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how much weight can a tv mount hold

How Much Weight Can a TV Mount Hold – Full Analysis, Tips, & More

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Nobody would want their TV to end up as a shattered pile on the floor. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to be sure of the weight your TV mount can easily hold. 

Stick around and learn how to determine the weight a TV mount can hold. 

Quick Summary

The following information will be discussed in the article:

  • The amount of weight that a television mount holds
  • Benefits of a wall-mounted TV
  • Complications to consider before you mount a TV

How Much Weight Can a Television Mount Hold?

The most important thing to consider before you mount a TV is whether or not your mount will be able to hold the TV. 

In the modern world, even the lightest TVs are still pretty heavy for some mounts. In such a case, the anchors will be pulled from the wall and the TV would fall. 

To avoid such cases you need to keep in mind some factors before you mount the TV. The following is the list: 

Location of the mount

location of tv

It is very important to know the location where you plan to mount the TV. In addition to this, you must also know the hardware and tools required to mount on that particular wall. 

Most mounts already come with the required hardware such as bolts and wall anchors to install on drywall. 

However, if you plan to mount the TV on some other surface such as plaster or brick, you might need different types of tools. 

Why do you need different tools?

These different tools might cost extra and mean an extra trip to the hardware store, but this will ensure that your TV is securely mounted on the wall

What if you plan to mount your TV over a fireplace? 

If you plan to mount your TV over a wood-burning fireplace, you need to keep into consideration the heat and smoke that might shorten the life of your mount. 

You also need to consider the common VESA size for the TV and where to install the wall mounts exactly.

Furthermore, the newer gas fireplaces are comparatively safer but the heat flowing out should still be kept in mind. 

A good rule of thumb is that if your fireplace mantle is less than 4 feet tall your TV should be 12 inches above it.  

Weight and Size of the TV

weight and size of tv

If you are in doubt about the weight compatibility of your television mount, it is always advisable to check the manufacturer’s guide. 

This can be found in the form of a paper book in the box or you can check the particular brand’s website. 

How to find if your mount can hold up the TV?

The general rule is that the weight and the size of the TV are directly related. The larger the TV is, the heavier it would be. 

You must check the maximum weight rating and the VESA compatibility of your television mount. If your TV falls in the designated weight rating and VESA compatibility, the mount will easily hold the weight of the TV

Should the TV be wider than the mount? 

If you plan to use a fixed wall mount, you need to be sure that the TV is wider than the mount. If not the TV would hang out on both sides. 

Furthermore, curved TVs might also require a special mount to offset the edge distance. 

Make sure to check the brand’s recommendation on this one

Benefits of a Wall Mounted TV


There are numerous benefits a wall-mounted TV provides apart from providing the best viewing angle. This is why in modern times it is always preferred over a TV stand. 

The following is the list of the benefits: 

Saves Space

The most significant benefit a wall mounting TV has is the space it saves you. There is no need for a table or stand to place the TV on, this is extremely beneficial if you have a small house. 

In addition to this, you do not have to worry about TV accessories anymore. 

This will also remove the size problem. You do not have to worry about your TV fitting in the space. If only the wall is large enough, you can have a large-sized TV for yourself. 


TVs mostly get knocked over by little kids or pets that bump into them. A wall-mounted TV is high enough and is stuck to the wall which avoids the chance of the TV falling. 

This will keep your loved ones safe as well as keep your TV safe from any kind of damage. 

Reduces Clutter

A wall-mounted flat-screen TV always has a sleek and more minimalist look. You get to choose the exact location and height of your TV. 

Another advantage this has is that all your cables and wires run through the wall cavity and reduce visual clutter. 

These cables give a very displeasing look as well as are a tripping hazard that can cause injuries. 

Why It Is Important To Pick The Right Size TV Mounting Bracket?

right size bracket

All mounts have a certain TV weight that they can support under that specific mount’s specifications. Even if you attach it to wood studs and apply the VESA pattern, there is no guarantee it will stay put.

The mount’s specifications should always be taken into consideration and there is only so much that the wooden studs can support. 

The weight of the television is directly proportional to its TV size. TV mounts usually come with instructions on what TV sizes they support. 

Complications to Consider Before Mounting a TV

Type of Wall

type of wall

The type of wall you decide to mount your TV holds a lot of significance. If you plan on mounting the TV on a plaster wall, you must find studs or solid timber. 

Otherwise, there is a risk of the TV falling. 

On the other hand, if you plan to attach it to a brick wall it will be a lot stronger, but it would be a lot more difficult to run the cables through. 

Nearby chimneys

fireplace or chimney

If you plan to mount the TV near a chimney, you might have problems with the cable access. The heat coming from a fireplace nearby can also cause problems in the TV mount and on the cables. 

Wifi Interference

Wall-mounted smart TVs can affect wifi signals received by the TV. Interference with the signal is caused because the TV is too close to the wall. 

This happens more if the router is far away from the TV. 

To avoid these problems, it is advisable to relocate the wifi router near the TV and install a wireless access point to boost the wifi signals. 

Tips On Hanging TVs On The Wall Mount


Hanging a television on the wall can be daunting, especially with the fear that the TV weight might cause it to fall off. This doesn’t mean you should opt for TV stands.

To avoid any complications, here are some helpful tips:

  • Use Video Electronics Standards Association Pattern

Using VESA size to make the four holes for drilling the television mount to the wall. This will help keep large screens in place.

  • Pay Attention To Wooden Studs In Walls

Using a stud finder to find wood studs in the wall will help you pick the strongest spot to mount your television to. A rule of thumb is up to 80 pounds of weight is supported by a single stud.

Depending on the wall type, you might find only a single stud. In cases like these, it is optimal to use a drywall hanger that can support up to eighty pounds of weight.

  • Get The Right Mounting Hardware

Getting the right hardware is important for setting up the TV safely. You may need new bolts and sturdy anchors to make sure your TV stays in place. 

Wrapping Things Up

weight of tv

We hope that you are now familiar with the weight a TV mount can hold and what factors to look at before you decide to buy a wall mount. 

Furthermore, we have also explained the benefits a wall-mounted TV provides such as saving you from neck strain. 

We advise you to carefully read the instructions mentioned above for the best experience. 

Let us know if you have any questions. 


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