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Best Outdoor TVs for Backyard

10 Best Outdoor TVs in 2023 [Weatherproof, Smart & 4K]

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In nice weather, you like to watch TV outside while enjoying food, or sitting in front of a fire pit. How about adding an outdoor TV in the backyard to catch up on your favorite TV show or a super bawl with friends and family?

But the question is, does your TV has enough protection against the inhospitable outdoor environment? Can it withstand extreme temperatures, dust, and rain?

So the best outdoor TV should have weatherproofed design and better display performance than ordinary Indoor TVs. Thus we came up with a list of the 10 best outdoor TVs that are waterproof, can withstand heat, have an antiglare coating, and have superior luminance. 

In case you are in a hurry, take a look at our Top 3 Picks for the best outdoor TVs for your Backyard.

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Top 10 Best Outdoor TVs for Backyard Reviewed

1-Samsung The Terrace Series (Overall Best Smart Outdoor TV)

  • Screen Size: 55-Inch
  • Display Type: QLED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • HDR:HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
  • Smart Apps: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Browser
  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct Yes

The terrace series from Samsung is a completely weatherproof outdoor TV with IP55 rating. IP55 rating means this TV can withstand the dust and rain. So, this outdoor TV can get wet without any damage.

The QLED TV can display high-quality images in outdoor settings with its quantum dots technology that light individual pixels. 

The terrace TV has a peak brightness level of 2000nits. In a live scene, it is recorded to reach up to 1200nits. Which is an excellent brightness level for outdoor settings.

The terrace TV is rated waterproof and dust particle resistant with an IP55 rating. So you can install it in your patio or garage and have plenty of peace of mind that it would be safe from dust and water splash.

The Terrace TV not only full fills outdoor requirements, but it has every feature of the latest tech TV. this TV has 4k resolution that can upscale 1080p videos easily. It has a 120hz refresh rate. 

With its HDR10 and HDR10+ capabilities, Samsung The Terrace TV shows a high level of peak brightness and contrast. It shows deep blacks very accurately even in the darkest pictures. 

So on the Terrace series, you will get an HDR movie and gaming experience. The Terrace TV has the lowest input lag.

The Viewing angle is fairly wide. So in a large seating arrangement with a huge gathering, you can enjoy your favorite TV show or super bawl.

 Samsung Terrace is a fully smart outdoor TV based on TIZEN OS. You can enjoy dozens of apps, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, Youtube, etc. 

Thanks to its peak brightness, it gets very bright in an outdoor setting to fight glare. AI upscaling feature, the 4k content is smoothly upgraded with full array local dimming and high peak brightness and contrast ratio.


  • High peak brightness
  • IP55 rating
  • High contrast and deep black ratio
  • Anti-glare feature


  • The viewing angle is not so wide
  • Does not include covers for outdoor

Our Verdict

Samsung The Terrace series is one of the best outdoor TV that supports wifi and smart TV features too. We liked it because Unlike many outdoor TVs it has an exceptional build quality that also enhances user experience with its QLED display and smart TV options.

2-Furrion Aurora Full Sun Weatherproof Outdoor TV( Runner Up)

  • Screen Size: 55-Inch
  • Display Type: LED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • HDR: HDR10+
  • Smart Apps: Netflix
  • Brand: Furrion
  • Connectivity: HDMI

Furrion Aurora Full sun TV is an Ultra high-definition outdoor TV, that shows clear images in high outdoor brightness. It is meant to be placed in outdoor settings where it faces direct sunlight. 

It supports HDR10 technology, which increases the picture brightness up to 1000 nits in outdoor areas. With HDR10 technology you’ll be able to see high contrast ratio. Deep blacks and bright white colors are displayed accurately without being washed out.

The TV has an IP54 rating. So it would be perfect for harsh weather outdoors. It can bear water splash, and dust particles. It can handle all the outdoor elements perfectly.

Although we suggest you buy an outdoor TV cover to protect the TV. so it will be good to use for a longer period.

The Furrion Full sun series has an anti-glare coating to fight glare on the TV. screen. In a larger gathering, the wide viewing angles will enable everyone to watch the accurate image.

This Furrion full sun series has a wifi supported system. It also has Web OS Smart TV. With hundreds of built-in apps in Web OS, you can enjoy your outdoor evenings with your family watching your favorite content.

