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core innovations tv mount review

Core Innovations TV Mount Review – Full Overview, FAQs, Tips & More

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We’ve been excited to test this mount from Core Innovations since there’s been a lot of hype about it. 

We tested this mount for several months under different conditions with different TVs. 

We’ve provided our findings in this post and have also provided some alternatives for you to consider for your television.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

This mount from Monoprice is quite impressive since they’ve provided tools and features that help the user with many different aspects of the experience. 

First off, you get a built-in level, necessary mounting hardware and a clear instruction manual to help you out with its installation. As long as you read the instruction manual, you should have little to no trouble setting up this mount. 

Secondly, you get a smooth-moving articulating arm that also locks into place once you reach the desired position. This makes for ease of use and a high-quality premium feel when you move it to adjust it. 

We tested this mount for many months and found that the arm stayed smooth and there was no reduction in the quality of movement. It didn’t grow to become rigid as many low-quality mount arms do. 

Features and Benefits

Comes with Mounting Hardware

To start off, you must know that the mount actually comes with all the hardware you need to mount it to your wall. 

You won’t have to go out and buy any other extra tools or supplies. The mount has pretty much all you need. 

Fits a Wide Range of TV Sizes

The mount can support TVs that range from 19 inches all the way up to 80 inches. This is a super-wide range that can actually help you out in a scenario you may not have thought of. 

If you buy this mount and say, for example, you have a 50-inch TV at the time. If you upgrade to a bigger 80-inch TV sometime in the future, you will not have to buy another mount for it. 

It’s definitely a great option if you intend to do something like that. 

Other than that, its maximum weight capacity is 132 pounds. 

Extensive Movement Options

Since it’s a full-motion mount, you get all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from one. 

It can swivel your TV 180 degrees both left and right. Next, it can tilt your TV backward and forwards up to 12 degrees. You can also use it to extend your TV from the wall up to 20.3 inches from the wall. 

Extensive VESA Support

The mount is fully VESA-compatible and can support VESA patterns that range from 75 x 75 mm to 800 x 400 mm. 

Again, this will come in handy if you ever want to upgrade to a bigger TV.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy the Core Innovations Full-Motion TV Mount


It’s definitely a bit on the expensive side when it comes to TV mounts. However, it’s not to the point where it’s exorbitant. 

However, we definitely feel that if you can afford it, it can be a good choice since it leaves you with an “upgrade route”. 

That means that if you ever want to upgrade to a bigger TV that’s still within its supported range, you will be able to do so and won’t have to buy another mount for it. 

Mount Type 

As mentioned above already, the mount is a full-motion mount and its arm is extremely smooth to move. 

Not only that but its locking mechanism also works perfectly so that your TV does not unintentionally move out of its position. 

Many of the low-quality mounts we’ve tested in the past have this problem where they move quite well at first but get worse as time goes on. 

Most low-quality mounts tend to become extremely rigid or extremely loose within the first few weeks or months. 

To test this aspect, we tested this full-motion mount for many months with different televisions. Even after months of use, this mount is extremely smooth and easy to move. The locking mechanism is also still solid as ever. 

TV Size and Weight

The TV mount can support TV sizes that range from 19 inches to 80 inches. It has a maximum weight capacity of 132 pounds.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this mount. 


  • Great customer support
  • Comes with mounting hardware 
  • Comes with a drilling template
  • Smooth-moving arm makes it easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • Slightly expensive

Social Proof

We decided to check out what other people’s experiences were like with this mount to ensure that our pleasant experience wasn’t a fluke.

We were pleased to see that people love how easy to use it is and how it’s super simple to install as well. 

Here are some reviews that we found online: 

social proof
social proof 2
social proof 2

Similar to the Core Innovations Full-Motion TV Mount (Recommendations)

#1: Best Larger Alternative - Monoprice Stable Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket Review

Core Innovations TV Mount Review – Full Overview, FAQs, Tips & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full motion wall mount | Movement Type: Articulating | VESA patterns: 200*200mm to 600*900mm | Maximum weight limit: 176 lbs | TV size range: 60-inch to 100-inches | Wall Type: wood studs spacing  | Cable Management: yes

4.1/5 Overall

The Build Quality 4.2
Compatibility 4.3
Easy Installing 4.7
Motion Range 2
Value for Price 4.5
User Reviews 4.7
Expert Reviews 4.5

On the other hand, if you want a mount that can support a larger TV (more than 80 inches), then this full-motion mount from Monoprice could be a great choice. 

It can mount onto LCD, LED, and Plasma display TVs. Not only that but you can also use this mount to install onto different types of walls including Drywall with wooden studs, brick walls, and concrete walls. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Monoprice Stable Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket


Price: It’s definitely the most expensive mount in this post but we can understand why: It supports TVs that are much larger due to which we do feel the price is justified. 


