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what size screws are used to mount a vizio tv

What Size Screws are Used to Mount a Vizio TV – Full Guide, FAQs & more

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TV wall mounts are appealing to many consumers around the country. Your TV looks good on the wall and also allows you to save space. 

When it comes to TVs and other related appliances, Vizio is a well-known brand. However, you may have some questions about the types and sizes of screws that are used with Vizio TVs. 

To help you, we have prepared this detailed guide to answer all your questions. 

Quick summary

In this article, we will go through

  • What size of screws you should use with your Vizio TV?
  • How you can mount your TV on a TV stand.

Let’s take a look at it.

What screw size you should use with your Vizio TV?


As discussed above, Vizio is a well-known brand in the TV market. They have a portfolio of high-quality and robust products. You can customize your living room around these appliances. 

One popular option is to wall mount your Vizio TV. To mount your TV, you first have to wall mount the wall piece and then fix your TV to it. You do it with the TV brackets that fix with screws to the back of your flat-screen television. 

You should know which size screws and which type of screws should go with your TV. If you improperly attach the brackets, you can seriously damage your TV and the wall mount

To identify which screws go with your device, you need to:

Identify the VESA standards

vesa holes

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA in short) regulates the standards in designs of TV. It promotes uniformity among the different brands around the world. 

To check the screws and compatibility of your TV, you need to look into the VESA standards that Vizio has for your TV. These depend on the size and weight of your TV. The common numbers are:

  • For TVs with screen sizes of less than 19 inches, the VESA hole pattern is 75 x 75. M4 type screws go at the back of your TV. 
  • If your TV has a screen size between 19 inches and 22 inches, the hole pattern is 100 x 100. M4 type screws will fix to the back of your screen. 
  • If your TV has a screen between 23 inches and 29 inches, the hole pattern is 100 x 200. M4 type bolts will also go here. 
  • For TVs with screens between 30 and 40 inches, the holes will have a 200 x 200 pattern. M6 screws will go here. 
  • For TV larger than 40 inches, the holes will have a 400 x 400 pattern. M8 screws will fix to the back of your TV. 

These sizes are in millimeters, and the screws are available in any hardware store. 

Why do I need to get the correct screws?

To avoid any kind of damage, it is necessary that you get the correct kind of screw. Be sure that the length is also correct. The screw should be large enough that it attaches the bracket to the TV without any threads exposed.

You can use a feeler gauge for this purpose. If the screws go too far in, you risk permanent damage to the electronic parts. 

How do I Mount a Vizio TV to a TV stand?

After you have figured out which screws to use with your Vizio TV, you can mount it. Some choices are:

  • Wall-mount the TV
  • Mount the TV on a stand

The advantage of a TV stand is that you can save space. TV stands can also be moved around quite easily and are generally a much cheaper and more flexible alternative to an entertainment center. 

However, there are still some steps you have to complete before you can mount your TV on the stand. You need to:

  • First, take the packing off of the TV. This includes all the plastic covers and other waste. 
  • Then, you have to assemble the TV stand. The manual lists down all the steps you have to follow. There are different options to mount your TV depending on the model of your stand. Be sure that you start from the base of the TV stand and build upwards. 
  • Then, place your TV on a flat surface. Make sure that the surface is smooth so that the screen does not get scratched or damaged. Then, attach the mounting bracket to the back of the TV.
  • To attach the brackets, you have to first align the brackets to the TV. Then, tightly fix the screws in the slots. 
  • Fix the mounting piece on the TV stand. It should have a bevel function if you have the model. 
  • Lift your television by the corners and then fix it to the mounting rod on the TV stand. Make sure that you tighten the security bolts to fix the TV to the stand.

You can then place the other appliances on the TV stand. There are multiple shelves on the stand, so you can place multiple things on the stand. Popular choices include decorations, DVD players, cable boxes, etc.

You can also bind the cables from direct sight. We recommend that you:

  • Place the wires and cables in a neat bundle first.
  • Then, tie them together with a zip tie or a cable clip. 

To completely hide the cables, you can use either wire raceways or opt for internal wiring. Wire raceways run along your living room wall. You can paint over them to further hide them.

If you opt for internal wiring, be careful of the placement of the power socket. We also recommend that you hire a professional electrician for this as electrical work is dangerous.

Wrapping Things Up

Flat-screen TVs offer a variety of advantages when it comes to interior design. Wall mounting TV is a popular choice among customers. There are a variety of different advantages associated with it. 

Vizio has quality TVs. However, many customers get confused when checking the compatibility of the wall mount and the screws that go with it. We hope that this guide helps you solve any issues you have. 

With this, we reach the end of our article on “What size screws are used to mount a Vizio TV?”.

Comment below and let us know what you think. 


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