The Furrion TV has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports in addition to a built-in wifi system. So that you can connect any audio enhancement and gaming consoles easily.

The sound system is specially designed to meet outdoor requirements. However, connecting the Furrion soundbars will be a better decision. Because the 70w soundbars give explosive and high-quality sounds for the outdoor environment.


  • IP54 ratings
  • Totally weatherproof and can tolerate all the elements
  • Web OS
  • Numerous Streaming Apps
  • HDMI ports
  • Anti-glare coating
  • High peak brightness 1000 nits


  • Expensive
  • The sound is low without soundbars

Our Verdict

Furrion Aurora Full sun series is a perfect outdoor TV in all aspects. You get built-in wifi and Smart Web OS, HDMI ports, and brightness up to 1000nits. You can boost wifi signals with an antenna. Overall It’s an excellent weatherproof TV for outdoor settings. 

3-Furrion Full Shade (Cheapest Outdoor TV)

  • Screen Size: 32-Inch
  • Display Type: LED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • HDR: HDR10+
  • Smart Apps: Netflix, Hulu, Browser
  • Brand: Furrion
  • Connectivity: USB, HDMI

The Furrion Aurora Full shade series is great for shaded outdoor settings. The TV has a 4k resolution. That displays UHD images with HDR technology.

Furrion is a completely weatherproof TV for outdoor settings that has IP54 Ratings. So it is well suited for outdoor areas. Any outdoor elements like dust, snow, and rain cannot damage the TV. Its metal build is immune to high temperatures. 

So it is safe to leave it outdoors in a temperature range of 24-122 degrees Fahrenheit. You will not have any issue with glare outdoors as its screen has an antiglare coating. 

The TV has built-in wifi and many connectivity ports. 3HDMI ports are enclosed in the waterproof housing on the backside of the TV. That makes it really easy for you to connect more than one gaming console to enjoy multiplayer games.

The full shade TV has a 400 nits peak brightness that shows high contrast ratio. This outdoor TV is perfect for a garage or any covered area outdoors.

The built-in wifi and Smart Web OS enable you to watch hundreds of TV shows on a nice summer evening with family and friends.

The sound system is specially engineered to meet outdoor requirements.


  • IP54
  • Anti-glare technology
  • 3HDMI Ports
  • High refresh rate
  • Can bear high temperature
  • High contrast ratio


  • Only suitable for a small-sized bedroom
  • The user interface is a bit slow

Our Verdict

Furrion Aurora full shade series is cheaper in price than other outdoor TVs. But it stands out in every function from picture quality to anti-glare technology and high refresh rate. Weatherproof housing makes it a perfect choice for shaded outdoor settings.

4-Sunbright Veranda 3 (Outdoor TV for full Shade)

  • Screen Size: 55-Inch
  • Display Type: LED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • HDR: HDR10, DOLBY vision
  • Smart Apps: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus
  • Brand: SunBriteTV
  • Connectivity: Wireless

SunBrite Veranda 3 series TV is a QLED TV. As an outdoor TV, it’s quite expensive but it has better features than rival brands. 

Starting off with a weatherproof rating, this bad boy has an IP55 rating. That is only second to best. Which means its tolerant to high-pressure water and intense dust elements in the outdoor area.

SunBrite TV can bear up to -24- 124 F temperatures. It’s a fairly wide range for any outdoor TV. 

The picture quality is superior thanks to its 4k HDR image quality and Dolby vision. The TV is a QLED screen that lights up every pixel and shows a wider color gamut.

This specific series has now built-in wifi. That was not available in the previous models. So you can easily connect your home wifi device to the TV. you can also connect the antenna to boost wifi signals. 

SunBrite TV has many connectivity ports, such as eARC for audio, 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and a Bluetooth connectivity option. 

2 HDMI ports work at a 60 Hz refresh rate while the rest 2 are rated for 120 Hz. So connecting the latest gaming devices is not an issue. In addition to this, you will enjoy the lowest input lag in the SunBrite Veranda 3 series.

The TV has Android OS, which allows you to add as many apps as you want. Voice remote allows you to operate the google search through voice command.

The build quality of SunBrite TV is exceptional. Aluminum housing around the screen gives the TV extra protection.


