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9 Best Outdoor TV Enclosures in 2023 [Weatherproof, All Sizes]

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If you have just purchased a new television for your patio or backyard, it won’t survive for long unless it’s protected with the best outdoor TV enclosure. Though the best outdoor TVs have built-in weatherproofing but still you might need a good TV enclosure for bulletproof protection. 

Even if your TV is built for outdoor use or is in a seemingly secure location, it may be damaged by dust, pollen, and humidity. 

Taking the necessary precautions to safeguard your television can save you the trouble of purchasing an expensive replacement. With that said, your TV should be good for years if you use a waterproof enclosure.

There are several types to pick from, and we’ve done extensive research and testing, so you don’t have to! In addition, we will give you firsthand insights about the best outdoor TV enclosure to protect your television from weather and other hazards.

We have hands-on experience dealing with outdoor TV enclosures. We have been writing blogs about it for the past decade, providing insightful information to our readers. So you can trust our recommendations. 

Why Do You Need a Weatherproof Outdoor TV Enclosure?

When looking for outdoor television protection, nothing beats a weatherproof TV enclosure. Even the TVs that claimed to be outdoor TVs can’t survive long without enclosures. 

Enclosures protect against rain, dust, and other severe outdoor conditions. They can be made of plastic, metal, and fiberglass. The enclosure is mounted atop and holds the television using an upgraded TV mount.

Traditionally, if you wanted to watch TV outside, you had to drag your living room set outside, locate somewhere to plug it in, and then take it back inside when you were through. With TV enclosures and protective technologies, you may enjoy permanent outdoor watching without having to reinvent the wheel or worry about damage to your TV.

When purchasing an outdoor TV, you must consider if you need an outdoor TV cover or a complete enclosure to protect your investment. Outdoor TV enclosures are a must if you want to use indoor TVs outdoors.

A hurried glance at our top 4 picks for the best outdoor TV enclosures. For the complete list, continue reading down below.

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Our Top 9 Picks For Best Outdoor TV Enclosures Review

Here’s a detailed review of the top 9 products for best outdoor TV enclosures. If you want to know how we picked these products and the key factors. You can go down to

  • Detailed Buying Guide 
  • FAQ Section

1. Storm Shell Outdoor TV Enclosure 32-65 inches (Best Overall)

The Storm Shell Outdoor TV enclosure is the overall best outdoor TV enclosure globally, which is weatherproof and waterproof. They come in 3 different size ranges: 32”-44”, 45”-55”, and 56”-65”.

They are perfect for indoor TVs. They are our top recommendation because they are both very budget-friendly and top-rated.

Out of 1,004 people, 78% have given a five-star rating. It is an excellent option for those seeking an enclosure that can maintain itself during the worst weather conditions; for example, For people who live in colder areas, or places with higher rainfall, this TV enclosure is very suitable.

Moreover, as it is effortless to assemble, it will save you the hassle of hiring some labor to set up this enclosure.

The fingerprint security option protects against theft and burglary, so it is the best for people who worry about their expensive TV getting stolen.

Eagle Verdict!

By providing the adequate and best protection against severe weather such as rainstorms, dust storms, and UV rays, you will find this the best enclosure for every outdoor TV installation. Moreover, this is relatively inexpensive and better rated than other robust protective enclosures on the list, so you need not think twice.


  • Storm shell outdoor TV enclosure protects against UV radiations.
  • Perfectly weatherproof & waterproof
  • Wall mount bracelet is made of heavy gauge steel & prevents rusting.
  • They come with a removable front cover.
  • They are really easy to assemble.
  • They have fingerprint security to protect them from theft.


  • Larger versions are also quite heavy, weighing 60 lbs.

2. The TV Shield PRO Anti-Glare 75-85"

The TV Shield Pro is one of the best weatherproof outdoor enclosures available for 43-85 inch TVs. You can choose whether you want anti-glare technology or simple screen features.

It caters to all ventilation and has pass-through cable systems. It is perfectly waterproof. In addition, the 5-year warranty will ensure peace of mind for you.

This outdoor TV has a high-strength shatterproof anti-glare polycarbonate front shield to protect the television screen when viewing during daylight. 

It has a universal design that needs an external installation and works with any standard VESA mount (available separately) or may be fastened to the wall (also sold separately). It is lightweight and simple to install. You can choose from several sizes according to your Screen size.

