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how do i mount a tv on the wall

How do I Mount a TV on the Wall? Step-by-Step Guide, Tips, & More

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You can avoid service charges of $150 to $300 for a professional installation through wall mounting a TV all by yourself.

In this step-to-step guide, we will tell you how you can hang a TV on a wall by yourself.

It is not a difficult task, you just need the appropriate tools and equipment along with precise measurements. We guarantee that you can mount your TV within an hour easily.


You can install a TV through this guide for any type of mounts such as a tilted or a dual mount.

mount a TV

Tools and Equipment Required

This is a list of a few things that will help you wall mount a TV.

Power Drill

power drill

While a screwdriver can do the job as well, we highly recommend a power drill. It will save a lot of time. On the other hand, a screwdriver might make the process slow and tedious.

Stud Finder

Drywall can easily break due to the weight of the mount and the TV. 

Therefore, to save yourself from unnecessary expenses, we recommend the use of a stud finder.

This device helps find wall studs easily. A stud finder will give support to the weight of the TV and prevent the wall from getting damaged.


You should use:

  • Phillips head drill-bit to drive mounting screws.
  • Carbide-tip masonry bit to create pilot holes into the drywall.


level tool

We advise you to use a level to avoid the human parallax error. This will ensure that the placement of the TV is not crooked.

TV Mount

The size of the TV Mount depends on the size of your TV. Check the TV manual for VESA TV mount dimensions, which will help determine the measurements of the TV mount you need.

Tip: Use Painter’s tape to mark the wall studs.

Additional Tools

Some additional tools you might need include:

  • Mounting hardware such as screws and spacers
  • Paper template (optional)
  • Measuring Tape

Find the best Location

screw in your mount

Before you start mounting your TV, you have to find the perfect spot. 

The position and location of your TV are very important. Even with an articulated or full-motion mount, your options to move the TV will become quite limited.

Select the center of the room in which you want to mount your TV.

Remember that this position must be visible from all corners of the room.

Then choose the appropriate height on the wall for your TV. A little above the center of the wall is a good location. 

Make sure that you do not mark the height too low or too high that will create a larger tilting angle.

Finally, choose and mark the height at which the TV mount will be placed.

how do i mount a tv on the wall

How to Mount a TV on the Wall

You can follow this step-to-step process on how to mount your TV on your wall.

Step 1

Find studs in your wall through a stud finder and mark them with painter’s tape.


Try and find at least two studs to ensure better stability. Double-check the locations of the studs in your walls.

Step 2

Next, hold the mount bracket up to the wall and use a level to ensure that it is straight. Mark the entry points for pilot holes with a pencil. This is where you connect the TV to the wall.

Tip: Two people should work on this process so that you can mount your TV more efficiently.

Step 3

how do i mount my tv

Attach a masonry drill bit to your drill and create holes in the wall where you marked the entry points or pilot holes for mounting screws for your TV wall mount.

Tip: Two people should work on this process so that you can mount your TV more efficiently.

Step 4

Hold the mounting bracket up to the wall and drill down the mounting screws in the point holes. Make sure you have the right TV bracket.

Step 5

Find the attachment holes on the back of your TV and attach the mounting plate. These act as wall anchors for the new TV. 


The attachment holes in the mounting plate might be covered with plastic or have screws in them. If so, double-check and remove those screws before you attach the mounting plate.

Step 6

Carefully lift the TV keeping the plate in line with the wall mount and attach them. Remember that the instruction manual for different wall mounts will vary from different manufacturers. 


Two people should lift the TV and mount it with the bracket to prevent damage to the TV.

Step 7

Connect the TV with power and any other devices you want and enjoy your newly mounted TV!

Why Should You Wall Mount A Flat Screen TV?

Flat Screen TVs are meant to be mounted on the wall. This is why there are mounting holes behind the TV. 

A wall mount TV not only makes it less of a security hazard in the case of infants in the house, but it also enhances the experience because you are able to adjust the viewing distance, viewing position, and angle for the most optimal picture quality.

If you feel like a fixed TV wall mount will not be able to provide you with the proper television experience, try opting for tilt mounts. 

There are even options available that provide you with complete freedom of viewing angles.

Additionally, having a TV mounted will allow you to save space in your house as you will not need bulky tables to set the TVs on.

Having a TV on the wall will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house as a wall-mounted TV looks a lot sleeker and cleaner as compared to placed TV. 

Especially in the case of a flat panel TV, making use of TV wall mounts will provide you that classy look that will push the entire look of your room up a notch.

How To Decide If You Should Mount A TV Or Not?

decide to mount a tv

Before you move on to the decision, you first need to ask yourself the following few questions. 

Answers to these questions will let you know if you are ready to have a wall-mounted TV or not.

  • Do you have the perfect spot set up for mounting the TV to the wall and all the included hardware that might come with it, such as consoles, music systems, and more?
  • How do you plan on performing cable management once you have mounted the TV to the wall? Will you be scoring the wall, or do you have any other ideas?
  • Before you drill holes into your wall, find out if your walls are able to take on the TV’s weight. You don’t want the drywall anchors to be coming out of their places once you hang the TV.
  • Is there going to be a fireplace below the TV? If so, do you have the proper precautions to protect the TV screen?
  • Do you have all the tools required to hang a TV?
  • Have you figured out the best viewing angle for your TV when you hang it?

Tips to Handle a TV

A small TV can be handled by one person, however, we advise that two people should participate in mounting a TV. 

When you handle a TV, make sure that you take extra care of the TV’s display panel. Even the slightest pressure can ruin the display for good. Allow the chassis to do all the work.

When you lift the TV, keep it upright and lift it from the bottom. Make sure you keep support on the sides as well. The chassis is designed to support the weight of the TV.

If you tilt the TV on any one side, it might bend under its own weight which will damage the display panel.

If you want to place the TV then lay it down gently on a soft surface such as a carpet. Keep it screen-side down and make sure the surface is flat and even.

If the surface is uneven then the pressure will exert on one part of the TV which can affect the display. Therefore, clear any debris on the surface beforehand.

Flat-screen TVs are extremely fragile and can break easily during installation. Therefore, you should mount your TV with the help of a friend and make sure that you take extra precautions while mounting it.

How Do I Mount a TV On the Wall - Conclusion

This concludes our post on “How to Mount a TV on a Wall”.

The steps are easy to follow if you have the right tools and someone to help you out. 

However, one thing that you need to ensure is that you keep the measurements and position of the TV accurate. 

Otherwise, it will create a lot of hassle for you to dismantle the entire setup and remount the TV. Moreover, it will leave tiny holes drilled in your entire wall that will be quite visible.

We hope this post helps you mount your TV efficiently.

Let us know if you have any questions below. 


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