  • IP55
  • Can withstand very high and low temperature
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • High contrast ratio and 1000 nits brightness
  • 4HDMI ports
  • The sound is clear and better


  • Expensive
  • Do not have a stand option

Our Verdict

Sunbright Veranda 3 Series is a well-designed smart TV for outdoor use. It has an exceptional build and high-quality picture with a 4k refresh rate. QLED display shows life-like images. With Android OS, you can stream hundreds of shows. Overall, It’s an excellent TV for outdoors with an IP55 rating.

5-Seura Shade Series 2 ( Waterproof Outdoor TV)

  • Screen Size: 32-Inch
  • Display Type: LED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • HDR: HDR10+
  • Smart Apps: Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Skype, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video
  • Brand: Séura
  • Connectivity: 3 HDMI, Wi-Fi, USB

Seura Shade Series 2 is another excellent build TV that is dedicated to outdoor use. The TV has an Ingress protection rating of IP56. Which means it is better and more durable than any other dedicated outdoor TV right now.

With IP56 rating it can handle dust and rain very well. Suera Shade 2 is the best outdoor TV that can get wet in rain due to its waterproofing. 

It can withstand high temperatures and rain. So it’s a great choice if you plan to install this TV on the poolside. It can tolerate minus 24 and 140 Fahrenheit temperature ranges.

But is it a good choice for the price as high as 3000$? Yes because we want a high-definition display that it definitely delivers with the UHD display panel. The anti-reflective screen cancels any glare from the trees or plants.

Its supports 60 Hz bandwidth and HDR10 picture clarity, so the images will look more natural and realistic.

But sadly, it is not a smart TV. it does not allow any wireless connectivity option. So you can connect the Roku TV stick if you plan to stream any smart TV app on the TV.

Carefully connect the Roku TV stick because all the connectivity ports are safely enclosed in a panel for maximum protection against the weather.

Its image is very bright for the natural outdoor lights. The peak brightness that’s recorded is 560nits. That’s pretty great to show HDR contents in full sun and partial sun settings.

Overall it’s a classy, modern, and elegant choice for outdoor areas.


  • IP56 (weatherproof rating)
  • Tolerate temperature from -24-140 Fahrenheit
  • Anti-reflective screen
  • Beautiful design


  • Not a smart TV
  • expensive

Our Verdict

Seura Shade Series 2 is a dedicated outdoor TV that is designed to withstand all the extreme outdoor elements.

It’s not a smart TV, but you can connect the Roku stick to stream apps and content. Overall it is a TV that serves the purpose of being a great outdoor TV very well.


  • Screen Size: 32-Inch
  • Display Type: LED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • HDR: HDR10+
  • Smart Apps: Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, YouTube
  • Brand:SYLVOX
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB

Sylvox Deck pro TV has a QLED display panel. It’s an excellent outdoor TV that is not different than its indoor counterparts. The only distinction they carry is the weatherproof rating. So Sylvox Deck pro-QLED TV is rated as IP55 waterproof and dustproof. 

Sylvox Deck pro TV is coupled with all the smart TV features and the latest technology. In HDR10 it displays fantastic peak brightness in outdoor lights.

The QLED panel has a mini backlight that eliminates the local dimming zone and allows higher brightness in partial sun outdoor settings.

It has all the smart TV features. For example, the WebOS system allows you to run the movies of your choice in a matter of seconds.

The TV refresh rate is not mentioned but we experienced smooth motion in fast scenes. Gaming and connecting other devices are not an issue. Because we get 3HDMI ports and 2 USB connectivity ports to enjoy multiplayer gaming on the TV.

Gaming is fun with a higher refresh rate and low input lag. The Sylvox TV will maximize your fun time with its high-contrast images in bright lights.

Overall, it’s a complete package except you would have to buy good quality soundbars for a better and louder sound.


  • IP55 is weatherproof and dustproof
  • High contrast and peak brightness
  • Excellent reflection handling
  • High-quality HDR image on QLED display


  • Sound is sub-par for outdoor area

Our Verdict

Sylvox deck pro works best under a shaded area. Among the latest TVs, this QLED TV display superb peak brightness and high-contrast images. With the smart TV options and affordable price range, we think its one of the best TVs available for outdoors,

Let’s now discuss some alternatives of outdoor TVs. Following are some indoor TVs that can be used for outdoors. 