Eagle Verdict!

As this enclosure comes with a double metal chamber and locks, your television is well protected by the TV Shield PRO. This enclosure is one of the most expensive enclosures, so it offers added safety and security from weather and damage. However, you might need to hire some labor to install this enclosure.


  • It comes with a double metal chamber and locking system.
  • It is perfectly water and impact resistant.
  • The device comes with a 5-year guarantee.
  • It mounts to the wall without the need for drilling.
  • It has three thermostat-controlled fans.
  • It is lightweight and has a shatter-resistant front panel.


  • It is difficult to construct.
  • It takes a long time to assemble.
  • In some bright situations, glare may occur.
  • It is costlier than other options
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3. Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosure

Apollo is offering a state of the art outdoor TV enclosures. They are available in partial sun and direct sun models in sizes ranging from 43” to 98” (86”-98” are their cinema series). In addition, Apollo enclosures are perfectly weatherproof and offer 360 safety from rain, dust, and heat.

The Apollo outdoor TV enclosure is certified by the UL/CSA safety standards, which makes them an excellent and safe option for your outdoor TV. Another great feature of the Apollo enclosure is its built-in heating system that protects the TV up to 60˚F.

So this enclosure is a perfect choice for indoor TVs to use outdoors.

Eagle Verdict!

In my opinion, the Apollo Outdoor TV enclosure is the best outdoor TV enclosure for outdoor TVs. As is provided, the glass front panel maintains the image quality of the TV.

Its protection level against water, dust, and wind is strong. It is also available in multiple sizes up to 98̋. In my opinion, the screen area is not as clear as it should be. It diminishes the resolution of the television.


  • Apollo outdoor TV enclosures are the leading choice by AU professionals.
  • They are certified to UL/CSA safety standards.
  • They are provided with a thermostatically controlled heating system
  • They have great protection against UV and IV rays.
  • They are perfectly water-proof
  • Comes in an affordable price range.


  • It is a little on the pricier end.
  • The screen area is not as clear as the other brand enclosures.

4.KUVASONG Waterproof Outdoor TV Enclosure with Soundbar

The most common and best outdoor TV enclosure for PLASMA, LCD, or LED TVs are those which perfectly weatherproof and provide 360 protection. And Kuvasong Enclosure perfectly meets these two conditions.

It is not only weatherproof but completely encloses your TV for 360 protection from rain, dust, and wind. It also has a heat-exhausting mechanism, so your TV won’t heat up in summer.
The device also has a strong, shatterproof front panel that is guaranteed not to break and two louvered vents with moisture screens to keep heat and intruders out (big and small).

The glass TV enclosure comprises a metal chamber and glass panel at the front, which prevents your TV from tampering and damage. Also, This TV enclosure has a built-in VESA mount (meets max 400x600mm).

You can easily open and shut the front panel without the complexities involved. You also have two power strips integrated within the enclosure. One is for the TV, while another is for the enclosure.

It has a built-in 80-watt sound bar that is weatherproof, making it perfect for any outdoor condition.

Eagle Verdict!

It is a great idea to get this TV enclosure because it is not very modern and completely weatherproof. It can protect your TV from inhospitable weather and offers glare protection.

However, it is a bit heavy on budget and a new entry, so you must weigh the pros and the cons before buying it.


  • The glass TV enclosure is durable and transparent.
  • It’s not too heavy.
  • The front cover may provide glare protection.
  • Perfectly weatherproof for outdoors
  • Easily open & close


  • It is very costly.
  • It has no lock system
  • Relatively new in the market

5. Outdoor TV Cover with Front Flap (Inexpensive Options)

They are designed with an ip55 rating and are available in 3 sizes ranging from 32”- 43”, 50-55”, and 60-65”. IP55 rating means it can withstand rain and dust. These TV enclosures are made of weatherproof fabric and are also VESA-compatible.

This TV outdoor cover is made of robust microfiber with double stitches, so it is durable. This TV enclosure can protect outdoor TV from severe weathering conditions for people living in rainy and humid areas. 

Another aspect of this enclosure is that it can flip up the front cover in case you want to move the TV.

Eagle Verdict!

