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what size screws to mount tv in rv

What Size Screws to Mount TV in RV – Easy Guide, Tips & More

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RVs are a popular means of getting a homely feeling when you are away from home. You can customize the living space to your needs. 

You can easily mount your TV inside RV. However, you need to be sure what size screws you use when you wall-mount your flat-screen TV. It will make the wall mount safer and easier to install.

To help you, we have prepared this in-depth guide.

Quick summary

By the end of this article, we will go through:

  • What size screws you should use when you wall mount your TV in an RV?
  • How you can mount your TV in an RV.

Let’s take a look at it

What Size Screws to Use When Wall Mounting TV in RV?


As discussed earlier, RVs are popular motor vehicles that give you a homely feeling. You can extensively customize the interior of your RV. The surface area of the RV is enough to place all the comforts of home. 

One appliance that is popular these days is a flat-screen TV. You can wall mount your TV inside the RV very easily. However, you must know which kind of screws you use when you install the wall mount. 

It can help fix your wall mount to the wall and also avoid any damage to your TV. 

The size of screws depends on the size of the TV and its weight. RVs produce a lot of vibrations when you drive, so you have to make sure that the screws are the right size. There are two kinds of screws you will use. 

The first one is wood screws. These go in the wall mount support structure. The support structure is important as it holds the TV and wall mount in place. Before you install the wood screws, first make holes inside the wooden bar with a drill. 

Then, you need to insert 2.5 inches to 3 inches wooden screws inside the support. Be sure that you use wall anchors too. Use up to 4 screws per mount. Then, you can move to the screws used in the mount. 

You need to first drill the pre-holes inside the wall. The size of these will be ¼ inches. The screws sizes should be the ones recommended by the manufacturer. Normally, the screws used are M6 screws. If the manufacturer recommends M8 screws, then use M8 screws. 

Due to the vibrations produced in the RV, you can use bigger screws. These will better help the mount hold the TV. 

How to Mount TV in an RV?

rv tv

You can mount your flat-screen TVs in an RV very easily if you use the right tools. However, there are some challenges of wall mounting your TV

Some RVs don’t have strengthened walls, unlike regular homes. So you can’t drill into the wall as it will crumble and break away. 

RVs have a specialized box for you to wall mount your TV. To help you, we have made this simple guide which you can follow.  

There are two methods to wall mount your TV inside a motor home:

Method # 1 - RV has a TV box

rv tv box

First, you need to remove the old tube TV that is inside the box. Then, you need to make measurements with an inch of tape and pencil. You need to determine the depth needed for the vertical mounts and horizontal mounts. 

Take the size of the TV to determine the size of the horizontal supports. The edge of these measurements determines the horizontal mounts. These provide support to the wall mount. Mark these with a pencil. 

Then, you need to add 1.6 inches to the measurements you took to the top and bottom of the box. Mark these too. Then, cut pieces of 2×4 plywood according to the measurements you took. 

These wood pieces act as vertical supports. Install these to the horizontal mounts with wooden screws. You need to drill pre-holes first and then insert the screws into these holes. 

Then, attach the horizontal screws. Be sure that you use 8 screws per mount. The screws need to be 3 inches big. Then, you must find the center of the horizontal bar. This is the place where you install the wall mount. 

To install the wall mount, drill boreholes with a drill. Then, attach the wall mount with the manufacturer’s recommended screws. Finally, lift the TV and attach it to the wall mount

If you have bigger TVs, you need to attach additional supports to the wall mount. Use a ½ x 1-inch piece of wood, heavy-duty screws, and a bracer for extending the bracket. 

Method # 2 - Installing wall mount on RV wall

tv on wall

If your RV doesn’t have a place for you to install your TV, you can mount it on the walls. Be sure that you install it on the wall studs. RV walls are thin and cannot handle too much weight. Also, the vibrations produced can damage your walls if your TV has been mounted improperly. 

The steps are:

  • First, you need to find the optimum position for your TV. This can be influenced by the location of the windows, and the location where you sit or lay down. Remember, you want to comfortably watch your TV.
  • Then, you must find and mark the wall studs. The studs will support your wall mount. These are wooden frames that help form the wall. We recommend that you use electronic studs finders to locate them. Then, mark the locations with a stud finder.
  • Next, drill the pre-holes. The screws will go in these holes. Make sure that the pre-holes are drilled in the spots you marked with the pencil. 
  • Afterward, install the wall mount. You need to hold it in place and then fix it with screws. Tighten the screws with Phillip’s head screwdriver. You also need to install the hardware included with the mount. 
  • Then, connect the bracket to the back of your TV. Lift it up and connect with the mount. 

You can also tighten the security screws of the wall mount. These provide further insurance and add to the overall safety. 

Wrapping things up

You can place all the comforts of home in your RV. TVs are one such appliance that easily fits in the RV. However, you need to be sure that you use the correct size screws when you wall mount.

You can determine the right size of screws if you go through our guide thoroughly. We hope that this guide helps you.

With this, we reach the end of our article on “What size screws to mount a TV in RVs?”. 

Comment below and let us know what you think.


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