7-Samsung QN90B (Best Indoor TV for Outdoors)

  • Screen Size: 55-Inch
  • Display Type: QLED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • HDR:HLG, HDR10, HDR10+
  • Smart Apps: Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, Youtube, HBOMax, Disney+, etc.
  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Connectivity: HDMI

Samsung QN90B TV is another steller choice among the best outdoor TVs. This Samsung Class series is available in many screen sizes. We found that a 65 inches screen size is excellent for outdoor use with a bigger audience.

Samsung Class series is a QLED TV with an intelligent AI processor that can upscale TV content by analyzing every scene. So you have a more realistic and rich color gamut.

Why this Samsung class series is best for the outdoors? Because it plays HDR content with significant brightness in brighter rooms.  Its brightness increases in HDR 4K content. 

Additionally, it has a wide viewing angle so it’s naturally best for outdoor shade areas. 

This Samsung class series focuses on the latest functions this year. For instance, on this TV you can do a conference call with up to 32 people at the same time. 

The TV has a very immersive 3D internal sound system that works best in outdoor settings. with a 120Hz refresh rate, you can play fast-moving content or games. 

It’s Tizen OS Allows you to stream your favorite shows on a cozy evening in the garage or patio. The TV has 4 HDMI ports that support 2.1 bandwidth. So connecting more than one device’s gaming consoles is not a problem.

The peak brightness is recorded to be 1200 nits. With Dolby atoms+ sound system you will have an immersive sound. Overall the TV offers everything that you want and nothing that you don’t.

On the downside, it does not have any weatherproofing. If you plan to use it outside, we recommend you should put it in an outdoor enclosure. You can check some of the best outdoor enclosures here. 


  • Immersive 3D sound
  • Wide viewing angle
  • High peak brightness, gets brighter in rooms that face intense light
  • Tizen OS streams a lot of apps
  • Modern sleek design


  • Not rated for weatherproofing

Our Verdict

Samsung Class QN90B QLED TV one of the best indoor TV for outdoor use due to high peak brightness and wide viewing angle, along with its cinematic sound system. 

However, its build is not weatherproof so make sure to install it in an area where it is well protected from intense heat and dust particles.


  • Screen Size: 55-Inch
  • Display Type: OLED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • HDR: HDR10+
  • Smart Apps: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, YouTube, Apple TV app,Google TV,Hulu
  • Brand: Sony
  • Connectivity: USB, HDMI

Sony A90J BRAVIA is an OLED TV that can light individual pixels in the UHD display. The TV has an exemplary build. The design and build are modern and very sleek. Its cognitive processor can recognize every detail of content and upscale it to 4k. 

You can enjoy any content be it 720p, 1080p or 4k. It’s great in a room that has natural incoming lights. The screen can cancel glare and you will have unparalleled picture quality in the bright room setting.

Thanks to its high peak brightness and near-infinite contrast ratio, the deep blacks are dark to perfection.

The TV is good for a room that faces enormous natural light. Thus for an enclosed garage, this TV will give you the best picture quality.

Sony A90J can handle reflection perfectly. If you are thinking about watching a TV show in the summer evenings with lots of friends and family, this one is a perfect choice. With its Wide viewing angle, everyone will enjoy movies or sports from every angle.

It does not have a waterproof rating so make sure to protect it from outdoor elements. An Outdoor TV cover would be a great solution.

Google TV has replaced the former Android TV in it. So you can enjoy plenty of shows on Google TV.  it’s built-in Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2, you can share content directly to the TV. 

Universal remote can connect all your appliances. Additionally remote has a small microphone to command voice assistance to open the content of your choice.

It is best for the outdoor covered area with outdoor cover or enclosure. It augments the brightness to the 1200 nits in the dark room. Overall, it’s the most suitable option for gaming, movies, and sports due to the lowest input lag. You will have a clear motion on the TV with any fast-moving content.

For more about indoor TV protection, you can read our detailed answer to: Can you put a regular TV outside? 


  • Wide viewing angle
  • Great for rooms with natural lights
  • Can handle reflection
  • High contrast ratio
  • Smooth motion in fast-moving video
  • Cognitive processors recognize the content on screen, create a life-like image and immersive sound


  • OLED TV has a greater risk of screen burn-in when exposed to static images for an extended time

Our Verdict

Sony A90J OLED TV is an excellent choice for rooms with bright lights and outdoor settings in full shade. For example, garage and veranda. Its instantaneous response time and wide viewing angle make it the best choice for action movies and sports. Overall, it’s one of the best outdoor TV in 2022.

