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Best Android Games To Play On Tv

20 Best Android Games To Play On Tv – Latest Guide 2023

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Are you tired of playing games on your small phone screen? Want to make your gaming more exciting? Well, you’re in luck! 

We’ve put together a list of the 20 best Android games that are awesome to play on your TV. Whether you like action-packed adventures or tricky puzzles, there’s a game for you here. 

Just grab your remote and get ready to have a blast gaming on your big TV screen like never before!

Let’s Go Through the 20 Best Android Games To Play On Tv

1: Airborne Asphalt 8: 

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Racing
  • Features: Single-player, local, and online multiplayer modes

Airborne is a super exciting racing game, especially when you play it on your Android TV. You can race alone, which is lots of fun, or compete against your friends or players from around the world.

Now, sometimes, when you play it on Android TV, it might not look as smooth ( not smoother frame rate that is 60FPS or more for competitive gaming) as on other devices. You can easily fix that by using a special controller with your TV.

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2: Crossy Road 

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Features: Simple yet addictive gameplay

Crossy Road is a fun but challenging game. You have to cross roads without getting hit by cars and other stuff. You have to be really quick and make smart moves. 

The graphics look old on purpose, like old video games, which is pretty cool and nostalgic. You can play it on your Android TV with the regular TV remote, so you don’t need a special controller.

3: Dead Trigger 2:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Features: Open-world maps, impressive graphics

Dead Trigger 2 is a game with scary zombies, but it’s not like other zombie games. It’s cooler!

You explore big maps, and the game looks amazing on your Android TV. You can use a special controller to make it feel even more real.

You can also change how you control the game to make it easy for you. In the game, you fight zombies, do missions, and get cool weapons. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll want to play it again and again!

4: Geometry Dash: 

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Rhythm-based Platformer
  • Features: Challenging levels, precise timing

Geometry Dash is a challenging game where you control a character that jumps and flips through tricky levels. It gets harder as you go. Geometry Dash APK full version is one of the hardest android game. 

You can play it on Android TV with a game controller, which makes it more fun. The game has colorful shapes and patterns that move with the music, like a dance party in a video game.  It’s more fun that’s why people play it a lot.

5: World Tour Horizon Chase:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Racing
  • Features: Retro-inspired graphics, multiple tracks and cars

World Tour is a game that’s like a tribute to old arcade racing games, especially one called OutRun. It’s not complicated, which means anyone can have fun playing it, no matter how much they know about games.

You get lots of different tracks to race on, cars to pick from, and challenges to keep you busy. Each race feels like you’re back in the days of those classic arcade racing games.

The best part is, you can play it on your Android TV with easy controls. Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, it’s a great game to have some fun.

6: Mini Metro: 

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Features: Design subway systems, minimalist aesthetics

Mini Metro is a unique puzzle game where you use your brain to plan subway systems for busy cities. It’s simple and looks great on a big TV.

You start with a small subway system, and your job is to make it work well as the city gets bigger. The game has calming music and a clean look.

As you play more, it gets harder because the cities become larger, and more people need to ride the subway. The fun part is figuring out how to connect the stations, use your resources wisely, and keep the subway running smoothly.

If you like games that make you think and plan, and if you want a relaxed and peaceful gaming experience, Mini Metro is a great choice to try on your Android TV.

7: Renegade Riptide GP: 

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Racing
  • Features: Futuristic water racing, high-speed battles

Renegade Riptide GP is an exciting futuristic water racing game, perfect for Android TV. 

Imagine yourself racing on thrilling water tracks, performing wild stunts, and engaging in fast-paced battles with other players, yeah  it’s like an aquatic adventure from the future!

The game boasts stunning visuals, especially with a controller, allowing you to appreciate the futuristic watercraft and dynamic environments. 

You can compete against others, adding an extra layer of excitement. If you love action and speed, you’ll keep coming back for more fun with this water racing game on your Android TV.

8: Stardew Valley:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Simulation
  • Features: Farming, fishing, mining, relationships

Stardew Valley is a popular farming game where you become a virtual farmer, and it’s awesome on your Android TV.

In the game, you can do farming stuff like planting, fishing, and mining. You can also make friends with town folks. 

You can do things at your own pace, take care of your farm, or explore the mines. It’s satisfying to see your farm grow and make friends in the town.

9: Minecraft:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Sandbox
  • Features: Creative mode, survival mode

Minecraft is a super famous game where you can let your imagination run wild. You build things with blocks, and it’s fantastic on a big Android TV, especially with friends and family.

You can do two main things in Minecraft. Creative mode lets you build anything you can think of with no rules. It’s like a giant sandbox.

Then, there’s survival mode, where you have to stay alive while dealing with monsters and challenges.

You can create cities, explore caves, or have epic battles. Minecraft is all about imagination, and it’s a must-play on Android TV!

10: Monument Valley:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Puzzle Adventure
  • Features: Visually stunning, mind-bending puzzles

Monument Valley is an amazing puzzle game that feels like an adventure in an art-inspired dream world. You can play it on your Android TV!

In the game, you help a princess named Ida navigate a world that messes with your eyes. The buildings and paths twist and turn like in artist M.C. Escher’s art.

Each level is like a work of art with mind-bending puzzles. It’s not just a game; it’s like exploring a magical painting. If you like art and puzzles, Monument Valley on your Android TV is best.

11: Badland:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Side-scrolling Platformer
  • Features: Stunning visuals, atmospheric sound

Badland is a cool game set in a magical forest world, perfect for your Android TV.

