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How To Connect Sony Soundbar To TV? HDMI And Non-HDMI

How To Connect Sony Soundbar To TV? HDMI And Non-HDMI

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A complex setup procedure that can take a lot of your time should not ruin your watching experience.

You may enjoy fantastic sound quality when viewing movies, television shows, and listening to music once you understand how to connect a soundbar to your TV.

Finding one manual that covers all connection options can be challenging, but our experts have put together a Sony soundbar setup guide that will have your soundbar up and running in no time.

In this article, you will get to know the following:

Stay connected!

How to Connect Sony Soundbar to TV

You can connect your Sony via the following connections

  • HDMI (ARC)
  • HDMI and Optical digital audio cable
  • Optical digital audio cable only
  • Bluetooth

No matter how good your television is, there is always room for improvement in the auditory experience. So, if you want to get the most out of your tv watching, consider adding a soundbar to your living room.

Our experts suggest using the HDMI ARC to get the most excellent audio quality possible from your Sony soundbar setup. Your TV needs an ARC (audio return channel) port to support this. The ARC connection can transmit video and audio signals via one cable.

How do I connect my Sony soundbar to my TV with HDMI?

How do I connect my Sony soundbar to my TV with HDMI?

To connect a soundbar to a TV using an HDMI cable, you must first power on each device and find the HDMI output (ARC) port on the soundbar and the HDMI input (ARC) port on the TV.

Then, you must plug the corresponding HDMI cable into each device and change your TV’s settings to choose the soundbar as the preferred speaker audio output.

Let’s look at the specifics and other connections for a Soundbar to your TV in more detail.

The steps below explain how to use an HDMI cable to connect a Soundbar to a TV: 

  • Connect both devices to a power source and turn them on

The most commonly known method of sourcing power to your soundbar is connecting it with an AC power adapter or something similar. You can connect it to power through your TV, but this is not always the case.

  • Find the TV’s HDMI input (ARC)

The most common way to supply power to your soundbar is by using an AC power adapter or a similar device to connect to it. It could be possible to power it via your TV, although this is sometimes the case.

You now need to establish the HDMI connection ports on your TV and Soundbar, respectively, after plugging them in and turning them on.

It doesn’t matter which device you connect the HDMI cable to first, but you must ensure that each device’s connection is strong (and plugged in).

You will probably find the HDMI input (ARC) port on the TV in the same place as the other input and output ports.

This is where you should start looking if you already have cables plugged into the RCA ports, often the red and white input and output connections.

  • Locate the HDMI output (ARC) on the soundbar

After locating the HDMI output (ARC) port on your TV, you need to find the HDMI input (ARC) port on the soundbar.

Once you’ve located this port, you can pair the Sony Soundbar with your TV using an HDMI cable and ensure the soundbar is plugged into a power source.

  • Connect the HDMI cable to each device separately

Now that you know the spots for the HDMI cables in your TV and Soundbar, it is time to connect them to each device.

It doesn’t matter whether you connect the HDMI cable to the TV first, then the soundbar, as previously suggested, or the other way around. Just make sure the connection you establish is secure and complete.

  • Change your TV’s settings to make the soundbar the preferred sound output

You must adjust the settings on your TV to choose the soundbar as the preferred speaker output once the HDMI cables have been plugged into each device and the TV and Soundbar have both been turned on and plugged into a power source.

How do I connect my Sony soundbar to my TV without HDMI?

Optical audio cable

It only takes a few simple steps to use the optical cable to connect the soundbar to the television. To help you get the job done as quickly as possible, we are here to outline the key steps.

  • Firstly, Grab the optical cable and look for both ends. The cable’s other end should be plugged into the soundbar, while the other end should go into the television port
  • You will find a plastic cap on both ends of the cable while using it for the first time. Your cable is ready to use after just removing the caps
  • Now look for the Digital Audio Out (Optical) Port towards the back of the television. Connect the optical cable to the Digital Out port of the television
  • This port transmits the optical signal, which can be received by the soundbar, speaker, or other compatible devices
  • Now check the soundbar’s back for the Digital Audio in Port. Connect the cable’s other end to the Digital Audio In port. Double-check the connection again, and then check it the other way around
  • It’s time to turn on both of the devices. You must select digital IN when you press the soundbar remote’s source button. You can look at the soundbar’s front display; a D-IN LED will indicate this.