9-TCL Partial Sun

  • Screen Size: 32-Inch
  • Display Type: LED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • HDR: HDR10+
  • Smart Apps: Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Skype, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video
  • Brand: TCL
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, HDMI

TVs that are specially meant to palace in an outdoor area are pretty expensive. TCL partial sun TV has changed the perception that outdoor TVs are not for the mainstream audience 

With 1298$ for a 55” outdoor TV, it’s very affordable. it’s in fact 4 times cheaper than Samsung The Terrace series. 

This TV has an IP55 rating so it can perfectly tolerate any outdoor elements. Like dust, snow, water splash, etc. the TCL TV has a tempered glass layer. This TV is a safe choice if you live in an area that faces a lot of windstorms around the year.

There is a good chance that an outdoor TV faces very high and low temperatures. So the good news is, Element TV can withstand 4F- 104F. 

It has an excellent anti-glare coating to cancel reflection. Even though this TV is meant to be installed in a partial sun area. But it shows perfectly clear and bright images in the full sun too as it has up to 700nits peak brightness. 

TCL TV allows you to stream many apps of your choice. The UHD Screen can show HDR10 content with high contrast and peak brightness even in the brighter daylight settings

For connectivity, it has 4 HDMI ports and one USB port. That all works best on 60Hz bandwidth. So you can easily connect all the gaming devices. All connectivity ports are safely enclosed in a box.

It’s the best choice for a partial shade area with a price tag that’s affordable for everyone. It gives your evenings a classy touch.


  • IP55
  • Very affordable
  • Anti-glare coating
  • Tempered glass screen
  • UHD screen with 4k display at HDR10


  • Peak brightness isn’t too high

Our Verdict

We absolutely loved the TCL Partial Sun TV. it’s best for outdoor settings with a weatherproof rating and antiglare coating. The viewing angle is wide with a UHD screen. It’s a great budget choice for outdoor TV.


  • Screen Size: 55-Inch
  • Display Type: LED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • HDR: HDR10+
  • Smart Apps: Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+ and more
  • Brand: LG
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB

LG C2 OLED TV is overall one of the best TV to fix anywhere in the house. Preferably in the shaded area, where it faces natural sunlight is an ideal place for the TV.

It is not a dedicated TV for outdoors, but the key features such as wide viewing angle and high peak brightness make it the best of all. It would be excellent if you mount the TV on the veranda or garage.

A9 GEN5 AI 4K processor in LG C2 TV can improve picture quality. It can upscale the image for specific content. 

Its OLED display can light up individual pixels. You can view billion rich colors in Ultra high definition 4k display.

It has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports. So connecting multiple gaming consoles is not an issue. Additionally, the image displayed on the 4k 120hz refresh rate is smooth and stutter-free.

It has an ALEXA, and Google voice assistant option so without going through the painful process of searching the content, you can only command and open specific shows.

The Web OS allows you to enjoy a wide range of content and a number of apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, prime video.

Lastly, LG C2 OLED TV has Dolby sound which produces immersive sound. Overall the TV has the great reflection handling capability that you want in a TV for a very bright area.


  • Very wide angle
  • Superb reflection handling 
  • Produce rich deep blacks and contrast ratio
  • Modern and sleek design
  • High peak brightness in the bright areas


  • Not a weatherproof TV

Our Verdict

Outdoor TVs are not different from their indoor counterparts. If you need a TV that you plan to place in a fully shaded area, then a TV like C2 by LG can be used. It’s perfect and better in brightness and high native contrast ratio than many dedicated outdoor TVs. We would highly recommend LG C2 OLED for a covered outdoor area.

How We Selected The Top 10 Best Outdoor TVs for Backyard

Outdoor TVs might have the same exterior build, but these are different from indoor TVs. First, they must have an excellent durability profile to withstand harsh weather. They should last longer to meet our expectations of a durable outdoor TV.

Consider the following points before buying the best outdoor TV for your backyard.

1. IP Rating

IP stands for Ingress protection. This rating system tells us about the level of protection the enclosure around electronics provides against outdoor elements such as dust, water, and heat.

Indoor TVs are not built to be resistant to such elements. Practically, you can’t take down your TV every time in a windstorm So, if you want your TV to work correctly in an outdoor setting, then look out for an outdoor TV with a good resistance level against high temperatures and dust particle penetration.

