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Being a lover of this popular beverage brand, you ought to visit this tourist attraction when in Atlanta. Even if you do not like the brand, you still shouldn’t miss an opportunity to enjoy it. But what exactly do you have in there?

This is what we’ll cover in this article:

The Loft:

The Loft presents the 200 years long history of the brand with stories from the entire globe. You can witness the development of the brand from scratch to its heightened glory with the help of pictures and a presentation from the brand ambassador, who’ll be there to help you understand the timeline.

The best part is that you can share your experience during your visit to the World of Coca Cola Atlanta at the end, thus making you a part of the brand.

Visit the vault:

This is the vault, which holds the secret of the recipe that makes your favorite drink. You can enjoy different multimedia presentations regarding the creation of this vault and the secret that it holds.

Besides, there are different interactive sessions on this tour as well. So, you can become a stakeholder in all these moments and enjoy your trip.

Coca Cola Theatre:

No, they don’t broadcast a movie in the Coca Cola Theatre. But you can enjoy some great moments of happiness and the ways people celebrate with Coca Cola. You’ll have goosebumps for sure while watching the short film.

Milestones of refreshment:

This is a separate part of the World of Coca Cola building. Here artifacts related to the development of the brand, creation of the first bottle, and gaining brand recognition all over the world are found.

You’ll have different props and exhibits to enjoy your walk while you hear the entire journey from the ambassadors. Nearly 1000 artifacts dating back to the earliest days of the brand are waiting for you.

Summing Up:

A visit to this place in Atlanta could be most memorable when planned with family and friends. However, make sure that all of them are a fan of Coca Cola; otherwise, they won’t have the same level of fun.