Check if you can connect your soundbar to the TV via Bluetooth

To start, ensure that both devices are Bluetooth compatible. 

  1. See if your soundbar has a Bluetooth icon, button, or indicator light since this is a simple way to check. Another is to check your TV’s settings to see if it is a Bluetooth device.
  2. Setup your soundbar to receive thru Bluetooth

After ensuring both have a wireless Bluetooth input, you must set the soundbar and TV into Bluetooth pairing mode. The Sony TV soundbar’s Bluetooth mode can be activated in the settings for smart homes.

Our experts recommend placing your Bluetooth devices close to one another for a stronger wireless connection. Signals from sources, devices, or objects not connected to the TV or soundbar might easily interfere with them.

        3.Configure your TV to transmit thru Bluetooth

Search for the Bluetooth connection between your TV function and the soundbar name from the list of devices once you have clicked on the soundbar TV settings. The TV and soundbar should automatically connect through Bluetooth when you choose your device’s name.

Why won’t my Sony soundbar connect to my TV?

The cables are the first thing you should check when a device stops working, regardless of its type.

Are they inserted in the correct ports and connected correctly? There is a good risk that your soundbar connection will be interrupted if any of these cables are loose or damaged.

Additionally, wrong setups may cause connectivity issues. For some TVs, you’ll need to choose the Sony soundbar as your primary audio source to prevent interruption from the television’s internal sound settings.

If everything else fails, you can also try updating your firmware.

Most people need help syncing their Sony soundbar with another device since wireless connections might be complex.

Make sure the soundbar is securely connected to the power supply if you don’t want to experience this. In addition, Bluetooth settings should be enabled on both devices.

After that, press the speaker’s Bluetooth button. Wait for the pairing prompt before removing your fingers. The Bluetooth light will then stop flashing after that.

Additionally, connectivity problems can occur if the soundbar’s Control for HDMI feature is off. To fix the problem:

  • Turn on the Control for HDMI feature
  • On the remote control, press the VOICE button and hold it for a few seconds
  • Ensure that the soundbar’s USB indicator flashes twice
  • The control for the HDMI function is off if the USB indicator flashes just once
  • Reset the soundbar if the earlier methods didn’t fix the issue. Depending on the model number of your soundbar, follow the directions
  • HT-S100F

On the soundbar, press and hold the + (volume), (power), and (input) buttons for more than five seconds.

  • HT-S200F

Press and hold the – (volume) and (power) buttons on the soundbar for more than five seconds.

The 5 Best Sony Soundbars of 2023

Sony makes soundbars that are sturdy and well-made. They often do exceptionally well at reproducing dialogue, but if you want extra bass or treble in your mix, their lack of sound enhancement options may be a downside. 

Sony offers soundbars at various price points; therefore, their features can vary.

  • Sony HT-A3000
  • Sony HT-S400
  • Sony HT-X8500
  • Sony HT-S350
  • Sony HT-A5000


It’s common for a beginner to become puzzled while trying to use their Sony soundbar. That does not, however, mean that your only option is to see a local technician. 

After all, understanding basic audio troubleshooting is a worthwhile life hack.

We hope this article answers the question, “how to connect sony sound bar to TV?”


  • 1- How do I connect my Sony soundbar to my TV using HDMI ARC?

    To use HDMI ARC, ensure your TV and soundbar have HDMI ARC-compatible ports. Connect the HDMI cable to the ARC port on both devices, and audio will be transmitted automatically.

  • 2- Can I connect my Sony soundbar to my TV via Bluetooth?

    Yes, if your soundbar and TV support Bluetooth, you can pair them wirelessly. Access your soundbar's Bluetooth settings, put it in pairing mode, and then pair it with your TV.

  • 3- What is the advantage of using an HDMI ARC connection for my Sony soundbar?

    HDMI ARC allows for both audio and control signals to pass through a single cable, simplifying the setup and allowing you to control the soundbar with your TV remote.

  • 4- How can I enhance the bass and sound quality of my Sony soundbar setup?

    You can enhance bass and sound quality by adjusting the soundbar's audio settings. Increase bass levels and experiment with different audio modes to find the best sound possible.

  • 5- What should I do if there's audio latency when connecting my Sony soundbar to my TV via Bluetooth?

    Audio latency can occur with Bluetooth connections. To minimize it, ensure your soundbar and TV are updated with the latest firmware. You can also use a direct HDMI or optical connection for lower latency.

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