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Best Rotating TV Mount

Best Rotating TV Mount – Top 5 Reviews, Buyers Guide, Tips & More

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Table could not be displayed. Rotating TV mounts are the best choice when you need the most space-conserving yet efficient way to keep your TV safe. Of course, unlike when you hold the TV on a table, a rotating wall mount will not restrict the movement or viewing angles. Based on the TV mount you have chosen, you may have many options like rotating, tilting, swivel, and level adjustment. If you live in a compact space or have a residential place where you could place the TV at different angles, you can benefit from a rotating TV mount. But of course, you should get your hands on one of the best rotating TV mounts out there. There are a couple of reasons you may find it challenging to find the best rotating TV mount for your home or office. First, there are so many rotating TV mount models in the market right now. Second, most of these models have multiple adjustment options like rotation, swivel, level change, etc. Therefore, even when you have narrowed things down to a specific set of features, you will have to choose from a collection of no less than hundreds of options. Do not worry, though. We have got you covered here. In the following guide, we have prepared a list of the best rotating TV mounts you can find in today’s market. We understand that different people look for different things in such a device. For instance, some people are looking for best-in-class build quality, while others need various adjustment options. On the other hand, some users prioritize extension options as well. So, of course, we cannot make an infinite list, and we did have to bring the selection to only five options. Because we understand this restriction, we have tried to pick at least an excellent rotating TV mount from each category.

Best Rotating TV Mount

#1 Winner: Mount-It Dual Rotating TV Mount

Mount-It Dual TV Ceiling Mount Rotating and Tilting Double TV Ceiling Mount for Samsung Specs:
  • TV Size: 37 to 75 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 37 inches
  • Tilt Angle: +20 and -20 degrees
Do you know what is better than mounting one TV on your ceiling? Mounting two TVs on the same system. You can do it by choosing the Mount-It Dual Rotating TV Mount. Even though the product may seem a little expensive, you get an excellent deal from the usability point of view. The mount allows you to set up two TV screens on either side and enjoy full-motion adjustment. Most importantly, you can get a 360-degree swivel, which makes all the difference. A quality product from Mount-It, this rotating TV mount is made using alloy steel and can handle a lot of weight. The first thing you should notice about the Mount-It Dual Rotating TV Mount is its build quality. It is made using alloy steel and can handle up to 350lbs of total weight. It means both of your TVs could be as heavy as 175lbs, and you will be good to go. Complementary to this, the device also supports VESA designs that range from 75x75mm to 770x480mm. Therefore, even when you have the largest TV models, you will find it easy to set it up. You can also choose between a ceiling extension length between 22.4 and 31.4 inches. Of course, the reason why you may want to get the Mount-It Dual Rotating TV Mount in the first place will be its 360-degree rotation option. The multidirectional swivel system makes the mount suitable for various instances, including commercial and residential zones. If you install your TV in the living room, you may not have to use the rotation feature so often. However, it comes in handy to optimize the viewing angles for a movie night or something. As always, you can count on the features in a restaurant/airport. You should find it easy to install a TV using the Mount-It Dual Rotating TV Mount if it has a screen size of 37 to 75 inches. As you may have noticed, the minimum compatibility size is off the limits for some people. You may have to look elsewhere if you have an ultra-compact TV. On the bright side, if you have a compatible TV model, you can benefit from the built-in cable management options as well. You can even set up a padlock if you want additional security.


  • An incredible tilt angle range of +20 and -20 degrees
  • Premium build quality using alloy steel construction
  • The TV mount can handle up to 350lbs of the total weight
  • Advanced swivel and rotation options for both TVs
  • Built-in options for cable management and arrangement


  • It does not work with smaller-sized TV models
  • The package does not include a bubble level or HDMI cables

#2 Runner-up: Mount-It TV Ceiling Mount Bracket

Runner-up: Mount-It TV Ceiling Mount Bracket Specs:
  • TV Size: 32 to 75 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 32 inches
  • Tilt Angle: -25 degrees
If you do not want to spend a lot on a rotating TV mount, you should consider the Mount-It TV Ceiling Mount Bracket. As you can guess from the image, it is a single-TV variant and does not cost a lot. At the same time, you do not have to compromise the level of protection from the system. Furthermore, with the ability to handle up to 110lbs of weight and TVs as wide as 75 inches, the TV mount can handle small-sized TVs as well. In the end, you can also count on the after-sales support from Mount-It. Therefore, we recommend this full-motion ceiling TV mount for both commercial and residential spaces. The Mount-It TV Ceiling Mount Bracket comes with a screen size compatibility range of 32 inches to 70 inches – which is impressive. It means you can use the TV mount to accommodate smaller-sized TVs like you want to house a larger device. If we are talking about the VESA mount design support, you can adjust any TV within the range of 200x200mm and 600x400mm. Because the mount can handle up to 110lbs of weight, you do not have to worry about accidents, either. As you can guess, 360-degree swivel rotation is the best feature of the package. You can use this feature for not only arranging the TV but also optimizing the viewing angles. Thanks to the sturdy construction, this TV mount will make sure that you can get the best viewing angles even when you have a bulky TV at your disposal. We should also appreciate the adjustable ceiling plate in the package, which allows up to 60 degrees of change to both sides. The telescoping height adjustment options also come in handy more often than you think. When combined with cable management options, you do not have to look back for years. The maximum length of 35.8 inches means that you can use the Mount-It TV Ceiling Mount Bracket for various situations. Last but not least, the TV mount does not weigh a lot. It means you can use it on multiple surfaces without the fear of breaking them in any way.