You control a little creature flying through the forest, but watch out for traps and strange things. It’s not just for one player; you can play with friends too, which is super fun.

What’s awesome is how it looks and sounds. The forest is mysterious and beautiful, with sounds and music that make you feel like you’re really there.

12: Leo’s Fortune:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Platform Adventure
  • Features: Beautiful environments, physics-based puzzles

Leo’s Fortune is a lovely adventure game where you help Leo, a cute blue character, find his stolen gold. You can play it on your Android TV, and it looks fantastic!

In the game, you’ll journey through different places, solving puzzles that need thinking and skill. Leo’s Fortune isn’t just fun; it’s also visually stunning with cool graphics.

What’s special is the game tells a story through pictures and voices, making you feel like you’re part of Leo’s adventure to recover his gold.

13: The Room Series:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Features: Intricate puzzles, atmospheric graphics

The Room games are super cool puzzle adventures, perfect for your big Android TV.

In these games, you explore detailed places with tricky puzzles and secrets. Each puzzle is like a work of art, and you solve them by moving things, finding clues, and uncovering stories.

What’s awesome is the puzzles feel tactile and look amazing on the TV.

If you enjoy brain-teasing puzzles and mystery adventures, The Room games on your Android TV are an excellent choice!

14: Final Fantasy Series: 

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: RPG
  • Features: Epic adventures, rich storytelling

The Final Fantasy games are famous in the role-playing game world, and you can enjoy some on your Android TV!

These games are all about epic adventures, great stories, and exciting battles. It’s like having a game console on your TV.

You can play classics like Final Fantasy VII or newer ones like Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. Whichever you choose, you’ll find fantastic stories, interesting characters, and strategic battles.

Playing on a big TV makes everything even more impressive. The game worlds feel vast, and your adventures feel epic. If you like RPGs with great stories, try Final Fantasy on your Android TV!

15: Retro City Rampage DX: 

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Action
  • Features: Open-world action, pixelated nostalgia

Retro City Rampage DX is a funny action game set in a pixelated city reminiscent of old video games. It’s a great fit for your Android TV.

In this game, you’ll undertake crazy missions and create chaos in the city. What’s special is that it’s full of jokes and references to old pop culture and video games. If you remember those old pixel games and their music, you’ll have a blast with this.

Retro City Rampage DX is like a big, fun playground, especially if you love retro games. It’s perfect for your Android TV!

16: Beach Buggy Racing:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Kart Racing
  • Features: Colorful racing, power-ups

Beach Buggy Racing is a super fun kart racing game that’s perfect for playing with friends and family on your Android TV. You’ll race on colorful tracks, use special power-ups, and compete against your friends or computer players. 

The best part is that everyone can play on the same screen, making it ideal for gatherings. It’s easy to pick up and play, suitable for all ages. The race tracks are vibrant and detailed, and there’s a variety of characters to choose from.

Beach Buggy Racing offers classic kart racing fun with some exciting twists. If you enjoy racing games and multiplayer fun, give it a try on your Android TV!

17: eSports FPS Modern Combat 5: 

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Features: Intense multiplayer battles, customization

eSports FPS is an exciting first-person shooter game that offers a console-like experience on your Android TV.

In this game, you can engage in intense multiplayer battles or complete missions in single-player mode. You have the freedom to customize your character’s appearance and choose from a variety of guns and gear.

With a wide range of weapons, equipment, and character options, Modern Combat 5 on your Android TV offers thrilling shooting action, whether you prefer intense battles or challenging missions.

18: Space Marshals 3:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Tactical Top-Down Shooter
  • Features: Action and strategy elements, episodic gameplay

Space Marshals 3 is an exciting game where you step into the shoes of a space marshal named Burton. He’s on a mission in a futuristic wild west world to apprehend outlaws. 

It’s like being in a space western movie, and you can play it on your Android TV. The game is divided into episodes, like TV shows, and each one offers a different adventure. 

You view the action from above, like a bird’s-eye perspective, which allows you to plan your moves and use cover strategically. You’ll need to be clever and use tactics to outwit the bad guys.

19: Sonic the Hedgehog:

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Platformer
  • Features: Classic Sonic titles, high-speed adventures

Sonic the Hedgehog, the speedy blue character from Sega, is now available on Android TV, and he’s brought some of his classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic CD with him.

These games offer a nostalgic journey back to the past with their cool pixel graphics. You can enjoy them using a controller, which adds to the fun.

Sonic games are all about speed, performing thrilling loops, and collecting power-ups. Playing them on your Android TV will remind you of the good old days when games were all about having a great time.

20: Terraria: 

Best Android Games To Play On Tv

  • Genre: Sandbox Adventure
  • Features: Exploration, building, combat

Terraria is an exciting adventure game that offers endless possibilities. You’ll explore a vast world, mine valuable resources underground, battle menacing monsters, and construct impressive structures. It’s an ideal game for your Android TV.

The beauty of Terraria is the freedom it provides. You can embark on treasure hunts, build grand fortresses, or craft powerful weapons. 

The game is like an expansive canvas where you paint your adventures and stories. If you enjoy creative and adventurous games, Terraria on your Android TV is an excellent choice

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There are lots of Best Android Games To Play On TV in 2023. They have awesome graphics and are great to play on your big TV.

Some games are for playing alone, and they have exciting stories and adventures. Others are for playing with friends and family, and they’re super fun for multiplayer action.

You can explore space, solve puzzles, or race to win in these games. They’ll keep you entertained for a long time, right from your couch. 

So, if you want to have lots of fun and adventures, try out these games on your Android TV and let the gaming fun begin!

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