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Frist Art Museum

Another museum that you must add to the list of the locations you must visit in the Nashville area is the Frist Art Museum. It is located in the post office building.

Story behind the location of the museum:

Actually, it was once a post office because of its location and easy distribution center. But with the spread of the city further, this location did not remain one of the viable options as a post office. So, a new branch was constructed, and this building was used as the sub-branch of the main post office.

Soon, the architects identified this building to be based on the Stripped Classical Style. With this building style, this place was considered one of the best to create an art museum.

Non-collecting museum:

Frist Art Museum is a non-collecting museum. It means that it does not have permanent exhibits to showcase. This is why it focuses on arranging exhibitions where new artifacts and paintings belonging to the field of art are displayed for the visitors.

This is one of the reasons that you can visit the museum as many times as you want and expect to find something new and interesting on your every visit.

Do not miss to visit the website before your trip:

While visiting the Frist Art Museum, you should not miss visiting the website of the company. It is essential because the exhibits keep on changing from time to time, so you wouldn’t have to remain in dark before the visit. You can find all the upcoming events and exhibits on the website and decide the day/time visiting the museum would be feasible for you.

Summing up:

Frist Art Museum is a unique place when it comes to the exhibits and the opportunities it offers its visitors to enjoy. So, plan a trip and have all the fun at this lovely museum.


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