Overall, it is a good TV cover for outdoor TVs. It can protect from rain, dust, and heat. But it is more suitable for roofed patios. Also, it is not the best option to protect an indoor TV installed outdoors.


  • Strong microfiber with double stitching.
  • It can protect from rain, dust, and heat
  • Excellent airflow and cable management.
  • It comes in a low price range.
  • It has a flippable front cover.


  • It is a bit less safe than other enclosures
  • Not perfectly waterproof
  • Not for indoor TVs

6. Clicks Depot Premium Waterproof Outdoor TV Cover

It’s another solid TV cover option for outdoor TV protection. They are available in sizes ranging from 24″ to 70″. The material is weatherproof and can withstand rain and heat.

The interior glides are soft, making it an excellent option for keeping thin and fragile TVs.

The Clicks outdoor TV enclosure has one of the best prices in the market, so I recommend it to people trying to save money when buying an enclosure for their outdoor TV.

The company provides a 3-month warranty on the product, which makes it possible to return or reclaim any damages.

Eagle Verdict!

With double stitching of the enclosure, this enclosure ensures maximal protection. It is pretty budget-friendly, so I recommend it to people who are low on money. The downside is that it does not protect against tampering or theft.


  • The company provides a 3-month warranty.
  • Double stitching of the enclosure.
  • It comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes.
  • Soft interior glides.
  • It comes on the best budget list.


  • The product lacks a Velcro front panel.
  • Won’t protect against theft and tampering.
  • The front panel is a negative point.

7. TV Covers Outdoor 48-50 Inch | Outdoor TV Enclosure

The Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover is a waterproof and weatherproof high-end enclosure designed to protect 48-50 inch outdoor TVs from dust, rain, snow, wind, and sunlight. Its high-quality materials, including Oxford 600D fabric and PVC coating, ensure durability and water resistance.

The cover fits perfectly on most TV mounts, giving a neat appearance to the TV protector. Installation is easy, and it comes with a storage pocket and space for the remote. With its splashproof design, it keeps the Led flat-screen TV safe even during heavy rain. By using this outdoor TV cover, users can prolong the lifespan of their outdoor TVs and shield them from potential damages caused by moisture, erosion, and dust, making it an ideal solution for outdoor TV protection during various weather conditions. It sets itself apart in its extra features to improve performance and the overall viewing experience.

It has a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating by 38 people and has a 786 rank best-selling list.

Eagle Verdict!

In my opinion, the Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover is an excellent investment for anyone with a 48-50 inch outdoor TV. Its waterproof and weatherproof design, along with the durable materials, provide reliable protection against various elements. Easy installation, a neat fit on most mounts, and additional features make it a top-notch choice for ensuring the longevity of your outdoor TV.


  • Waterproof and weatherproof design
  • Durable materials for reliable protection
  • Easy installation and neat fit
  • Additional storage features for convenience


  • No specific color options are available
  • May not fit all TV models perfectly.

8. A1 Cover Outdoor TV Enclosure

A1 Cover comprises 400D heavy-duty polyester, which protects against rips, tears, mold, and weather. It comes with a free stand to mount on the wall. Its size ranges from 32̋ to78̋.

A1 Cover is quite a budget-friendly product that gives good value for the price. It also comes with a 2-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee, so it covers you in case of any mishap.

I give this option to those with a larger TV as the A1 Cover provides reasonably extensive coverage.

Eagle Verdict!

The product comes with a great warranty, so it maintains that if you have a problem with the enclosure, you will be able to have it returned or replaced as soon as possible. However, the con of this enclosure is that it is not UV resistant and cannot be used in direct sunlight as it is black-colored.


  • This product is budget-friendly.
  • It contains an artificial cotton liner to protect the screen from scratches.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty and also a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • It gives a fair storage spot.
  • A1 cover is a weatherproof enclosure.


  • The black-colored enclosure cannot be used in direct sunlight
  • It is not UV resistant
  • It is not very high quality

9. Kolife Outdoor TV Enclosure

Kolife outdoor TV cover is made of Oxford polyester fabric. This fabric is not only very durable but water-resistant as well. This fabric is also used in making tents. It is also heat and flame-resistant, so it is good to cover sunny areas. 

The size range of the Kolife outdoor TV enclosure is 40̋ to 75 inches. It is a great budget option for your outdoor TV.

Eagle Verdict!

