking TV mount 

It works the same as the option mentioned above and has the same working mechanism. 

However, you need to invest in a locking TV mount and it locks and unlocks the TV with the help of a key. 

Step 5B (Alternative Option 2): Use an Asset Protection Device A

Asset protection devices are small electronic devices that can be attached to your valuable assets in your space. It triggers a protection alarm when the protected assets are moved. 

This is very helpful as it is an accurate monitoring system and there are no false alarms that can cause any panic situation.  

It also protects your TV from people who already have access to your home or place, such as housekeepers, janitors, pet or babysitters, etc. 

Step 6: The Final Adjustments 

After you have chosen the option best suited for you, you can make the final adjustments and test it just in case. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We have attached this FAQs section to further clarify any confusion you might have in this guide. 

Can you lock your TV to your TV mount?

Yes, you can lock your TV to your wall mount to prevent thieves from stealing it. For this reason, we have compiled this guide to assist you to lock your TV to your TV mount yourself. 

How can I secure my TV to the wall fully?

There are multiple options that you can try. Such as: 

  • You can use a fixed wall mount for your TV.
  • You can also lock your TV with the help of studs. 
  • You can lock your TV to your wall mount with the options we shared in the guide above. 
  • You can also opt for lockable or locking TV mounts that prevent the TV from budging from its position. 

Does outdoor TV get stolen easily?

No one is immune from burglary, so to be extra cautious about the valuable assets we recommend you install a theft prevention system. 

But if it is costly, then you can also opt for the option to lock your TV to the wall mount. It is a very common practice used in public places. 

How can you unlock your TV mount?

It depends on the TV mount you have bought. Usually, if your TV mount comes with a bar lock, it can be slid horizontally along the back of your TV. 

There is also a string-type safety lock in some lockable TV mounts; you can unlock it if you pull the strings from the wall mount. 

To Conclude…

We understand that locking your TV to your wall mount can be quite hectic. However, if you follow this guide this issue can be easily resolved. 

We have attached all the necessary instructions, steps, tips, and FAQs to assist you along the process. 

Use this guide to know about all the options suitable to lock your TV to your wall mount. 

We hope this article gave you a good idea about all the options, feel free to contact us for any further queries. 


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