If a  TV has an IP55 rating, it’s grading against dust intrusion is 5, and moisture is 4. So it can withstand water spray coming from a water hose. Also, it can bear dust particles without any problem.

An IP65 rating says that the TV enclosure is resistant to high-pressure water and dust particles. So when choosing a TV for a patio where you will have pool parties, your TV must have an IP rating of at least 5 to last longer.

2. High Brightness / High nits

It is best to have a TV with high nits. That way, the TV you buy will show very luminous pictures in every setting. For example, if you hand your TV in a bright outdoor environment, the image will appear more transparent on a TV with higher nits. 

Several TVs have 2000nits brightness. But when you place the TV in full sun outdoor settings, the TV automatically lowers the brightness to 1500nitrrs to accommodate external heat. 

We’d suggest not going for a TV that has less than 600nits brightness to get a bright image in outdoor settings.

3. Screen Resolution

High luminosity does not mean that the picture quality could be better. For example, an outdoor TV with 4k resolution will show 3840 horizontal pixels for better picture quality. That means you will get life-like images on UHD TV. 

Also, some ultra-bright TVs do not express a deep black level. So the image looks gray in a dark environment. 

Considering the deep blacks and image contrast is also essential to have excellent image quality after sunset. Otherwise, the images will appear washed out in the less bright setting.

4. Wide Angle

Hanging a TV outdoors means a larger audience will watch the TV from variable angles. So, choose a TV with a wide viewing angle to see the same quality image from the far right and far left side.

That’s how everyone on the patio can enjoy the game or a Movie night from any distance.

5. Anti-glare

Many TVs have a screen coating to fight glare in a room full of wall size windows. That is the coating that reflects bright light from the TV screen, and viewers will see clear images no matter how much light their room faces.

Antiglare TV is best suited in a room with bright lights or big windows to fight glare in the daytime. These TVs with anti-glare coating are the best ones for outdoor settings.

No matter if you plan to hang your outdoor TV in full sun or partial sun area. You will never get annoyed by the glare on the TV screen.

6. Location

It is difficult to watch TV in a very bright area. So TV comes with a recommendation that which light level is optimum.

  • Full sun

TVs that are labeled for use in full sun can tolerate high temperatures. Their screen brightness drops slightly, but the image quality remains the same even in full sun. Images will be accurate from the front and corners. 

  • Partial sun

Such TVs are installed in the partial shade of the patio where the TV does not face direct sunlight.

  • Full shade

Such TVs do not face direct sunlight but are placed in a very bright spot. 

Each TV has its recommendations as to which area is appropriate for the best viewing experience. It would be great to cover the TVs installed in the full sun for better protection and optimum performance for prolonged periods.

7. Sound Bars

In an indoor setting, Tv’s internal sound systems are sufficient. But for outdoors, you definitely need to connect audio enhancements. More often than not, you have to buy separate sound bars with outdoor TVs. 

The latest soundbars and loudspeakers are installed at different outdoor locations. Which makes it possible that everyone can hear equal high-quality audio on a Movie night.

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8. Wifi

Usually, we have wifi devices inside our homes. But in a large gathering, wifi signals drop significantly. Because human bodies restrict wifi signals. 

To stream a Live sport, or a Favourite TV show on the smart TV app, you need to have a dedicated wifi device or wifi signal extender for outdoor TV. That’s how you will enjoy endless, uninterrupted streaming on outdoor TVs.


  • 1. What is the best outdoor TV antenna?

    Winegard outdoor TV antenna is the best in all. It is easy to install and lightweight. You can mount it on your own.

  • 2. What is the best outdoor TV?

    Samsung Terrace TV is the best in all. It contains all the excellent features of an indoor TV and weatherproof IP55 ratings. That makes it the best choice for shaded outdoor areas.

  • 3. Why outdoor TV? Can we install indoor TV instead of outdoor TV outside?

    The only difference between an outdoor and indoor TV is that we have weatherproof protection certification for an outdoor TV. Additionally, these TVs can tolerate a temperature range of -24-140 Fahrenheit.

    Many indoor TV also displays excellent picture quality in shaded outdoor settings. So yes we can install indoor TV in a covered outdoor area. But make sure to protect it from dust and water by covering it properly.

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