The Kolife outdoor Tv enclosure has a bottom seal, and the internal part is made of a soft fabric that prevents it from getting scratched. Nevertheless, this enclosure is not a good option as the bottom seal seems to be having an issue for some users.

I hope this blog will help you choose the best outdoor TV enclosure for your outdoor television. Remember, weigh the pros and the cons and see which side of the scale tips lower. That should be your enclosure of choice. Good luck!


  • This enclosure interior is made up of a soft fabric that avoids scratching.
  • It is provided with 360˚ protection that increases the shelf life of the TV.
  • It prevents water and moisture to get into the cover.
  • It does not cost as much as the rest.
  • It has a bottom seal.


  • Its stitching quality is low.
  • It looks a little cheap.
  • Some users have faced issues with the bottom seal.

Buying Guide to Best Outdoor TV Enclosure

If you are looking for a TV enclosure for your outdoor television and don’t know what to look out for, then here’s the guide just for you.

The good news is that finding a reliable TV enclosure isn’t difficult. However, it is beneficial to prioritize two criteria above all others. These criteria are the type of protection you require for your TV and whether you require access to the screen when it is protected

The Size and the Design

To ensure that you are purchasing the suitable style and size for your outdoor TV, you must evaluate the design of the outdoor TV enclosure. Therefore, it is essential to acquire your TV measurements before purchasing an outdoor TV cabinet.

When you return an enclosure to its original location, it may not fit. That is why the design must be flawless and precise so that no moisture, dust, filth, or bugs can get into the cabinet and, subsequently, into your television.

The Level of Protection

The most crucial factor to consider when it comes to protection is if the enclosure has been waterproofed. With that said, some are water-resistant, while others are completely waterproof.

Some don’t even give any water resistance. So, depending on where you decide to put your enclosure, that type of stuff can make a tremendous difference. But first, you must ensure that you get a weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure that keeps your TV safe.

Material of the Enclosure

What kind of material was utilized to construct the TV enclosure? You should request it since this will allow you to learn more about the amount of security it will provide for your outdoor television.

If you want both the cabinet and your outdoor TV to survive a long time, the production material must be robust and high-grade metal.

As a result, keep this in mind when purchasing an enclosure for your outdoor television. If the material is poor, you should avoid buying it since it will not give adequate protection for your outdoor TV

Clarity of the Enclosure

You must ensure you can see the TV screen well when you close the cabinet or enclosure. It would help if you were sure that the glass used in constructing the outdoor TV enclosure must be transparent enough not to obstruct your vision.

The glass is hazy or not clear enough when the cabinet is closed. Then, you won’t be able to enjoy watching your outdoor TV. Finally, you must consider this point when purchasing an outdoor TV enclosure.

Price of the Enclosure

You need to check out the latest prices of the enclosures in the market and see what best suits you. Then, ensure you buy the weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure that will fit your budget.

Do not go for the costly TV enclosures or the ones that are too cheap. Instead, it is best to buy an enclosure for your TV from a price range that is not too high or too low.


To ensure your TV safety outdoors, you should invest in the best outdoor TV enclosures. With a premium TV enclosure, you can even use an indoor TV outdoors and save a lot of money. In addition, they effectively protect from harsh weather such as rain, dust, wind, and heat.


  • Can I put a regular TV outdoors?

    Yes, you can put a regular TV outdoors, but you have to adopt necessary measures such as using an outdoor TV enclosure or installing the TV in a secure location with a roof to protect against heat and rain.

  • Can an indoor TV be used outdoors?

    Yes, an indoor TV is not designed to withstand outdoor conditions such as rain, dust, and heat. If you want to use indoor TV outdoors, you must take proper safety measures such as roofing your patio or keeping your TV in an outdoor enclosure.

  • Do weatherproof TV covers work?

    Yes, under normal outdoor conditions, weatherproof TV covers do a great job. They are mostly IP55-rated so they can withstand normal rain, dust, and heat. Therefore, they are more suitable for outdoor TV protection than for indoors. 

Jason Reynolds

I have been working in the electrical and Audio/Visual field for over 19 years. My focus for EagleTVMounting is to provide concise expertise in everything I write. The greatest joy in life is to provide people with insight information that can potentially change their viewpoints. Our #1 goal is just that!

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