Mount type: As the name suggests, it’s a full-motion mount which means you can use it to orient your television in many different positions.In my opinion,  If you have a larger room with multiple different angles, it could be a great choice. 


TV size and weight: In my experience, The mount can support TVs that range from 60 inches to 100 inches. It has a maximum weight capacity of 178 pounds.

Eagle Verdict!

The best larger alternative is the Monoprice Stable Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket thanks to its heavy-set structure that can support larger TVs up to 100 inches.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to adjust and use
  • Easy installation process
  • Helpful customer support
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Bulky and difficult to handle

#2: Best Compact Alternative - Monoprice TV Wall Mount Bracket Review

Core Innovations TV Mount Review – Full Overview, FAQs, Tips & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full motion wall mount | Movement Type: Tilt | VESA patterns: 200*200mm to 600*400mm | Maximum weight limit: 77 lbs | TV size range: upto 70  inches | Wall Type: wood studs   | Cable Management: yes

3.8/5 Overall

The Build Quality 3.5
Compatibility 4.5
Easy Installing 3.6
Motion Range 3
Value for Price 3.7
User Reviews 4.3
Expert Reviews 4.5

If you want full-motion capabilities from your mount but for a relatively smaller television, then you should go for a smaller mount. 

In my personal experience, this mount from Monoprice provides an excellent option for smaller rooms and spaces so you can fully utilize it while saving space at the same time. 

It even comes with a drilling template so you don’t have to hold your mount up to the wall during installation.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Monoprice TV Wall Mount Bracket


Price: Since it’s a smaller mount, it’s the cheapest mount in this post. That being said, it’s still a great price considering the amount of value you’re getting. It’s a full-motion mount that costs less than $40.


Mount type: As mentioned earlier, it’s a full-motion mount so you can use it to extend your TV from the wall, swivel it, rotate it, and even tilt it. 


TV size and weight: In our testing, The range of TV sizes that this mount supports is from 32 inches to 55 inches. It can support a maximum weight of 77 pounds.

Eagle Verdict!

The best compact alternative is the Monoprice TV Wall Mount Bracket thanks to its smaller form factor. It saves a ton of space and is an option worth considering if you have a relatively smaller television.


  • Great customer support
  • Affordable 
  • Smooth-moving arm makes it easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • Cannot support larger TVs

Buyer’s Guide

You may be quite confused about which mount to buy. That confusion typically increases for consumers when they actually start browsing for mounts online and in shops. 

That’s mainly because there are a ton of different types of mounts available in the market. Many people get confused about which type of mount would be best for their needs. 

In addition to that, many people don’t take important factors into account when shopping for mounts. This could result in you buying the wrong mount which doesn’t work with your specific TV. 

These factors are: 


Naturally, the price of a TV mount is important and this is something that most consumers do think about when they buy pretty much any product. 

With TV mounts, it’s important that you don’t spend too much money. That’s because, after a certain amount, the extra features you get with a mount are just excessive. 

We recommend that you don’t spend more than $100 on a VESA-compatible mount. 

With most VESA mounts, you can get pretty much all the features you need without spending more than $100. The only case where you would spend more than that is if your TV is not VESA-compatible and you want to buy a special mount for it. 

In addition to keeping track of not spending too much, you also need to ensure you don’t spend too little. 

Buying an extremely cheap mount can be extremely risky since it might be made from mediocre, low-quality materials. 

If you end up with such a mount, you may have a ton of trouble installing it. Once you get it installed, there’s a high chance that it may break down very quickly as well. 

Hence, you must find that sweet spot where you buy a high-quality mount with all the features you need but also try to keep it below $100. 

Mount Type

The type of mount you get is also important since most of them are quite different from each other and serve different needs. 

High-motion mounts such as full-motion mounts, swivel mounts, and articulating mounts are typically great for larger spaces and rooms. You should definitely get such a mount if you intend to mount your TV for parties, events, and gatherings. 

Higher-motion mounts are typically much more expensive than lower-motion mounts. 

Lower-motion mounts such as fixed mounts and tilting mounts are something you can buy if you have a smaller or cramped room. They don’t take up a ton of space and are great if you have just one primary viewing angle. 

TV Size and Weight 

This is definitely something that most consumers think about. The problem is that this factor is the only thing that most consumers consider. 

Of course, the mount you get needs to be able to support the size and weight of your TV. Otherwise, your TV will not attach to it. Even if it does, there’ll be a huge risk that it may get pulled out. 

Determining the size of your TV isn’t really an issue since it’s so heavily advertised. For the weight, you can either look for your TV model online or in its instruction manual. 

Once you identify the size and weight of your TV, you can start to look for a mount that supports those specifications. 


Many people feel that as long as you make sure you get the right size and weight, you’re good to go. 

However, that’s not all. You also have to take into account whether or not your TV is VESA-compatible. 

Most TVs out there are VESA-compatible. If your TV is not, then you’ll have to buy a mount specifically designed for it. 