  • Premium build quality that uses high-quality alloy steel
  • Telescopic height adjustment to up to 35.8 inches
  • Built-in cable management options inside the package
  • Full motion management with a downward tilt of 25 degrees
  • Adjustable ceiling plate with up to 60 degrees tilt


  • It lacks upward tilt options for the display
  • Not suitable for some build scenarios

#3 Alternative: Monoprice Cornerstone Series Full-Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket

  • TV Size: 37 to 70 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 37 inches
  • Tilt Angle: -8 and +5 degrees
We recommend that you check out the Monoprice Cornerstone Series Full-Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket if you need a low-priced alternative to the products we have mentioned above. Despite being less expensive, the product can accommodate any TV with a screen size of between 37 inches and 70 inches. This range is enough to cover most of the models that you would come across. The system would also offer support for a variety of VESA mount patterns from 200x200mm to 600×400. As you can see, it is not the most diverse range, but it gets the job done. When it comes to build quality, the Monoprice Cornerstone Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket does not disappoint at all. It can handle up to 99lbs of weight, which is the maximum you would see with most TVs in the market. Since the piece of equipment is load tested for more weight, an occasional bump or two will not cause a problem with the TV, either.


  • Dual-arm design can increase the amount of weight the mount can handle
  • The system comes with plenty of swivel, tilt, and arrangement options
  • The design allows different installation scenarios, including corner installation
  • VESA compatible installation makes sure that you can accommodate more models
  • Compared to other products, it does not cost a lot


  • Limited support for VESA-based design mount
  • It is not suitable for ceiling-based TV mount

#4 Alternative: Pipishell Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket

Pipishell Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket Specs:
  • TV Size: 13 to 42 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 42 inches
  • Tilt Angle: +5 and -15 degrees
The second alternative on this list of the best rotating TV mount is a product from Pipishell. We recommend that you check out the Pipishell Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket if you need a simple yet quite effective way to house your TV. Unlike the other products we have listed so far, this TV mount comes with a somewhat different design. At the same time, if you are using the VESA mount pattern, you will have no trouble setting things up. In terms of compatibility, the Pipishell Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket does not have a bigger range. You can only use the mount for TVs within the screen size range of 13 inches and 42 inches. Similarly, when we consider the weight, the package can support up to 44lbs only. On the bright side, you do not have to compromise on the viewing side optimization. The system allows you to avail yourself up to +5 degrees and -15 degrees of tilt options, along with 360-degree swivel rotation options.


  • The product works with flat and curved TVs
  • You can use the mount for TVs as small as 13 inches
  • Despite the small design, it offers maximum flexibility
  • Advanced VESA mount support up to 200x200mm
  • It can handle weight up to 44lbs


  • The size compatibility range is limited
  • It lacks extension options

#5 Alternative: BLUE STONE Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket

BLUE STONE Full Motion TV Wall Mount Specs:
  • TV Size: 27 to 65 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 27 inches
  • Tilt Angle: +3 and -15 degrees
There are a couple of reasons you should check out the BLUE STONE Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket as an alternative to the products we have mentioned before. First of all, the product can be less expensive than the other options when you consider what you get. Second, it comes as a singular package that you can use out of the box. For instance, you get a bubble level that you can use for setting up your TV using the system. As far as the system is concerned, it gets the job done. When we are talking about compatibility, the BLUE STONE Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket does not disappoint. It should be able to handle up to 88lbs of weight and supports TVs as large as 65 inches. On the side of VESA mounts, the model has support for up to 400x400mm as well. In the end, you can also use up to 60 degrees of swivel to adjust the viewing angles. Even though the numbers are on the low side, you get what you pay for.


  • The rotating TV mount does not cost a lot
  • Enhanced compatibility up to 65 inches
  • Post-installation level adjustment of up to 3 degrees
  • Top-of-of-the-line construction quality
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty


  • It does not have any extension option
  • Lacks 360-degree swivel rotation options

Rotating TV Mount FAQ

Rotating TV Mounts FAQ

What type of TV wall mount is best?

Types of TV wall mounts:

Low-Profile/Fixed Wall Mount Brackets

Compared to tilting and full-motion wall mounts, low-profile wall TV brackets are usually the simplest to install and the least expensive option. It is just slightly more challenging to put a low-profile mount on a wall than hanging a large screen on a wall.

