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what size screws to mount westinghouse tv

What Size Screws to Mount Westinghouse TV – All You Need to Know, FAQs & More

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Westinghouse is a TV manufacturer known for its low-cost flatscreen TVs. They make TVs with good picture quality, which can last for quite some time.

You can wall mount your Westinghouse TVs to save space. It also makes your living room aesthetically pleasing to look at. However, you need to be aware of the size of screws you need.

To help you, we have prepared a full guide. 

Quick summary

By the end of this article, we will go through

  • What size screws do you need to wall mount your Westinghouse TV?
  • How can you adjust your TV mount?
  • How to know if the mount is secure?
  • Where can you wall mount your TV?

Let’s take a look at it.

What Size Screws Should I Use to Wall Mount My Westinghouse TV?

size of screws

As discussed earlier, Westinghouse produces affordable HD quality TVs. Their TVs have good picture quality and some of their models also have 4k resolution. You can easily wall-mount their TVs in your living room. 

Doing this will save space around the living room and also give it an aesthetic look. You can also choose what type of wall mount you want to attach to the mount. It gives you options to control the different angles for viewing. 

However, you first need to ensure that the wall mount is properly fixed to the wall. You must know what size of screws goes with your wall mount for this. It will help ensure that the TV isn’t damaged and that the wall mount stays attached tightly to the wall. 

Size of Screws

sizes of screws

Usually, M6 screws are attached to the wall mount of your TV. These screws are ideal for TVs between the sizes of 19 inches and 44 inches. 

M6 means that the screw is a metric 6 mm screw. The diameter of the threads is 6 mm. The standard rack is 6 mm x 0.1 mm. This means that the screw has 1 thread every 0.1 mm. The hexagon socket of M6 screws is 5 mm. 

You can also use M5 screws. These are metric 5 mm screws. Their diameter is 5 mm and their hexagon socket size is 4 mm. The standard rack is 0.8 mm. This means that threads come every 0.8 mm.

The manufacturer recommends that you attach 4 screws to your wall mount. For the safety of your TV, we recommend that you don’t use screws that are bigger than 8 mm. M6 screws will nicely fit into the holes at the back of your TV.

One issue is that the screws don’t come with the TV. You need to purchase them separately from a hardware store. You can also use the screws that come with the wall mount. These screws are usually M6 screws. 

If you use bigger or smaller screws, you can run into some serious issues. The hold of the mount with the wall would not be as strong as you would like. You can also screw in the larger bolts too tightly. This can seriously damage the electric components. 

How to Adjust the TV Wall Mount?

After you have fixed your mount to the wall, you would have to make some minor adjustments. These may seem hard at first, however, with the right equipment, you can easily make the adjustments needed for your setup.

Adjustments are important as an adjusted TV leads to issues with the wall mount. The TV angles will not be straight due to the wall mount not being straight. This will disturb your viewing experience. 

To adjust your wall mount, you need to use the right equipment. You need:

You can also use an Allen key, depending on the screw. You need to:

  • Place the bubble level on the back of the TV. Make sure that the bubble level is placed on an even surface.
  • Then, locate the roll adjustment screws. There are two screws located at the back of the TV mount arm. 
  • Grab a screwdriver or an Allen key. Loosen or tighten the roll adjustment screws on both sides. You need to do this until the level looks straight.

We recommend that you make adjustments when you attach the wall mount. This way, you won’t need to make repeat adjustments repeatedly. It will give you optimal viewing pleasure when you use the TV.

How do I know if my wall mount TV is secure?

This is a frequent question many customers have after they have mounted their TV. You need to properly mount your TV on the wall. This includes the use of the right equipment and following instructions thoroughly.

Your wall mount has a security rod on which the TV sits. This rod is usually slid in its slot. There are also some security screws you need to tighten. These further add to the safety factor. 

You can also use drywall anchors to fix your wall mount. They will ensure that there is a tight fit between the wall and the mount. 

Where should I mount my TV?


There are several locations where you can mount your TV. The ideal location has several different factors. It gives you maximum viewing pleasure when you watch the TV. 

You want to keep the TV in a place which is not too hot or cold.

Also, you need to take the lighting into consideration. We recommend that you keep the TV away from windows. Sunlight can block the image. The seating plan is also another factor. Your seats should not be too far away from the flat screen.

The optimum seating distance is determined by a formula. The rule is to keep the seats at a distance that is 1.5 times the size of the screen

Some popular options these days are to mount your TV above a fireplace or an entertainment center. You can also mount it on a TV stand. This way, you can manage your appliances which go with the TV.

Wrapping Things up

Westinghouse produces affordable and high picture quality TVs. You can wall-mount them around your home in different places. However, you need to be aware of what kind of screws work with the TV.

You can determine the screws by following this guide thoroughly. We hope that this guide also helps answer some of your other questions.

With this, we reach the end of our article on “What size screws to mount Westinghouse TV?”.

Comment below and let us know what you think.


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