If it is, then the next step is to find out what its VESA pattern is. The VESA pattern of a TV refers to the distance between the four mounting holes on its back panel. It’s measured in millimeters (mm). 

You can find out the VESA pattern of your TV by looking for it online. Most brands and manufacturers tend to post specifications of their TVs and they include the VESA pattern in it as well. 

If you cannot find the VESA pattern for your TV online, then you can measure and find out the VESA pattern on your own. 

To do this, lay your TV down on a flat, soft surface screen down. You can use a thick blanket or a towel for the surface. 

After it’s laid down, use a tape measure to measure the distance between the four mounting holes. Make sure that you measure them in millimeters. 

Note it down and now, you know the VESA pattern of your TV. 

All you need to do now is ensure that the mount you buy can support your TV’s specific VESA pattern. 

Wire Management

Wire orientation goes a long way when it comes to the overall look of your living space. You want a clean and sleek look, wire management can help with it a lot. 

Now, there are two ways you can use to effectively manage the wires around your entertainment hub. First, you can use zip ties. Second, you can use dedicated wire brackets.

Your TV mount will have either of those options. You can check that by looking at the TV plate of the mount. If it has holes, you can use zip ties. Otherwise, you’ll have to use the brackets. 

Which method is better for wire management?

It depends on the design of your TV mount. If it is a tilt mount, you should use wire brackets. On the other hand, if it is a full-motion or articulating mount, you should always use zip ties. 

This is because there is little to no room for movement in wire brackets. The only you have is for the small tilt angle and your wires can adjust easily according to it. 

However, for a motion mount, you need sufficient space for the wires to move forward or backward along with the extendable arm

What if my mount doesn’t have either of these options?

Some mounts don’t have either of these options. In such a case, you can only use zip ties. For articulating mounts, you can attach the cable with the front half of the extendable arm.

Make sure that you don’t install the zip ties too tightly. Otherwise, the wires won’t have enough room to move freely and it can potentially damage the ports of your TV.

Locking Mechanism 

For safety purposes, you should always go for a mount that has some sort of locking mechanism to keep your mount in one place. 

This is essential for full-motion mounts. There are two locking mechanisms you can choose from. Bolt locks and lever locks.

Bolts locks are designed for motion-enabled mounts. Whereas lever locks are made for fixed mounts. 

Which one should I choose?

It partly depends on the type of your mount and your personal preference. Bolt locks are hard to lock/unlock but can easily stand the test of time. 

On the other side, lever locks are easier to lock/unlock but are susceptible to wear and tear through constant use. 

We prefer using a mount that features a mix between both. Lever locks are highly suitable for tilt motion and bolt locks are a better fit for swivel/articulating motion. 

This will ensure that your mount doesn’t move from its specific position even when force is applied. 


As we have already mentioned that there are different kinds of mounts. There is further differentiation in terms of TV plate designs. 

You can choose from two

main TV plate designs, hollow horizontal plates and vertical TV brackets. 

What’s the difference between the two?

The main difference between the two designs is their ability to distribute weight. Horizontal plate design is a better fit for small and medium-sized TVs.

For larger TVs, such as a Plasma TV, vertical brackets are the best option. They have minimum surface contact between the TV and the brackets. 

This reduces the overall pressure inflicted on the mounting holes of your TV. In the long run, it will keep your mount from bending or cracking under the pressure. 

Hence increasing the overall longevity of your TV and the mount itself. 

Wall Type and Stud Spacing

Lastly, you need to think about the wall type and stud spacing. 

First of all, you need to think about the type of wall you intend to install the mount onto. Please know that not all types of mounts are designed to mount onto all types of walls. 

While there are definitely mounts available that can fit onto many different types of walls, that’s not always the case with most of them. 

If you have Drywall, make sure you buy a mount that is designed for Drywall and not concrete. If you have a concrete wall, make sure to buy a mount designed for concrete, etc. 

Secondly, you can think about the stud spacing inside your wall. Stud spacing refers to the distance between the corresponding studs in your wall. 

Different mounts are designed to fit onto different stud spacings. 

Hence, you must first find the stud spacing inside your wall and then ensure the mount you get supports that stud spacing. 

To find out the stud spacing, just find the locations of two corresponding studs inside your wall and measure the distance between them with a tape measure. 

You can find the location of studs with a stud finder. If you don’t have a stud finder, you can find it by using the knocking technique. 

The knocking technique involves knocking on your wall and listening to the sound. If it’s a hollow echo, then you’re just hitting Drywall. If you get a solid sound, then that means you’re hitting the location of a stud. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This brings us to the conclusion of our Core Innovations TV Mount review. 

We’re quite impressed with the results of our months of testing with the Core Innovations TV Mount. It’s quite impressively designed, it’s easy to use and it supports an extremely wide range of TV sizes.

What do you think of the Core Innovations TV Mount? Let us know in the comments below.


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