Tilting Wall Mount Brackets

For low-profile TV mounting, tilted wall brackets are more expensive than fixed wall mountings but are usually cheaper than full movement installations. Tilting wall mounts are just as simple to install as low-profile wall mounts in terms of function. One of the primary differences between a tilting wall mount and a low-profile wall mount is that a tilting wall mount allows for adjustment of the TV’s vertical viewing angle.

Full-Motion Wall Mount Brackets

As the name suggests, full-motion wall mounts allow for complete mobility. However, this change comes at a cost. They are not only movable wall mounts but are more expensive than standard wall mounts. Yet, they are also more challenging to install. Two or three people are required to hang the TV on the wall mount bracket for security reasons.

Ceiling Mount Brackets

When your television is mounted on the wall, the most practical option is to utilize a ceiling mount. Because deck mounts are attached to the ceiling, they may rotate and tilt in any direction, allowing them to be used virtually anyplace. When living space is limited, a ceiling mount is an excellent alternative to explore.

Should a wall-mounted TV be tilted?

Tilting the television downward when it is directly in front of the viewer’s face may reduce neck and eye strain. If your lights are in an inaccessible position, tilting the screen can minimize their light. A tilted screen may be desirable, depending on the space’s design style. Before you make a choice, let’s review some of the unique features of tilting wall mounts.


  • After a few minutes of watching television, you may realize that the TV is set too high. Tilt the chair lower if possible to see if this relieves any discomfort. You may want to adjust the height; however, a sloping wall mount simplifies this procedure.
  • If your house is subjected to sun glare, an adjustable TV mount allows you to tilt the screen as many times as necessary. You can pitch your television to adjust to changing lighting conditions simply by using a slanted mount.
  • You may need to raise the television due to the height of the fireplace. A slanted mount may provide greater flexibility if your television is installed in an unusual position, such as a corner or other difficult situation.


  • While full-motion wall mounts provide a more comprehensive range of motion than flat ones, they are more expensive. However, you may not need the entire range of action reserved for installing a television in a restricted area such as a nook. Each piece of home equipment, including the slanted mount, is a unique tool to address a specific set of issues.
  • While installing a slanted mount is more challenging than installing a flat mount, hardware makers design these systems for most homeowners to install. While it may first seem challenging, just following the directions will guarantee your success.
  • A television’s “picture frame” attracts individuals since it blends in better with the surrounding. A portion of the attraction of a slanted mount is lost due to the distance between the mount and the wall.

How do I stop my TV from leaning forward?

Tighten Screws If the TV seems to tilt forward when attached to the stand, the assembly screws securing it to the frame should probably be tightened. But, the good news is that once you’ve installed a plasma, LED, or LCD television on a wall, you’re unlikely to need to move or replace it. However, there are occasions when you want or need to adjust your viewing angle, either because the light from the television produces light or because you’re sitting in a different position than usual. On the other hand, inclining TV mounts are specifically built to enable rapid viewing angle adjustment. And, although the technique varies by brand, the overall process is very similar.
  1. Tight buttons are located on the brackets connected to the back of your television and may be accessed by looking underneath the TV. Depending on the brand and model of your tilting wall mount, it may feature a knob on both sides or only one.
  2. Take them in the other direction to release the tension knobs. Take care to hold your television with one hand while loosening the screws to prevent it from tilting too quickly.
  3. Now, gently move the top of the television; and shift the bottom.
  4. Then move your screen clockwise to tighten the screws and restore the television to its position.
  5. And in this way, you can stop TV from leaning forward.

Why does my flat-screen TV lean forward?

It is possible that the screen on your television is not straight due to an alignment problem. Perform the following checks to discover whether your television is out of alignment:
  1. Position the television face down on a level, solid surface, with the stand facing the audience.
  2. Tighten the four screws on the table stand using a screwdriver
  3. Determine that the television’s back is facing you and that it is upright.
  4. Verify that there is no space between the television and the television stand.
  5. Both the screen and the frame are level with one another.
  6. If there is a gap between the TV and the table stand’s neck, the table stand may not be appropriately connected to the TV.
  7. Before putting the television face down on a flat, solid surface, ensure that the television faces you, and the stand is orientated in your direction.
  8. Unscrew the four screws that hold the TV table stand together and remove the TV table stand from the TV.
  9. Before inserting the four screws, check to ensure they are not pointing from the holes in any way.
  10. Once the stand is connected to the television, use a screwdriver to tighten the four screws.


As you may have noticed, choosing a random rotating TV mount will not help your living room when it comes to saving space. Instead, you have to ensure that the mount has all the features you are looking for. For instance, having a rotating TV mount with adjustable ceiling angles is a must when you want to get the perfect angle and height for the TV. Similarly, the TV mount must have additional height adjustment for maximum flexibility. We believe our collection will help you pick the best one. Looking to find an expert to mount your TV? We offer service local to you, click here to visit our tv mounting service page today!


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